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OFFER ZAKS Tel Aviv - 62484 - Israel Tel: +972 (52) 8765341

Curriculum Vitae Born in Jerusalem, Offer Zaks began his dance studies in Tel Aviv after his military service (Nahal and IDF north artistic troupe), and despite beginning his training at 21 has succeeded to have an international career as a versatile dancer (Classical, Neoclassical and Contemporary), noted specially for his elegance, dramatic interpretation, powerful stage presence and musicality. While dancing his first principal classical roles OZ has began acquiring substantial experience as a teacher, assistant to master choreographers, and later on as a manager and a general producer in various European and USA companies. Founder and Executive Director of the Contemporary Ballet of Caracas, 1993-2009 under his tenure the BCC has become one of South America’s leading dance companies with extensive national and international touring. South American Representative of few Israeli dance and theatre groups since 2000. OZ speaks six languages: Hebrew, Spanish, English, (fluent, advanced reading and writing), French, Italian (fluent, intermediate reading and writing) and German (basic). Recipient of Venezuelan work medal (2008) and municipal award for best producer in 2006 for “La Traviata”. Offer Zaks is married to Maria Barrios since 1978 and they have a son, Diego Daniel. Currently Offer Zaks is living in Israel.

TEACHER & CHOREOGRAPHER 1985 - 1989 | Company teacher for Luzern Theater Dance Company. 1990 - 1991 | Guest teaching and summer workshops in Venice and Caracas. 1992 | Setting and supervision of Butler/Orff program in Arena di Verona summer festival. 1993 - 2009 | Teacher and Ballet master for Caracas Ballet. Co-choreographed with Maria Barrios ӰӰ “3 Loves” ӰӰ “ A Midsummer night´s Dream” ӰӰ “ Amadeus “ ӰӰ “Rite of Spring” ӰӰ “The diary of Anne Farnk” Set ballets for Bonn Opera Ballet, Ballet Du Rhin, Luzern Ballet, Rome Opera Ballet, Cincinnati Ballet, Tulsa Ballet, Florida Ballet Ballet Calgary, Alvyn Ailey Dance Theater, among others.

PRODUCER AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR During the period 1985-1998 OZ has worked as an assistant to various choreographers: Maria Barrios, Ricardo Duse, Giuseppe Carbone and John Butler. 5 years before his death, Mr. Butler entrusted him

Offer Zaks - Currículum Vitae


with exclusive rights to manage and stage his most famous works all over the world, including contract negotiations and supervising all production aspects such as staging, lighting, costumes and scenery in companies such as: Ballet du Rhin (France), Luzern Ballet, Arena di Verona Ballet, Rome Opera Ballet, Bonn Opera Ballet, Alberta Ballet, Oakland Ballet, Chicago Ballet, Florida Ballet, Cincinnati Ballet, Tulsa Ballet and Alvyn Ailey Dance Theatre. During his tenure as Executive director of the Contemporary Ballet of Caracas, (1993-2009), OZ was responsible for strategic planning, budgeting, fundraising, marketing, institutional relations, production and international touring. In a short time the CBC has established itself as one of the most successful dance companies in South America, setting new artistic standards and breaking box office records for dance public in Venezuelan theaters. The CBC has become Venezuela’s best and most active dance company, with extensive national and international touring. ӰӰ Repertory: The CBC had 16-24 dancers at full year contract, and an apprenticeship program. The repertory presented was mostly in classical and neo-classical style, composed of programs of title ballets such as M. Barrios’ “La Traviata”, “A Midsummer night’s Dream”, “Amadeus”, “Carmina Burana”, “The New Nutcracker”, “Rite of Spring”, G. Carbone’s “Carmen” and mixed bills with works by choreographers Nils Christe, Jiri Kylian, Eddy Toussaint, John Butler, Thierry Malandain, Ali Pourfarrouk, Philippe Trehet, Mauricio Wainrot, Roberto de Oliveira, Oscar Araiz and Mauro Galindo . Choreographic workshops were held periodically to encourage and develop local talent. ӰӰ Educational program: Since it´s foundation an outreach social and educational program, “ConectArts - Let´s dance” was developed for schools, during school year, in which more than 245.000 children have participated. ӰӰ New audiences program: A program to develop new audiences through lectures, Gala events, demonstrations in small venues (180 seats) and massive popular events in basketball stadiums and open air plazas (4000-8000 seats) has augmented the public and sponsorship base. ӰӰ National touring: each year the CBC has toured Venezuela and presented programs for the general public and for schools in small and big venues. ӰӰ International touring: The CBC has represented Venezuela and has performed in Italy summer festivals (94, 96 ,98) and winter seasons (99, 2006), Israel (Bet-Shean 95, Karmiel 96, 98, 2001,TLV TAPAC 2001), Colombia (95, 97, 2004), Cuba (94), Sarajevo Winter, Bosnia (99), Russia (Moscow 2000), USA (NYC, Atlanta 2000, Washington 2001, Arizona 2003), China (2001), Germany (Ludwigshafen, 2006) Brazil (2006). ӰӰ Funding: The CBC was funded by the Venezuelan Ministry of Education and Culture, Venezuelan Foreign Ministry (touring), Venezuela National Petrol company (educational program) and by numerous private corporations and foundations. OZ established and developed the “Friends of the Ballet society” to support new productions and to increase the public base. ӰӰ Institutional relations: Through OZ initiatives and personal contacts, the CBC has received contributions from local and international foundations and has been a partner for cultural exchange projects with the embassies of China, France, Israel, Italy, Holland, Norway, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Canada and USA.

