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ring spinning

Zinser 351 Acting exibly in the market


ring spinning

Zinser 351 Acting exibly in the market


Welcome to the Zinser 351, the most flexible and most productive ring spinning technology for an extensive range of applications. Not only does the world’s longest ring spinning machine make 1,680 spindles available, but with the CoWeMat, the most process-reliable doffer as well. As a result, you increase your production, save staff expense and get more yarn from valuable raw material – and this at reduced spinning costs. From the roving frame to the winding maschine, automation solutions suitably customised to your operation maximize your entire ring spinning process. Now learn more about the most cost-efficient ring spinning technology.

Zinser 351 Standard equipment

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Strong middle bottom roller

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1,680 spindle The longest a most cost-efďŹ ring spinning in the world Page 13

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Zinser 351 Options

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More production More quality More exibility Less personnel Less downtime Less energy Less raw material Less wear parts Less space costs

Zinser 351 Acting exibly in the market

Increasing productivity The longest ring spinning machine in the world ..................................................... 13 Process reliability at maximum speeds ................................................................. 14

Zinser quality technologies Wide range of applications ................................................................................. Impact FX compact spinning .............................................................................. Fancy yarns, maximally productive with FancyDraft and FancyDesigner .................... SiroSpun and CoreSpun .................................................................................... All-around protection for your quality ....................................................................

17 17 18 19 20

Saving on personnel, reducing downtimes Being faster – the advantage that always pays off .................................................. 23

Saving resources Energy costs always under control ...................................................................... 25 Lower spinning costs ........................................................................................ 26 Reduced wear part costs ................................................................................... 27

Automation and linked system solution Automating means profiting ................................................................................ CoWeMat – doffing automation with maximum efficiency ....................................... The personnel-saving stand-alone solution ........................................................... Quality-assuring link with every winding machine ................................................... Transport automation from the roving frame to the ring spinning machine .................

29 30 31 32 33

Remaining exible, securing the future Zinser 351: The future thought ahead ................................................................. 35

Made by Oerlikon Schlafhorst Partner for your success .................................................................................... 37

Technical details Technical data ................................................................................................... 38

Increasing productivity > 1,680 spindles: The longest and most cost-efďŹ cient ring spinning machine in the world > Highest speeds and lowest yarn break rates thanks to sensor-controlled drive technology > Operating closer to the technological spinning limit with OptiStep > Zinser high-speed spindles

12 Zinser 351

Maximum economic efficiency in superlength

Zinser 351 with 1,680 spindles: reduced production costs

1,200 spindles

1,680 spindles

up to 6% lower production costs

– 6% 80



Relative to a complete installation with 30,000 spindles (roving frame, ring spinning machine, winding machine) Ne 30, carded cotton

The longest ring spinning machine in the world – without centre drive

Zinser 351 with 1,680 spindles: reduced space requirement

25 ring spinning machines with 1,200 spindles, 7 roving frames, 25 winding machines

18 ring spinning machines with 1,680 spindles, 5 roving frames, 18 winding machines

up to 8% less space required

Others: 27 mm

Zinser: 30.5 mm

20% more torsional strength

Illustration in original size

Sophisticated drive technologies for long and superlong machines Superlong machines are increasingly in demand for commodity production. However, superlength places considerable demands on the system because the torsional forces occurring must not affect the quality of the yarn. The bottom rollers in particular are subjected to a torsion that the Zinser 351 counteracts with stronger middle bottom rollers. An auxiliary motor at the centre of a machine, which is generally used on other machines, is not an option for the Zinser 351 because it takes up space – and impairs productivity per sqm in doing so – and it requires additional maintenance input.

Only with Zinser: 1,680 spindles with maximum use of space The Zinser 351 with stronger middle bottom rollers realises a cost-effective way of neutralising torsional forces. Their drive motors fix them in place when the machine is stopped. This way, high Zinser spinning stability is assured at superlength – cost-efficiently, without auxiliary equipment and without requiring extra space. As a result, the Zinser 351 is not only the world’s longest ring spinning machine, but the most economical one as well. Make maximum use of your square metres, for greater production per sqm.

