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Madison County Senior Activity & Wellness Center



Madison County Senior Activity & Wellness Center P.O. Box 598, 903 N College Huntsville, AR 72740 (479)738-2750 Hours of Operation: 8:00am—4:00pm Monday through Friday

Wise sayings often fall on barren ground, but a kind word is never thrown away. Sir Arthur Helps

From the Desk of Brenda Rogers, Director LUNCH AND LEARN is held at the Center every 4th Thursday of the month. Our center began this program over a year ago and it has turned into a very exciting and well received event our seniors look forward to each month. Join us on Thursday, May 22nd at noon. MOTHERS DAY is Sunday, May 11th. This is the one day out of the year when children, young and old, try to show in a tangible way how much they appreciate their moms. Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day, petitioned President Woodrow Wilson for federal support of the holiday which led to his signing into law its creation as a national Mother’s Day in 1914. Anna stated, “Mother’s Day is in honour of the best mother who ever lived—the mother in your heart.”

WE PROVIDE TRANSPORTATION for all of you aged 60+. We’ll take you to the grocery store, WalMart, doctor, drug store, thrift store, farmer’s market or anywhere you need to go. We do ask for a $3 donation to help us buy the gas. Now that’s a great deal! TRANSPORTATION ROUTE: MONDAY: Huntsville All Around Town TUESDAY: Forum-Alabam-Huntsville-Clifty & Hindsville WEDNESDAY: Kingston-Marble-HuntsvilleJapton Drakes Creek-Ball Creek-Pettigrew & St. Paul THURSDAY: St. Paul-Combs/White RiverWharton Creek-Aurora-CountrysideHuntsville FRIDAY: Huntsville—All Around Town This institution is an equal opportunity provider, and employer.

MEMORIAL DAY celebration falls on Monday, May 26th this year. On this day, as we should everyday, we honor all those who have served our country. It has been said “the secret of happiness is freedom, and the secret of freedom is courage.” And “Let us come not to mourn our dead soldiers, but to praise them.” How true these statements are. For those of us who have lost a loved one while serving our country, this day is truly memorable. CONGRATULATIONS COACH BERRY!!! The headline in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette read: “Charles in Charge” and went on to describe the legacy of Coach Berry. Coach Berry is one of our seniors in Madison County who has dedicated 53 years of his life coaching, 46 years here in Huntsville. Berry is the only girls coach in Huntsville’s history. Two state championships have been won by teams coached by Berry. As Coach nears his 80th birthday his success continues on. Berry took his fourth Lady Eagles team to the state title game. Berry is the All-NWA Media Girls Coach of the Year for Class 5A and below. We are all so very proud of Coach Berry and the leadership he has shown to the youth of Huntsville.

Inside This Issue From The Desk of the Director Pg 1 Menu, Senior Nutrition, Lunch & Learn

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Activities, Trips

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Birthdays & Special Events

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M O M 18







A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie. Tenneva Jordan

1 Chef Salad w/Ham,

2 Cheeseburger w/

Eggs, Cheese Bread Sticks Peanut Butter Cookie

L,T,O,P Cheese Pasta Salad, Pudding

5 Chili Cheese Dog

6 Crispy Oven

7 Frito Pie w/L,O,T,

8 Brown Beans & Ham 9 Chicken &

French Fries Carrot Sticks w/Dip Hot Spiced Peaches

Chicken Scalloped Potatoes Mixed Veggies Hot Roll Apple Crisp

Cheese Mexican Corn Chocolate Chip Cookie

Oven Roasted Potatoes Turnip Greens Cornbread Peach Cobbler

Dumplings Italian Veggies, Wheat Roll Ice Cream

12 Crispy Chicken

13 Oven Baked Cat-

14 Hot Pulled Pork

15 Spaghetti & Meat

16 Sausage, Scram-

Sandwich w/ fish Filets Sandwich L,T,O,P Oven Fries Tator Tots All meals are subject to change Baked Golden Hominy Tomato Slices AllBeans meals served with bread or roll & margarine, Cupcakes Corn Muffins jello Choice of 2% milk, buttermilk, coffee,Fruited tea Orange juice Bread Pudding

