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ring spinning

Zinser Modular Concept 351 Acting flexibly in the market – CompACT3 and classic


The freedom to develop new chances and markets The Zinser Modular Concept 351 bundles the best of ring spinning technology

Profit from innovative Zinser technology Zinser ring spinning systems by Oerlikon Schlafhorst are globally acknowledged as the top technological products. This market position position is, thanks to our innovative leadership, developed over the past decades, which enables us to supply ring spinning solutions for every application. The Modular Concept 351 bundles top Zinser technology for premium ring yarns in a flexible system.

Perfectly suited for today and tomorrow You can use all options in the state-of-the-art ring spinning technology today and in the future with the Modular Concept 351. Regardless of whether you produce the finest CompACT3 yarns for high quality shirting materials or coarse denim fancy yarns. And the best thing is: You stay as flexible as the textile market itself.

> Top efficiency, productivity and comfort Only at Zinser: Unique drive and control technologies offer maximum power for peak performances Page 08

02 Zinser 02 Zins Zi Zins nser er Modular Mod du ullar lar ar Concept Co on n nce cep ce ptt 351 351 51

> Automatically more productive With CoWeMat, you can rely on the world‘s most efficient doffing technology

> Premium ring yarn at the touch of a button EasySpin, the intuitive operating concept, ensures top yarn quality and takes pressure off your personnel

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Zinser Modular Concept 351

Zinser 351 Classic ring spinning

Zinser 351 C3 CompACT3, Can be converted to classic if necessary

Zinser 351+ Classic ring spinning Prepared for CompACT3

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> Small effects, greater effectiveness Profit from fashion trends with FancyDraft

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Select the Zinser 351 that meets your requirements The Modular Concept 351 offers you a flexible system, customised to your needs. The Zinser 351 is the base machine of the Modular Concept 351, designed for classic ring spinning. The Zinser 351 C3 offers you top security and quality in compact spinning with the unique self-cleaning Zinser compact technology CompACT3. Flexibility remains yours: Where necessary, the Zinser 351 C3 can be converted to a classic ring spinning machine. The Zinser 351+ is based on the Zinser 351, but is already structurally prepared for compact spinning with Zinser CompACT3. It can easily be upgraded to the Zinser 351 C3.

Flexible like no other system: The Modular Concept 351 for the economic and flexible production of popular premium ring yarns.

Zinser Modular Concept 351 03

Option 1: Zinser 351 Top technology for classic ring spinning

Zinser 351 for classic ring spinning > The longest ring spinning machine in the world – the most economic ring spinning technology in the world > Extra-long ring spinning machines with up to 1680 spindles for: – Up to 8 % lower capital costs – Up to 3 % lower production costs – Up to 11 % lower space requirements > This technology is set up for peak economy and reliability > High productivity, low yarn break values and excellent yarn quality > Zinser supplies ring spinning systems and automation as an overall concept from one source – individually customised to the requirements of your spinning mill

Zinser 351 ring spinning machines with up to 1680 spindles set new yardsticks.

04 Zinser Modular Concept 351

The longest ring spinning machine in the world The Zinser 351 technology is clearly designed for increasing productivity. With up to 1680 spindles, it sets global yardsticks. The drive concept, precision and quality of processing, together with clever automation, all ensure the desired productivity and reliability. The proven drafting system and the optimal spinning geometry guarantee excellent yarn quality, low yarn break values and high productivity. The Zinser 351 is universally applicable – for coarse to fine yarns. Zinser ring spinning machines and their level of automation are individually specified to optimally meet the requirements of the spinning mills. The Zinser 351 with 1680 spindles allows you to achieve up to 8 % lower capital costs, 3% lower production costs and 11 % less space requirements compared with a Zinser 351 with 1200 spindles and based on a total system comprising 30,000 spindles.

