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Electronic Postcard #15 - September 2004 from THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR MUSIC EDUCATION (ISME) ================================================= Contents: 1. ISME History update 2. 50th Anniversary Commemorative CD: 3. 50th Anniversary Poster 4. PROJECT by Graham Bartle 5. George N. Heller 6. Sierra Leone Music Lessons - a heart-warming report 7. International Day of Choral Singing Back copies of ISME Electronic Postcards About These Postcards ================================================= 1. ISME History: "Toward a Global Community: The International Society for Music Education 19532003" by Marie McCarthy. The saga of the books continued since I last wrote to you! they eventually arrived back at the ISME International Office on 2 September - as I said, it is quite an unbelievable series of events. All those who were current members at 28 July 2004 will receive a complimentary copy - due to the generous sponsorship of the Yamaha Corporation. Mailing of the books is part-sponsored by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, for which we thank them. The books are for sale to those who would like to have copies for their institutions, libraries or extra copies - great gift idea or music prize! COST: Full price: US$60 (plus postage to be added) Members price: US$40 (plus postage to be added) Orders can be placed through the ISME International Office and will be available for order on the ISME website from 10 September. -------------------------------------2. 50th Anniversary Commemorative CD: Thank you to all those who have sent many wonderful photographs. The CD is now in the process of being compiled and will be sent out to those who have ordered, during October and November.

50th Anniversary Commemorative CD - a lasting souvenir This is a once-only offer and will not be available in 2005 This CD will also be a wonderful resource on ISME, what it is, what it does and can be shown to colleagues, students and funding bodies - so even if you did not go to ISME 2004, you may like to order a copy. Orders will be taken on the ISME website at: COST: ISME Members: US$ 5.00 per CD (includes postage) Non-Members: US$ 10.00 per CD (includes postage) -------------------------------------3. 50th Anniversary Poster This special Poster was given to all delegates at the ISME 2004 Conference in Tenerife, as a 50th Anniversary memento. If you were there you can order copies from the ISME International Office. It makes an ideal gift and would lookm GREAT in your music room! To find out how this Poster came about and to see it, go to: COST: ISME Members: US$ 5.00 per CD (includes postage) Non-Members: US$ 10.00 per CD (includes postage) -------------------------------------4. PROJECT by Graham Bartle As many of you know, Honorary Life Member Graham Bartle has tirelessly for many years, travelled the world collecting information about music and music education institutions around the world. He is constantly updating and adding information and is currently working on a new project which promises to be a valuable resource not only to all ISME members and institutions, but also to many other music related organizations. Graham would be interested to hear from any ISME member who would be particularly interested in the work he does and who would be want to find out more about it, with the possibility of assisting him in some way in the future. Please contact Graham direct on: -------------------------------------5. George N. Heller ISME member George N. Heller passed away on July 3, 2004, in Lawrence, Kansas, USA. He was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan on December 19, 1941. A long-time faculty member at the University of Kansas, Heller was a noted scholar and teacher who wrote more than one hundred articles, book chapters, and books, and was the

founding editor of The Bulletin of Historical Research in Music Education (now the Journal of Historical Research in Music Education). Condolences may be sent to his family at 4808 Hallbrook Drive, Lawrence, Kansas 66047, USA. -------------------------------------6. Sierra Leone Music Lessons - a heart-warming report: -------------------------------------7. International Day of Choral Singing - 12 December Dedicate a concert to the memory of Eskil Hemberg and celebrate the International Day of Choral Singing. Eskil Hemberg, president of IFCM, passed away in June. It was decided to dedicate the International Day of Choral Singing to his memory and you can all participate. If you are planning a Christmas concert, why not schedule it on December 12th, the International Day of Choral Singing, and dedicate it to Eskil Hemberg? You will find more information about this idea on the Europa Cantat new website under -> news. Please let Europa Cantat know as soon as possible, at the latest on September 15th 2004, if you and your choir will schedule a concert on December 12th. Thank you very much in advance! With best wishes Sonja Greiner Europa Cantat ----------------------------------------------------Back copies of ISME Electronic Postcards Are available to Members Only at this direct link. When you open the page, if it is blank this will be because to access them you will first have to log in as a member. If you are not sure how to do this, or if you have any difficulties, please contact the ISME Office: ----------------------------------------------------ABOUT THESE POSTCARDS Email postcards will in future be sent to all current ISME members who have provided their email addresses for inclusion on the ISME databases. If you would prefer not to receive these postcards, simply reply to this email, type "REMOVE" in the subject line, then click send. -----------------------------------------------------

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2004 #15 September ISME E-Postcard