Zinser 351 13

Process reliability at the highest speeds

Sensor-monitored drives

Sensor, drafting system monitors and ensures uniform draft on an ongoing basis

Sensor, twist monitors and ensures constant twist on an ongoing basis

As secure as a gear wheel: Monitoring and control via sensor technology The fine tuning of speed, twist and draft is essential for productivity and quality when ring spinning. It must be assured at all times that the values set are realised across the entire length of the machine in actual fact too. That is why the Zinser 351 relies on state-of-the-art, fully controlled drive technology: All speeds are sensor-monitored online and precisely readjusted on an ongoing basis in real time. As a result, the drive concept combines the operational comfort of electronic control with the accuracy and dependability of a gear wheel.

14 Zinser 351

Constant yarn count at all times

Software-supported control circuit Spindle speed, draft and twist are controlled online. The system sensor-controls both the motor speeds and the actual speed of the drafting system‘s bottom rollers, synchronises the values among themselves and readjusts, if required, in split seconds. Maximum productivity, satisfied customers The Zinser 351 achieves extremely low yarn break rates on account of this highly precise all-around control of every spinning parameter. The yarn count cannot change subtly and unnoticedly – consistency in the yarn quality from spindle to spindle is guaranteed.


High-speed spindle technology

Higher speeds with OptiStep Ensure maximum productivity with OptiStep. The start-up, tip and main spinning speeds can be deďŹ ned very accurately via a 10-point speed curve. This means you can operate far closer to the technological spinning limit across the entire bobbin build and achieve peak production. The traveller service life is also extended.

Precision and quiet running at highest speeds Zinser high-speed spindles are another reason for the high productive capacity of the Zinser 351. The precise and highly stable high-speed spindle bearings in particular ensure absolute quiet running at top speeds. The spindles are economic due to their low energy consumption, scarcely require maintenance and have a long service life.

Zinser 351 15

Zinser quality technologies > Maximum exibility, wide range of applications > Impact FX – the most productive compact technology > Fancy yarns, highly productive with FancyDraft > Expanding the product range with CoreSpun and SiroSpun > All-around protection for your quality > Fast, reliable operation with EasySpin

16 Zinser 351

Control your quality advantage as the application requires

Wide range of applications

Impact FX compact spinning

As flexible as the textile market itself Fine yarns for high-quality shirt fabrics or coarse denim fancy yarns, the full spectrum of quality ring yarns can be produced on the Zinser 351 – subject to the demands of the market or following the current fashion trends.

No loss of compact power The market share of compact yarns is constantly growing. Increase your competitive advantage with Impact FX, the world’s most efficient compact technology: – automatically self-cleaning – equipped with its own controlled vacuum unit – variably adjustable in its compact characteristics.

With the Zinser 351 you are processing virtually every rawmaterial quality and yarn count from coarse to fine at highest-quality. Rapid adjustments of production to the current demands of the market are flexibly feasible at all times. You expand your product range easily and quickly thanks to the FancyDraft options for trendy fancy yarns, the CoreSpun and SiroSpun add-ons.

While in other systems subtle obstruction of the compact module often requires considerable supervision and maintenance input, Impact FX guarantees reliable, ideal compact quality without additional personnel. Read more in the supplemental brochure entitled “Zinser 351 Impact FX”

Zinser 351 17

Fancy yarns, maximally productive

FancyDraft MultiCount

MultiTwist X



T/m X

Reacting flexibly to market requirements With the integrated FancyDraft fancy yarn system you are producing stylish fancy yarns on the Zinser 351 in an exceptionally cost-efficient way. New fabric structures are in demand season after season, time after time. With FancyDraft you can generate the desired effects quickly and easily on the EasySpin touchscreen. The possibilities are endless.

