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Electronic Postcard #30 - December 2005 from THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR MUSIC EDUCATION (ISME) *************************************************** CONTENTS: 1. ISME World Conference 2006 - Musical Excursions 2. IJME Online - coming soon! 3. IMC/UNESCO International Music Prize 2005 4. MISTEC 2004 Proceedings now available 5. ISME for students! 6. New Publication - Cultural Diversity in Music Education: Directions and challenges for the 21st century 7. Mentally disabled band wants to share! 8. DENMARK - Music in Denmark Back copies of ISME Electronic Postcards About These Postcards *************************************************** 1. ISME World Conference 2006 - Musical Excursions XXVII (27th) ISME World Conference 16-21 July, 2006: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Special Musical Excursions are being arranged for delegates during the week of the Conference. How would you like to experience: Malay traditional dances Gahzal workshops (traditional Malay orchestra) A trip to a primary or secondary school or Malaysian Shadow Play workshops? Watch this space as more details become available: ================ 2. IJME Online - coming soon! Please visit International Journal of Music Education at SAGE Journals Online - <>

Here you can access article information, free article abstracts, sign up for contents alerts and see the most popular downloaded articles <> dtl. This is updated monthly and will keep you up-to-date on what is popular in the journal. Members who opt for an IJME subscription as part of their membership will soon be able to access the journal online as part of their subscription. Subscribe today or ensure your institution does. (IJME = International Journal of Music Education) ================ 3. IMC/UNESCO International Music Prize 2005 One of the most important awards in the field of music worldwide... Greek composer, political activist and teacher MIKI THEODORAKIS has won the International Music Council/UNESCO International Music Prize. The prize was created by Yehudi Menuhin in 1975 to honour musicians or musical instirutions whose activiis have contributed to the enrichment and development of music and have served peace, understanding between peoples, international co-operation. Previous winners of the IMC/UNESCO prize include Shostakovich, Leonard Bernstein, Herbert von Karajan, Frank Callaway, Oscar Petersen and (last year) the Senegalese singer Youssou N/Dour. ================ 4. MISTEC Proceedings 2004 - now available ISME Commission for Music in Schools and Teacher Education (MISTEC) 2004 Proceedings now available: Music in Schools for all Children: From Research to Effective Practice: Proceedings of the 14th International Seminar of the Music in School & Teacher Education Commission Edited by Minette Mans & Bo Wah Leung ISBN: 84-338-3637-4 Publisher: University of Granada Press

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Please go to this website for order: <> ac/mistec2004_v2.html =========================================== 5.ISME for students! "The ISME Student Group, is a working group that explores ways through which ISME can better serve students and beginning music educators. It held its first meeting in the Tenerife conference in 2004, which was attended by representatives from 9 countries: Australia, Austria, China, Japan, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, and USA. The group has been working on a survey that will inform ISME on the strategies to achieve its aim. It has also submitted proposals for sessions at the 2006 Malaysian Conference that are suited for young professionals. The group is chaired by one of the ISME Board members, Lily Chen-Hafteck, who welcomes any suggestions and comments." Student membership rates are offered to FULL TIME students. Please tell your students and encourage them to take the opportunity to be involved. Student membership information is available at: ================ 6. New Publication "Cultural Diversity in Music Education: Directions and challenges for the 21st century" Introduction by Patricia Shehan Campbell and Huib Schippers Editors: Patricia Shehan Campbell , John Drummond, Peter Dunbar-Hall, Keith Howard , Huib Schippers, Trevor Wiggins No pages: 206 Paperback Price: $45.00 (SECURE SITE) ISBN: 1-875378-59-6 Publication date: November 2005 htm ================ 7. Mentally disabled band wants to share!

l have for the past 20 years been using music as a tool for developing the weak and strong areas of social behavior for the mentally disabled. During this time l have gathered a vast knowledge and gained a lot of experience in this field but l`m always on the lookout for new methods and ideas. One of my bands "Popcorn" have achieved international status this link also tells along what lines l am working. l am sure that there are many in the same situation as myself and therefore a network of people in this field could only be beneficial for all, exchanging experiences and methods, visit exchanges and how about a CD with a mentally disabled band from each country, could be fun. l am a social pedagogue and special music teacher of English birth but now living in Denmark. Looking forward to hearing from you at: ISME Member Brian Laurie. ================ 8.DENMARK - Music in Denmark *************************************************** Back copies of ISME Electronic Postcards are available to Members Only at this direct link. When you open the page, if it is blank this will be because to access them you will first have to log in as a member. If you are not sure how to do this, or if you have any difficulties, please contact the ISME Office: MEMBERS are welcome to give feedback or request further information at any time. Consideration will also be given to Members who wish to include news in these Postcards. *************************************************** ABOUT THESE POSTCARDS Email postcards will in future be sent to all current ISME members who have provided their email addresses for inclusion on the ISME databases. If you would prefer not to receive these postcards, simply reply to this email, type "REMOVE" in the subject line, then click send. ***************************************************

2005 #30 December ISME E-Postcard  

How would you like to experience: Malay traditional dances Gahzal workshops (traditional Malay orchestra) A trip to a primary or secondary s...

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