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Electronic Postcard #22 - April 2005 from THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR MUSIC EDUCATION (ISME) *************************************************** Contents: 1. CONGRATULATIONS 60! - JEUNESSES MUSICALES INTERNATIONAL (JMI) A. CONGRATULATIONS - JMI B. 60TH AGA & CONGRESS 2005 C. JM WORLD ORCHESTRA IS BACK! 2. ISME 2006 A. CALL FOR PERFORMING GROUPS B. KEYNOTE SPEAKERS 3. ISME REGIONAL CONFERENCES: A. PASMAE CONFERENCE: MAPUTO, MOZAMBIQUE B. EuSME CONFERENCE: BUDAPEST, HUNGARY C. 5TH LATIN AMERICAN CONFERENCE: SANTIAGO, CHILE 4. DENMARK IN JULY 5. ISME GROUP MEMBERSHIP - WHAT IS IT? (INA status) 6. IJME - INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MUSIC EDUCATION DISCOUNTS! 7. UNESCO REQUEST FOR PARTICIPATION - SCHOOLS PROJECT 8. NEWS BRIEFS: A. Stanley Sadie, B. Bologna Declaration Process Back copies of ISME Electronic Postcards About These Postcard *************************************************** 1. CONGRATULATIONS - JEUNESSES MUSICALES INTERNATIONAL (JMI) A. CELEBRATING 60 YEARS: For six decades Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI), the world始s largest youth music network, has brought the magic of music to the lives of millions of young people worldwide.

To commemorate its foundation 60 years ago, Jeunesses Musicales International will be celebrating 60 years of musical magic throughout the year 2005. _____________________________________ B. 60th AGA & CONGRESS 2005: JM Indonesia will play the role of hosts on the island of Bali, for a very special 60th Anniversary General Assembly & Congress from 15th-19th August 2005. All details about the Congress, Bali, accommodation and registration, travel info etc. can be found on the detailed JM Indonesia website: _____________________________________ C. JM WORLD ORCHESTRA: UNESCO Artist for Peace The JM World Orchestra is back! The JM World Orchestra is back with new headquarters in Valencia, Spain and a brand new concept based on innovation and exploration... It is fresh! It is exciting! It will change the way you think about youth orchestras! And it will appeal to You... Innovation and exploration The new JM World Orchestra will focus on contemporary classical music of the 20th and 21st centuries and encourage interactions between symphonic orchestra and ethnic, jazz and contemporary non-classical music. It also aims to promote a fresh approach to the global classical repertoire, including developing stage techniques with the use of new technologies. *************************************************** 2. ISME 2006 - KUALA LUMPUR, 16-21 July MALAYSIA A. CALL FOR PERFORMING GROUPS: The ISME2006 Organizing Committee invites performing groups of all levels and specialties to participate in next year始s conference. Groups will be given the opportunity to perform once during the conference. In addition, interested groups can also participate in music festivals and other music events which will be running before, during, and after ISME2006. Application deadline is June10th 2005. For further information, visit:

B. KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: ISME is pleased and proud to announce that two of the Keynote Speakers for the World Conference in 2006 have accepted invitations to present. They are: Jane DAVIDSON (United Kingdom) TOKUMARU, Yosihiko (Japan) Click here for more information: <>

*************************************************** 3. ISME REGIONAL CONFERENCES: A. AFRICA: ISME REGIONAL, Maputo, Mozambique - PASMAE CONFERENCE: PASMAE: NEW EMAIL ADDRESS: <> MAPUTO CONFERENCE CONTACT: Mr Tiago Langa: <> 3-11 July 2005 B. EUROPE: ISME REGIONAL, Budapest, Hungary - EuSME CONFERENCE: It is a pleasure to me to inform you, the Hungarian Music Teachersʼ Association in close co-operation with the Hungarian Music Council will organise a European conference in Budapest (Hungary) 27 - 31 August 2005. THEME: “Unity and diversity in the European music education” You are kindly invited to the Budapest Conference, and we would be pleased, if our invitation would be accepted. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, please contact: Prof. Zoltan LACZO F. Liszt Academy of Music President of HMTA and Organising Committee C. LATIN AMERICA: ISME REGIONAL, Santiago, Chile 5TH LATIN AMERICAN CONFERENCE:

25-30 September 2005 Information on the forthcoming Latin American Conference can be accessed at: <> <> *************************************************** 4. DENMARK IN JULY "Learning Beyond Cognition" Conference The Danish University of Education 30 June - 2 July 2005 Further information at: <> *************************************************** 5. ISME GROUP MEMBERSHIP - WHAT IS IT?

