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Electronic Postcard #32 - February 2006 from THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR MUSIC EDUCATION (ISME) *************************************************** CONTENTS: 1. ISME Historic Meeting in Anaheim 2. ISME World Conference 2006 - Updates Frequently Asked Questions Tours and Travel Update Sponsors take note: Special packages 3. Money Matters PayPal in 55 countries! Currency Converter 4. Invitation to Collaborate @ Born to Groove Back copies of ISME Electronic Postcards About These Postcards ***************************************************

1. ISME Historic Meeting in Anaheim

ISME Strategic Retreat Between January 16 and 21, the ISME Executive plus representatives of each of the seven ISME Commissions and the ISME Conferences Standing Committee met in Anaheim, California for a strategic retreat to discuss the future of the Society, as this relates to the development of ISME Commissions and the ISME World Conference. ISME is grateful to NAMM, the International Music Products Association, who provided financial assistance to make the retreat possible. Having recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, these meetings were crucial for ISME in shaping its direction for moving forward. Representatives from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan,

South Africa, Sweden and the USA, serving on ISME’s Executive, specialized Commissions and Conferences Standing Committee, were united in their view that ISME should plan further discussions of this kind. Reports on the retreat will be provided to the ISME membership by the ISME President in his biennial report (to the membership, plus) as well as through additional documents that will become available to members on the ISME web site. Gary McPherson ISME President ================

2. ISME World Conference 2006 - Updates NOTE: make sure you scroll down on the INNER scroll bar to see all the information on the page! a) Frequently Asked Questions: Preparing for your trip to Malaysia - see this webpage: b) Tours and Travel Update: See this webpage for updated information on airline packages ("Discover Malaysia Pass", pre and post conference tours, day and half day tours: c) Sponsors take note: Special packages: If you know of any company, individual or organization interested in assisting ISME 2006, please refer them to this page:


3. Money Matters a) PayPal in 55 countries!

Many ISME Members now use the online credit card payment option through paypal. We estimate that more than 70% of ISME Members are paying this way. Paypal is continuously expanding, and there are now 55 PayPal approved countries from where you can send money. Is your country one of these? Go to this website link to check: <> b) Currency Converter: A quick and easy way to do currency conversions can be found at this link: You may find this website useful if you want to find out how much the ISME fees and other items cost in your own currency. ================

4. Invitation to Collaborate @ Born to Groove Born to Groove is a series of essays and point-counterpoints accessible on the website, Charles Keil, author of Tiv Song, Polka Happiness, co-author of Music Grooves and Bright Balkan Morning, is now writing on early and continuing experiences for children in music as participation and performance, and is making persuasive points on the critical need for more “moving and grooving”-more music and dance--in the lives of children from birth onward. A scholar (anthropologist and ethnomusicologist), performer (percussionist), and activist for community music-making experiences, Charlie is turning his attention towards the well-being of children through music. He is joined by colleagues, former students, friends, and other musicians and teachers, including “counterpoint” Patricia Shehan Campbell, in thinking through the early and continuing musical experiences of children as they can be nurtured and facilitated by parents, teachers, specialists in childrenʼs welfare, enculturation, and education, and all others who wish to take responsibility for childrenʼs fullfledged development. The Born to Groove website is now open for some exciting business. There are 62 chapters and 7 appendices asking for commentary, criticism, answers to questions, questions about (what appear to be) answers, supplements, links, reviews, lesson (and lesson plans). We are hoping that the bells and whistles (forums, profiles, glossaries, wikis) that are provided will allow for an extension of the material in the text. Any word, idea, phrase, concept, chapter, or section, can be a launch to ideas relative to music, children,

education, and societyʼs obligation to raising them. Can projects be developed? What courses might be taught with this “text”? What kinds of further collaborations and clarifications need to take place for putting these ideas into action? * Can we conserve children's creativity? * Can we help more infants and children to self-actualize? * Can we make children's liberation (in the USA or any other country) a big issue in the next elections? * Can we fuse physical education, music and dance education, music and dance therapy, biology, ecology, and evolutionary science into local forms of ngoma? * Should primary communication skills take priority over secondary communication skills in the first years of life? * How can we best get strong and rigorous research agendae into action? All are welcome to come together at Born to Groove to sort out how best to teach children in music and through music. *************************************************** Back copies of ISME Electronic Postcards are available to Members Only at this direct link. When you open the page, if it is blank this will be because to access them you will first have to log in as a member. If you are not sure how to do this, or if you have any difficulties, please contact the ISME Office: MEMBERS are welcome to give feedback or request further information at any time. Consideration will also be given to Members who wish to include news in these Postcards. *************************************************** ABOUT THESE POSTCARDS Email postcards will in future be sent to all current ISME members who have provided their email addresses for inclusion on the ISME databases. If you would prefer not to receive these postcards, simply reply to this email, type "REMOVE" in the subject line, then click send. ************************************************

2006 #32 February ISME E-Postcard