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Electronic Postcard #42 - November 2006 from THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR MUSIC EDUCATION (ISME) ***************************************************

1. ISME 2008 Bologna Italy 2. Games Children Sing Malaysia Back copies of ISME Electronic Postcards About These Postcards ***************************************************

1. ISME 2008 Bologna Italy

Conference Dates 28th ISME World Conference Bologna, Italy July 20-25, 2008 Registration will begin on Sunday July 20, 2008 . An evening Concert will be presented by the Orchestra of the Bologna Conservatorio. -------------------------------------------

Important Dates to Remember • August 30, 2007 Deadline for Performing Groups application • November 1, 2007 Deadline for General Sessions presentations. -------------------------------------------

Conference Theme Music at all ages • Music and • Music and • Music and • Music and • Music and

infants children young people adults seniors

Submisisons will be welcome from all five of these areas of music education. The Conference encourages an interdisciplinary approach in order to foster connections across all aspects of education and with other disciplines, including, but not limited to, arts, pedagogy, practice of teaching, psychology, musicology, ethnomusicology, sociology, music theory, philosophy, medicine, and school administration. -------------------------------------------

Welcome It is a great pleasure, for the members of the Conference Organizing Group, to bring to Italy, and precisely to Bologna, the 28th ISME World Conference. SIEM is very proud to host an event of this relevance. The richness of ISME Conferences, that gather so many professionals in the field of music education, is very well known all over the world. Italian music educators, and in particular SIEM members, are very pleased to welcome their colleagues and share with them the variety of musical cultures, studies and experiences offered by this Conference. Italy is very well known for its musical traditions as well as its artistic heritage and naturalistic places. Bologna will offer to the Conference, in its medieval frame, a special flavour rich in music and arts. Welcome to Bologna The 28th ISME Conference will be an unforgettable event. Johannella Tafuri Chair Conference Organising Group 28th ISME World Conference ISME 2008 ***************************************************

2. Games Children Sing Malaysia By Jackie Chooi-Theng Lew, Patricia Campbell Games Children Sing Malaysia is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to discover authentic songs, games, chants and folktales from Malaysia. Incorporating materials from the predominant cultures of Malaysia -

Malay, Chinese, and Tamil-Indian - Games Children Sing Malaysia includes a range of activities with connections to music, social studies, language arts, storytelling, history, cuisine, dance, and nature. Each authentic song uses melodies that are easy to learn and fun to sing, and includes text in the original language as well as an English translation. Active classroom participation is encouraged through the use of singing games, dances, rhythm instruments, and Orff instruments. Anecdotes and recipes from a native Malaysian enhance the learning experience. For ease in learning the songs, a CD is included with the book. The CD contains three tracks for each song: a full recording sung by a native speaker in the original language, the words spoken slowly, and the song sung phrase by phrase, a cappella, with time for student echoing. Book & CD: US $29.95 NOTE: A percentage of the royalties from this publication are being generously donated to ISME by the authors. *************************************************** Back copies of ISME Electronic Postcards are available to Members Only at this direct link. When you open the page, if it is blank this will be because to access them you will first have to log in as a member. If you are not sure how to do this, or if you have any difficulties, please contact the ISME Office: MEMBERS are welcome to give feedback or request further information at any time. Consideration will also be given to Members who wish to include news in these Postcards. *************************************************** ABOUT THESE POSTCARDS Email postcards will in future be sent to all current ISME members who have provided their email addresses for inclusion on the ISME databases. If you would prefer not to receive these postcards, simply reply to this email, type "REMOVE" in the subject line, then click send. *************************************************** --

2006 #42 November ISME E-Postcard  

Music at all ages • Music and infants • Music and children • Music and young people • Music and adults • Music and seniors • August 30, 2007...

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