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EVERY BODY DESERVES BODYWORK Every career is a journey. Along that journey, an individual gains knowledge and insight of details regarding their career path that others are not likely to have. My journey as professional bodyworker a.k.a. a licensed massage therapist has led me to believe that every person deserves some form of bodywork or touch therapy.

“It is a shame that not everyone has discovered the rhythmic dance of touch therapy that creates an undeniable harmony between the mind, the body, and the soul.” Before I trained as a massage therapist, I was aware of other touch modalities, or methods. I thought, however, that these sophisticated methods of touch therapy were for the very wealthy. As my journey progressed, I learned that it wasn’t only for those who were well off financially, but for everyone. Body work is a proactive health choice in addition to a healing therapy. It’s also an investment with substantial returns for individuals, family, friends and employers. The benefits of massage, touch therapy, or bodywork - whatever you might call the health treatment - provide positive results for many conditions or discomforts, acute or chronic, that ail us.

The Test

where you are uncomfortable.

For a moment, wherever you are, stop what you are doing and ask yourself, “how do I feel at this moment?” If you can, close your eyes, connect with your body from head to toe. How do you feel? If you are sitting, stand up, or if you are standing, take a few steps. If you are lying down, roll over. Notice anything? Do your feet hurt? Does your back ache? How about your shoulders are they tight? Do you have a headache, or dizziness? How about a sour stomach or an old injury that is still inflamed? Maybe you don’t feel good. Surprise, surprise! These various symptoms are our ‘inner physician’ (inner voice) attempting to get attention.

What does it mean when your feet or hands hurt? Simply put, your feet and your hands are a map of the body that indicate where your discomfort is.

We are not always aware that our body speaks to us. Our bodies provide us with information - either by a whisper or a loud roar - that we need help. When someone whispers it is heard very differently than words spoken loudly. What gets your attention is usually the loudly spoken word, even if you choose to ignore it. Think of your body as the voice that connects with the conscious mind. Client after client I ask, “How do you feel?” and the response is typically a surface response, “Okay!” But when I follow up with, “Is there any pain?” I still may get a “No,” so I get more precise, “How about … do your feet or hands hurt?” We start to make progress when you tell me, the touch specialist,

As an example, the arch of the foot relates to your spine/back - which may need attention. The big toe/thumb relates to your head/pituitary gland, and believe it or not, the base of your fingers relate to your eyes and ears. These are areas on the hands/feet known as reflex points. The misconception is that discomfort is where it hurts. But it’s amazing the significance of the relationship between body parts and reflex points. My mission is to educate and provide therapy to maintain the body at optimal performance. This enhances the body’s functional capabilities on a daily basis. Movement is key and bodywork is an essential tool to facilitate this aspect of life. [blockquote] “Life is in the blood and circulation is key to unlocking the pathway to better health and wellness - moving nutrients in and toxins out interdependently with all body systems.” Every ‘body’ needs bodywork. The improvements show up through increased productivity and stamina, and a clearer mind, body and spirit. Touch is the most

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By Brenda Wakefield, LMT

OffBeat Business Magazine November 2015  

Information and Resources for American small business owners.

OffBeat Business Magazine November 2015  

Information and Resources for American small business owners.