18 Zinser 351

MultiCount and MultiTwist combined


T/m Y

Perfect structures absent the moiré effect Zinser FancyDraft does not require any setting for separate effects. The desired fabric effect in the woven or knitted fabrics is generated by prespecified effect thicknesses and the assignment of length ranges. This fancy technology prevents the moiré effect so feared in practice.

Top yarns with process advantage

Ring spinning





Weaving (Knitting)


SiroSpun & CoreSpun

Designing effects on the PC and transferring to the machine It is even faster and easier when you create your effects with FancyDesigner software on the PC. Simulate your desired effect right on the screen: FancyDesigner displays the effect on the textile fabric for you as a 2D image. Then you generate the production data for the Zinser 351 directly from the design. Easily transferring to EasySpin with a USB stick and your fancy yarn production is up and running.

Spinning and twisting in one operation With the Zinser 351 you spin twisted yarn in a single operation. In the economic SiroSpun process, two rovings are led in parallel through the drafting system and are only combined after the nip point of the front top and front bottom rollers. A Siro yarn is produced from the twisted single yarns – a two-ply yarn with twist. Hard and soft Core yarns with CoreSpun Expand your range with Core yarns. Hard and soft Core yarns can be produced on Zinser 351 ring spinning machines with simple modiďŹ cations and additional elements in the creel and drafting system.

Zinser 351 19

All-around protection for your quality



Operating technology assuring the highest quality All Oerlikon Schlafhorst machines stand out due to their market-leading, ergonomical operating concept. Your employees have the status of the machine, including all current process data, in view at all times on the big coloured EasySpin touchscreen – for maximum quality assurance.

Central setting, consistent yarn quality With the Zinser 351 you produce quality bobbins that are as like as two peas in a pod. EasySpin and ServoDraft make mechanical settings unnecessary – they ensure the consistency of every machine. Every important spinning parameter and machine component, e.g. spindle drive, FancyDraft and CoWeMat, is centrally controlled. Central settings minimise adjustment errors and eliminate inaccuracies. Store your lot data in the EasySpin article data archive or use a USB stick; that way you ensure maximum reproducibility at all times.

Integrated know-how Your staff are routed to the right setting quickly and securely: with images and icons and in various languages. Practical tips are found at every input screen. Illustrated messages provide targeted information about actions that are required.

20 Zinser 351

Reliable in case of power failure

Central data management

Maximum productivity in case of power failure The Zinser 351 buffers short power failures up to 2 seconds and continues running without yarn breaks. The mains power failure support system monitors the power supply and the speed of the machine on an ongoing basis for this purpose. If the power fails, the spindle drive motors operate in generator mode and supply the rest of the machine’s motors with energy.

Networked quality and production management With the Plant Operation Center (POC) you are always up to date as to the staff deployment and the level of efficiency at which your system is currently operating.

In case of a longer power failure the machine shuts down gracefully. After the energy supply has been restored, the machine starts running steadily again without further yarn breaks. Any additional effort to remedy yarn breaks is obviated as a result and such being the case, no extra staff expenditure is required.

Your Oerlikon Schlafhorst product lines are linked up via a system network employing a central POC computer. All production and quality data are acquired online and are available via mouse click as shift or production reports. With information prepared in detail you optimise your operational application flows and in this way increase the economic success of your company.

Zinser 351 21

Saving on personnel, reducing downtimes > Less downtime, less personnel thanks to low-maintenance drive > Less downtime, less personnel thanks to targeted service

22 Zinser 351

Being faster – the advantage that always pays off

Low-maintenance drive

FilaGuard single-yarn break detector

Maintenance-free tangential belt The Zinser 351’s multi-motor single tangential belt drive system does not require maintenance. If the belt change is made a part of the routine maintenance of the machine, you reduce maintenance-required downtimes to an absolute minimum – for the maximum economic efficiency of the system.

