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Offer Chat – Best Business Companion Offer chat is a powerful tool designed for online chat software between customers and business providers online. This customer chat service is a fast and live which helps in improving the conversations with customers and sales of businesses. The chat widget available is free of cost and is featured fully. The offer chat service converts visitors into customers by never leaving customer unattended. How Offer Chat Works: Offer Chat is a free of cost and just need to be signed in for first time. Thus there is no need to count the days for the end of free trial. Offer chat’s services for free and is fully featured. Once you sign in you can add the live chat software widget on your website, without any downloading or installation. After the registration is over you will receive a single line Java script code which has to be copy pasted on the head tag code of the website. Immediately after verification the live chat would appear on the live chat for website and you can readily accept the chats from the customers.

Further the real time chat with customers can be done easily the only need is a net connection for logging in. The offer chat service is a customer support tool which will impress the visitors and increase the profit by converting them into customers. A drastic increase in customer conversation can be noticed by the chat box which makes the business score high compared to others. This live and free customer service chat tool will be very much useful to address your customers, increase your sales, and to get a better customer satisfaction by never missing out the

chats of customers. Offer Chat - Outscores: Offer chat is absolutely free of cost, there is no fee for its usage. The specially designed chat toll is simple to use and need no downloading, installations of softwares. Multiple websites can be managed by a single web application thus making it easy especially when one has many websites for the business. Thus various websites of a business can be managed by a single interface. The look, color, font, and theme of the chat widget can be modified according to the design of home page, requirement of the brand. The free live chat service has a response which saves a lot of time and effort involved in answering lengthy frequently asked canned questions by providing a quick access whenever a similar question is being asked by the customer.

Offer Chat – Best Business Companion  

Offer chat is a powerful tool designed for online chat between customers and business providers online.

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