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Silent Fall: A Secret Service Agent’s Story of Tragedy and Triumph After 9/11

From the moment you meet her, you know there’s something different about her. Behind the blonde hair and dark sunglasses is a former United States Secret Service Agent turned business woman and Courage Consultant, on a mission to help those with PTS (Post Traumatic Stress). 9/11 gave Sam her PTS stripes. She was in the elevator in 1 World Trade Center on 9/11 when American Airlines flight 11 struck it. Her goal is to remove the word ‘disorder’ from its common acronym, because post traumatic stress is something that happens TO us, NOT something that defines us or something that is impossible to overcome or something that one must ‘have’. On the contrary, with proper treatment, PTS can be overcome with success and dignity. Samantha now shares the process through her courage consultancy, taking hard lessons learned and providing solutions for people who are looking for life success strategies from the field to the boardroom. Her book, The Silent Fall: A Secret Service Agent’s Story of Tragedy and Triumph After 9/11, due out mid-July, chronicles that historic day, her personal struggle with PTS which almost took her life, and the lessons she learned on her road to recovery.

Sam, along with two business partners, one, a Vietnam Veteran, and the other an OEF/OIF Veteran (Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom) started Heroes 4 Healing, focusing exclusively on providing peer support to current and former members of the U.S. military, law enforcement, firefighters, and first responders. Their upcoming 501(C)(3) is pending with much anticipation.

Samantha (Sam) Horwitz is a former United States Secret Service Agent, worked for the Executive Protection Division of the Montgomery County Department of Police, is president and CEO of Heroes 4 Healing, DFW Chapter President of She Can Shoot, and is Founder and Principle Consultant at Connect with Sam on her Facebook page, or email her at


OffBeat Business Magazine July 2016  
OffBeat Business Magazine July 2016  

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