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Volume 9, Issue 3

Billy V. Hall Senior Activity & Wellness Center

March 2014

Tattle Tales From the Desk of Mary Kay Kelley, Director Welcome to the Billy V. Hall Senior Activity & Wellness Center. The Center provides transportation, home delivered meals, socialization, recreation and hot noon meals eaten at the Senior Center. Hours of operation are 8 am till 4 pm, Monday through Friday. “This institution is an equal opportunity provider, and employer.”

Be Well – Live Well Are you an adult age 50 with an ongoing health condition? If you have conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, chronic pain, anxiety, the Be Well - Live Well Workshop can help you take charge of your life. You’ll get the support you need, find practical ways to deal with pain and fatigue, discover better nutrition and exercise choices, understand new treatment choices, and learn better ways to talk with your doctor and family about your health. Join our free 2 1/2 hour Be Well - Live Well Workshop. The Workshop begins Thursday March 6, 2014 and will meet weekly for 6 weeks. Learn from trained volunteer leaders with health conditions themselves. Set your own goals and make a step-by-step plan to improve your health. Call the Billy V. Hall Senior Activity & Wellness Center (479) 787-5950 to register or for more information.

Inside this issue: From the Desk of the Director1 St. Patrick’s Legends Be Well - Live Well Workshop March for Meals/Mayors for Meals Menu 2 Dates to Remember Something That No One Knows About Me Activity Calendar Birthdays


About Us Health RYTHMS 2014 Valentin’s King & Queen St. Patrick’s Day Puzzle


“Top of the Morning to You.” Some of the questions we hear as March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, approaches are: Who is St. Patrick? What’s the meaning of the Shamrock? What is a Blarney Stone? Below are the answers to the questions about these famous legends. Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated to honor Saint Patrick, a missionary credited with converting the Irish to Christianity. It is believed that he was not even Irish. Rumor has it that he was born in either Scotland or in Roman Britain. When he was around 60 years old, St. Patrick traveled to Ireland and spread the Christian word. The shamrock is one of Ireland’s most famous symbols. It is said that Saint Patrick used the shamrock, or seamrog, and it’s 3 leaves to explain the concept of the Trinity - the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. The shamrock is also associated with good luck! Many people wear shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day. The famous Blarney Stone is not pretend, it really exists! It is set in the wall of the Blarney Castle in the Irish village of, what else, Blarney. You can visit and kiss the Blarney Stone, but it is not an easy feat. To reach the Blarney Stone you must lie down on your back and bend your head backwards and downwards to reach it. It is said that kissing the Blarney Stone will give you the gift of blarney, or speaking convincingly to all you meet!

12th Annual March for Meals March for Meals is an annual national campaign to raise awareness of senior hunger and to encourage action on a local level. Senior Nutrition Programs across the United States promote March for Meals in their local communities through public events, partnerships with local businesses, volunteer recruitment and fundraising initiatives. The campaign takes place in the month of March because it was during this month that the law was enacted that included Senior Nutrition Programs in the Older Americans Act. Mayors for Meals is a component of March for Meals that utilizes the involvement of local mayors. Mayors and other local officials deliver meals on one day in March to show their support of their local senior nutrition program. Gravette’s own Mayor, Byron Warren will be participating in this event on Friday, March 7, 2014.


