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Intelligent Speech Recognition designed for professionals

Real Time

Is the natural speech recognition choice for those who wish to reduce their dependence on support staff. Words are automatically typed onto the screen as they are spoken. The author instantly has complete control over any corrections and the final document that is produced.


Innovation is our focus That’s why we are currently the only UK supplier that can offer you integrated speech recognition as both a front and back-end solution If you’ve tried Speech Recognition in the past, and were put off by integration difficulties, poor word translation or background noise, it’s time to have another look. Things have changed.

Is an ideal option for firms that still require transcriptionist support but without having to depend on it to complete every document.

Capturing spoken dictation and instantly turning it into text is not only fast and easy; it can dramatically improve document turnaround times and reduce your dependency on support staff.

Once installed, our deferred option remains in the background, waiting for spoken dictations to be delivered. As soon as a voice file is received, it is automatically converted to typed text whilst the author continues to perform other tasks.

• Easy installation, highly accurate from first dictation

This typed text can then be picked up at a convenient time, either by the author or a transcriptionist, to be proofread, amended, approved and the final document completed.

• Access across one, or many sites • Convenient document templates • Host internally or in the cloud

View our video demonstration online:

For further information please call 08450 17 55 17

A Specialist Division of the OfficeTeam Group

Save Time & Minimise Delays Not only does Speech Recognition give you the convenience of instant dictations, it also offers huge savings on the cost of document production. This is especially true for users who prefer to reduce their dependency on support staff. Time is a valuable resource. Utilising Speech Recognition technology to reduce the time you spend on common tasks, such as composing emails, can help you save several hours each day. Being able to operate without the support of a transcriptionist offers real benefits when your office is short-staffed. Holiday periods and sickness absences need no longer cause delays or disruption.

• Compatible with all case document management systems • Integration is easy and straight forward • Can be shared across one, or many sites • A  llows use of tailored document templates for letters, case notes, spreadsheets, emails, etc. • Auto-correct feature ensures minimum corrections required • Livetime tracking allows you to monitor the status of all dictations • Can either be hosted internally on-site or securely in the cloud • 99% accuracy and professional word recognition from day one

Our convenient, online demonstrations are free Call 08450 17 55 17

For further information please call 08450 17 55 17

A Specialist Division of the OfficeTeam Group

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