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Does healthcare furniture need to be so ugly and institutional? Alan Rheault, Nurture’s director of product design, doesn’t think so.

Top News / March 30, 2009 Victor acquires Craftex Mills Acquisition helps strengthen their position as a “reliable supplier and increases the company’s product offering.” Victor Innovatex, Inc., of SaintGeorges, Quebec, Canada, said Tuesday that it has acquired the Craftex brand from the secured creditor of Pennsylvania-based Craftex Mills. Victor now owns the Craftex brand and the company’s catalog of products. The Craftex brand will continue to be offered by Victor. Craftex is known for intricate designs and woven fabrics. The company said in a press release that the acquisition helps strengthen their position as a “reliable supplier and increases the company’s product offering.” Founded in 1903 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Craftex Mills has a long history of being a dedicated fabrics provider to the residential home furnishings and contract interiors industries. In September of 2007 Victor formed a joint venture with Gordon Brothers Group of Boston, MA, to acquire the majority of the assets of Quaker Fabric, Inc. of Fall River, MA. That purchase included owned real estate, machinery and equipment, inventory, and all of the company’s intellectual property, trademarks and design archive. 6

Canada Hangs Tough

CHI-LLC Launches Typicals Online Sales for office furniture have all but dried up in the U.S., Program for Herman but that’s not the case in Canada -- at least not yet. Miller Dealers When it comes to economic strength, Canada can sometimes be an afterthought to those south of the border. But a stable banking industry and housing market is helping Canada’s economy to continue to hum along nicely. Sales for office furniture have all but dried up in the U.S., but that’s not the case in Canada -- at least not yet. Project business is still working through the system and the education and healthcare markets are strong. But before you book passage to Toronto for you and your sales staff, know that this party is limited, for the most part, to Canadian manufacturers. The U.S. dollar’s strength against its Canadian counterpart now makes it difficult for U.S. manufacturers to compete north of the border. Canadian office furniture makers are happy to report the economy there is hanging on. “Canadian banks are stable,” said Global President and Chief Operating Officer Joel Feldberg. “Earnings have come out and they are all very positive. Banks here are still lending money. Things have tightened a little, but not like the U.S. The economy is still expanding and projects are still going ahead. They are not being postponed or canceled as they are in the U.S.” It certainly would be a stretch to say Canada’s economy is in high gear. The country is too closely tied to the U.S. for it to be immune to the recession. So while projects might still be happening in Canada, many are being trimmed down. “If a project was $1 million, now it might be $800,000,” Feldberg said. “Still, projects are solid in Canada. Overall, things have been pretty stable.” Francois Giroux, president of Groupe Lacasse, said there is “definitely a difference” between what’s going on in Canada and the deep recession that is stalling business in the U.S. “Our market is lagging a little bit,” he said. “We are beginning to see some signs of slowness, obviously, but it is not as acute.” There hasn’t been a stampede of U.S. manufacturers to Canada, but those that are already established there certainly recognize the opportunity. Despite the exchange rate, some are succeed-

CHI-LLC’s TOP provides online catalog of Herman Miller and Alliance manufacturer’s typicals in a variety of download file formats CHI-LLC announced Tuesday the availability of TOP, a new webbased service for Herman Miller dealerships. TOP allows designers and salespeople to search and filter hundreds of typicals, compare products visually and by specification, then download drawings and product information for use in presentations, designs, and proposals. “We developed TOP specifically to save design time and shorten sales cycles,” said Dave Mitchell, President of CHI-LLC. “TOP is the fastest and simplest way for Herman Miller dealers to show customers attractive, functional designs within their specifications and budgets.” TOP includes typicals for Herman Miller and Geiger product lines including 5000 Series, Abak, Action Office, Avive, Co/ Struc, Eames, Ethospace, Keyeira, My Studio Environments, Passage, Resolve, Tablet, and Vivo. TOP also includes typicals from Alliance Partners of Herman Miller, including Baker Manufacturing, Bretford, First Office, and SitOnIt. TOP’s download file formats include JPG, AutoCAD 2D and 3D, Z-Axis, ZViewer, ZXF, PDF, SIF, and 3DS. INFO:


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ing. KI’s Canadian operations are running at 111 percent of its estimated plan for 2009. “We didn’t get that full collapse that the U.S. did. I think the overall feeling in Canada is a little more positive,� said John Mills, KI’s vice president of sales in Canada. Feldberg said he does see U.S.-based competitors on jobs, but doesn’t think U.S. manufacturers worry much about building their business in Canada. “The whole market here is only $1 billion,� he said. “There’s only so much I’m going to get and only so much Teknion is going to get. The pie just isn’t that big. If I’m Steelcase or Herman Miller, I don’t see that attraction in Canada. Steelcase just pulled out of here (healthcare furniture plant in Ontario) and they were pretty entrenched. I think those guys are looking at the big jobs.� Giroux added that while there has been some added competition from the U.S., “it hasn’t been a stampede of people from down south.� He said the market dynamics are different enough in Canada to keep competition in check. “The population is only 33 million. I don’t think it is profitable enough for some companies to come here,� he said. KI has been in the Canadian market for at least 20 years. The company is “relentless� in the way it goes to market and goes after business, Mills said. And the company focuses much of its efforts in Canada on its education and healthcare business -- two areas that continue to expand in Canada. “Our business model shines in a downturn economy,� he said. “It is much more recession proof. We’re seeing more students go to school and stay longer. In the education market, we’re seeing an increase in students, which in turn, hopefully will mean more furniture sales.� In the next 30 to 45 days, Canada’s provincial budgets are expected to be released. Like the U.S., the Canadian government has approved a stimulus package. Many furniture makers are waiting to see how the funds will be allocated. Schools and hospitals could benefit, which would

in turn lead to stronger furniture sales to those customers. Canada’s economy is closely tied to the U.S. Many in Canada wonder weather it can seal the economic flu at the boarder. “There is a direct correlation that what happens to the U.S. happens to Canada,� Mills said. “We typically are later to see the downturn and later to come out of it. I don’t know if this is the delay or if we’re just going to come out of it quicker.� Canada’s economy has been stronger or weaker depending on the region. Calgary was booming while oil prices were high. Feldberg said a lot of the oil related projects have slowed down or stopped. “There’s still business in Toronto and Ottawa,� he said. Mills said Vancouver continues to be strong because of investments in the 2010 Winter Olympics. “There’s a lot of infrastructure going in there,� he said. “I see a little less activity on the East Coast. Ontario seems to be pretty strong still.� The biggest barrier of entry to U.S. companies working in Canada is the exchange rate. Not so long ago, the two dollars were nearly at par, which made it easier for U.S. companies to compete for Canadian business. Since that time, the U.S. dollar has gained strength compared to the Canadian dollar. A U.S. dollar now is worth about $1.25 Canadian. Effectively, U.S. products now cost 25 percent more than they used to. “Now it’s just not competitive for U.S. companies,� Feldberg said. “It is very different than it was when dollar was at par.� It remains to be seen whether Canada will follow the U.S. into the deepest part of the recession. But so far, the office furniture industry there is pleased to stay afloat. “There’s all kinds of worry about what might happen,� Mills said. “But it’s not all gloom and doom here. There is an amazing difference in optimism between the U.S. and Canada. Hopefully Canada The Monday Morning Quarterback Copyright Š 2009 by Zig Zag Corporation. ISSN 1064-3575 All rights reserved. Founded 1990 Subscribe instantly at Editorial / Sales office: 847-681-1199 Fax us at 847-681-1847 &NBJMJOGP!NNRCDPNtIUUQXXXNNRCDPN Federal copyright law prohibits unauthorized reproduction or transmission of this publication (pdf ) in any form and imposes fines of up to $100,000 for violations. Do not copy, it’s stealing and we will find you! Really! 1EVGL The Monday Morning Quarterback 5

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isn’t just delayed getting into the recession. Right now, I think most companies are happy to do the business they are doing.”