Option 2: Zinser 351+ Future-proof with the conversion option for CompACT3

Zinser 351+ with the option of retrofitting to CompACT3

Flexibility and efficiency Classic production is possible with the ring spinning machine Zinser 351+, however every option is kept open for the future.

> Maximum flexibility in ring spinning > Attractive solution with low investment costs > Retrofitting to compact spinning is fast and easy > The creel and the endstock/suction box area are already set up for compact spinning > High economic efficiency and reliability

It is based on the Zinser 351 for classic ring spinning with the unique Zinser drive and control technology, but can be retrofitted at any time without difficulty and low outlay for compact spinning. The creel and the endstock/suction box area are already set up for CompACT3. Spinning mills that produce different yarn qualities and need frequent changes to meet current fashion trends should select the Zinser 351+ when making their investment decisions so that they can remain flexible for future requirements.

> High productivity, low yarn break values and excellent yarn quality

Zinser Modular Concept 351 05

Option 3: Zinser 351 C3 Absolute compact quality for every meter of yarn – on the safe side with CompACT3

Zinser 351 C3 for the best compact quality all the way > Greatest application range - compact spinning for almost all fiber types and blends > Reliable compacting with the self-cleaning compact unit > Impressive compact quality with high strength and low hairiness > Development of new textile products with yarn engineering > Advantages and cost savings in the downstream process stages

06 0 6 Zinser Ziin Z nssse err Modular e Mod odu ullar Concept Conc ce ep ept ptt 351 351 51

Compact spinning throughout the entire raw material range CompACT3 is a synonym for the three decisive factors in compact spinning: Flexibility, reliability and economic efficiency. The flexibility factor is crucially important here. Other compact spinning technologies are generally restricted by the process to a very narrow raw material range. All important fibre types and their blends can be processed to all major ring spinning qualities and counts with the Zinser CompACT3. Self-cleaning compact technology This advantage is made possible by the innovative Zinser compact technology which is based on a classic 3-roller drafting system and the Zinser CompACT³ unit. This combination ensures the best operating safety. The Zinser CompACT³ unit, consisting of the guiding elements, perforated apron, fibre supports, top roller and negative pressure aggregate, provides high-quality compact yarn.

Self-cleaning CompACT3 technology by Zinser guarantees that compacting is reliable and perfect at all times. Continuous, personnel-intensive monitoring is not necessary.

Your advantage: The CompACT3 technology is self-cleaning. This significantly reduces your personnel outlay and ensures you always have reliable and perfectly compacted yarn, metre by metre. Elegant yarn character The special character of the yarn is discernible right up to the end product, e.g. due to its greater lustre or a more intensive colour contrast in coloured patterned fabrics. The unusual feel and the elegant appearance of the compact yarn increases the quality of the end product - palpably and visibly. New textile products In addition to the chance of achieving significant cost savings in downstreaming processing stages, there is also the opportunity to use yarn engineering with the Zinser 351 C3, i.e. to develop new textile products. New application areas can be opened up. The wide range of carded compact yarns, as well as compact yarns from manmade fibres and blends of cotton/man-made fibres, can be easily produced with the Zinser 351 C3. More efficient downstream processing Compact spinning creates a new yarn structure with high strength and very low hairiness. The textile properties of the CompACT3 yarn provide significant advantages in the downstream process stages such as weaving preparation and weaving, as well as in knitting.

Zinser Modular Concept 351 07

Profit from innovation, set the yardsticks Secure the power of the longest ring spinning machine in the world

Powerful drive technology for peak productivity > Yarn count and twist set precisely and easily at the EasySpin touchscreen > Very short yarn lot changes, high flexibility > Precise, synchronous running of all spindles > Higher speeds thanks to high-performance spindles with optimum running behaviour > Only at Zinser: SynchroDraft, the double drive for extra-long machines > Economic technology for lower energy consumption and less wear

Fast lot changing with EasySpin The controlled drafting system drive ServoDraft enables fast lot changing times and therefore utmost flexibility. Changing the yarn count and twist is made easily and quickly at the EasySpin touchscreen of the machine. Twist and draft can be infinitely set. ServoDraft thinks with you and secures your quality The closed control circuit ensures that the pre-set draft is precisely maintained. ServoDraft checks the set values for plausibility and consistency before they are used by the machine control system. This prevents yarn breaks and faults. Production data can be stored and called up at any time.

