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Offhand 2012 Look-back. El ements & Footsol di ers.

Two Locati ons embraci ng trends and cul ture as i nterpreted through the creati vi ty of ConceptOH. A l ook back through some of the fi nest garments of 2012 and earl i er. We hope you enj oy thi s l i ttl e showcase and feel free to contact us regardi ng any of the cl othi ng used for the shoots. Our ai m i s to create and styl e uni que concepts bri ngi ng together l i ke mi nded fol k and al l owi ng others the opportuni ty to showcase thei r creati vi ty. We woul d wel come any feedback both posi ti ve and negati ve and wi l l have more for you l ater i n the year. Thank you for taki ng the ti me to l ook. Best Wi shes : J abel .

A retrospecti ve l ook over 2012. Wi shi ng al l those authenti c and passi onate peopl e i n the i ndustry a happy new year and heal th and happi ness. Styl i ng : J abel Roots - ConceptOH Model s : Al ex Hunt, Sean Wal ker. Pi cture Catcher : Sam Wri ght. Speci al thanks to : Harri sons Photography - Sheffi el d & Mystery dog wal ker and hi s wonderful cani ne. Al l future contact : Off_hand@hotmai l . com.


Lookback from our archives on 2012. Well known and not so labels styled by jabel roots

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