Vitra Targets USA in new push Many in the U.S. have the misconception that Vitra is all about residential furniture When people think of Vitra, they think of Europe. But Vitra USA’s new Director Jo Kaiser wants to change all that. Vitra is making a renewed push into the North American market and hopes its cutting edge furniture with a decidedly European flavor will gain favor here. The company is poised to pounce on a new phenomenon that’s hitting U.S. of-

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fices: The move toward lighter, open plan desking and benching systems. As the cubicle walls fall in the U.S., Vitra believes it can make a major push into this market. Already a design leader in Europe, Vitra wants to take that title in the U.S. as well. “We are telling people we are here and we are in the market,” said Kaiser, who was named Vitra USA’s director in August. “We have things planned that will change (our position) in the U.S. market. Our plan is to talk a little bit louder to this market.” Vitra plans to make its first splash at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, which will be held May 16-19 in New York City at the Javits Convention Center. While Vitra has been part of the show for a number of years, it is adding a secondary showroom at its Meatpacking District showroom on 9th Ave. The company is setting up four vignettes in collaboration with Parsons University to show how Vitra products can be used in a residential setting. The company will operate a shuttle bus from Javits to the showroom and back to the fair for attendees. The second event Vitra plans on wowing is NeoCon. The company has had a small showroom in the Merchandise Mart, but this year plans the Chicago show a much bigger event. Instead of investing more money in its showroom, Vitra will furnish the entire south entrance hall of the Merchandise Mart with its furniture. The display will go up April 30 and last through NeoCon. It will feature the latest contract furniture Vitra is importing into the U.S., including desking, seating and other products. It wouldn’t be Vitra without a little showmanship, so the company is using a Buckminster Fuller Dome to house the products at the Merchandise Mart. “Some of our products will be shown at the Merchandise Mart for the very first time,” Kaiser said, adding that designer Antonio Citterio will be at the Mart as Vitra’s guest. Many in the U.S. have the misconception that Vitra is all about residential furniture. Kaiser said 80 percent of Vitra’s business in the U.S. is contract furniture. And it is looking for a larger share of that market. “We want to develop our market share further on,” he said. “Vitra can capitalize on bigger customers in the U.S. We want to bring this open office, Net ‘n’ Nest product to our customers in the U.S. to help them increase their efficiency and

Top News

laboration. This is our strategy.” Net ‘n’ Nest is a Vitra benching system that features low partitions. Desks are divided by low, upholstered partitions that provide privacy and absorb sound. The partitions can be moved around and taken off to add more workers to a space. Vitra successfully used the Net ‘n’ Nest product at Lowe Worldwide, a Londonbased advertising agency. The space advantage of using Net ‘n’ Nest helped Lowe move from a 75,000 square foot office to a 44,000 square foot space -- to accommodate the same 225 employees. “With our furniture, we have the ability to help our customers use their office environment at its best,” Kaiser said. “Vitra can help provide innovation for a company. If a company is trying to get better, it needs to be more than just a single person. It needs to be a team. Employees are working together. We don’t just need work stations, we need work environments.” That’s where the Net ‘n’ Nest idea came from. The area where a worker does individual work is the nest. The area where they collaborate -- the lounge area -- is the net. Net ‘n’ Nest is devoted to this balancing act of different work-related requirements. It was introduced at Orgatec 8 The Monday Morning Quarterback


in 2006. “With this concept, we have measured several areas where we can help our customers,” Kaiser said. “One of the points is efficiency. Our customers can see that we can increase their efficiency by using this office environment. A Gallup study shows 20 percent of employees are motivated to work. 80 percent are not motivated. We say, the influence we can bring to the company environment is to make a space that people really want to go work in. If you increase a worker’s pleasure, they’ll be more motivated to work.” Office styling is working in Vitra’s favor. More companies are willing to look at benching products as a way to save space. Globalization also makes it easier to sell the open office concept. “A few years ago, it was certainly tougher to talk about our story than it is now,” Kaiser said. “Today it’s easier to find friends, to find believers within the architecture community and with end users. This trend has really increased, even in the last few months.” Let’s face it, Vitra is not going to compete with most U.S. companies on price. Vitra products are expensive. But Kaiser said the products are also built well. “We really believe our furniture can be used for many many years,” he said. “We really build this furniture for 15-20 years. It is an investment in the future. For a customer, payback comes over the years.” Vitra is well known for its design prowess. But it is just starting to tell the U.S. market about its success stories. “Vitra has installed a lot of product in the U.S. in the last 20 years,” Kaiser said. “Many of those are still very happy Vitra customers. We need to do a better job to talk about what we can do for our customers. It is something we’ve started to do. For us, it’s a little easier if potential customers hear about the function of our furniture from other American companies. These are the success stories.” Vitra is sending out a newsletter as a way to keep in touch with its customers and fans in the U.S. In each issue, the company will introduce new products, discuss the Vitra Design Museum’s current and upcoming exhibitions, upcoming trade shows, and share an insider’s glimpse of Vitra’s forthcoming products.

Top News Job Searching Longtime furniture industry headhunter Stephen Viscusi’s latest business venture is Bulletproof Your Resume, a unique resume writing and career counseling service Many people in the office furniture industry are searching for new jobs as the recession is forcing manufacturers, dealers and design firms to trim their ranks. And in this economy, job seekers have some serious competition. A tight and highly polished resume can make all the difference. Most industry executives, sales managers and designers are good at what they do, but few are great writers -especially when it comes to an important document like a resume that can make or break a career. Help is on the way. Longtime furniture industry headhunter Stephen Viscusi’s latest business venture is Bulletproof Your Resume, a unique resume writing and career counseling service. While most resume rewrite services simply focus on streamlining the wording, Viscusi’s business takes it a step further. Those who sign up for the service at also get two career counseling sessions with Viscusi himself. When it comes to workplace issues, having Viscusi in your corner is hard to beat. He is the author of two books. His latest, “Bulletproof Your Job,” was published by Harper Collins and has been translated in nine languages. Viscusi also is a frequent workplace contributor to all the major networks, was a radio show host on workplace issues, and now has a TV show coming out. Charlie Gibson of ABC News named him, “America’s Workplace Guru.” Bulletproof Your Resume goes beyond career coaching. Career coaches urge you along and pep you up during a job search. Viscusi actually gives you direct advice and tells you what to do. “I’ve been a recruiter for over 25 years and people say the same thing to me over and over,” he said. “They say, ‘I sent out 100 resumes and I’m not getting any interviews.’” Viscusi is offering the industry his resume service for the introductory price of $250 until April 1. After that, the service will resume its normal price of $350. The service has already taken off. Viscusi and his team are working on 2,500 resumes a week. “Bulletproof Your resume isn’t just the