Saving time during lot changes: ServoDraft and EasySpin ensure the quick and secure setting of the correct yarn parameters.

08 Zinser Modular Concept 351

konventionell conventional


Maschinengeneration 351

Even strain is ensured across the entire traversing width by the directly roving ServoDraft, SynchroDrive and SynchroDraft – powerful Zinser drive

guide drive OptiMove.

technology for maximum quality and productivity in your spinning mill.

Rear bottom roller drive unit

Middle bottom roller drive unit

Front bottom roller drive unit

Break draft change point

Zinser SynchroDraft – Optional middle bottom roller drive unit from approx. 23 m bottom roller length

Longer service life with OptiMove Another technological highlight is the separate electric roving guide drive OptiMove. Aprons and top rollers are subject to uniform strain across the entire traversing width with OptiMove. Wear is reduced and service life is increased significantly. The roving guide drive is easily set using inductive proximity switches. High speeds with Zinser high-performance spindles You can take full advantage of the productivity potential in your machine with Zinser spindles. The precise and highly stable bearing technology in particular ensures absolute running smoothness at top speeds. The spindles are economic thanks to their lower energy consumption, require little maintenance and have a long service life.

Double power in draft system for extra-long ring spinning machines SynchroDraft is the name of the powerhouse for extra-long ring spinning machines with up to 1680 spindles. The middle bottom rollers are driven from both sides. The drafting system drive is optimally synchronised. SynchroDrive – synchronous operation of all spindles, uniform twist in yarn SynchroDrive ensures precise, synchronous operation of the spindles - a prerequisite for the lowest possible twist variations in the spun yarn. The unique Zinser multi-motor drive system also is performance-optimised for lower energy consumption.

Zinser high-performance spindles – high economic efficiency through lower energy requirements.

Modular Concept 351 09

Automatically more productive Doffing with Zinser CoWeMat – precise, secure, reliable

The most productive doffing technology on the market > Optimal doffing automation solutions for standalone and linked machines > Peak efficiency thanks to maximised operating security > Reduced personnel requirements with CoWeFeed – unsorted tube feeding – only from Zinser > Fully automated doffing with monitoring – well under 2 minutes > Top yarn quality thanks to yarn-protecting transport with pneumatic outer grippers > Optimised transport times in combination with the BobbinTray, reserves even for long machines

10 Zinser 10 Ziin Z nsser Modular Mo od d du ullar u ar Concept Co on nc ce ept 351 35 51 1

Secure automation for more productivity The Zinser CoWeMat has proven itself around the world as the most reliable and economic doffing technology. The doffing speed is clearly set up for operational safety. Because the most important thing in your spinning mill is how many kilos yarn is actually produced at the end of the shift: Day by day, machine by machine, lot by lot. Precision from the centre The frequency-controlled centre drive ensures absolute synchronous operation of the two doffing bars – for peak, proven operational safety. Efficiency is significantly increased. Complete monitoring, reliable doffing A light barrier monitors the smooth doffing processes. In the case of a malfunction, the machine stops automatically and signals the interruption. Yarn-protecting bobbin transport Pneumatic outer grippers with a wide catching radius grasp the bobbins and tubes securely and precisely at the tube tip. The three-point grip at the tip prevents damage to the yarn body. The outer grippers are also highly suitable for yarns with high tensile strengths in combination with the Zinser spindle cutting technology.

The CoWeMat outer grippers protect your yarn.

