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Best golf sock, Best running sock, Best tennis sock…Guaranteed! • Reflexa® Active socks are designed specifically for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to maximize their potential. Every day we hear, "These are the best golf socks I've ever worn," or "At last, I've found the best socks for running." Why are so many golfers, runners, and tennis players endorsing Reflexa® Active socks? They've discovered that by maintaining oxygen levels in the body, Reflexa® Active socks heighten their athletic performance. Runners and tennis players know Reflexa® Active is the best running sock AND the best tennis sock because of a specially designed toe and heel that reduces friction to prevent blisters. Also—as an additional benefit—mesh panels wick excess moisture away for maximum active comfort. Reflexa® Active is the best running sock, tennis sock, and golf sock on the market today.

HOW IT WORKS • Reflexa® Active socks increase oxygen levels in the body • Reflexa® Active socks heighten athletic performance • Reflexa® Active socks eliminate blisters and irritations • Reflexa® Active socks wicks excess moisture from the foot • A specially designed Polyamide NanoGlide® significantly reduces friction between the sock and the skin, eliminating blisters and irritations and guaranteeing the comfort and performance that runners, tennis players, golfers—or anyone with an athletic lifestyle— demands. Reflexa® Active socks offer active persons one of the most scientifically advanced sport socks on the market. Order Reflexa® Active socks and we promise you'll notice the difference in your athletic performance.

Technology • These specialty diabetic socks, travel socks, antistatic socks, and active socks were designed with the highest quality at Hurwitz Intersocks Corp in Italy alongside Dr. Mark Warren, a specialist in the field of foot health. The combined expertise of Dé Luis Hurwits and Dr. Warren provide you with the best sock experience available. Reflexa® Socks are designed with one purpose in mind: To help keep your feet healthy and enable you to lead a better quality life. • The key to our product is a revolutionary synthetic yarn known as Celliant™. Celliant™ is a patented yarn used in a number of different fabrics which provides numerous medical benefits. The major effects of Celliant™ are to increase oxygen levels in your body, give you an overall feeling of wellness, and regulate your body temperature. The use of Celliant™ in our compression socks also makes them much easier to get on and off than compression socks using other materials. Below are data from clinical trials designed to test the effect of Celliant™ on your body.

Temperature • A thermal scan of the body in regular clothing shows that body temperature is most even near the core and lost at the extremities. This is why most diabetic socks and compression socks don't completely keep your feet totally warm. When wearing diabetic socks, travel socks, antistatic socks, or active socks containing Celliant™, the heat that would normally be lost in your extremities is recycled back into your body. The result, as shown below, is a more evenly distributed body temperature. Why does this matter in a sock? Our bodies are required to maintain a specific level of warmth to remain healthy. Anyone who has ever tried to cure cold feet by doubling up on socks or putting on heavy shoes will be glad to know that it takes one Reflexa® sock to warm your feet. Furthermore, especially for diabetics, it is important to maintain a temperature equilibrium to relieve stress and strain on your body. Also, runners love Reflexa® athletic socks because they wick away moisture and minimize the possibility of blisters.


Oxygen Levels • The data below show that oxygen levels in your body are distributed similarly to temperature. The effect of Celliant™ on your body is similar. In clinical trials, Transcutaneous Oxygen (TCPO2) levels in the body were measured. The data show that within one hour, TCPO2 levels are significantly higher when wearing Celliant™. This has far-reaching implications. Oxygen is necessary to fuel your body for all uses. From the high performance athlete to the worker who is constantly on their feet, Reflexa® travel socks and active socks are able to enhance comfort, provide an overall feeling of wellness, and increase energy.

Oxygen Levels

Other High Quality Components of Reflexa® Socks: • Aegis™: provides freshness and combats deterioration and discoloration caused by bacteria, fungi, and algae. It deactivates microorganisms and is safe and environmentally friendly. • Lycra®: Adding as little as 2 to 3 percent of Lycra® to cotton or wool allows socks to acquire superior staying power and ultimate stretch. This assures superior wear and comfort, excellent size stability and uniform appearance. Socks with Lycra® retain their size and shape after repeated wear and laundering. • NanoGlide®:It significantly reduces friction between the sock and the skin, radically reducing blisters and irritations, and guaranteeing the comfort and performance that an active person demands for their sock.

Other High Quality Components of Reflexa® Socks: • Polyamide Nylon: Soft, smooth, good color-fastening, anti-tearing and antistatic properties make this fabric an ideal choice for socks. • Silver Yarn: A technology which consists of a layer of pure silver bonded to the surface of a textile fiber. In addition to its conductive properties, silver is also a natural antibacterial, anti-odor, and thermoregulator. • Reflexa® Socks Superior Warranty We stand behind our commitment to making sure Reflexa® socks keep your feet feeling healthy and enable you to lead a better quality life.The medical benefits described are exclusive to Reflexa® Socks. Each pair comes with a one-year manufacturer's guarantee. No holes! No runs! If a sock develops a hole or a run, it is replaced free of charge. Discover what thousands of other sock wearers have; Reflexa® socks are the best socks available for your feet. Order yours today and start feeling better tomorrow.

Active Socks  

HOW IT WORKS Reflexa ® Active socks increase oxygen levels in the body Reflexa ® Active socks heighten athletic performance Ref...

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