VO LUM E 9 , I S SUE 3







3 Loaded Baked Potato w/ Butter, Sour Cream, Bacon Bits, Chives Broccoli Salad Chunky Fruit Macadamia Nut Cookie

4 Chicken Fried Steak Mashed Potatoes w/Gravy Green Beans Roll German Chocolate Cake

5 Goulash Hominy Salad Bread Apricots w/Whipped Topping

6 Herb Baked Chicken Scalloped Potatoes Asparagus Roll Coconut Cream Dessert

7 Hoagie Sandwich Tomato Soup Cottage Cheese Saltine Crackers Tapioca Pudding

10 Creamed Chicken over Biscuit Peas & Carrots Fried Okra Peaches

11 Tater Tot Casserole Stewed Tomatoes Squash Bread Poke Cake

12 Turkey w/Gravy Cornbread Dressing Cauliflower w/Cheese Roll Pecan Cobbler

13 BBQ Ribs Macaroni Salad Chuck Wagon Corn Cornbread Baked Apple

14 Ham & Cheese Quiche Long Grain & Wild Rice Spinach Salad Saltine Crackers Ambrosia

17 Reuben on Rye Potato Soup Saltine Crackers Leprechaun Surprise

18 Lasagna Cucumber Salad Garlic Bread Strawberry Cream Pie

19 Beef Stew Garden Salad Breadstick Fruit Salad

20 Sweet & Sour Chicken Steamed Rice Oriental Vegetables Fortune Cookie Mandarin Orange Jell-O

21 Beer Battered Cod Onion Rings Coleslaw Bread Lemon Square

25 Turkey w/Lettuce & Cranberry Cream Cheese on Croissant Cream of Broccoli Soup Saltine Crackers Fruit Yogurt

26 Pork Loin Baked Sweet Potato w/ Butter Brussels Sprouts Roll Apple Cobbler

27 Tuna Noodle Casserole Peas Salad Cottage Cheese Bread Banana Pudding

28 Hamburger on Bun w/ Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Pickles Steak Fries Baked Beans Ice Cream & Cookie

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 24 Beef Enchiladas Pinto Beans Corn Relish Cinnamon Vanilla Pudding 31 Meatloaf Mashed Potatoes Green Beans Texas Toast Brownie

Meals: Age 60+ Suggested Donation = $3.00 Under 60 must pay $5.00 Lunch Served: 11:30 am - 12:15 pm

Free Legal Services for Seniors: Legal Aid Hot Line 1-800-952-9243 Area Agency on Aging NWA Legal Aid Hotline 1-877-286-3621

Dates to Remember: 6th - Art Lesson 12:30pm / Be Well - Live Well Workshop @ Gentry 1pm 7th - Mexican Train Dominos 10am / Mayors for Meals 9th - Daylight savings begins - turn clocks ahead one hour 10th - Ambassador Committee 11am 11th - Little Debbie 9am 13th - Be Well - Live Well Workshop @ Siloam Springs 1pm 14th - Line Dance Lesson 10am 17th - St. Patrick’s Day 18th - Eat Out Lin’s Garden 4:30pm 20th - Art Lesson 12:30pm / Be Well - Live Well Workshop @ Billy V Hall 1:30pm / First Day of Spring!! 24th - Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar 9:30-11:30am 26th - Bingo 10am / Birthday Recognition 11:30am 27th - Be Well - Live Well Workshop @ Gentry 1pm

Something That No One Knows About Me Fran Bridges - I was born about 30 miles from where Oprah Winfrey was born in Kosciusko, Mississippi; and when I was a teenager I could pick 350lbs of cotton in one day.


VO LUM E 9 , I S SUE 3

Sun 2








3 10:45am-Library 12:10pm-PEPPI

4 10am-Chair Yoga 10am-Old Town String Band 1pm-Lions Club

5 12:10pm-PEPPI 2pm-Bible Study

6 10am-Chair Yoga 12:30pm-Art Lesson 1pm-Be Well - Live Well Workshop @ Gentry

7 8:30am-Shopping Gravette 10am-Mexican Train Dominos



10 10:45am-Library 11amAmbassador Committee 12:10pm-PEPPI

11 9am-Little Debbie 10am-Chair Yoga 10am-Old Town String Band

12 12:10pm-PEPPI 2pm-Bible Study

13 10am-Chair Yoga 1pm-Be Well - Live Well Workshop @Siloam Springs 6pm-Spavinaw Author’s Guild

14 8:30am-Shopping Gravette 10am-Line Dancing Lesson



17 10:45am-Library 12:10pm-PEPPI

18 10am-Chair Yoga 1pm-Lions Club 4:30pm-Lin’s Garden

19 12:10pm-PEPPI 10:15am-JGT 2pm-Bible Study

20 10am-Chair Yoga 12:30pm-Art Lesson 1:30pm- Be Well Live Well Workshop @ Billy V. Hall