Sauce, Garden Salad w/Dressing, Hot French Bread, Tapioca Pudding

bled Eggs, Biscuits & Honey Potato Gems, Chilled Fruit

19 Red Rice and

20 Baked Ham

21 Homemade Meat-

22 Crispy Chicken

23 Taco Salad w/

Beans w/Sausage Seasoned Corn Biscuit Ranger Cookie

Steak, Candied Sweet Potatoes Green Bean Casserole, Hot Roll Mixed Fruit Cobbler

loaf, Mashed Potatoes, Antigua Veggies, Biscuit Fruit Salad

Tenders, Parsley Potatoes, Green Peas Wheat Roll Pumpkin Pie

L,T,O, Cheese Chips Cinnamon Apples


27 Country Fried

28 BBQ Chicken

29 Oven Baked Fish

30 White Beans &


Steak, Purple Hull Peas, Zucchini & Tomatoes, Biscuit Apple Pie

Potato Salad Buttered Carrots Bread Sticks Chocolate Pie

Broccoli & Cheese Coleslaw Hot Roll Jello Poke Cake

Ham, Collard Greens, Country Potatoes, Cornbread, PB Cookie






SENIOR CIRCLE LUNCH AND LEARN Our Lunch & Learn will be Thursday, May 22nd at the Madison County Senior Activity & Wellness Center during lunch at noon. Our guest speaker is Ashley Meek, a registered dietitian for NW Health System & Morrison Healthcare. Ashley is the incoming President of the NWAR District Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. She provides nutrition assessments & intervention for hospital patients and one-onone counseling to clients at NW Health Medical Center. Her presentation title is “Destination: Heart Health Eating”. Lesa Tucker of NW Med. Center-Springdale & Willow Creek Women’s Hospital and Scott Huse of NW Home Health are our sponsors. For seniors 60+ lunch will be provided to you by NW Home Health.







The month of May is celebrated by the American Legion Auxiliary Poppy Program to benefit Veterans. The Poppy is a symbol of the sacrifices our military have made, a symbol to open people’s hearts to veterans. 4

