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y name is Bethany Brady, and I am the owner and operator of Enterprise Massage Services. I have a wonderful husband and two young boys. We enjoy camping, science fiction, ham radio operating, and crafts. My family moved to O’Fallon in 2010 from West County. Before that, we lived in Collinsville, IL, and Olathe, KS, due to the nature of my husband’s job. These moves were planned, so I took advantage of the opportunity to stay home with our young children and wait to pick up my massage therapy career. They often enjoyed the benefits of having a massage therapist in the house to help ease growing pains and headaches. I maintained my qualifications and volunteered at events though until our youngest son started preschool. I started work again at a spa in 2012 and really enjoyed working with clients and other massage therapists. I kept hearing from my clients that they wished they could get massage at work, especially when I would be working on the clients shoulders, back, arms and hands. So I asked the spa if there was a way I could stay employed by the spa and offer clients mobile chair massage at their offices. The spa said that was not part of the franchise business model. As a result, I left the spa in 2013 to start an independent practice with a dynamic business model: to offer both mobile services for short sessions

Bethany Brady

and a treatment room in a brick-andmortar location for longer sessions. I am passionate about helping my clients find relief through touch therapies like massage. Standard massage techniques are frequently modified for the individual client. Access and affordability are also just as easy to customize. I didn’t know why these services weren’t mainstream: so I took it as a challenge to try to make it so. One unique service I offer include a 20 minute full body stretching session which is gentle enough for children and seniors, and effective enough for the most competitive athlete. Another unique service offered is an open ended focused therapy session for acute pain events, where the goal is to help gently relieve discomfort and to guide home care choices until the client can be seen by a physician. This often involves more stress relief techniques related to frustration over being injured and anxiety about potential missed work or limited mobility. Techniques aim to interrupt the out of control pain cycle with relaxation, as well as using touch without movement to areas surrounding the injury which helps reduce swelling. It is important to note here that I am not qualified to diagnose, nor to treat certain conditions. I strive to follow Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics laid out by industry regulators, such as the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and

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Bodyworkers (NCBTMB) and the Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP). This means I often check to confirm that services I offer are covered by my license to practice massage therapy. This is a burden of time and due diligence that I gladly bear for my client’s sake. And I often refer my clients to professionals like chiropractic physicians and family practice physicians for diagnosis and treatment plan recommendations before my service can continue. I consider myself an advocate for my clients, helping them to reach and maintain relief and wellness as much as I can within my scope of practice. I actively pursue connecting with health care providers to be able to refer my clients to others who are qualified to provide services needed that I cannot provide, such as registered dietitians, laser vein specialists, even to other massage therapists who specialize in techniques I have yet to learn or who have extended hours of availability. Proactively participating in the O’Fallon Chamber of Commerce and visiting BNI groups and other networking events has provided me with amazing opportunities for education for myself and the community.

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The O'Fallon Business Connection newsletter distributed by email in a page-turning electronic format. The distribution reaches more than 1,1...

Newsletter mar2014  

The O'Fallon Business Connection newsletter distributed by email in a page-turning electronic format. The distribution reaches more than 1,1...