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for small successes every day and a pants” hiding in the back of the closet that postcard picture of your new self in a you need to toss out with all the fat clothes few days. for some new trendy better fitting cloth es. You know all that stuff that you never get done because it never gets written into Action Steps: your schedule? WRITE YOUR HEALTH INTO YOUR SCHEDULE or illness will 1. Pick your Goals. Not that big impossible schedule in unplanned meetings for you dream; the small, daily goal staring you in during the year when you least need it the face every morning and night. That little or can least afford it. Write it so you will 1% thing you can and should do but don’t do it and post it so you must commit to do because it is so easy not to. These are it. Inspiration and motivation are all well the goals that will make that dream easily and good, but determination gets the job possible. done when nothing else is there. Writing things into your schedule is the number 2. Make your Commitment. WRITE IT one way to determine what will and what IN YOUR SCHEDULE and never delete will not get done on a daily basis. Success it, only move it and never remove it. is measured and more importantly it is Determination is the only thing left when written down both before it happens and motivation is gone and inspiration has after it is achieved. disappeared. FIT IT IN!!! People watch on average 4 hours of TV a day and easily that much time on social media (please don’t send me any of those game requests). 24 minutes is only 1% of your day and less time than the commercial breaks for a 1 hour TV show. Yes, you can fit it in and yes I know you use a DVR so don’t fast forward for once and use those commercial breaks to your advantage. “Hope” sits on its fat unhealthy butt waiting for a miracle pill that will “change” everything without having to do anything. Faith gets up and earns the improvements that will last a lifetime, with daily dedication and devotion. “Hope” looks for a miracle pill and “change” ends in a hospital bed due to the side effects (yeah all that fast talk at the end of the commercial). Have faith, do the work! Fitting this into your day will get easier and easier, unlike fitting into those “skinny 24

3. Fit It In. There are always 24 minutes of extra time (that’s 1% of your day) and there is always time to eat. Fit it in where you can, when you can, and how you can. If it doesn’t fit then you mustaquit. Visit me at www. and contact me with any questions, comments, request, recommendation, proposals, fan mail, or hate mail at

OffBeat Business Magazine August 2016  

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