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2016 | REBOOT

CARE FOR YOURSELF By Brenda Wakefield, MS, LMT, LMTI, CEP Touch is one of the most primitive senses we have and the body craves it. There are many benefits associated with touch to soothe the mental, physical and spiritual components of life. It is therapeutic, relaxing and healing with so many options available. My soapbox for this article is a new year, new you for 2016 ­with a plea to take time to create a better you with bodywork maintenance. Reboot for 2016 to feel better and get relief from injury, pain, stress, discomfort and bodily dysfunctions. Maintenance can decrease dis ‘ease’ using the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. Who wins when your body stays in 24

optimal performance mode? It’s a win­ win for ALL the relationships in your life, but first and foremost self is the winner. Next is spouse, significant other, family, friends, employer, co­worker and the list goes on. Your health is your wealth rings true every day. Think about the last time you cancelled the day’s activities because of not feeling well. Now multiply by several days to understand the impact on quality of life. At the very least, you lose money. Sick days create a situation of no work, no pay. Worst case scenario is a chronic condition that keeps work days to a minimum, which could lead to unemployment. Give yourself the

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