Even faster with CoWeMat 395 F and unsorted tube feeding The Zinser CoWeMat 395 F takes over even more work in stand-alone machines. CoWeFeed can take the unsorted empty tubes and discharges them into the feed container of the ring spinning machine. CoWeFeed takes the tubes automatically from the tube container with an ascending conveyor belt. The empty tubes are automatically aligned in the machine so that they can be placed reliably into the BobbinTrays. CoWeFeed significantly minimises machine operating outlay and eliminates manual tube sorting in boxes. The efficiency of the machine is increased by the reliability of the system.

Zinser CoWeMat 395 V – the combined solution for more economic efficiency The CoWeMat 395 V is a complete doffing and transport system, suitable for linked systems with all commercial winding machines. The Zinser BobbinTray system transports bobbins and empty tubes without contact, thus ensuring high Zinser yarn quality. The individually guided, round BobbinTrays and the conveyor belt ensure precise positioning during doffing and a quick, safe material flow.

CoWeFeed is particularly attractive for extra-long machines with 1680 spindles. Remove of bobbins and feeding of empty tubes is easily implemented between two doffings as the cycle times are very fast.

Only at Zinser: The tubes are simply discharged into the container – CoWeFeed

More productivity: Zinser BobbinTrays fit all commercial linked systems.

automatically supplies itself.

Zinser Modular Concept 351 11

Premium ring yarn at the touch of a button Why make spinning complicated when it can be so easy – with EasySpin

Intuitive operation for constant high yarn quality > Easy operation thanks to uniform, transparent and intuitive menu structure > Language-independent menu structure with images and symbols > Article data archive for easy machine setting > Higher productivity with OptiStep > Increased traveller service life with OptiStep > Increased traveller service life and reduced operator input with OptiStart

The right settings – quickly and precisely for optimal spinning results The Zinser Modular Concept 351 ring spinning machines are so safe and easy to operate that you can rely at all times on the best spinning results. The operator is guided step by step through the setting process on the easy to use EasySpin touchscreen. The clearly structured interface is easy to understand. The menu structure is uniform and designed to be languageindependent with images and symbols – operation is selfexplanatory. Your personnel will intuitively understand the system after a short learning phase. Rapid return to production with easy troubleshooting EasySpin also provides your personnel with intelligent assistance in troubleshooting so that the malfunction is rapidly resolved and production can continue.

Intuitive operator guidance in various languages on the EasySpin touchscreen. Spinning is therefore always implemented with precisely the right settings.

12 2 Zinser Zn Zi nsse err Modular Mod M odul ular ar Concept Con once ce ep ptt 351 35 51 1

Shorter set-up times with the article data archive – for more productive machine operating times.

Article data archive for rapid access You gain in flexibility with the EasySpin article data archive – you can store up to 10 different yarn lots per machine and call them up at any time. This reduces set-up times to a minimum. You can, therefore, reproduce any yarn lot at any time with the identical quality. Even more flexible with the Zinser Memory Card In addition, any amount of lots can be stored on Zinser Memory Cards and transferred from one Zinser ring spinning machine to another. Convenient and cost-saving: OptiStart, the automatic ring traveller running-in program The automatic ring traveller running-in programme OptiStart (optional) reliably and precisely executes the individual running-in phases of the ring travellers up to production speed. This significantly increases traveller service lives and relieves your personnel.

Even in the case of frequent conversion, you can produce identical yarn qualities effortlessly with the Zinser Memory Card – without time-consuming programming.

Higher speeds with OptiStep Ensure maximum productivity with OptiStep. The start-up, tip and main spinning speeds can be defined with a 10 point speed curve. This means you can operate far closer to the technological spinning limit across the entire bobbin build and achieve peak production. The traveller service life is also extended. Layer control is also available as an option.

Spinning closer to the technological spinning limit with OptiStep.