paper, it’s the process,” he said. “We looked at all the career service sites like Ladders and Monster and they are charging anywhere from $400 to $600 (for resume services).” Those who sign up for the service receive a personalized resume and a resume template so they can further hone their career objectives and employment history. Beyond that is the two personalized calls. Viscusi said the calls have galvanized his determination to help those who have lost their jobs. Some of those Viscusi is helping just need their resumes polished. Others are starting at square one after long careers. Clients are pouring in from the office furniture industry and beyond. Viscusi has helped a number of clients, for example, who lost their jobs in the publishing industry. Still, the service is for anyone who has lost their job -- both blue- and whitecollar. “A lot of people older than 40 and older than 50 have been displaced,” he said. “I can help them. On paper, we can make it so they are perceived to be 10 years younger. I coach them on how to do that.” Despite conventional thinking, Viscusi said there is nothing worse than a resume that touts 25-plus years of experience. “People don’t need to outline the number of years they have in,” he said. “Tell me what you’ve done for me lately. Technology has changed all that. The years don’t really matter. Don’t get me wrong: If you have 25 or 30 years experience, it is not a negative, it just doesn’t matter anymore. Instead, quantify your experience by sales goals, by what you achieved. If you are a manager, let them know how many people you managed.” In addition to professionals, Viscusi also is selling his service to moms and dads that are returning to work and parents who are buying the service for their college students who are looking for internships. Viscusi specially designs the resumes so they can be put online and be picked up easier by the computers that are used to search them. He’s not just adding key buzz words to the resumes, but industryspecific words that can mean the difference between a computer picking out the resume or sailing by it without a look. Viscusi has tips for job seekers: He recommends ditching the middle

name and using the first name that you go by. For example, if you are known as Max, leave Maximilian off the resume. “And the only one who should use her middle name on a resume is Sarah Jessica Parker,” Viscusi said. Viscusi also recommends cleaning up your Facebook and Myspace accounts. Get rid of the pictures where you are boozing it up or goofing off if you are looking for a job. Human resources departments are scouring social networking pages to filter candidates. Sometimes you need to dummy down a resume. If you are a independent rep and have your own one-person firm, it may not help your job search if you call yourself the president or chief executive officer. Make sure to list cross training skills. If you work in human resources and handled training for salespeople for 10 years, it’s not a fib to say you have some sales experience. If you were downsized, make sure to put the year and month you lost your job. “People who were let go from a job in the last 30 days need to be sure to do that,” he said. “You look at some resumes where someone lost their job and it will still say something like 2007-present. It’s dishonest. There is nothing worse than human resources at a perspective employer thinking you are currently working and you’re not.” Make sure you have a “normal” e-mail address. Perspective employers are more likely to hire someone with an e-mail like than hotstud@yahoo. com, depending, of course, on your career objectives. If it down to you and another candidate, offer to work on a temporary basis for 90 days. It will make the employer more comfortable about the hiring decision. And most job seekers who offer the trial period get hired full time after the 90 days is up. Most people who lose their jobs are overwhelmed by the job search process, says Viscusi. “The most logical thing is to get help with your resume. When you think about it, your job is the most important thing in your life after your health and your family. Why in the world wouldn’t you have a professional do your resume? It is the calling card for your life.” 6

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Designer POV

!"#$%&'(#)"* It seems healthcare furniture design has been an afterthought. But does healthcare furniture need to be so ugly and institutional? By Rob Kirkbride


f you are a designer, it makes it easy when you get a job in an industry that has had traditionally poor design. And there’s a lot of low hanging fruit to pick when it comes to designing healthcare furniture. It seems healthcare furniture design has been an afterthought. Rightfully,

safety comes first. Then durability. But does healthcare furniture need to be so ugly and institutional? Alan Rheault (pronounced “row”), Nurture’s director of product design, doesn’t think so. With the backing of Nurture’s parent company, Steelcase, Rheault is pushing forward the idea that healthcare furniture can be functional and beauRheault knew he wanted to be a tiful. The design commufurniture designer since he was a nity is taking note -- and junior in high school dishing out awards. Nur-

10 The Monday Morning Quarterback


ture has won six major awards for its furniture design in the last few years, including two Nightingales and three Best of NeoCon golds. “There is a transition happening in health care,” Rheault said. “It is a transition in aesthetics and how a space looks and feels. Some of what we have seen in the past has not been good enough.” Rheault believes that good design begins with solid research into the problem, which is a cornerstone of Steelcase design in general. He has been with Steelcase since 1994 and his past jobs

Designer POV

clude directing design at its wood furniture division, Turnstone and Steelcase’s design studio, which focuses on creating specials for its major customers. And while the move to healthcare furniture was a major switch for the designer, Rheault came into the position with some healthcare knowledge from a very close source: His wife is a nurse and knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to healthcare furniture. “I’m really lucky because I have a free consultant at home,” he said. “When I was working on the (Opus) over-bed table, she gave me some great advice -- add a spot for the cups to sit so they don’t tip over.” Rheault said he knew he wanted to be a furniture designer since he was a junior in high school when he designed his own drafting table in shop class. He grew up Michigan’s rugged Upper Peninsula, which helped shape his love for working with his hands and creating things from scratch. “I loved wood shop and metal shop and since 50 percent of

technical illustrator and industrial designer. He later added a master’s degree in management, which he said gives him a solid understanding of the business side of the company. When Rheault joined the effort to create the Nurture brand a few years ago, he quickly found that designing healthcare furniture is a lot different than designing office furniture. Healthcare furniture must be designed with safety in mind. Designers must also create products knowing that patients -- some very old and some very young -- will be using the furniture when they are frail and ill. Furniture for hospital staff members also is different than products found in the office. Staff members rarely get to sit down. The furniture needs to be mobile and must be able to handle the rigors of 24 hour use. And it must be easy to clean and made out of materials that won’t harbor germs. “Everyone working in healthcare is in such a rush,” Rheault said. “The last thing they want to think about is their furniture. So when we started Nurture, we thought, ‘How can be provide a better work environment for those in a hospital setting?’ That has been the key. We’ve really tried to study and learn and do as much research as possible. “When you think about the design of healthcare furniture, you have to understand that people’s lives are at stake. You need to think about what happens in those spaces, how patients feel and how the family is accommodated.” Each project Nurture undertakes starts with research. Rheault stresses that the research is not just a quick overview, but serious review and observations. He and his staff study the research and photos and determine how a space is used. “It