INTERNATIONAL MANAGER AND ARTIST REPRESENTATION Since 2000 OZ has been the South American representative of few Israeli dance and theatre groups: Kibbutz Dance Company, Vertigo, Gesher Theatre, Ish Theatre, which performed in important festivals in Brazil, Colombia, Panama and Venezuela.

Offer Zaks - Currículum Vitae


STUDIES A graduate of Ramat-Aviv Alliance School, OZ began his dance studies in Tel Aviv in 1974 with Rina Shaham, Roni Segal and Inessa Alexandrovich and as an apprentice in Batsheva Dance Company. From 1995 to 1997, studied for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance, Julliard School N.Y.C After 2 years and before graduating, OZ was hired by the Ballet Internacional de Caracas thus starting his professional dancing career. Influential teachers: Héctor Zaraspe, David Howard, Nina Novak (classical), John Butler and Maria Barrios (expression and stage dynamics). Educational dance programs in schools: National Dance Institute, NYC, (2000). Administration and work law: Catholic University, Caracas, (1998). Marketing and managing aspects for managers: IESA Business School, Caracas (2006).

DANCER 1977-1979 | International Ballet of Caracas. Artistic director: Vicente Nebreda. Soloist in Nebreda’s “La Luna”, “Our waltzes”, Alvyn Ailey’s “The River”, Butler’s “Carmina Burana”, Margo Sappington’s “Rodin mis en vie” tours in Europe, USA, Canada and the Caribbean. 1979-1984 | Contemporary Chamber Ballet of Caracas. Artistic director: Maria Barrios. Principal roles in works by Anna Sokolow, Antony Tudor , John Butler, Jiri Kylian, Hector Zaraspe , Constantin Patsalas and Maria Barrios. 1984 | Ballet Nacional de Caracas. Artistic director: Vicente Nebreda – “Swan Lake”. 1985-1989 | Luzern Opera Ballet , Bern Opera Ballet. Artistic director: Ricardo Duse. Principal dancer and company teacher , principal roles in full length classical productions of “Giselle”, “Don Quixote”, “Nutcracker”, “A Midsummer night’s dream” and neoclassical repertoire by Riccardo Duse, “After Eden” by John Butler and “Fantasien” by Heinz Spoerli, ballets by Maria Barrios, Hans Meister and Paula Lansley. 1986 | Zurich Opera Ballet. Artistic director: Uve Schollz. Permanent guest soloist in “Swan Lake”, “Die Schoepfung”. 1990 – 1992 | Balletto dell´ Arena di Verona , Balletto di Venezia. Artistic director: Giuseppe Carbone. Principal Dancer in B. Culberg’s “Night Renne” and “Julietta & Romeo”, G. Carbone’s “Carmen” and “Carmina Burana”, J. Kylian’s “Nuages”, J. Butler’s “Medea”, “Othello” and “Carmina Burana”. 1991 | Principal guest with Italian Classical Ballet. Artistic directors: Carla Fracci and Beppe Menegatti. “Romeo & Juliet”, W. Eagling’s “Medea”. 1993-2009 | Ballet Contemporáneo de Caracas. Artistic directors: Maria Barrios and Offer Zaks. Major roles in Maria Barrios’ “The new Nutcracker”,“La Traviata”, “A Midsummer night’s dream”, “Amadeus”, “Carmina Burana”, “Rite of Spring”, “The Diary of Anne Frank”, Nils Christe’s “Cupids”, Eddy Toussaint’s “Bonjour Brel”, John Butler’s “Triad”, “Carmina Burana”, Thierry Malandain’s “Mozart -Mambo” and Mauricio Wainrot´s “Libertango”.

Offer Zaks - Currículum Vitae


Offer Zaks  

Teacher, Dancer & Choreographer

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