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Organisation for Friendship in Diversity 02/14

15th May 2014

NEWSLETTER Who are ofd? The Organisation for Friendship in Diversity (OFD) is a youth-led NGO working with children, youth and adults from local and migrant communities, to foster a respect for diversity and promote social inclusion. Founded in early 2009, the objective of OFD’s members has been to help cultivate friendship amidst diversity through cultural understanding.

WHAT WE DO + ORGANIZE free activities for children from all backgrounds + CREATE neutral spaces for different children and youths to meet, share, play, learn and have fun! + INVOLVE young volunteers in creative projectwork + ENABLE an impacting experience for young volunteers, children and families alike + COMBAT stereotypes before they are created + LOBBY and ADVOCATE for change in migration and human rights policy

Dear OFDers, family, friends and supporters! Welcome to the 2nd edition of our fab Newsletter. April and the beginning of May have been exciting and jam-packed with activities. The office is full of wonderful people here to dedicate their time to our growing number of activities. Projects in Hal Far, Balzan and beyond are on track and developing nicely. We are getting geared up for Summer, for a few Fundraising activities and more. Do see our upcoming activities, please join us, come visit us, get in touch on FB, and spread the word as we are looking for more people to join our ever-growing team.

WHAT WE DId LAST MONTH INAUGURATION OFD HQ2 On the 9th of April finally we had our great inauguration of OFDs ‚new‘ Office. New and old volunteers and friends came together for pleasent evening. We even had visitors from the European Playworker Association who gave us a an office-warming gift - a unique world-map. One world without borders. Splendid!

Organisation for Friendship in Diversity

15th May 2014

KIDS DAY OUT On the 17th April we went to Ta‘Qali Adventure Park with 20 enthusiastic and energetic children. There we had an afternoon of fun and games. Skipping, football, baseball, frisibee topped it off with the search of lots of easter eggs were hidden by some naughty volunteers. We still wondering if they found all eggs.

1st + 2nd FOOTBALL TOURNAMENTS Under the Youth Sports and Community Engagement Component of the UNHCR Age Gender Diversity Mainstreaming project Football tournaments were held at the end of March and beginning May. We had the first games of what seems to be turning into a longer term effort in the area of sports together with the Youth living in Hal Far. The main aims of this activity are to push the guys to get organised and work on bringing these events to life hand in hand with us and to bring people from different backgrounds together in Hal Far to play and have a healthy competitive and fun day. We had Exciting games on both days. 4 teams of mixed nationality and gender played for a place on the plaque, for fun, and for some bonus healthy snacks! For the 3rd activity to be held on the 1st of June at 10.00 am we are looking for more people to join us. Teams will be set up with a mixture of local and foreign people.

Organisation for Friendship in Diversity

15th May 2014

EUROPEAN PLAYWORK ASSOCIATION Our partner, The European Playwork Association (e.p.a.), visited us from 9th - 13th April. e.p.a. is a INGYO (International Non Governmental Youth Organisation) with a network of partner organisations in more than 40 countrie. e.p.a. facilitates free play and intercultural understanding through networking and exchanges. In April we ran through the details of „Moored in Malta“ a training which will take place between the 19th and 24th of June. Thanks to this study visit financed by the Council of Europe, organisations from 14 countries who work with young refugees and asylum seekers will get the opportunity to see and share experiences of the state and wellbeing of refugees, as they become “moored in Malta”, and establish working networks. The programmewill be a mix of getting to know each other, exchange “good practice”, projectvisits, workshops on issues of the Dublin Agreement, Human Rights, EU policy,State of African countries that lead to refugees, discussion and debate and a opportunity to see the beauties of Malta. more...

LET‘S DO IT MALTA! WE DID IT!!! After months of preparation the Let‘s Do It Malta movement amanged to successfully bring together Volunteer groups, companies and organisations from all over Malta. Malta and other Mediterranean countries commited to raise awareness together with a global action with the aim of cleaning up the planet! The massive clean up in Malta, Gozo and Comino took place on the 10th and 11th of May 2014. in more than 20 spots. OFD committed to this great initiative since we also strongly support the idea of environmental awareness and taking responsability for your country. Since our inception we have always carried out activities and crafts recycling and upcycling what we could. It was so sad to see all the insane amount of waste that was collected that could not be recycled. The absurd things thrown in the sea, the carelessness of some people towards their own country these things angered many of the volunteers cleaning up, who byno strange coincidence were a wonderfully diverse group of people, including a huge percentage of foreigners. If you didn‘t make it this weekend don‘t worry... this is a five year campaign. If you‘d like to get in touch find the movement on facebook at Let‘s do it Malta or let us know. The end party will be held Sunday 17th at Razzett l-Ahmar. Join us! more...

OFD??? NEVER HEARD OF US BEFORE?! That is what we wanted to change during the week of 28th April - 3rd May particularly among University students. We were thus on campus to spread the word about OFD. We gave short presentations in different lectures about our aims and current projects trying to motivate more people to participate. We have met some interested people, but we are in search of more. If you know other motivated people who want to become a summer camp members, teachers or help in homework support/tutoring. Just contact us. more...

Organisation for Friendship in Diversity

15th May 2014

UPCOMING ACTIVITIES + 9th - 16th May F‘DARhom Pietro Bonacina‘s wonderful work at Splendid, Strait Street Valletta more... + 20th - 23th May Friendship in Diversity Photo Exhibition at University + 31th May Worldfest - come visit our stand! + 1st June 3nd Football Tournament + 7th/8th June Earthgarden - come visit our stand more... + End of June Date TBC - OFD‘s 5th Year Anniversary Celebrations + 19th - 24th June EPA Training ‚Moored in Malta‘ more... + Details TBC OFD World Refugee Day Activity 2014 + Friendship in Diversity 2014 at the Malta Society of Arts Manufacturers and Commerce + End July OFD Fundraiser @ Zion details coming soon + New Website Launch!!!


Claudio Bernaddio 31 Italy

Why did you choose to volunteer with OFD? I was introduced to OFD more then 2 years ago, thanks to a friend. Since then, I participated in various events, especially the Summer Camp which I attend every year with great pleasure. OFD not only gave me the opportunity to enrich my social life but also become a part of a group with great members. I have learned... that life is too precious to be stuck in your negative thoughts, to do something for your community with a big smile on your face, and that there is nothing better to see people smiling. What was the most memorable moment so far? There are so many memorable moments, it‘s hard to choose only one, but I enjoyed the visit to the aquarium, the kids were so amused, and outings to Ta‘Qali park and a the walk in buskett that we did during the Summer Camp. What would you say to a potential volunteer to convince them to join us? I would recommend anyone to volunteer with OFD. The environment is great and the volunteers are very helpful. Working with kids can be a beautiful experience and emotional, even for a grown man like me :P

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