“There is a transition happening in health care. It is a transition in aesthetics and how a space looks and feels. Some of what we have seen in the past has not been good enough.” the kids I went to school with didn’t go to college, the trades in the U.P. are a big deal,” he said. He went on to college to train as a

also helps us look at the future and see how things might change. Research is an important part of the process used by the design team,” he said. When it comes to healthcare furniture, it’s not just interior design and industrial design that comes into play, but true space planning as well. While hospitals continue their building boom, despite the recession, there is pressure to use the space available as efficiently as possible. Like any business, hospitals are in competition for doctors and patients. The more comfortable the space and furniture, the easier it is for hospitals to attract their “customers.” “They (hospital administrators) understand there is a transition taking place,” Rheault said. “They may not know how to get there, but that’s where we come in.” The healthcare furniture industry hasn’t sorted out exactly what style is needed or wanted in doctor’s offices and hospitals. There has been a move to creating spaces with a more residential feel. Some want hospitals to have the feel of a fine hotel and lean toward hospitality designs. “The most common thing I hear is that they don’t want it to feel like healthcare,” Rheault said. “As far as style is concerned, it really depends on the region you are in.” Although Steelcase has been in healthcare furniture for years, Nurture is still trying to establish its brand and market presence. Financial reports do not break out healthcare, but anecdotal evidence suggests healthcare is a small, but fast growing portion of Steelcase’s business. “I think Nurture is establishing its brand with a clean aesthetic, broad appeal and a sense of warmth to the furniture it creates,” Rheault said. “Right now, we are focusing on spaces, whether it be the patient room, nurses station or oncology lab.” As it moves forward, Nurture continues to look back at and refresh its research. “We’ve received six awards in the past two years,” he said. “There are so many insights behind those products and awards. We want to push that forward.” 6

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First Looks

!""+*((",+%$(-%.*/01( In many ways, it’s like a Lego set for office designers -- connect a desk to the spine and create a benching product, add a panel to that for a cubicle. By Rob Kirkbride

Allsteel’s new Stride furniture on display at the Stride Gallery in Chicago


hen Allsteel set out to design its new Stride system, the company wanted to create a series of pieces that could be connected to create everything from a traditional private office, to a benching product to a common cubicle. In many ways, it’s like a Lego set for office designers -- connect a desk to the spine and create a benching product, add a panel to that for a cubicle. Designers have been playing with All-

steel’s Stride system for some time, even though the product doesn’t ship until April 1. The company has maintained a showroom for Stride away from the Merchandise Mart (and the prying eyes of competitors) in Chicago since last fall. The company has brought designers through to kick the tires and get feedback before the launch, according to DJ Heil, a product manager at Allsteel. “The bulk of our growth at Allsteel has been through new products,” he said. “We wanted to create that next generation Allsteel believes that with Stride, one system that would adproduct platform can support and dress the global impact and generational impact optimize the performance of all we’re seeing in the of-

12 The Monday Morning Quarterback


fice today.” In developing Stride, three vital details were factored into the design equation: a worker’s preference based on generational differences (who the person is; worker preference based on the individual (how one works); and work style based on organizational function (what one does). Allsteel believes that with Stride, one product platform can support and optimize the performance of all. At the same time, Heil said Stride can grow and shrink along with business conditions. If a recession hits, he said it is easy to shrink the footprint of the product. When growth returns, it is just as easy to staff up.

First Looks

Stride also is chameleon like when it comes to changing tastes in the office. Panel heights have dropped by 30 percent in the last few years as designers and facility managers try to get light into the cubicle and foster cooperative work. Stride can be used to create light and airy offices as well as traditional tall cubicles as styles change and evolve. Increasingly, designers are demanding more flexibility out of the products they buy, said Kris Yates, vice president of marketing. “There is this need for a

broad breadth of product, from a cube to an open plan. I don’t think we’ve gone to the extreme of European benching, but it’s getting closer.” Allsteel is realizing there is a new sensitivity among designers that furniture must be able to change. The need to utilize space more efficiently has never been greater. Allsteel believes it has the answer with Stride. Stride’s look ranges from European cool when it’s stripped down to North American stodgy when it’s built up in cubicle form. But it certainly can adapt to just about any taste. Most impressive is its ability to adapt to a private office setting as easily as it does a bullpen. The furniture looks as if it belongs in a pri-

vate office and not like it was forced into the space by over-imaginative Allsteel marketers. Stride, in the private office setting, uses a common work wall to support desking and storage. It does a good job of using vertical space that would otherwise be wasted. “It gives you more function for less cost,” Heil said. Stride runs on rails, which not only support the furniture, but host power and height adjustability. The brackets that hold the other components to the rail are adjustable in four-inch increments. The legs are also adjustable. Stride uses a rabbit edge on the desk to give a lighter scale appearance, but with the strength of a commercial product. Credenzas give Stride a residential feel as well. And its recessed feet make it seem like the product is floating. Stride also has multi layer storage units to accommodate the pilers and filers in an office. The desks can have 150 degree angles instead of 120 degrees so they work better with the flat panel displays that are becoming more common

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First Looks

Stride in a private office configuration

in the workplace. Designers want clean lines and they want choices, Yates said. The materials that can be used on Stride are virtually unlimited. For instance, among the selection of storage units there is a choice of painted wood, a look that conveys more of a residential furniture-like quality and creates a work environment that’s warmer and more comfortable, less sterile and institutional. Allsteel’s goal from the onset was to make Stride as simple as possible, with

scriptive,” Heil said. “We don’t want to tell designers, ‘This is the way you have to do it.’ With Stride, a designer can accommodate the broadest range of people possible.” Stride also is unusual in the way Allsteel is taking it to market. Instead of showing the product at NeoCon and having it ship months later, Yates said the company made a conscious decision to show Stride to the design community first and make sure it is shipping before it is formally introduced at NeoCon. Of course, no product is complete today without an environmental story. Stride is no different. Allsteel believes Stride will set the benchmark when it comes to sustainability. It is the company’s first complete system to utilize the Design for the Environment framework incorporating Life Cycle thinking in both the product development and design processes. Every Stride component was scrutinized through the DfE lens.

Stride’s look ranges from European cool when it’s stripped down to North American stodgy when it’s built up in cubicle form the least amount of parts and common components. It uses a universal panel clip design so that panels can be attached anywhere. “Our intent is that Stride is not pre14 The Monday Morning Quarterback


The product is certified by McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry Cradle-toCradle and Scientific Certification System. “The primary goal with Stride was to use a lifecycle approach of design, build, use, reuse and recycle,” Yates said. 100 percent of the energy used to produce Stride is fully offset with the purchase of Green-e Energy certified wind renewable energy certificates. Allsteel also tried to localize as much production as possible, with more than 90 percent of the components and inputs on the series produced within a 500-mile radius. Stride also uses 60 percent less packaging than similar products when it is shipped. Allsteel hopes Stride is the latest product that it can use to gain market share, especially with the economy struggling. “Stride is ground-breaking on so many fronts and reflects a relentless commitment to create the next generation workplace today,” Heil said. “Never before has a single solution been so diversely applicable to nearly every type of business function.” 6

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Leggett & Platt








YTD Gain or Loss: -16.41%

Office Depot








Stocks in New York ended the week with losses Friday as the major averages took a breather after three weeks that had sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average up 21% from its low earlier this month. The MMQB Index finished the week up 11%. For the day, the Dow dropped 148.38 points, or 1.9%, to 7776.18, and the S&P 500 lost 16.92 points, or 2%, to 815.94. The Nasdaq Composite fell 41.80 points, or 2.6%, to 1545.20. There were no new 52-week lows or highs recorded during the week.




















