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Skjern Paper is a green and sustainable company – and probably one of the world’s most eco-friendly paper mills


Green footprint for generations Welcome to Skjern Paper, and welcome to Denmark’s only paper mill. We are proud to have developed the paper mill into a modern, sustainable and efficient company, adapting constantly to shifting market conditions.

Skjern Paper was established in 1965 when a group of entrepreneurial businessmen wanted to boost growth and activity in the region. The location in Skjern and the easy access to process water from the River of Skjern created the idea to acquire a paper machine abroad. Thanks to local funding and area development subsidies a paper machine was purchased and transported to Skjern on more than one hundred railway wagons. The idea of the founders was to manufacture paper exclusively from old newspapers. They succeeded in starting production in 1967. The basic idea is still alive today, where Skjern Paper manufac-

tures sustainable quality products from 100% recycled paper. Evidently, Skjern Paper was ahead of its time. Throughout the years Skjern Paper has had a number of different owners; since 2005 Skjern Paper has been owned by Buur Invest A/S and executives engaged in the daily operation and the local community. Today, Skjern Paper is a consolidated company with focus on the manufacture of quality products for the European packaging and paper industries. Considerable funds are invested continually to develop an even greener and more sustainable production.

FACTS ABOUT SKJERN PAPER • 100% Danish owned company • 75 employees • Turnover of more than EUR 30 million a year • Annual production of 75,000 tonnes of paper/carton from 100% recycled paper • Production primarily for the European packaging and paper industries • Supply of waste heat to approx. 2,500 households in the city of Skjern 3



Sustainable recyclable products for all of Europe At Skjern Paper we have an annual production of 75,000 tonnes of paper and board produced from 100% recycled paper from the Nordic countries. More than 90% of our production is exported to the packaging and paper industries around Europe. The majority of our products end up as cardboard cores in toilet rolls and kitchen towels, composite cans, cardboard in binders, solidboard boxes, gift wrap paper rolls, or sheet interlayers for pallet goods.

Skjern Paper is an order producing company and is able to meet the paper and board products our customers request. We are a flexible company and can adapt our production if an acute need arises. Skjern Paper is a green, sustainable and environmentally aware company continually optimising our production in all aspects.

FACTS ABOUT PRODUCTION • Paper machine: Fourdrinier • Machine width: 290 cm • Grammage: 110-475 gsm/m2 • Capacity: 75,000 tonnes/year • Operating days: 349-352 days/year • Shift operation: Five teams/three shifts


• Coreboard • Greyliner • Blueliner • Greyboard • Sheets

Skjern Paper sets new standards for the production of paper and board for the European packaging and paper industries Investments are made constantly in environment-friendly and green technology to meet market requirements for even more sustainable products

PRODUCT RANGE Coreboard – primarily used for spiral wound cores for kitchen towels and toilet paper rolls as well as rolls for stretch wrap and gift wrap paper. Greyliner and Blueliner – primarily used as cardboard for binders, books, and puzzles. Greyboard – primarily used for lamination of solidboard used boxes, packaging, and displays. Sheets – primarily used as sheet interlayers for pallet goods.




Quality in all stages of the value chain At Skjern Paper we take pride in supplying products of high quality. We have introduced a number of quality assurance systems to ensure high product quality and compliance of all products with precise, measurable, and well-defined quality requirements. Skjern Paper is flexible and can swiftly adapt production and supply urgent orders without compromising quality. Throughout the year we ensure a stable supply to our customers. Quality is not just about high product quality – it is also a high service level. We react quickly to all requests, have a close dialogue with our customers, and make decisions without delay. That is also quality – and is characteristic for Skjern Paper. Generally, all products from Skjern Paper can be recycled at the end of their useful life. And furthermore, all products are manufactured from recycled paper. Skjern Paper manufactures all our products in alliance with sustainability,

FACTS ABOUT QUALITY • ISO 14001 – certified in 1998 • ISO 50001 – certified in 2003 • FSC® – certified in 2013 (FSC – C118646) • ISO 9001 – certified in 2019 • Complying with requirements for the Nordic Swan ecolabel (for some product types) • Complying with requirements for the Blauer Engel ecolabel (for some product types) • BFR (in compliance) • EU Toy standard regulations (in compliance)


green thinking, and with a bias to a circular economy. We were environmentally certified under ISO 14001 already back in 1998; since then this standard has been expanded with the energy certification ISO 50001 in 2003 and the ISO 9001 certification in 2019. Skjern Paper is investing continually in quality and ensures this quality through efficient production processes. The company is constantly trying to find new ways to optimize the general energy consumption, reduce carbon footprint and water consumption and minimize the environmental impacts from its paper production.

