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From our family here at Off Duty Blue, thanks for trying out the free overtime notification tool. The following is a brief overview to assist with set-up. Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out without hesitation and we will help out in any way possible. As a veteran and law enforcement owned company, it is our duty to serve and we appreciate the hard work all of you put in day in and day out. Semper Fidelis, Jim Raschella and Mark Grady

Officer Guide What is Off Duty Blue Lite? Off Duty Blue lite is a cloud-based overtime notification system that is built to help quickly communicate overtime opportunities via text message and provide officers with a simple way to view available shifts and apply to opportunities they’re interested in.

Getting Started Once enrolled into the application by your department administrator, you’ll receive a text message to notify you of your enrollment and ask you to “opt in” to receiving shift notifications. Respond “YES” and your set up is complete, you are not required to create a profile or download an app. If you do not have a phone that accepts text messages. The application will detect that and send an email with instructions to “opt in” to email notifications only.

View & Apply for Shifts When new opportunities are posted, you’ll receive a text message containing a link you can follow to view the shifts details and apply to work. When applying to the shift you can also send along a comment or question to the administrator who posted shift. If you follow the link and see that there are no available shifts, the position has already been marked filled by an administrator. *Please Note: you will be notified if selected to work the shift.

Confirming a Shift Once you have applied for a shift, keep an eye out for a text notification informing you that you’ve been selected for the position and follow the confirmation link. By following the link, it confirms your availability and lets the administrator know that you’ve acknowledged the shift.

On the confirmation page provided, you can follow the link to add the event to your Android Calendar or Apple iCal.

That’s it Please feel free to Contact Us with any comments, complaints, or suggestions. We stand with everyone holding the thin blue line and appreciate everything you do. Stay frosty and be safe. -Jim & Mark

Odb Lite Officer Guide v1  
Odb Lite Officer Guide v1