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“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” ~ Carl Gustav Jung

Sister Olga Wittekind is teaming up with Claire Sherman to host a special series on the individuation process: growing into wholeness with God. Come explore the fascinating treasure of Jung’s work!

Jung’s Red Book Seminar: Integrating Jung’s Theory of the Self

T'ai Chi Chih® with S. Claire Whalen (certified T’ai Chi instructor) Thursdays: February 16, 23, March 8, 15, 22, 7-8:30pm $15 per session or $65 for the whole series

Enhance your well being! T’ai Chi Chih® is a series of 19 movements created by Justin Stone in the mid 1970s. The slow continuous movements help to maintain balance, harmony and peace in the midst of our daily lives. When practiced regularly, the benefits reduce stress levels, expand creativity, and enhance our well-being.

This series is particularly well geared for counselors, spiritual directors, and spiritual seekers who wish to deepen their understanding of Jungian psychology for personal growth. If you are interested in one or all of the topics, please call Annette at 812-933-6437. Classes will begin in the Spring!


Group Spiritual Direction with S. Janet Born Dates/times TBD. Call if interested! - $15 per session Group spiritual direction provides an opportunity for individuals with a deep desire to live God centered lives to find strength in joining with others who seek to do the same. This is a time for scripture-centered meditation, personal reflection, and mutual support. We will share our personal experiences and help each other reflect prayerfully upon God’s presence and movement in our lives.

RSVP to 812-933-6437 or

Awakening our Spirit .

Using Jung’s Red Book (his journal), we will study the following topics, each in separate full-day seminars: (1) Jung’s understanding of the unconscious, (2) the shadow, (3) the individuation process, (4) the transcendent function, (5) the significance of dreams, (6) the alchemical process as a metaphor for our spiritual growth.

Healing Movement .

Healing into Wholeness with God

co-facilitated by S. Olga Wittekind, PhD (Jungian analyst) and Claire Sherman, PhD (clinical psychologist) Dates/times TBD. CEUs may apply. Call if interested! $45 per session or $250 for the series (includes lunches)


What guests say they love most about OFC: “The surrounding beauty of God’s creation!” “Learning new things about myself!” “This truly feels like Holy Ground!” “Quiet, clean, homelike comfort” “The beautiful chapels.” “The peaceful spirit.”

Grieving our Losses - Ongoing Support Group with S. Olga Wittekind, OSF, PhD Times TBD according to each group

$ 15 per session

According to each group’s needs, we will meet once a month or once a week to share our losses in a trusting, spiritual setting. Our facilitator will share the grieving process and help us understand how the various stages are experienced uniquely in each of our lives. Through a process of reflection, sharing and mutual support, we will draw deeper into our spiritual selves and the Hope that God holds out to us. New groups are forming! Call 812-933-6437!

Let us know how we can serve you!! We can organize and present programs and private retreats specifically for your groups in the following areas (and possibly others - just ask!): • • • • • • •

Scripture, theology, biblical wisdom Saints and holy men & women Sacraments and catechism Follow up support for RCIA, CHRP, Emmaus & more Dream workshops and Jungian psychology Healing with journaling, art, and prayer Counseling and pastoral support for caregivers & more.

Contemplative Prayer - Ongoing Prayer Group with S. Olga Wittekind, OSF, PhD

Save the Date! 2012 Franciscan Retreat

Times TBD according to each group

August 6th  –  10th,  2012 - Celebrating 800 Years of Inspiration

$ 15 per session

Modern contemplatives like Thomas Merton and Thomas Keating offer much from their own experiences to help us advance our own prayer lives into the heart of God. In this series, we will explore Thomas Keating’s guided DVD series, practice contemplative prayer, share God’s movement in our lives, and reflect on our experiences through the process. Come explore a new way of prayer, or come deepen your current contemplative prayer life, guided in community. New groups are forming! Call 812-933-6437!

RSVP to 812-933-6437 or

Clare of Assisi: A Woman Weaving a Dream

Clare of Assisi is a woman of her times and a woman of our times. She spent forty years weaving a dream that has endured as well as inspired women and men over eight centuries. Who is this woman? What does this medieval woman say to me in my 21st century life? Why does the dream endure? During this retreat we will answer these questions and allow Clare of Assisi to walk out of the pages of history into our world. There will be presentations, quiet time and ritual celebrations during our time together.

RSVP to 812-933-6437 or

Following God’s Call .

Nurturing Faith & Prayer

Growing through Grief


Joining in community with others who share similar experiences, interests or hopes for spiritual growth can be very healing and rewarding! Together, we awaken to God’s Love!

OFC Seeking Deeper Wisdom - Winter 2012  

Joining in community with others who share similar experiences, interests or hopes for spiritual growth can be very healing and rewarding!...

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