Zinser Modular Concept 351 13

Small effects, greater effectiveness FancyDraft: Profit from fashion trends with professional Yarn Engineering

Yarn Engineering with FancyDraft > Efficient fancy yarn production direct at the ring spinning machine – without additional equipment > Draft and twist can be variably controlled > MultiCount: Mass variations in the yarn by varying the drafts > MultiTwist: Twist variation in the yarn by varying the delivery to the spinning speed > All fancy yarn parameters can be stored in the article data archive

Reacting flexibly to market requirements With FancyDraft, Zinser offers an easy entry to the world of fancy yarns. Structured materials are a global mega fashion trend. Fancy yarns now account for up to 10 % of all yarns produced worldwide. Fancy yarns from ring spinning mills are found most frequently in denim textiles, in single jersey and fine outerwear fabrics for men and women. Enter the world of fancy yarns New effects are in demand each season. You can generate the required effects rapidly and easily with FancyDraft. Yarn Engineering with FancyDraft utilises the unique drive technology of the Zinser 351 for flexible and easy fancy yarn production: – The electronic drafting system drive ServoDraft – The spindle drive SynchroDrive – And the EasySpin operator interface.

Easy fancy yarn production with EasySpin: Fancy yarn parameters can be easily set and stored for future reproduction, either in the machine or on a Zinser Memory Card.

14 Zinser Modular Concept 351

MultiCount Yarn effects as required: MultiCount: This varies the yarn count by specific modifications in the main draft.




MultiTwist: This varies the twist by specific modifications in the X

T/m X


T/m Y

delivery speed.

MultiCount and MultiTwist combined

Combine two set-up options for thousand and one yarn effects Both MultiCount and MultiTwist each provide different effects on their own. Infinite effect variations are open to you if you combine MultiCount and MultiTwist. Even more effective: FancyDraft Extended and FancyDesigner You can define seven effect thicknesses and up to 200 lengths of yarn between effects per pattern repeat with FancyDraft Extended. The software tool FancyDesigner generates the production data for your Zinser ring spinning machine directly from the design: Simply transfer with the Zinser Memory Card into EasySpin and your fancy yarn production will start.

Easy, operator-friendly, profitable – design your fancy yarns easily on your PC and simulate the finished textile with FancyDesigner.

Expand your product range with SiroSpun and CoreSpun Spinning and twisting in one operation with Zinser SiroSpun Spin twisted yarn directly at the ring spinning machine – with the ring spinning machine Modular Concept 351 and the SiroSpun option. In the economic SiroSpun process, two rovings are led in parallel through the drafting system and are only combined after the nip point of the front top and front bottom rollers. A Siro yarn is produced from the twisted single yarns – a twofold ply yarn with twist.

Simply spin hard and soft core yarns with CoreSpun Expand your range with core yarns. Hard and soft core yarns can be produced on Zinser Modular Concept 351 ring spinning machines with the simplest of modifications and additional elements in the creel and drafting system.

Zinser Modular Concept 351 15

Save resources, increase productivity OptiSuction – the intelligent negative pressure system saves energy wherever possible

Save energy with OptiSuction > Intelligent control circuit – only produces the exact amount of negative pressure required > Optimal adaptation of negative pressure to the article > Increased efficiency > Easy set-up of negative pressure value centrally at the EasySpin touchscreen > Negative pressure aggregate for CompACT3, also with energy-optimised OptiSuction technology

Reducing energy requirements Through optimally controlled negative pressure

Power consumption



With OptiSuction: Constant, optimal negative pressure with controlled fan speed

Conventional Energy savings

with OptiSuction Filling level of filter box (flow resistance)

16 Zinser Modular Concept 351

Intelligent control circuit saves resources The controlled single tube suction system of the Zinser 351 always produces the precise negative pressure that is required, saving valuable energy. A control circuit with negative pressure sensor and frequency-controlled motor continuously adapts the negative pressure to the pre-set value for the article. The energy savings are highest with an empty filter box as the fan speed and negative pressure are the lowest at this time. Precise setting with EasySpin Settings can be implemented easily and comfortably at the EasySpin touchscreen. Production is not only more economic, it is also safer as the negative pressure is always optimally adjusted for the respective yarn properties. Constant negative pressure across the entire bobbin build is ensured with this closed control circuit. OptiSuction also with Zinser CompACT3 The compact spinning machine Zinser 351 C3 also has a second negative pressure aggregate for compacting, also with the energy-optimised and controlled OptiSuction system.