52 week high 4231.94

U.S Office Furniture Production Est.



$11.2 billion












United Stationers
















Value of U.S. Office Furniture Market (Millions of U.S. Dollars)

































20-20 Technologies TWT.TO

% change


$9.0 billion




$8.9 billion












































e=estimate Revised 3/2/2009

U.S Office Furniture Consumption Est. SOURCE: BIFMA




% change

Revised 2/23/2009

$12.9 billion



$10.5 billion



$10.5 billion


Year 2008








The chief office furniture trading partner with the U.S. is Canada, receiving about 50% of all U.S. office furniture exports, and currently providing about 45% of all office furniture brought into the States. That percentage was closer to 60% in the late 1990’s but imports from other countries, particularly China, have gradually been increasing their share of the U.S. market.

















e=estimate Revised 3/2/2009

Annual Shipments by Product Category Seating
























































1EVGL The Monday Morning Quarterback 15

Industry Briefing Events NEW YORK / May 5-7, 2009 Lightfair International - the Future. Illuminated. Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, NY. LAS VEGAS / May 14-16, 2009 HD 2009 Expo and Conference at the Sands Expo and Convention Center. CHICAGO / June 15-17, 2009 NeoCon World’s Trade Fair at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart TORONTO / September 24-25, 2009 IIDEX/NeoCon Canada at the Direct Energy Centre.

cant environmental properties. The Council also awarded the 2009 Award for Design Excellence in the furniture design category to HÅG for the Futu chair, designed by HÅG Design Studio.


Teknion’s Synapse Wood Guest Chair wins Bloom Award for Sustainable Design Teknion Corporation announced that its Synapse contemporary wooden side chair was honored with a Bloom Award for its strong sustainable design. Synapse finished first in the Furniture category in the annual award sponsored by Interiors & Sources magazine in partnership with the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).

BALTIMORE / October 28-29, 2009 NeoCon East at the Baltimore Convention Center

BRIEFING Award-winning HÅG Futu chair now shipping from izzy izzy now offers the award-winning HÅG Futu office chair for order and shipping.

This month, HÅG Futu earned the Norwegian Design Council’s Environment Prize for developing a product or solution with signifi-

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Designed by Carl Gustav Magnusson for the contract, healthcare, hospitality and library markets, Synapse is environmentally friendly. It is comprised of just five parts. All are replaceable or interchangeable, allowing quick and simple replacement of parts in the field. When shipped flat in a carton, the chair requires one-third less space, maximizing shipping and installation efficiencies, and assembling on the job site in under five minutes. “We are excited to be among the small circle of companies recognized with 2009 Bloom Awards, and equally pleased by this new initiative by Interiors & Sources and the ASID that encourages and celebrates sustainable design in our industry,” said David Feldberg, Teknion President & CEO.


On the eve of the first day of Spring, GLOBAL – The Total Office, hosted its 7th Annual Spring Fling in their NYC Showroom. Usually a very festive event, GLOBAL was uncertain whether the timing was right to continue the annual tradition given the economic climate. Michael Fishman – Director of Marketing & Design for GLOBAL in the USA commented, “We made a very conscious decision to continue the event for several reasons. This type of gathering allows us to communicate directly with so many market segments at once – dealers, industry partners, architects & designers. We can share thoughts and discuss proactive ways of keeping our business strong TOGETHER. And most of all, we believe the timing is always right to thank our supporters and business partners for their loyalty and commitment to GLOBAL. This event has always been about them.” Despite the rather un-Spring-like weather outside, the atmosphere was sunny & upbeat inside . . . and certainly festive. Just over 300 invited guests mingled throughout the showroom, getting a sneak peak of a few upcoming product introductions scheduled to debut at NeoCon. Of course, everyone was equally interested in the colorful cocktails and hors d’oeuvres throughout the event. Jon Soll – Executive Vice President of Operations commented, “The change is season really seems to lift everyone’s spirits. We could not have asked for a more enthusiastic, appreciative group of people.”

Industry Briefing IIDA Fashion Show to Benefit Working Wardrobes and Interior Design Students The International Interior Design Association, Orange County City Center’s 9th Annual Fashion Show will be held from 6 - 9 PM on Thursday, April 2nd at the historic Balboa Pavilion in Newport Beach. Themed “Give My Regards to Broadway”, this year’s event promises to be more entertaining and creative than ever as local interior designers race against the clock to craft fashions from samples of various materials from their design libraries. As part of this year’s theme, participants are challenged to create designs to portray any Broadway character. The competition will really heat up as there are no restrictions on the designers’ creativity. The finished - and extremely innovative- costumes will be paraded down the catwalk and judged by industry professionals. Bringing a philanthropic edge to this event full of fashion and costume design, designers will be donating gently used clothing and accessories to the nonprofit Working Wardrobes; adding that extra touch of style to boost the self-esteem of men and women preparing to re-enter the work force. Working Wardrobes will also receive the remaining designer fabric which they use to decorate their 10,000 square foot Career Center in Fountain Valley. Additionally, a portion of the show’s proceeds will benefit local Interior Design students through educational scholarships, as they seek to further the profession. INFO:

Home Office Spending Falls The home office furniture category appears to be in decline - but not as much as regular office furniture. Statistics compiled by Furniture/Today show that spending on home office furniture at retail, fell 11.1% in 2008 compared to 2007.

Haworth Facilities Manager Presents at EPA Conference Ken Brandsen, Haworth’s Manager of Facilities Design & Management, spoke at EPA’s Annual Resource Conservation Training Workshop on March 26 in Washington, D.C. Brandsen presented Haworth’s approach to green building and materials conservation of its corporate headquarters renovation to industry professionals from the EPA, local and state governments. The new building, One Haworth Center, is a two-time winner of EPA’s Lifecycle Building Challenge. Brandsen and his team were responsible for the transformation of the 25 year old corporate office into the company’s global headquarters - One Haworth Center. The transformation entailed incorporating the company’s strategy and organizational culture into the physical facility creating an effective tool for client engagement and employee efficiency. Brandsen has been with the company for 25 years in various facilities-related roles. He is responsible for leading a team of project management, design and engineering professionals. Brandsen is a professional member of the International Facilities Management Association and is LEED accredited.

Humanscale Design Smart Seminars continue into Spring Humanscale’s popular Design Smart Seminar series continues in April with four educational events, including “Ergonomics & Healthcare: Boost Patient Care through Caregiver Comfort” and “Trench Warfare, Not Surgery: Implementing Sustainability in the Real World.” In “Ergonomics & Healthcare: Boost Patient Care through Caregiver Comfort,” scheduled for Houston (April 1), Chicago (April 21), and Cleveland (April 23), Professor Alan Hedge explores the link between caregiver comfort and improved patient care. In “Trench Warfare, Not Surgery: Implementing Sustainability in the Real World” on April 8 in San


CANstruction, a design and build competition to benefit local food banks across the nation, returns to Chicago on June 10, 2009. This unique competition allows local architects, engineers and construction companies to create incredible structures using canned goods, while using their design skills to fight hunger in Chicago. All of the canned goods used in the structures are donated to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Competing teams, led by architects and engineers, will showcase their talent by designing and building larger-than-life structures entirely made out of canned goods. The structures are restricted to a 10’X10’X8’H space, in designated areas throughout Chicago Merchandise Mart. The structures will be on display at The Mart throughout the month of June. At the close of the exhibition, all of the canned goods will be donated to the Food Depository. Last year’s CANstruction® event raised approximately 85,000 of cans of food from 20 structures. This year’s event is expected to exceed that amount.

