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How to See Through Affiliate Marketing Cons

Affiliate marketing scams have emerged as a regular phenomenon on the web with the advent of thousands of fake affiliate marketing schemes. Basically making money through affiliate scams and duping an average user into thinking that he has pounced upon a "once in a life time deal" is now a career for some. There are scores and scores of affiliate marketing scams which the average online surfer fails to see through. However, with the help of the tips listed here you would be able to understand these internet scams and learn to pick between genuine affiliate opportunities and fake deals. One of the vital factors to keep in mind is that the nature and complexity of affiliate marketing scams transform with technology. There is a school of individuals with a higher-than-average IQ working on these scams on a daily basis. Therefore, it is next to impossible to create the updated comprehensive list of scams but here are some common ones that you should be aware of. Do a thorough research about the Affiliate Program: You must always do some research to know what others are saying about the affiliate program. Find out if there any accreditations associated with the marketing program, who are the people reviewing these programs, and other related questions. It is never advisable to rely on the testimonials that the company provides on their website. What you need to look for are independent sites, which carry testimonials of such programs and provide some kind of a rating system to rank such affiliate programs. No evident track record: A genuine affiliate program would not hesitate to show a track record that would provide its history and details of previous deals. The evident fact that a company which is not affiliated to other organizations or companies implies its lack of accreditation. It is best to avoid such programs because more than often they would turn out to be affiliate marketing scam, which would only result in loss of time and money for you. Affiliates marketing with no support contact: If you are being approached by an affiliate program that provides a toll-free telephone number, without any email or a contact form, then you are most certainly looking at an affiliate marketing scam. Not receiving a response within a few days of contact also implies something very fishy related to it. Affiliates without websites: There are many affiliate marketing programs that approach you without any website address. A website provides for easy accessibility and traceability features that can lead back to the creator. Even though it cannot be a guarantee about the worthiness of a program, it certainly can help you to be cautious.

Affiliates that don't market any product or service: The first question you should ask the affiliate is about the product or service that is being marketed. A genuine program lists out the products it endorses or promotes with a clear description of the services it provides. Without the sale of any product there would only be people joining the company, but no revenue would be generated. These include some of the pyramid schemes that are illegal in the United States and many other parts of the world. Free Sites for Affiliates: If the merchant provides a free site and ask you to be in charge of posting advertising content and ads, etc for marketing their product, then you better beware. With such sites, you won't be able to know who visited and how many sales happened. These pointers will surely help you avoid affiliate marketing scams. This information is brought to you by OffgridUrbanite For more information about The Affiliate Code, click Here. Article written by Roy Sencio Roy Sencio is an Online Marketing Consultant based in San Jose, California. Learn more about Affiliate Marketing on his blog,


One of the vital factors to keep in mind is that the nature and complexity of affiliate marketing scams transform with technology. There is...

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