Your school, institution or organization may benefit from ISME Group Membership. Members of your group can be made up of: staff, students, students and staff, faculty members, performing groups. An organization/group which joins ISME, becomes a Group Member of ISME, and all the members of that Group then become ISME Associate Members. Once the Group membership has been processed, your group will be issued with an ISME Group Member ID. This will give access to your members to ISME services and to the ISME website sections for Group Members. ISME membership will be valid for twelve (12) months from the date on which your payment has been processed, although there is the option to join for two years. As a GROUP Member your Group/Society/institution is entitled to: • a membership you can afford • one free copy of each of the ISME Journals (currently three per year) • one free copy of the ISME Newsletters (two per year) • voting rights • Associate Members get discounts on ISME publications, discounts at ISME conferences and some other services • access to ISME commissions and their activities

• professional development opportunities • discounts on other services and goods offered via ISME • Website information, including research and teaching resources (under construction) • Associate Members Only sections on the website, and a listing of your organizations website under "ISME Group Members". ISME National Affiliate status (INA): DOES YOUR COUNTRY HAVE INA STATUS? To be able to apply for INA status status, your group must first join ISME as a Group Member. Further information on this will be available once you have become an ISME Group Member. For more information see the ISME website: Please do not hesitate to contact the ISME Office should you require further information. *************************************************** 6. IJME - INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MUSIC EDUCATION

ISME only supplies Journals to ISME Members. Members enjoy extremely discounted rates. ISME Member rates are: US$24 Non-ISME rates (from Sage Publications) are: US$ 85 (44 UK pounds) IF YOU HAVE NOT SUBSCRIBED, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT! GO TO: A subscription is for three Journals per volume/year. 2005 will be Volume 23 as follows: #1 Research #2 Showcase (Advocacy - edited by Carolynn Lindeman) #3 Practice Back issues of IJME and/or other ISME publications are available from the ISME International Office. Please see contact details at the end of this email.

*************************************************** 7. UNESCO REQUEST FOR PARTICIPATION -SCHOOLS PROJECT: We are urgently looking for students (schools around the world) to participate in the following music project. Could you please be so kind as to forward this announcement to all your contacts and schools. We would be very grateful as it is very difficult to reach these institutions and we think that this venture is valuable to young music students. See the following site for all the necessary information: Thank you for your kind assistance Kind regards Christina Human (UNESCO - Arts Education) *************************************************** 8. NEWS BRIEFS: A. Stanley Sadie, a musicologist and a longtime editor of the Grove Dictionaries, died on recently at age 74. His loss will be deeply felt by everyone who has known him and worked with him, which takes in a good part of the musical world, and by everyone who has ever used The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, which takes in all the rest of us. B. Bologna Declaration Process on professional music training in Europe (<>, We invite you to visit a new website about the effects of the Bologna Declaration Process on professional music training in Europe (<>, which has been developed by the European Association of Conservatoires (AEC) in the framework of the SOCRATES Thematic Network "Innovation in Higher Arts Education". The website is constructed as an"AEC Online Bologna Handbook", containing many freely downloadable documents. *************************************************** Back copies of ISME Electronic Postcards are available to Members Only at this direct link.

When you open the page, if it is blank this will be because to access them you will first have to log in as a member. If you are not sure how to do this, or if you have any difficulties, please contact the ISME Office: MEMBERS are welcome to give feedback or request further information at any time. Consideration will also be given to Members who wish to include news in these Postcards. *************************************************** ABOUT THESE POSTCARDS Email postcards will in future be sent to all current ISME members who have provided their email addresses for inclusion on the ISME databases. If you would prefer not to receive these postcards, simply reply to this email, type "REMOVE" in the subject line, then click send. ***************************************************

2005 #22 April ISME E-Postcard