High and stable quality

Skjern Paper manufactures products according to the highest quality standards. We also operate with a number of recognised certification systems. All of this contributes to ensuring quality throughout the value chain.

95% less CO2 emitted in the period 2014-2018




We cover more than half the heating needs of Skjern Skjern Paper makes a green dierence Waste heat from our production is delivered directly to the company that delivers district heating to the city of Skjern The collaboration with the Skjern district heating company was established in 2010


Practical experience with circular economy These years, much focus is on green transition, sustainability, and circular economy. The production of paper and board at Skjern Paper is sustainable by itself. We exclusively use recycled paper and produce in an environmentally safe manner with a minimum of waste and without any further processing our finished products can be recycled as a new raw material in future products. For Skjern Paper circular economy is also about maintaining our competitiveness. We wish to be at the cutting edge of customer requirements, consumer requests, and legislation. The company works continually on minimising our environmental impacts. As a general rule, papermaking is an energy intensive process. Therefore, Skjern Paper has invested in our own wood chip fired boiler plant for the manufacture of steam for drying. This has reduced our CO2 emissions with 95% compared with the previously used gas fired boiler plant.

In 2012 Skjern Paper installed the largest heat pump facility of its type in Denmark, so the waste heat is supplied directly to more than 2,500 households in Skjern. This covers half the heating consumption of the city and reduces the city’s total CO2 emissions, and not least the heating bill for its citizens. Being an energy responsible company, we optimise in all stages of the mill. All trucks are electric. LED lighting with motion sensors has been installed to reduce power consumption. All pumps and engines are optimised to use as little energy as possible.

FACTS ABOUT ENVIRONMENTAL OPTIMISATION • 98 4% waste recovery in 2018 • 22 1% reduction of water consumption over five years • Bio-bottom ash from wood chip fired boiler used as fertiliser in the woods • District heating supply to 2,619 households in city of Skjern in 2018 • Installation of wood chip fired boiler has reduced CO2 emissions with 95% in the period 2014-2018

47,402 MWh

6,000 tonnes of CO2

349 days

district heating supplied in 2018. This corresponds to the average consumption of 2,619 households.

in annual environmental benefit from using waste heat

a year we supply waste heat to the Skjern district heating company




UN Global Goals Skjern Paper complies with a number of the UN Global Goals for sustainable development, but we would like to highlight two Global Goals that are of high importance to us:

7. Sustainable energy By supplying waste heat to Skjern’s households we contribute to ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. Our own boiler plant uses as large a share of biofuels (wood chips) as possible, thereby contributing to the green transition.

12. Responsible consumption and production Being a recycler, Skjern Paper contributes substantially to responsible consumption and production. By gradually increasing the production capacity and reducing waste we comply with this requirement. By recovering almost all waste and bringing bio-bottom ash from our wood chip boiler back to the woods we contribute to a responsible management of waste in the entire life cycle.

Skjern Paper is an environmentally optimized, energy-friendly, and social responsible company which should be considered as one of the most sustainable paper mills in the world Focused eorts over many years with ambitious objectives have led to substantial improvements

98,4% recovery of waste 10

Global Compact and social responsibility Skjern Paper has been a member of the UN Global Compact and its Nordic network since 2013. By that we have committed to acting socially responsible with offset in a number of basic principles about human rights, workers’ rights, environment, and anti-corruption. Our continuous efforts towards improving the working environment, optimising our energy consumption, and assuming our social responsibility reect in the best possible manner the UN Global Compact principles. At Skjern Paper we acknowledge our social responsibility. We are very aware of this social responsibility and materialise it by, among others, inviting small local companies to participate in our tenders; we organise visits from associations and schools; and we support a number of charities in the local community. In addition, we are a partner company with Green Network, where we share knowledge, participate in CSR seminars, etc. Skjern Paper is a major workplace in the local community employing around 75 people.


SKJERN PAPER A/S Birkvej 14 DK-6900 Skjern T +45 97 35 11 55 E contact@skjernpaper com

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