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In an attempt to demystify hostility and misunderstanding between populations, I propose to bring together musicians, music educators and academics from Middle East countries and communities, to confront our own prejudices and anxieties. The aim is to address historical stereotypes with a view to re-envisioning our past and share ideas about music education projects. We will be crossing political, religious and cultural borders, engaging in both academic and informal dialogue to explore the differences and of course similarities we have in our work. How can we support and help each other by creating new collective voices whether on a religious or secular basis? In an area divided by ethnic-cultural and political divisions I believe in moderate voices speaking strongly in order to construct a collective voice through music and music education, crossing borders and building a process for a reciprocal exploration of narratives and realities. The ISME -CMA Seminar at Corfu 2012 can provide an excellent context in itself as a preliminary model of a dialogue, a kind of "Living Room Dialogue Group". I strongly encourage you to submit a paper for the CMA Seminar at Ionian University in Corfu, Greece in July 2012 Dochy Lichtensztajn, Tel Aviv. Donald DeVito, CMA. If you are interested in this initiative please contact me Dochy Lichtensztajn (ISME-CMA Commissioner), or Donald R. DeVito, ISME-CMA Commission Chair []

Included below is a special and unique photo from the first Middle East meeting with members from Afghanistan, Israel, Iran, Oman, Palestine and Qatar, that took place in Bologna, ISME 2008. It was a brave momentum!

Dr Lichtensztajn, Tel Aviv: A call for cooperation and discussion  

Dr. Dochy Dochy Lichtensztajn, Tel Aviv: A call for cooperation and discussion with current and potential ISME and ISME CMA members from the...

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