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Electronic Postcard #25 - July 2005 from THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR MUSIC EDUCATION (ISME) *************************************************** CONTENTS: 1. CALLS for PERFORMING GROUPS - DEADLINE 10 AUGUST! 2. JEUNESSE MUSICALE WORLD ORCHESTRA - 2005 3. WORLD FORUM ON MUSIC 4. INTERNATIONAL MUSIC DAY - 1 OCTOBER SUBMIT A LOGO 5. EMPLOYMENT: LECTURER/SENIOR LECTURER - UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA, SCHOOL OF MUSIC. Back copies of ISME Electronic Postcards About These Postcards *************************************************** 1. PERFORMING GROUPS CALLS DUE DEADLINE: 10 August, 2005 27th ISME WORLD CONFERENCE, MALAYSIA You are invited to encourage participation from performing groups in your country! *************************************************** 2. JEUNESSE MUSICALE WORLD ORCHESTRA - 2005 <> On 1st July, the world‚s most international and most longstanding youth orchestra, the Jeunesses Musicales World Orchestra (JMWO), will be bringing together some 96 young musicians from 34 countries around the world in the Orchestra‚s new headquarters of Valencia, Spain to begin rehearsing for an exciting concert tour in Spain and China. More than 1300 musicians applied.

In commemoration of the end of World War II 60 years ago, which coincides with the founding of Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI), the world‚s biggest youth music network and initiator of the Orchestra, the JM World

Orchestra is dedicating all of its concerts this year to peace, solidarity and love between nations. The Orchestra itself has long been recognized as a symbol of international cooperation, and sports the title of UNESCO Artist for Peace.

The premiere performance will take place in Madrid on 14th July and will be dedicated to JMI‚s 60th Anniversary. Another Spanish date follows (Altea) before the Orchestra heads off to China where it will perform in several cities including Beijing. The tour ends back in Spain with a special open-air concert as part of the "Sagunt a escena" Festival. *************************************************** 3. WORLD FORUM ON MUSIC - Music and Society in the 21st Century October 1-5, 2005 Los Angeles, California, USA *************************************************** 4. INTERNATIONAL MUSIC DAY - 1 OCTOBER SUBMIT A LOGO

The International Music Day was initiated in 1975 to encourage reflection on the role of music. In the first letter of invitation to celebrate this day in 1975, Lord Yehudi Menuhin, then IMC President, expressed his wish that the International Music Day ÅgÅcconstitute a major achievement among our activities and become an event for the propagation of greater knowledge of our art, arid for the strengthening of the bonds of peace and friendship between peoples through musicÅh. Accordingly, the International Music Day is intended to encourage the promotion of musical art among all sections of society; the application of the UNESCO ideals of peace and friendship between peoples, of the evolution of their cultures, of the exchange of experience and of the mutual appreciation of their aesthetic values. We are inviting you - as part of the IMC family - to join in the 2005 celebrations of the International Music Day under the theme Musics of the World. Its aims are to: 1. Create awareness for the concept of musical diversity both in theory and in practice through concerts, workshops, seminars or exhibitions on the theme of Musics of the World and encourage people to actively explore, experience and participate in a variety of musics.

2. Promote peopleÅfs awareness of their right to: • express themselves musically in all freedom • learn musical languages and skills • have access to musical involvement through participation, listening, creation, and information • develop their artistry and communicate through all media, with proper facilities at their disposal • obtain just recognition and remuneration for their services On the occasion of the IMC General Assembly and the Music World Forum to be held in Los Angeles from October 1 _ 5, 2005, IMC will celebrate the IMD with a concert entitled Musics of the World, featuring a wide variety of musical styles, genres and forms from all over the globe. PROPOSALS FOR LOGO IMC is soliciting proposals for a logo for the ÅgMusics of the WorldÅh theme. Logos should be submitted in pdf format and reach the IMC secretariat no later than July 20, 2005. All submitted logos will be posted on the IMC website. The logo chosen for this yearÅfs International Music Day will be featured on all promotional material, giving a common appearance to all Ågmusics of the worldÅh events. *************************************************** 5. LECTURER/SENIOR LECTURER THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA, SCHOOL OF MUSIC Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (REF: 903) The School of Music has a purpose-built facility with a staffing profile that includes performance, research, composition and music education and a student body of 250 students. The School is also the home of the Callaway Centre, established in recognition of the legacy of the Universityʼs Foundation Professor of Music, the late Sir Frank Callaway (1919-2003), who was a doyen of twentieth-century music education. The position is suitable for an individual prepared to take a leading role in music education teaching and research within the School. Applicants must have a PhD preferably in Music Education or a closely related research area.

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Back copies of ISME Electronic Postcards About These Postcards On 1st July, the world‚s most international and most longstanding youth orche...