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Electronic Postcard #3 - September 2003 from THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR MUSIC EDUCATION (ISME) Contents: ISME Questionnaire International Music Day Happy Birthday ISME XXVI ISME World Conference in Tenerife 11-16 July, 2004 ISME Commissions Pre-conference Seminars 2004 =============================================================== The ISME "Postcard" means a "news update", and differs from the ISME Newsletter, which is sent out to you by regular mail twice per year. These Postcards are short updates giving current news ================================================================== Win FREE ISME MEMBERSHIP?? (FOR ONE YEAR) Testing Electronic voting - A FUN THING TO DO! - try it, and be in the draw to win one year ISME membership! All you need to do is to fill in the questionnaire and send an email to the ISME International Office. Log in to the ISME website, and you will find the "election" information comes up on the left hand column. On the ISME website you will find a "test election" - PLEASE TRY IT! It is not a real election, only a questionnaire, which we are using to help members familiarize themselves with the system, and to alert the webmaster to any possible hitches which may occur. Only 27 members have voted to date, so we are extending this election until the 30 September. You will see the results in the next ISME Postcard. It is important to clear these up any problems before we have the real election, which will be for the voting of ISME Officers, and will take place in 2004. These TEST VOTES (and this is the first of several) are only accessible to members, and we want to make sure in good time that all members are able to vote electronically if they wish. Let us know if you have any problems - we will do our best to help. ================================================================ INTERNATIONAL MUSIC DAY, October 1 On October 1, 2003 the entire world will once again celebrate International Music Day. You are all invited to celebrate the day by listening to and enjoying music. Participating in this celebration provides an opportunity to promote the power and universality of music and to spread an important message of peace and friendship.

This day is also an opportunity to encourage young people to take a more active part in music and the arts. We wish you a happy International Music Day and invite you to involved! =============================================================== HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISME!! - 50 YEARS THIS YEAR! Celebrate with us - See greetings on the ISME website: On the Home sure to click on: View a 50th anniversary greeting in Quicktime Also view 50th Anniversary news at: of acceptance ================================================================= ISME's 50th Anniversary Conference! "Sound Worlds to Discover" XXVI World Conference for Music Education 11-16 July, 2004 In the town of Santa Cruz, on the island of Tenerife, which is part of the Canaray Islands, which belong to Spain. The Conference is hosted by SEM-EE the national body for Spanish music educators, which is celebrating its 30th Anniversary. Go to the ISME website: <> Click on the red "shell" and this will take you directly to the Tenerife Conference site. Deadlines for "Calls for Papers, Workshops and Performances" will show first. Click on your preferred language (Spanish or English) - ENJOY! lots to read and see! ---------------------------------------------------GETTING THERE: (book early - high summer season) SUGGESTIONS ONLY: 1. Out of Europe: probably the least expensive way is to get a return ticket from your home country to one of the large air terminal centres, eg London, Frankfurt, etc From there, depending on your time and budget, here are some options which could be considered: a) Take a connecting flight direct to Tenerife (kf your airline offers that - British Airways does) b) Take a connecting flight to mainland Spain, then another from there to Tenerife c) Holiday on your way to Spain (by train, bus/coach or hire car). There are direct flights to Tenerife from Madrid, Barcelona, Bilboa and other towns - check with your travel agent. 2. Which airport in Tenerife?: There are two airports in Tenerife (see website). a) NORTH:

The one in the north is very near Santa Cruz where the conference will be held - so the most convenient. It has been re-built, and international flights to it will become more frequent over the next year, so check with your travel agent as these become available. b) SOUTH: This airport was for a long time the only one in operation on the island, and has therefore been very busy with many charter flights bringing tourists on package tours. Air traffic of regular flights, will gradually be moved to the north airport. This airport is 40 minutes to 60 minutes drive by ca/taxir (depending who is driving!!) to Santa Cruz. !! BE THERE FOR THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY CONFERENCE!! ================================================================= COMMISSION SITES FOR 2004 as at 30 August 2003 Please note: All presenters at Commission Seminars must be fully financial Individual members of ISME at the time of their paper being accepted and at the time of the Commission Seminar 1. Research July 4-10, 2004 Conservatory of Music, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain Calls for Papers: <> Deadline: 1 November, 2003 2. Community Music July 9-11, 2004 Tenerife, The Canary Islands Calls for Papers: <> Deadline: 15 November, 2003 3. Early Childhood July 5-10, 2004 Escola Superior de MĂşsica de Catalunya (ESMUC) <> Barcelona, Spain Calls for Papers: <> Deadline: 15 September, 2003 4. Education of Professional Musician July 5-10 July 2004 Escola Superior de MĂşsica de Catalunya (ESMUC) <> Barcelona, Spain Calls for Papers: <> Deadline: 15 October, 2003 5. Music and Mass Media Policies Tenerife, The Canary Islands Calls for Papers:

<> 6. MISTEC July 5-9, 2004 Granada University College of Education, Granada, Spain Calls for Papers: <> Deadline: 1 October, 2003 7. Special Education 4-9 July, 2004 Vitoria, Spain Calls for Papers: <> Deadline: 1 November 2003 ============================================================= ABOUT THESE POSTCARDS Email postcards will in future be sent to all current ISME members who have provided their email addresses for inclusion on the ISME databases. If you would prefer not to receive these postcards, simply reply to this email, type "REMOVE" in the subject line, then click send. ============================================================= FOR FURTHER INFORMATION please contact: (Mrs) Judy Thรถnell Secretary General or Mrs Jo-anne Todd Administrative Assistant -ISME International Office International Society for Music Education (ISME) PO Box 909 NEDLANDS 6909 Western Australia Email: <> web site: <> Tel: 61+8+9386 2654 Fax: 61+8+9386 2658 ISME Regional Conference August 11-15, 2003:Mexico <> ISME World Conference July 11-16, 2004: Tenerife, Canary Islands/Spain <>


2003 #3 September ISME E-Postcard  

On the ISME website you will find a "test election" - PLEASE TRY IT! It is not a real election, only a questionnaire, which we are using to...

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