Fast action, more production FilaGuard ensures that yarn breaks are corrected as fast as possible, for more production on each spindle. The singleyarn detector monitors the rotation of the steel ring traveller of every single spinning position and indicates the break to your staff at once via a signal visible over a long distance. That way with FilaGuard your staff expenditure is significantly reduced and the efficiency of your Zinser 351 ring spinning machines is further increased.

Spinning, not cleaning Additional advantages of the tangential belt drive: It is encapsulated and the belt surface area is very small. That is why it does not generate any air whirl in the machine, such as the drum shaft of a 4-spindle belt drive. The staff costs for cleaning the Zinser 351 are minimal as a result.

Zinser 351 23

Saving resources > Energy-efďŹ cient drives > Reduced energy consumption with OptiSuction, the controlled yarn break suction system > Energy-saving spindle drive > Raw-material savings with RovingGuard > Longer service lives of travellers, aprons and pressure rollers with OptiStart and OptiMove

24 Zinser 351

Energy costs: always under control

OptiSuction yarn break suction system

Without OptiSuction

High-performance drives

With OptiSuction

Vacuum level

– 13%


up to 13% less energy required

Vacuum level

Energy t

Without OptiSuction: higher vacuum level, higher energy consumption


With OptiSuction: lower vacuum level, reduced energy consumption

Less energy, more income The intelligent OptiSuction sensor-monitored yarn break suction system ensures maximum energy efficiency. Its vacuum control always supplies the precise amount of vacuum needed, independent of the fill level in the filter box for fibres. Actual value equal to nominal value – at all times Settings can be configured conveniently on the EasySpin touchscreen. You produce economically and reliably as a result because the vacuum is always optimally adjusted to the raw material and the yarn count. Constant negative pressure across the entire bobbin build is ensured with this closed control circuit.

Top performance class drives do not require an additional cooling circuit Technology quality from Oerlikon Schlafhorst means: topquality components at critical points. On the Zinser 351 the spindle and drafting system drives are powered by energyefficient motors. The drives are designed specifically for the output called for in the spinning machines and they do not heat up. This means: Energy is converted to speed, not to heat.

Zinser 351 25

Lower spinning costs

Energy-saving spindle drive

RovingGuard roving stop

Reduced friction, maximum energy efďŹ ciency The most important advantage of the Zinser multi-motor single tangential belt drive system: It consumes less energy than other drives. Thanks to fewer deection points and belt deections friction is minimised and energy consumption is reduced as a result.

Saving on yarn resources To keep the roving feed from running on uncontrolledly in case of a yarn break and wasting expensive material, the RovingGuard automatic roving stop interrupts the roving feed in the drafting system section. The reaction occurs within milliseconds. That way no hazardous wind laps occur and you preserve your valuable yarn resources for yarn production.

26 Zinser 351

Reduced wear part costs

Ring traveller efficiency with OptiStart

Spinning components efficiency with OptiMove

konventionell conventional

Traveller costs are reduced with OptiStart Ring travellers last longer if they are run in properly. This can be done very easily and entirely automatically with OptiStart. The automatic ring traveller run-in program controls the individual running-in phases of the ring travellers up to production speed reliably and precisely. This significantly increases the traveller service life and relieves your spinning components budget and your personnel.

Maschinengeneration 351 OptiMove

Longer service life with OptiMove On machines without an electronic roving guide drive, the yarn only travels in a narrow range by means of aprons and pressure rollers. These wear out quickly as a result. With the electronic OptiMove the traverse of the yarn is increased and controlled as a curve. Dead points do not occur at the deflection points. Wear is reduced thanks to the more even load and the service life of the aprons and pressure rollers is extended considerably. An advantage that pays off: thanks to the longer service lives of the aprons and pressure rollers, reduced staff costs, longer maintenance intervals and with them the increased efficiency of your ring spinning system.

