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Meet Issuu AdPages Issuu significantly changes digital distribution

October 2011 | Press Release | For immediate release

ISSUU LAUNCHES ADPAGES, A SELF-SERVICE DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL FOR PUBLISHERS AND MARKETERS. Simple, cost-effective advertising tool gets publishers more readers New York, NY, October 2011

Issuu, a leading magazine, catalog and newspaper digital publishing platform with more than 50 million monthly users, today announced the launch of Issuu AdPages, a tool that gives publishers the power to leverage their existing publication and attract new readers. An easy-to-use, affordable distribution network, Issuu Adpages allows users to quickly distribute original print materials as digital media presentations. Issuu, which delivers approximately 3.2 billion impressions per month, empowers users to maximize the reach of existing print material with a cost-effective printto-digital solution that even non-technology savvy publishers can use. Unlike competing digital promotion networks, Issuu Adpages does not redirect users to other pages but builds a quality relationship between the reader and the publisher, by opening their content in a digital full-spread. The Issuu Adpages tool also allows users to find and target their core audience exclusively with flexible spending options.

“It’s the dawn of a new era for publishers and marketers,” said Mik Strøyberg, Head of Consumer Engagement for Issuu. “Instead of reinventing the wheel with a separate and costly digital media strategy, publishers can use Issuu Adpages to convert existing print promotions into a rich media experience for the target audience viewing their publications on the powerful Issuu platform.” With the launch of Issuu Adpages, publishers who use Issuu can take full advantage of their existing investment in print promotions, catalogs and publications. The new tool offers users additional revenue opportunities since they can showcase promotions online via the innovative Issuu platform, a feature that will attract the attention of the medium and largesized companies that typically buy display ads.

by combining the beauty of print with the power of digital!

AdPages is the first ad network built for deep reading experiences. Advertise on Issuu and new readers will engage with a publication as it opens full-spread in our Reader. A click will never redirect them to alien sites. It’s all about drawing in fresh eyes to great content.


The Benefits: ■

Ideal for catalogs, brochures, flyers, magazines and other ad material.

If someone regularly prints out volumes of their latest catalog or brochure, or is trying to cut down on wasted paper, AdPages has the solution. Build your audience here.


We only charge per read, and the publisher sets the rate themself. This means it’s easy to control one’s daily budget and campaign spending.

Target any readership.

With over 50 million monthly users, publishers can target their campaign by location and interest. Issuu will display their ad alongside content that matters.

Easy to set up.

All it takes is a free Issuu account and a publicly viewable document. It’s easy to convert your pdf into a digital ad in minutes!

About Issuu Issuu is the fastest growing digital publishing platform in the world, with more than 50 million monthly users and host to over four million publications. Founded in 2006, Issuu was listed amongst Time's Top 50 Web Sites of 2009. They have offices in Copenhagen and New York.

For press inquires Mik Strøyberg | Consumer Engagement and Sales

October 2011 | Press Release | For immediate release

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