21 8:30am-Shopping Gravette 10am-BB Baseball or Wii Bowling


24 10:45am-Library 12:10pm-PEPPI 9:30-11:30amBlood Pressure Blood Sugar

25 10am-Chair Yoga 10am-Old Town String Band

26 12:10pm-PEPPI 10am-Bingo 11:30amBirthdays 2pm-Bible Study

27 10am-Chair Yoga 1pm-Be Well - Live Well Workshop @ Gentry 6pm-Spavinaw Author’s Guild

28 8:30am-Shopping Gravette 10am-BB Baseball or Wii Bowling


31 10:45am-Library 12:10pm-PEPPI




Speak Out Seniors- If you have any ideas or activities you would like to do at your Senior Center, we would love to hear from you. You can also bring up new ideas at your monthly Ambassador Committee meeting. Please Note- Activities are subject to change and are weather permitting.

Regularly Scheduled Daily Activities: Monday: Free use Gym, Games & Computers / Hiwasse Route / Book Mobile 10:45am / PEPPI Exercise Group 12:10-12:50pm Tuesday: Free use Gym, Games and Computers / Chair Yoga 10-11am / Old Town String Band 10 - 11:30am (Band not here on the third Tuesday on the month.)

Wednesday: Free use Gym, Games and Computers / PEPPI Exercise Group 12:10-12:50pm / Bible Study 2pm Thursday: Free use Gym, Games and Computers / Chair Yoga 10-11am Friday: Free use Gym, Games and Computers / Shopping in Gravette 8:30-9:30am / Bean Bag Baseball or Wii Bowling 10-11:15am

Birthdays Dorthey Allen Margaret Allen Linda Colvin Ruby Duncan Jimmy Farr B.G. Feaster Lorene Grim

Richard Horman Anita Russell Betty Jo Russell Bill Russell Betty Thurman Forrest White Betty Worth


Van Riders Wanted The center must utilize the van on a daily basis in order to keep it. You can help keep our van by riding it.



The senior van picks up daily in Gravette, Monday and Wednesday in Hiwasse. The van is scheduled for Friday morning shopping in Gravette from 8:30-9:30am. During this time, van riders may shop, go to the Post Office, Bank or any other business they may need to attend to. Van riders are then returned home. Please notify the Senior Center on Thursday if you need to be picked up to go shopping on Friday. Call (479) 787-5950


For information on transportation, lunch meals, home delivered meals, socialization services, information & referral services, call Mary Kay Kelley, Director at (479) 787-5950.

P.O. Box 1648, 1870 Limekiln Rd. Gravette, AR 72736 Phone/Fax: 479-787-5950 Email:

About Us The Billy V. Hall Senior Activity & Wellness Center serves citizens who are 60 years and over, or the spouse of an age 60+ person who participates in the program. Our services are by donation. Although we receive some Federal and State funding, we must generate money locally to help meet operating expenses. We request that each person donate as much as they are able. Donation boxes are available at the center and on each van. Donations are made privately. A donation of $3.00 for lunch and $2.50 for transportation is suggested for those 60+. Donations are extremely important and very much appreciated. For folks under age 60, the cost is $5 for lunch and $5 for Transportation Service.

The Billy V. Hall Senior Activity & Wellness Center is one of seven centers operated by the Office of Human Concern, Inc. in partnership with the Area Agency on Aging of NW Arkansas and United Way of NW Arkansas.

Health RHYTHMS is an evidence-based recreational music program, developed by Neurologist Dr. Barry Bittman. Not only is it good for us, it’s also FUN!!! This program has shown scientifically to boost your immune system, improve your mood and reduce stress. Health RYTHMS drumming circle is great exercise, a form of self-expression, camaraderie and support, and it is nurturing. You do not have to have any musical background to participate in this workshop. Come and join us for an hour of fun! It will knock your socks off!

Billy V. Hall SAWC Valentine Queen & King 2014

Help the Leprechaun find his pot of Gold!

Penny votes were taken for the center’s Valentine’s King & Queen contest. This is an annual fundraiser for the senior center. We would like to thank everyone who participated and voted. Connie Adams & Jeff Mortensen

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