Zinser 351 27

Automation and linked system solution > Automation solutions from the roving frame to the winding machine > CoWeMat – the world‘s most productive and most reliable automation > Stand-alone solution with CoWeFeed saves on staff – only with Zinser > Lowest labour requirement, lowest logistics costs and maximum quality assurance when linked with the winding machine

28 Zinser 351

Automating means profiting

Custom automation options

Stand-alone solution: Zinser 351 with CoWeMat 395 F and CoWeFeed, the unsorted tube feeding

Linked to the winding machine: Zinser 351 with CoWeMat 395 V

Automated material flow from the roving frame to the ring spinning machine

Producing independent of personnel It is becoming increasingly more difficult for spinning mills to find steady employees. As a result, the automation trend is gaining greater momentum worldwide. But automation also increases and assures yarn quality. Oerlikon Schlafhorst provides you with cost-efficient and customised automation solutions: – for the roving frame and roving bobbin doffing – for transporting roving bobbins to the ring spinning machine – for doffing and the transport processes at the ring spinning machine – for transport solutions from the ring spinning machine to the winding machine

Flexible with the stand-alone solution or maximum efficiency with linked systems Doffing automation with full flexibility or maximum economic efficiency for large lots – it is your choice: The Zinser 351 as a stand-alone machine with CoWeMat 395 F fits every space situation because it is spatially independent of the package winding machine. It enables you to produce flexibly and saves on personnel in particular thanks to CoWeFeed, the unique unsorted tube feeding. The Zinser 351 linked machine with CoWeMat 395 V links with every commercially available package winding machine and reduces your labour and space requirements to a minimum.

Zinser 351 29

Doffing automation with maximum efficiency: CoWeMat

CoWeMat, the most reliable doffing technology

Known around the world for maximum operational reliability Reliable doffing automation on the ring spinning machine has a name known worldwide: CoWeMat – the most cost-efficient doffing technology. Because the most important thing in your spinning mill is how many kilos of yarn are actually produced at the end of every shift: 2x the protection for your production Each gripper is moved pneumatically by a diaphragm, without mechanical stress of the air-ducting elements. Second, every outer gripper is supplied with compressed air separate from the machine’s vacuum system. If a gripper malfunctions, the CoWeMat and the machine continue running: for maximum efficiency.

30 Zinser 351

No controls required The CoWeMat’s high level of operational reliability cannot be taken for granted. In the case of other doffing systems design-related malfunction risks are known, which require persistent controls. Here, individual leaks can even cause machine stoppage. The CoWeMat, on the other hand, increases and preserves your high level of productivity automatically. Monitored doffing also for yarns that are highly tenacious against rupture A light barrier monitors the smooth application flows of the doffing. In case of a malfunction, the machine shuts down automatically. Even yarns that are highly tenacious against rupture are safely separated from the outer gripper together with the Zinser spindle‘s separation technology.

Taking advantage of automation, maintaining application flows

Zinser 351 with CoWeMat: reduced personnel costs

Zinser 351 without doffer

Zinser 351 with doffer CoWeMat 395 F

up to 50% lower personnel costs

– 50% 0



Basis: 30,000 spindles, Ne 30, carded cotton

Time-saving stand-alone solution: CoWeMat 395 F with CoWeFeed

Doffing automatically and remaining flexible With the CoWeMat 395 F doffer you can position the Zinser 351 freely because it is not connected to the winding machine. As a result, you remain flexible, can configure your application flows freely and always meet your customers’ demands. You change the yarn spectrum as required and spin large or small lots, yarn qualities and counts as needed. Zinser BobbinTray – for greater productivity The Zinser BobbinTray system transports bobbins and empty tubes without contact, thus ensuring high Zinser yarn quality. The individually guided, BobbinTrays and the conveyor belt ensure precise positioning during doffing and a rapid, reliable material flow.

Uniquely time-saving: CoWeFeed Save on staff when making the empty tubes available. Only CoWeMat 395 F has CoWeFeed, the unsorted tube feeding. The empty tubes are simply dumped into the feed container – sorting is not required. One filling is sufficient for a full takeoff, even with superlong ring spinning machines. Automatic, fast, productive No matter how the tubes are situated, CoWeFeed finishes the processing automatically and trouble-free. Even with 1,680 spindles removing the bobbins and feeding the empty tubes is rapidly carried out between two doffings – for maximum productivity.