Trust is good, control is better: the Zinser Guard System

Online production monitoring, increasing productivity

Zinser FilaGuard detects yarn breaks

Zinser RovingGuard roving stop saves

directly at each spindle.

material and prevents lapping.

Detecting and rectifying yarn breaks faster Increase the productivity of your spinning mill with an optional automated production monitoring system. So that yarn breaks cause the least possible damage.

> Detecting and rectifying yarn breaks faster > Material savings with roving stop > Avoidance of machine damage by preventing lapping > Less personnel costs with higher spindle assignments > Optimised productivity across the entire spinning mill

The electronic eye: FilaGuard The individual yarn monitor FilaGuard monitors the rotation of the steel ring travellers of each individual spindle and detects each yarn break immediately. Optical signals indicate the specific yarn break, effectively relieving operating personnel workloads. The problem can be rapidly rectified. Roving stop RovingGuard prevents material losses and lapping The automatic roving stop RovingGuard interrupts the roving feed in the area of the drafting system if there is a yarn break. The reaction occurs within milliseconds. Material loss is minimised and dangerous lapping is prevented. Increase the productivity of your entire spinning mill – with DataGuard and RingPilot The actual production situation of the ring spinning machine is constantly changing. Numerous influences determine the future quality of the yarn. The yarn breakage frequency is an indication of the actual production situation. Zinser offers the DataGuard system as an extended process data acquisition system for permanent monitoring of the production process. DataGuard collects and summarises the information which is then visualised in EasySpin. The data from all the production machines in the spinning mill can be summarised and visualised with the Zinser RingPilot.

The optical FilaGuard indicator shows your operator a yarn break even from large distances – it can then be specifically and rapidly rectified.

Zinser Modular Concept 351 17

The right construction counts Zinser Modular Concept 351 – developed for the best ring yarns in the world

Constructive advantage for constantly best spinning results > All components produced with peak precision > Technologically important components from in-house production in Germany > Stable construction of machine frame with intermediate stands made of cast iron > Doffer forces do not affect the machine. > Creel forces do not affect the drafting system > Precisely centred running of yarn guiding elements with separate guides

18 Zinser Modular 18 Mod o ular Concept Conc cept ep ptt 351 35 51 1

Success through know-how To enjoy success, you need to keep the entire process in view. Oerlikon Schlafhorst is your strong partner with a process chain competence second to none. With us, you can ďŹ nd the right contact for your requirements: Whether technical, technological or process-wide, from the ďŹ bre via the yarn up to the premium-quality package. High-tech from Germany You obtain innovative Oerlikon Schlafhorst state-of-the-art technology with the Modular Concept 351 ring spinning machines. All components are manufactured with the highest possible precision. Technologically important components such as spindles and drafting system components are from our own production in Germany.

Ring rail Balloon control ring Yarn guide

Precisely centred running of yarn guiding elements with separate guides –

More than 500 engineers work at Oerlikon Schlafhorst every day on new

the constructive basis for the production of popular premium yarns.

solutions for top productivity in the textile process chain.

Decoupled construction ensures the best running conditions Doffer forces do not affect the machine. The intermediate stands absorb the creel forces without negatively affecting the drafting system.

Precise spinning geometry for top yarn quality due to separate guidance of the yarn guide elements The yarn guiding element drive is provided by a programmecontrolled motor. The bobbin build with winding length, traverse length and displacement can be centrally and precisely speciďŹ ed at the EasySpin touchscreen and can be quickly and easily optimised.

