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Electronic Postcard #4 - October 2003 from THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR MUSIC EDUCATION (ISME) Contents: ISME Questionnaire - Winner! Registering for ISME 2004 ISME Journals - IJME and MEI French Translator Wanted. Publications of NOTE! Travel Tips to ISME 2004 ================================================================ THANK YOU! - to ALL who filled in the questionaire on the website. The winner of ONE YEAR free ISME Membership goes to: Member Number: 1571 (Gabriel Rusinek) from Spain! You will soon receive a confirmation letter showing the extra year of membership, which is your prize for participating! It is still not too late to try the questionaire (although the competition for this time is over). Log in to the ISME website, and you will find the "election" information comes up on the left hand column. ================================================================ REGISTRATION MESSAGE FROM TENERIFE: The Organizating Committee of the ISME International Conference for Music Education, 2004 has the pleasure of sending you, after receiving the preliminary program, the registration form 9see attached). WAYS TO REGISTER: 1. Completing the registration form and sending it to the following FAX. 00 34 922 336816 2. Registering directly on the form found on our Web page: <> 3. Downloading the document from our Web page: <> cripc1.doc and once completed and saved, sending by e-mail to: <> 4. Sending the complete registration form by regular mail to the following address: Secretar‚a General Comit⁄ Organizador ISME 2004 C/ TomΩs Zerolo, 21 La Orotava 38300 Tenenife ö Islas Canarias ESPA≥A It is our wish that this additional information will facilitate the process for registering for the ISME Conference 2004. We are at your entire disposal for any queries or further information related to registration, accommodation, mailing of scientific material, or any other need that might appear. The Organization Committee hopes to have the pleasure of greeting you personally, giving you a warm welcome and making your stay in Tenerife a pleasant one.

================================================================ ISME Journals - IJME and MEI ISME publishes two Journals per year, one IJME and one MEI. One of each makes up an annual subscription. Single copies of ISME Journals are not available during the year of publication, only as back copies. IJME #40 (Editor:Christopher Johnson) is now available. All subscribers should have received their copies in the mail. If you did not subscribe, it is not too late to become a subscriber. Rates remain the same - US$24 for Members (full price is US$40!). MEI #2 (Co-Editors: Pamela Burnard and Liane Hentschke) is due in December. MEI #1 (Editor: Wendy Sims) is available as single copy purchase - US$ 14 to ISME Members, or as subscription (US$ 24). Postage is included for the above publications, but not for back copies, SO ORDER NOW! ============================================================= FRENCH TRANSLATOR: The ISME Publications Committee is interested in finding someone - perhaps one of our members - who is able and willing to do translations for ISME Publications. The committee would like to be able to offer abstracts in several languages. If you are interested, or know someone who would take this on, please contact us at: ============================================================ Publications of Note...... (The authors have donated their royalties to ISME) Canciones de America Latina: De sus origenes a la escuela (Songs of Latin America: From the Field to the Classroom) Published by Warner Bros. 96 pages. ISBN: 0-7579-7987-4 Beautiful illustrations, notated melodies and accompaniments for classroom instruments (including Orff xylophones), and accompanied by a CD of field recordings and versions of each song for classroom use. RRP: US$ 24 (ISME Members: US$18) Traditional Songs of Singing Cultures - A World Sampler Published by Warner Bros. 64 pages. 20 songs from 20 cultures. The accompanying CD allows the listener to hear "culture bearers" sing melodies that are reflective of their musical heritages. The lessons include sogs, maps, cultural information, and activities. Songs are appropriate for use with children from preschool onward. A true multicultural extravaganza! RRP: US$ 24 (ISME Members: US$18) PURCHASE: A: from your favourite retail music dealer, catalog or (ISME) website B: from NoteService Music: 1-800-628-1528 in the U.S. and 1-800-327-7643 extension 7399 outside the U.S.

C: from the ISME International Office ============================================================ Travel Tips to ISME 2004: Those travelling through London to get to Tenerife may be find that they are able to make yse of cheap charter flights. For further information see the following websites: Jetset Fligh Centre Call: 01484 462222 NOTE: It is the responsibility of the enquirer to investigate these tips. ISME does not endorse these companies. SHARE YOUR TIPS WITH THE ISME OFFICE - WE WILL PASS THEM ON TO MEMBERS. ============================================================= ABOUT THESE POSTCARDS Email postcards will in future be sent to all current ISME members who have provided their email addresses for inclusion on the ISME databases. If you would prefer not to receive these postcards, simply reply to this email, type "REMOVE" in the subject line, then click send. ============================================================= FOR FURTHER INFORMATION please contact: (Mrs) Judy Thรถnell Secretary General or Mrs Jo-anne Todd Administrative Assistant ------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Mrs) Judy Thรถnell Secretary General International Society for Music Education (ISME) PO Box 909 NEDLANDS 6909 Western Australia Email: <> web site: <> Tel: 61+8+9386 2654 Fax: 61+8+9386 2658 ISME World Conference July 11-16, 2004: Tenerife, Canary Islands/Spain <>


2003 #4 October ISME E-Postcard  

Secretar‚a General Comit⁄ Organizador ISME 2004 C/ TomΩs Zerolo, 21 La Orotava 38300 Tenenife ö Islas Canarias ESPA≥A You will soon receive...