Zinser 351 31

Lowest labour utilisation, highest reliability

Efficiency maximisation in linked system solutions: CoWeMat 395 V

Maximum economic efficiency in linked systems A linked system involving superlong ring spinning machines pays, particularly for the continual production of big lots without many changes. Many efficiency factors can be taken optimal advantage of, e.g. use of space, synchronisation of winding and spinning capacity, minimisation of the labour requirement and quality management. As a result, efficiency is increased and production run times are significantly reduced. Little effort is required on your part to link the Zinser 351 with CoWeMat 395 V with all commercially available automatic package winding machines.

32 Zinser 351

Higher package quality, highest efficiency Thanks to contact-free transport of the bobbins the quality of the yarn spun remains retained at 100%. The advantage: Thanks to yarn-protecting bobbin transport, trouble-free unwinding with the lowest yarn break rates and highest efficiency and quality is expected.

Transport automation from the roving frame to the ring spinning machine

Tailor-made solutions for roving transport automation

Transport automation, just the way you need it Automation solutions are always distinct. Oerlikon Schlafhorst provides you with custom roving transport automation for the Zinser 351 from any commercially available roving frame, adjusted to fit your spatial requirements and your budget – from the economically priced version with manually actuated trolley trains to the fully automated system with CimTrack 3 or CimTrack 4. Up to 35% less personnel costs Compared to manual roving transport, you can save on personnel costs, e.g. for coarse yarns with CimTrack 3/4 creel automation, up to 35%.

Your advantages: More productivity, more reliable quality – No roving bobbin contact, no package surface damage – No intermediate storage that could cause damage to or soiling or aging of the roving – No mix-ups – Clearly structured material flow, acceleration of your processes – Equalisation of work application flows and smoothing of peaks in the labour requirement Read more in the brochure entitled “Zinser roving frame and automation solutions“

Zinser 351 33

Remaining exible, securing the future > Flexible technology platform > Comprehensive options for a wide range of applications: FancyDraft, FancyDesigner, CoreSpun, SiroSpun > Can be retroďŹ tted at any time > Zinser 351+ can be upgraded to Impact FX compact spinning

34 Zinser 351

Zinser 351: The future thought ahead

Flexible technology options

Impact FX upgrade with the Zinser 351+

Create room for decisions With the Zinser 351 you are investing in a technology platform that provides you with maximum freedom. With additional options like FancyDraft, FancyDesigner, CoreSpun and SiroSpun you are making your ring spinning machines ďŹ t for new fashion trends at any moment and expanding your product portfolio with new yarns. Because a niche application today can already be standard tomorrow.

Upgrade to Impact FX, the self-cleaning compact spinning technology Spinning mills that produce different yarns and need frequent changes to meet new customer demands should select the Zinser model 351+ when making their investment decisions so that they can remain exible for future requirements. It can be upgraded to Impact FX, the unique self-cleaning compact spinning technology, with little effort at any time.

Zinser 351 35

Made by Oerlikon Schlafhorst > Market and innovation leader in system solutions for the spinning mill > Specialist for greater economic efďŹ ciency in ring spinning and compact spinning > Tailored technologies with greater energy efďŹ ciency, greater raw material exibility and smarter automation > Trusted service quality worldwide

Premium technology

36 Zinser 351

Advance of the market leader

System solutions through to the package

Branches across the world

Top class service

Partner for your success

Know-how on call

Custom-fit efficiency

Efficient solutions for the spinning mill Oerlikon Schlafhorst is your guarantor for sure success. We are the only company on the international market that offers trend-setting rotor spinning, ring spinning, compact spinning and winding machines from one single source for the important issues of our time: For the most efficient use of raw materials and resources. For greater productivity in keeping with pinpoint quality. For rational automation in every market segment. For yarn and package quality that guarantees optimal added value and provides downstream manufacturers with the ideal basis to start from.