11 Mothers Day






1 Ozark Hillbillies Table Games, Walk the Trail, Pool Practice, Wii Bowling Puzzles

2 Table Games, Pool, Walk the Trail, Wii Bowling YOGA 9am

Sat 3

Freebie Friday

5 Trip-Fayetteville BBB, Silver Sneakers, Tai Chi, Walk the Trail, Table Games, Pool, Wii Practice

6 Highlighters Band 10am, Art Class 1pm Walk The Trail, Dominoes, Table Games, Pool Dominoes

7 Silver Sneakers, Tai Chi, Circle of Friends Breakfast, Table Games, Pool Walk the Trail YOGA 6pm

8 Ozark Hillbillies Table Games, Pool Walk the Trail St. John’s Blood Pressure Checks

9 BBB here Jasper, YOGA 9am Walk the Trail Wii Bowling

12 Trip-Springdale Silver Sneakers Exercise, Tai Chi, Medicare Maze 1pm, Wii Bowling

13 Highlighters Band 10am, Art Class 1pm Walk The Trail Ambassadors Meet Dominoes

14 Marion Johnson’s Blue Grass Band 10a, Silver Sneakers, Tai Chi, Table Games, YOGA 6pm,

15 Ozark Hillbillies Trip-Carthage Precious Moments POTLUCK 4pm & WALK-A-THON

16 Table Games, Walk the Trail Wii Bowling YOGA 9am

19 Trip-Branson Silver Sneakers Exercise, Tai Chi, Table Games, Pool, Wii Bowling

20 Highlighters Band 10am, Art Class 1pm Walk The Trail, Table Games Dominoes

21 Silver Sneakers, Tai Chi, YOGA 6pm Karaoke with Elsa 10am, Walk Trail, Table Games, Pool

22 Ozark Hillbillies Table Games, Walk the Trail, Pool Puzzles, Wii Bowling LUNCH & LEARN

23 Table Games, Pool, Walk AARP Driving Class, YOGA 9am


27 Highlighters Band 10am, Art Class 1pm Walk The Trail, Dominoes Table Games

28 Marion Johnson’s Blue Grass Band 10a, Silver Sneakers, Tai Chi, YOGA 6pm Medicare Minutes

29 Ozark Hillbillies Trip-Tyson Store Table Games, Walk the Trail, Pool CAREGIVER MEET

30 TripArkanshire BBB, Walk the Trail, YOGA 9am


Freebie Friday 17

Freebie Friday 24

Freebie Friday 31

Freebie Friday

AARP DRIVER SAFETY CLASSROOM COURSE Refresh your knowledge of the rules of the road and help to maintain your safety by attending AARP’s Driver Safety Classroom Course to be held at Madison County Senior Activity & Wellness Center on May 23, 2014 from 12:30pm till 4:30pm. Mr. R.E. Collins will be your instructor for the afternoon helping to refresh your driving skills and give you information that may reduce your auto maintenance and insurance costs! The fee for this course is $15 for AARP members and $20 for non-members. You may sign up at the Center by stopping by or by calling (479) 738-2750. Seating is limited so please sign up soon. Hopefully, classes such as this will help keep more drivers safe on the road.



MAY BIRTHDAYS Arlie Easley William Rudy Schuster John Wheeler Charles Phillips Mike Castner Rita Smith Olivia Walsh Ellen Wheeler Lou Jean Parker Omitene Patrick Von Sikes Fay Smith Jean Holloway Martha Ingram



Audrey Gabbard Lena Combs Thomas Wyatt Catharina Feliks James O. Parson Donna Vaughn Bill McElhaney Faye Robinson Gretchen McCollum Charlene Grigg Glenna Bowman Maxine Dennis Jay Miller Wilma Lawrence

While we honor all our mothers With words of love and praise. While we tell about their goodness And their kind and loving ways. We should also think of Grandma, She’s a mother too, you see… For she mothered my dear mother As my mother mothers me. ~Author Unknown~ TOBE BOHANNAN (left) turned 101 years old on April 23rd. The Center celebrated with Tobe on Monday, April 28th with music, cake and great fellowship.

MEALS FOR SENIORS ANNUAL WALK-A-THON Our Meals for Seniors Walk-a-Thon is ongoing through May 15th. We are raising money through sponsorships to provide meals for fragile, home-bound seniors as well as meals for seniors at the Center so no senior in Madison County goes hungry. We kicked off the event April 17th and we receive more and more sponsorships every day. Walk the beautiful trail behind the Center or wherever you are comfortable. Walk for yourself or walk for someone who can’t. Donations are due May 15th during our Walk-a-Thon Potluck which begins at 4pm with music and dinner at 5pm. Whoever collects the most in donations will win a prize. Anyone who brings in more than $25 wins a free t-shirt. Proceeds from this event will be matched by the Feinstein Foundation. This is the time for you to make a difference in the lives of many Madison County seniors. Your help is very much needed! Madison County Senior Activity & Wellness Center serves people who are aged 60+, or the spouse of an aged 60+ person who participates in the program. We receive very little Federal and State funding so we must generate money locally to help meet operating expenses & provide for our Meals-on-Wheels program for fragile home-bound seniors in Madison County. There is no cost to join. Donations are made privately. A donation of $3 for lunch and $3 for transportation is suggested for those 60+. The cost of lunch for folks under age 60 is $6.00. Donations are extremely important & very much appreciated.

In honor of Memorial Day, May 26th, and our loved ones who served our country and are now gone, I’ve displayed a picture (left) of one of our dearly departed seniors. Do you know who this handsome young man is? Remember him and his bravery. JUST ME ELSA Karaoke is a new activity offered here at the Center every third Wednesday of each month beginning May 21st at 10am. Elsa Childers, a local entertainer, will provide music and fun for everyone. We have a lot of talent in Madison County so come on out and join the fun.

Regularly Scheduled Daily Activities: Exercise Programs-Silver Sneakers, Yoga, Tai Chi, Strong Women-Men, Walk The Trail, Exercise Equipment; HealthRHYTHMS, Lunch & Learn; Table Games; Bingo; Dominos; Caregivers Support Group; Nutrition Classes; Painting/Art Classes; Computer Classes; Spiritual Encouragement; Brain Games-Name That Tune; Birthday Parties; Story Telling; Writing Classes; Shopping Trips; Nature Trips; Live Music; Dancing; Gardening; Blood Pressure Checks; Wii Bowling; Bean Bag Baseball; Potluck Suppers; Ice Cream Socials; & so much more!

Operated by the Office of Human Concern, Inc. in partnership with the Area Agency on Aging of Northwest Arkansas

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