Precise manufacturing, precise yarn The intermediate stands are made from cast iron and therefore form a stable foundation for the machine frame. The cast iron intermediate stands are produced at the same time as the mountings for the yarn guiding element guide units. These parts are therefore produced with excellent ďŹ t accuracy, also ensuring that the machine frames are perfectly aligned. This achieves utmost precision for the movement of the yarn guiding elements.

The precise guidance of the yarn guiding elements is supported by precision guides on all intermediate stands. These guide elements are low-maintenance and are characterised by a long service life. The precise position of each individual yarn guiding element is therefore ensured. The spinning tension is kept constant by precisely matched movements, which in turn has a positive effect on the running behaviour of the ring spinning machines.

The spindle rails are also manufactured from solid cast iron like the intermediate stands. The vibration-damping properties of cast iron have a positive effect on the running behavior of the ring spinning machines and therefore on the yarn quality.

Zinser Modular Concept 351 19

Profit from the global Oerlikon Schlafhorst know-how network We ensure that your investment pays off

Perfect on-site service for profitable machine service life > Oerlikon Schlafhorst bundles technological knowhow along the entire textile process chain – to your advantage > Worldwide Oerlikon Schlafhorst know-how and service network > Customised, economic service offers > Personal consultancy, training and service on request in your production site > Our engineers speak your language and are familiar with the regional production conditions around the world.

Individual service for you – for a long and productive return on your investment. You can rely on Oerlikon Schlafhorst. Not only do we ensure that the machine quality of the Zinser Modular Concept 351 ring spinning machine is high, but we also ensure that you can optimise your use of it over many years. We offer you a complete, individual service concept. Fast, reliable, personalised service anywhere in the world is an inseparable element of our business. Precision technology that provides many years of excellent performance Take advantage of our customised service offers – our experts are happy to assist you with individual tips on maintenance and care right up to a service contract. Because acting with foresight avoids unnecessary machine stoppages and therefore quickly pays for itself.

Main Oerlikon Textile Service Network Stations plus more than 120 agencies worldwide

Kruishoutem, Belgium

Oerlikon Textile Switzerland: Arbon Winterthur

West Yorkshire, Great Britain

Oerlikon Textile Germany: Neumünster Mönchengladbach Übach-Palenberg Krefeld Remscheid Chemnitz Ebersbach Kempten

Oerlikon Textile Czech Republic: Kostelec Liberec Oerlikon Textile Italy: Milano Jerago Istanbul, Biella Turkey Kahramanmaras, Turkey

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New Delhi, India Bangkok, Thailand Jakarta, Indonesia

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Oerlikon Schlafhorst is always close to you around the world.

Talk to us! We’ll help you to integrate the Zinser Modular Concept 351 ring spinning machine optimally into your operating processes.

20 Zinser Modular Concept 351

Beijing, China Jinan, China

Kumi City, South Korea Seoul, South Korea

Suzhou, China Shanghai, China Taipei, Taiwan Taenan, Taiwan Hongkong, China Bandung, Indonesia

Technical data Zinser 351

No. of spindles x gauge

Maschinenlänge mm Machine length LLininmm

L = 5794 + X (Zinser 351 mit withCoWeMat CoWeMat395 395F)F) L1 = 3820 + X (Zinser 351 ohne CoWeMat 395 F) F) without CoWeMat 395

Zinser 351 with CoWeMat 395 F – Stand-alone – CoWeFeed – BobbinTray.

No. of spindles x gauge

1164 mm max. 1525 mm Machine length L in mm L = 3850 + X (Zinser 351 with CoWeMat 395 V)

Please take note: Linked system interface lengths must also be taken into account. Definite dimensions given in the order installation plan.

Zinser 351 with CoWeMat 395 V – linked system – BobbinTray.