Simply successful with smart technology Quality, productivity and cost-effectiveness are decisive factors of success for your economic efficiency. We support you in setting the right priorities in your market: with European know-how, innovative power and process experience. We make it easy for you to be successful – with smart technology solutions that operate at the touch of a button in a self-explanatory and self-regulatory way and minimise your effort along with resources, personnel and costs. High output and pinpoint product quality, minimal downtimes, flexibility and ease of maintenance are features that yield a quick profit.

Zinser 351 37

Technical data Zinser 351 L L1 X


No. of spindles x gauge



Maschinenlänge mm Machine length LLininmm

L = 5794 6210++XX (Zinser (Zinser351 351mit withCoWeMat CoWeMat395 395F)F) L1 = 3820 CoWeMat 395395 F) F) 4070++XX (Zinser (Zinser351 351ohne without CoWeMat






Zinser 351 with CoWeMat 395 F – Stand-alone – CoWeFeed – BobbinTray.


No. of spindles x gauge

1,164 mm max. 1,525 mm 820



Machine length L in mm L = 4100 + X (Zinser 351 with CoWeMat 395 V)





Please take note: Linked system interface lengths must also be taken into account. Definite dimensions given in the order installation plan.

Zinser 351 with CoWeMat 395 V – Linked system – BobbinTray. Features

Spindle gauge 70; 75; 82.5 mm

Gauge mm

No. of spindles


180 – 210

Tube length


180 – 230

240 – 1488

180–260 mm


up to 260

240 – 1200


up to 260

180 – 1116

Application area Staple fibres up to 60 mm

Tube length mm

Raw material qualities Cotton, viscose, manmade fibres

Ring diameter

and their blends.

36 – 58 mm

Count range

Spindle speed


167–4 tex

25,000 rpm (mechanical)


> 1488 – 1680



(Nm 6–270, Ne 4–160) Twist range



> 1,248 spindles: central suction system

SiroSpun CoreSpun

100–3,500 T/m Depending on the raw material, restrictions Draft range

are possible on ring spinning machines with

8–80 fold,

more than 1,200 spindles.

higher drafts optional

38 Zinser 351

Combination SiroSpun and CoreSpun

Technical data Zinser 351+ L L1 X


No. of spindles x gauge



Machine length L in mm

L = 7060 + X (Zinser 351+ with CoWeMat 395 F) L1 = 4920 + X (Zinser 351+ without CoWeMat 395 F)








Zinser 351+ with CoWeMat 395 F – Stand-alone – CoWeFeed – BobbinTray.


No. of spindles x gauge

1,164 mm max. 1,525 mm 820



Machine length L in mm L = 4950 + X (Zinser 351+ with CoWeMat 395 V)







Please take note: Linked system interface lengths must also be taken into account. Definite dimensions given in the order installation plan.

Zinser 351+ with CoWeMat 395 V – Linked system – BobbinTray.


Spindle gauge


70; 75 mm


Application area Staple fibres up to 60 mm

FilaGuard Tube length


180 – 260 mm


Raw material qualities


Cotton, viscose, manmade fibres and

Ring diameter


their blends.

36 – 54 mm

Combination SiroSpun and CoreSpun

Count range

Number of spindles

Depending on the raw material, restrictions

167–4 tex

240 –1,680

are possible on ring spinning machines with more than 1,200 spindles.

(Nm 6–270, Ne 4–160) Spindle speed Twist range

25,000 rpm (mechanical)

100–3,500 T/m * does not apply to ring spinning machines Draft range

1,296-1,680 spindles

8–80 fold, higher drafts optional

Zinser 351 39


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Zweigniederlassung der Oerlikon Textile GmbH & Co. KG Carlstr. 60 52531 Übach-Palenberg Germany Phone: +49 2451 905...


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Zweigniederlassung der Oerlikon Textile GmbH & Co. KG Carlstr. 60 52531 Übach-Palenberg Germany Phone: +49 2451 905...