Francisco, Auden Schendler, a LEED-Certified Professional and Executive Director of Community and Environmental Responsibility at Aspen Skiing Company, offers an honest, first-hand account of what driving an eco-friendly company actually entails. Attendees of “Ergonomics & Healthcare” are eligible for AIA credits; IDCEC accreditation is currently pending. Attendees of “Trench Warfare, Not Surgery: Implementing Sustainability in the Real World” are eligible for AIA and IDCEC (IIDA, ASID, IDC, IDEC) credits. INFO: or call 800-400-0625.

IIDA 2009 Winning Design Projects Announced The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) last week announced the winners of the prestigious 2009 interior design competitions: the 36th Annual Interior Design Competition and the 17th

Annual Will Ching Design Competition. Truly international in scope, this year’s slate of winners demonstrates that great design is a universal goal. The six winners in the 36th Annual Interior Design Competition were chosen from nearly four hundred projects submitted in the following practice areas: Commercial, Education/Institutional, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Residential and Retail. 1. Project: Greenhouse Nightclub - New York, NY Firm: Bluarch Architecture + Interiors - New York, NY 2. Project: Nishimura Restaurant, Shangri-La Hotel - Beijing, CHINA Firm: CL3 Architects Limited Hong Kong, CHINA 3. Project: Museum of Tolerance Los Angeles, CA Firm: Yazdani Studio of Cannon Design - Los Angeles, CA 4. Project: Fornari Headquarters Milan, ITALY Firm: Giorgio Borruso Design Marina Del Rey, CA 5. Project: Wing Luke Asian Mu-

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Industry Briefing seum - Seattle, WA Firm: Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects - Seattle, WA 6. Project: Cathedral of Christ the Light - Oakland, CA Firm: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP - San Francisco, CA In addition, Gallery More North in New York, a gallery/exhibition space devoted to the best of contemporary Nordic art and design, designed by KOKO Architecture + Design of New York, NY was chosen as the winner of the 17th Annual Will Ching Design Competition, which honors outstanding commercial design by firms of five or fewer individuals. The judges selection for Best of Competition will be officially revealed and all winners will be celebrated at COOL, IIDA’s NeoCon Gala to be held Sunday, June 14 in the Grand Ballroom at the Westin Chicago River North. For table purchases or ticket information: or visit www.

seminar-style events will provide valuable opportunities to work with experts on resume writing, financial planning, interview skills and career coaching, while offering constructive industry insight from architects and designers. Information about local career and other job loss-related resources in each city will also be available to attendees. Participants must register to attend. t "UMBOUB  "QSJM   5IF 8 )PUFM (Ivan Allen Blvd. location) t/FX:PSL$JUZ "QSJM 5IF.Phawk Group Showroom (71 West 23rd Street, 18th Floor) t -PT "OHFMFT  .BZ   MPDBUJPO TBA t-BT7FHBT .BZ MPDBUJPO5#" t%BMMBT .BZ MPDBUJPO5#" t$IJDBHP +VOF 5IF.PIBXL Group Showroom, The Merchandise Mart INFO: www.themohawkgroup. com/rework

The Mohawk Group Host Workshop Series to Help Reposition Careers

JOINED: Melanie Cohen as the new Direct Sales Representative for the Philadelphia area of eastern Pennsylvania, and New Jersey - for Landscape Forms. Cohen is Cohen a LEED Accredited Professional and most recently served as a sales representative for Knoll Inc. She also has work experience with Haworth and Herman Miller in Architecture and Design Markets. RECEIVED: John Chipman, has received the 2009 Outstanding Alumnus Award at Michigan State University. Chipman is the founder and retired president of Landscape Chipman Forms. Bill Main, president of Landscape Forms, stated, “The success we have enjoyed is directly connected to the founding principles fostered by John Chipman, Sr. His insight, dedication, and vision have been our inspiration and a foundation on which we continue to build. We are delighted that John’s alma

Today’s economic climate is leaving holes in more than just our wallets. It’s diverting career paths, disrupting lifestyles and affecting our generally positive perspectives on life and the future. Understanding the significant impact that the economy continues to have on the design community, commercial carpet manufacturer The Mohawk Group (including its four brands Bigelow, Lees, Karastan and Durkan) in sponsorship with the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) and Interior Design magazine, is helping to fill an industry void by hosting a series of events called “Re:work.” The events, to be held in major cities throughout the U.S., are designed to help out-of-work architects and designers get back to the drawing board, and hopefully, back to work. “Just like so many industries, the architecture and design community is fighting severe business slow-downs, layoffs and even firm closures,” said Al Kabus, president, The Mohawk Group. The free, day-long workshop and 18 The Monday Morning Quarterback



First Look:

Next Monday (April 6) Groupe Lacasse will introduce its New Morpheo laminate casegoods program. The company says that MORPHEO redefines the landscape of traditional office environments with contemporary, adaptable and unique ergonomic shapes. MORPHEO has evolved and features a unique floating top construction conferring a high-end look. Sleek rails can be fixed to the surface to accommodate a host of accessories. Their PanGram laminate dividers can be used to offer affordable space management possibilities. Unique shapes, a lot of dimensions, new products, numerous choices such as top thickness, laminate or translucent modesty panels, translucent inserts for doors, handles and legs are yours to pick. MORPHEO reflects intelligent design with appealing designer details. Up-to-the minute components, shapes, colors and finishes allow this shape-shifter to suit any office environment or personality.

mater has chosen to recognize him in this way.” Chipman’s passion for international travel was made obvious by his insistence that all design employees of the company have an opportunity to travel in Europe to witness first-hand the design inspiration in evidence throughout the continent. That passion also led him and his wife, Patricia, to establish the John E. and Patricia Chipman Scholarship Endowment for Overseas Study within the Michigan State University School of Plan-

ning, Design and Construction in 2000. JOINED: Christine Papachristos has recently joined Arc-Com Fabrics’ Southeast Division Sales team. With more than fifteen years of knowledge and experience working within the A&D community, she will act as a Sales Representative for the Washington, DC, Maryland and northern Virginia territory. Her career began as an Architectural Designer at DBI Architects, in Washington, DC. 6

RESERVE YOUR NEOCON SPACE TODAY 6 Special NeoCon Issues Pre and Post Show Coverage

MarketPlace To place a Marketplace Ad simply go to: and click on “Place a Job Ad” or “Place a Classified Ad.” Questions? Call us at 847681-1199 x1. Ads close Friday 6:00 pm for Monday’s edition.


