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Love is all around.

This collection is for the babes. For the dreamers. For the doers. For the weekend party throwers. For the retro inspired, modern woman of our dreams. For you, the girl who can turn the world on with her smile.

OF1407 Tambourine queen top OF1408 Tambourine queen bottom

OF1409 Polka dot Saturday top OF1410 Polka dot Saturday bottom

OF1411 Blue ribbon holiday top OF1412 Blue ribbon holiday bottom

OF1413 Summer doll top OF1414 Summer doll bottom

OF1423 I believe in picnics

OF1425 Babe about town

OF1424 Garden Club Dropout

OF1401 Pretty Pretty Cartwheel top OF1402 Pretty Pretty Cartwheel bottom

OF1403 Block Party top OF1404 Block Party bottom

OF1417 Picnic pony top OF1418 Picnic pony bottom

OF1419 Hopscotch time machine top OF1420 Hopscotch time machine bottom

OF1405 Hula hoop champion top OF1406 Hula hoop champion bottom

OF1415 Main Stage top OF1416 Main Stage bottom

OF1425 Babe about town OF1427 Where’d you get those pants

OF1426 Goes with every top bottom

OF1421 Betty is my spirit animal top OF1422 Betty is my spirit animal bottom

OFabz Swimwear 2014 Lookbook (3)