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Buy Correct Chairs That Improve Your Posture

Office goers spend more than 8 hours a day in a sedentary position and that isn’t good for their backs. Common complaints associated with wrong posture such as back in the lower ache, numbness in the rear and lower thigh are often ignored. Little can be done to avoid sitting, but common problems such as these can b avoided by using the right kind of office chairs. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing chairs for your workplace:

- When working on the computer: Computer chairs should be so designed that the body requires minimum muscle activity to maintain the body position. The upper arms should be placed comfortably on the torso and the muscles in the neck and shoulder should be moved freely. The forearms should be parallel to the ground to help blood circulation to the hands and wrists, and the hands should be in line with the forearms to keep the carpal tunnel as open as possible. This is achieved by choosing a chair that can be adjusted well. Computer chairs often have the tilt lock facility. This is because titling is good when speaking over the phone, or relaxing, but never to be used when keying on the computer. With a tilt-lock facility, the lumbar-spine area gets support thereby taking off the weight of the upper body from the disc to the lower back.

- Buy ergonomic office chairs: Ergonomics is a faculty where experts study the relation between work and the physical and mental capabilities that contribute to the effective functioning of work. Engineers dedicated to the study of ergonomic office furniture design desks, chairs, and other furniture that cause minimum discomfort. An ergonomically designed chair is height, width and depth optimized, provides lumbar support, has a comfortable backrest, and uses good quality seat material. The chairs should swivel easily, thereby allowing the user to reah different areas without straining the back or other areas.

- Office chairs to reduce back pain: It is very important that you use chairs that are proportionate to your size. For instance, big and tall chairs serve well for people with a big frame. There are several designs that are suited for people with different body types. For instance, the saddle chair is ideal for those who use their office chair to double up as a computer chair as well. This chair is designed in the shape of a horse’s saddle and puts the user in a position that is somewhere in between sitting and standing.

Bad office chairs are often blamed for lack of productivity and other temper issues. Make sure that you use the right chair to avoid these issues. About the Author The author of this article writes about office chairs and reviews the different types including ergonomic office chairs and big and tall chairs.

Buy Correct Chairs That Improve Your Posture