Work for the premiere Herman Miller dealer in the Bay Area! Key Deliverables: Demonstrate initiative by prospecting and closing sales leads within variety of commercial markets. Consistently exceed customer expectations by adding real value at each phase of the sale, by being accountable to customers, and by making and keeping commitments. Provide a consultative approach to selling by working to understand the customer’s critical business needs and by delivering appropriate solutions with a sense of purpose and urgency. Ideal Profile: Personality: Self motivated, resourceful, quick study, relationship driven, multitasker, strong work ethic, high energy, positive, assertive, detail oriented, strategic, team player, persistent, resilient. Knowledge: Prospecting, probing, influencing, closing. Comfortable with technology, at ease with C-level executives, consultative selling, creating and delivering presentations, familiar with contracts and proposals. Knowledge of contract furniture industry and related products, applications, and design concepts preferred. Motivations: Long term career, growth, recognition, money, affiliation, achievement, freedom, security. Send us your resume: EOE

INTERIOR DESIGNERS/CAD AND PROJECT MANAGERS Stable Company Seeks Senior Professionals with Proven Interior Design or Project Management Experience

We have an ongoing need for experienced (5 yrs +) in the office furniture industry. We are seeking to fill both project management and space planning/CAD positions to support our government customers in the DC metro area. CAD applicants must be proficient in AutoCAD 20/20, CAPS or GIZA. Team management and architectural background is a plus. Project managers must have relevant casegood furniture experience including managing projects from beginning to installation. Applicants for both positions must have outstanding customer service, proven experience working in the systems furniture industry and proficiency using Microsoft Office. Send resumes with salary requirements to IN SUBJECT LINE WRITE: MMQ



Outside Sales Representatives

Want to Maximize your earnings in this tough economy? We can help!

NATIONAL BUSINESS FURNITURE-Join the successful leader in office furniture sales National Business Furniture, the 30 year leader in catalog and on-line business furniture sales has expansion opportunities for top notch outside sales representatives residing in or near Houston, Washington DC, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and St Louis. Will consider placement in other major cities with good customer base. Stable company. No caps on commission. Generous full benefit package, car allowance, computer, solid customer base, large vendor selection, access to government contract, excellent design and customer service support. 3-years of business-to-business end-user office furniture outside sales experience required or 5 years experience selling other products or services B to B. Must be comfortable working from home office and have ability to travel within territory including use of personal vehicle. Comfortable with sales process. Well organized. 3-6 months on salary and then draw against commission Visit for company information. Send resume and earnings expectations to: Attn: OSGH

DEALER REPS.....DO YOU CALL ON THE VA? Service disabled veteran-owned teaming partner We are a service disabled veteran-owned dealer holding our own GSA contract. We can help you secure local projects with the VA, and other Federal agencies. For more details, please contact:

LOOKING FOR A DISTRIBUTOR! FURSYS, high quality office furniture company, is looking for a distributor in the U.S. High quality office Furniture Company, Fursys, Inc in Korea is looking for distributors in the States. Established in 1983, Fursys has sales of USD 200 million and works with international dealers in 40 countries all over the world. Fursys has been number one in the Korean market and now we are ready to expand and serve the USA with you, an experienced distributor. If you are interested in this position, please do not hesitate to call Wook, Kim at 82-2-3400-6457. Phone: 82 2 3400 6457 FAX: 82 2 443 3812 Email:


We are a key manufacturer of ergonomic seating, accessories and productivity enhancing work tools. We have revamped our compensation structure to maximize the return for our people in the trenches, our dealer sales people! We are offering spiffs as high as 20% of net sale on everything we carry and we guarantee our prices to be competitive with what you are currently selling. E-mail for all the details. We are looking forward to sending you some big checks!!

HEALTHCARE DIVISION SALES LEADER Join this Seattle Steelcase Dealer with 60 years of market leadership! BarclayDean, an award winning Steelcase dealer in the Seattle area, has an exciting new opportunity for a Senior Sales Professional to lead our Healthcare Division. Ideal candidates will have a proven history of success building and leveraging strong relationships in the A&D and Healthcare communities, running a business unit and increasing market share. Must possess the drive/vision to make an immediate impact on our organization. Senior level strategic sales experience is required. Contract furniture industry knowledge preferred. Apply online at

MARVEL GROUP, INC. WANTS WINNERS! Come grow with us! We want your high energy and experience for our growing Office Furniture Team. We are looking for proven performers. If you are self-motivated and interested in excellent commissions and know the Contract Furniture Industry, contact us today. Please call 773-843-2964 or e-mail:

Are you a hunter, hungry for sales? Can you succeed in a Stock Economy? If you possess the drive, the passion, the motivation, and the determination to be a proven hunter in the sales field, this is the opportunity for you. ErgoGenesis, manufacturers of BODYBILT® ergonomic seating and ErgoFusion ergonomic accessories, is currently seeking a Territorial Sales Manager for the Following areas: s Seattle, WA s San Diego, CA s Washington D.C. s Chicago s Dallas, TX s Southern NJ/PA This is a great opportunity for a selfmotivated, disciplined individual with strong contract furniture and business sales experience. Excellent income potential, attractive benefits, company vehicle, and travel expenses are all available for the right candidate. (EEOC/AA Employer) Requirements: s Proven Performer in the Southern New Jersey/Pennsylvania market s New Account Conversion Ability s Conversant in GSA and Commercial Sales s 3 or more years in the contract furniture industry ONLY HUNTERS NEED APPLY to:

REPS NEEDED IN TX, CO, & N. CA REPS WANTED American Furniture Systems is looking for Independent Reps in Texas, Colorado, and Northern California. Please contact us at 800-872-8858,

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40-year-old, progressive high-end casegoods manufacturer Family owned Canadian domestic manufacturer committed to working hard at developing a market presence is seeking a self-motivated, experienced individual to be a strong addition to our team as Director of Business Development for our office division. The responsibilities encompass all aspects of marketing and product development including, but not limited to: developing and managing a sales rep base, dealer and design community contact, territory travels, catalogue design, market show preparations, sales meetings, customer service and dealer distribution network. Applicants must be assertive, creative, flexible and have a sense of urgency. Writing, speaking and computer skills, along with leadership ability, an asset. Must be able to present our company, our products and programs in a professional manner. Please forward resume and salary expectations to Human Resources by fax: 416 745 1803 or via email to:

JANUS ET CIE IS SEEKING OUTSIDE SALES SPECIALISTS! JANUS et Cie is currently seeking Outside Sales Specialists for their Corporate and Site sectors in Chicago, Dallas and New York. JANUS et Cie, a reputable, design-focused leader in the furniture industry is currently seeking Outside Sales Specialists for their Corporate and Site sectors in Chicago, Dallas and New York. You will: s Develop and deliver presentations to architects, designers, purchasing agents and owner’s representatives s Generate solutions and quotes for clients s Create and closing sales s Prospect new accounts s Manage current accounts to ensure company and client satisfaction s Handle day-to-day customer care together with your back up team If you are looking for a career with one of the finest growth-oriented companies in the industry, interested in creating value, and know that you can add value to a special company recognized by its Brand and quality, email your resume and cover letter to Marlo Smith, VP of Human Resources to or fax 562-262-2844. No phone calls and only email or fax resume.

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Be a part of New England’s premier Haworth dealership! New England’s premier Haworth dealership, Environments at Work is creating a new kind of office furniture dealer. Owner-operated, we service corporate and healthcare clients throughout Boston and Eastern Massachusetts. We currently have an opening in our Healthcare group as described below. Healthcare Sales Must be familiar with and enjoy working in the hospital environment. You will be responsible for working with some highprofile existing accounts and developing new business in other accounts. We are developing a program in partnership with several major healthcare manufacturers to increase our sales in the clinical areas of the hospital and your role will be to bring this program to the key influencers in our marketplace. Previous healthcare sales or healthcare design experience required. Knowledge of key healthcare furniture manufacturers is a plus. Please send your resume to

TERRITORY SALES MANAGER Seeking Superstars! Are you a hunter? Can you succeed in a Stock Economy? If you possess the drive, the passion, the motivation, and the determination to be a proven hunter in the sales field, this is the opportunity for you. ErgoGenesis, manufacturers of BODYBILT® ergonomic seating and ErgoFusion ergonomic accessories, is currently seeking a Territorial Sales Manager for the Following areas: s Houston, TX s San Diego, CA s Washington D.C. s Los Angeles, CA s Chicago s Dallas, TX s Southern NJ/PA This is a great opportunity for a selfmotivated, disciplined individual with strong contract furniture and business sales experience. Excellent income potential, attractive benefits, company vehicle, and travel expenses are all available for the right candidate. (EEOC/AA Employer) Requirements: s Proven Performer in the market s New Account Conversion Ability s Conversant in GSA and Commercial Sales s 3 or more years in the contract furniture industry ONLY HUNTERS NEED APPLY to:


HEADLINE: AUTOCAD ENGINEER - LABORATORY FURNITURE Come and be a part of a growing company RSC, located in Philadelphia, is a premier outsource provider of services within the office furniture industry. RSC provides office furniture specifications and related services, renderings and project management services. We are now branching out into the laboratory furniture market and are looking for individuals who have experience in designing and specifying laboratory products. Industry experience is a must. This position would be responsible for the specifying and drafting of projects to provide laboratory casework and equipment drawings with details to be used in the construction of secured or design build projects. Erik Rothbard, VP Sales/Marketing RSC, LLC 2011 Chancellor St PHILADELPHIA, PA 19103 Phone: 215-568-8380 x216 Fax: 215-568-9397 Email:

GOVERNMENT/GSA SALES REP Have you worked hard to build your GSA network? BF Molz, an independent office products and contract furniture dealer, is seeking a proven and successful sales professional to identify and generate revenue within all segments of the government sector. The successful candidate will be responsible for establishing, developing maintaining and driving new business opportunities in the New Jersey area. Qualified candidates must have at least 2 years of business-to-business selling experience with emphasis in the government sector; bachelor’s degree; excellent communication skills and a goal-oriented attitude. Send resumes with salary requirements to Visit our website: for more information about company.

CONTRACT FURNITURE SALES REPRESENTATIVES Growing Rep Group looking to fill positions in North & South Florida Contract Interior Solutions is looking for independent, self motivated and energetic sales professionals for both our North and South Florida territories. This position will be responsible for developing your territory and marketing all of our product offerings to dealers and A&D. Experience in contract furniture sales preferred. Please send all inquiries and resume to

KI SALES REPRESENTATIVES Join the trusted furniture market resource. KI is looking for experienced salespeople to join our sales team. Positions are available in Raleigh, NC and Los Angeles, CA. Candidates with previous contract furniture industry or related experience selling to the government market are invited to apply for the Government Sales position in Raleigh. Your track record of success in strategic GSA selling will be recognized. Use your government expertise to build a strong territory. The Sales position in Los Angeles will be calling on decision-makers to market KI’s products. KI sales reps also work closely with influential architects and designers to increase KI’s consideration in targeted projects. Candidates with 2-4 years of related selling experience are preferred. Your relationships with end users and the architect and design community will be rewarded. If you thrive on furnishing knowledge and providing solutions to clients’ needs, visit and apply today. Females and Minorities are encouraged to apply. EOE

REGIONAL SALES MANAGER, SOUTHEAST Great opportunity for office filing or contract furniture salesperson to join an industry leader! Aurora Office Products, an industry leader in high density filing equipment, is seeking a salesperson to expand our business in the Southeast. Ideal candidate will be a highly motivated, self-driven professional living in the Atlanta metro area with experience in direct/dealer sales in the office filing industry or contract furniture markets. You should have a proven history of training and managing existing dealers while developing new dealer relationships, making A&D presentations, and closing transactions. Established A&D contact relationships in the Atlanta metro area and the Southeast US is a plus. We offer a competitive compensation and benefit package. If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding opportunity, please e-mail your resume and salary requirements to: or fax to 630-264-5014.

MarketPlace SERVICES




Increase sales by showing the best features of your products. Millipede is a fully integrated web-based application that enables a furniture manufacturer to offer 3D photo-realistic designs of their products at their web site. Since it is totally web-based, designs are instantly available to clients, dealers, and the A&D community. The user can make a design from scratch using our unique error free technology and/or view offerings from a pre-configured design library. The selection can then be viewed in full 360 degree 3D. What-if scenarios can easily be made by changing finishes, and/or parts with an instant price recalculation. Once the final plan is made, it can be saved in dwg format, printed, and /or ordered. It is compatible with all installed electronic design tools. Incorporation fees start as low as $1,500/ line for pre-configured designs and $5,000/line for design from scratch. For a Millipede demo go to For more information contact Jim Smith (800) 350-7434

SEASONED OPERATIONS MANAGER NEEDED Growing company needs experienced leader Operations Manager needed in San Diego to manage our Furniture Installation & Corporate Relocation Field Staff. Must have furniture experience. Email resume to:


Seeking to acquire business or product line.

Job Search Snapshot:

Coffee first, MMQB second

A leading U.S. manufacturer of seating products selling to universities & K-12 schools is looking to acquire companies selling products into any of these markets. Backed by private investment capital, we have experience acquiring and integrating companies and providing attractive exit strategies for owners of businesses. Contact Gary confidentially at 847-926-0295


Check out our straights, corners, contours, curved corners, transactions, 3mm edgebanding, 90 & 180 degree edges, 1-1/4 & 1-1/2 thickness, etc. Whether you need 10 or 10,000 worksurfaces, National Office offers a limited lifetime warranty and lead-times to meet your project deadlines. Our extensive finish library is guaranteed to satisfy your customer’s need for matching existing worksurfaces or creating a new look. For projects attaining LEED certification, we offer Sierra Pine SDF which is formaldehyde free and made from 100% recycled wood. Let us bid your next project. For more information, samples and prices contact our wholesale division: 800-321-6165, a product of National Office, Cleveland, Ohio.

Design and specification services for dealers and manufactures. Servex-US is an independent design and specification department for Steelcase, Herman Miller, Allsteel, Teknion, AIS, Allsteel, Knoll and many more. We have 20 full time designers that work with over 500 dealers primarily in North America. We work on a per-project basis and charge $42 an hour using 2020 CAP and Giza. As dealers adjust to the economic climate Servex can assist you in designing and specifying your projects. We offer fast turnaround times and affordable rates. We also have a photo rendering department that can work from CAP or Giza files to produce renderings at $55 an hour. Contact Nick Fernandez: 212 647 0110 or email Visit our website at



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MMQB - March 30, 2009