Tube length 180–260 mm

Tube length mm

No. of spindles


180 – 210

Ring diameter


180 – 230

240– 1488

36–58 mm


up to 260

240– 1200


up to 260

180– 1116

Application range Staple fibres up to 60 mm

Gauge mm

Raw material qualities Cotton, viscose, man-made fibres

Spindle speed

and their blends

25,000 rpm (mechanical)

Count range


Zinser FancyDraft

167–4 tex

> 1200 spindles: Centre suction

Zinser FilaGuard

> 1488– 1680


Zinser RovingGuard

(Nm 6–270, Ne 4–160) Raw material-dependent restrictions may be

Zinser DataGuard

Twist range

possible in ring spinning machines with more

Zinser RingPilot

100–3500 T/m

than 1200 spindles.

Zinser SiroSpun CoreSpun SiroSpun and CoreSpun combination

Draft range 8–80 fold Spindle gauge

* Ring spinning machines with more than

70; 75; 82,5 mm

1200 spindles: 500 mm

Zinser Modular Concept 351 21

Technical data Zinser 351+

No. of spindles x gauge

Machine length L in mm

L = 6644 + X (Zinser 351+ with CoWeMat 395 F) L1 = 4670 + X (Zinser 351+ without CoWeMat 395 F)

Zinser 351+ with CoWeMat 395 F – Stand-alone – CoWeFeed – BobbinTray.

No. of spindles x gauge

1164 mm max. 1515 mm Machine length L in mm L = 4700 + X (Zinser 351+ with CoWeMat 395 V)

Please take note: Linked system interface lengths must also be taken into account. Definite dimensions given in the order installation plan.

Zinser 351+ with CoWeMat 395 V – linked system – BobbinTray.


Spindle gauge


70; 75 mm

Zinser FancyDraft

Application range Staple fibres up to 60 mm

Zinser FilaGuard Tube length

Zinser RovingGuard

180–260 mm

Zinser DataGuard

Raw material qualities

Zinser RingPilot

Cotton, viscose, man-made fibres

Ring diameter

Zinser SiroSpun

and their blends

36–54 mm


Count range

Number of spindles

167–4 tex


SiroSpun and CoreSpun combination

(Nm 6–270, Ne 4–160) Spindle speed Twist range

25,000 rpm (mechanical)

100–3500 T/m Draft range 8–80 fold

* Ring spinning machines with more than 1200 spindles: 500 mm

22 Zinser Modular Concept 351

Technical data Zinser 351 C3

No. of spindles x gauge

Machine length L in mm

L = 6644 + X (Zinser 351 C3 with CoWeMat 395 F) L1 = 4670 + X (Zinser 351 C3 without CoWeMat 395 F)

Zinser 351 C3 with CoWeMat 395 F – Stand-alone – CoWeFeed – BobbinTray.

No. of spindles x gauge

1164 mm max. 1515 mm

Machine length L in mm L = 4700 + X (Zinser 351 C3 with CoWeMat 395 V)

Please take note: Linked system interface lengths must also be taken into account. Definite dimensions given in the order installation plan.

Zinser 351 C3 with CoWeMat 395 V – linked system – BobbinTray.


Spindle gauge

Zinser DataGuard

70; 75 mm

Zinser RingPilot

Application range Staple fibres up to 60 mm

Zinser SiroSpun Tube length


180–260 mm

SiroSpun and CoreSpun combination

Raw material qualities Cotton, viscose, man-made fibres

Ring diameter

and their blends

36–54 mm

Count range

Number of spindles

62 tex and finer


Oerlikon Schlafhorst‘s quality management system complies with the requirements of EN ISO 9001.

(Nm 16 and finer, Ne 10 and finer) Spindle speed Twist range

25,000 rpm (mechanical)

100–3500 T/m Optionen Draft range

Zinser FancyDraft

8–80 fold

Zinser FilaGuard

Regarding this brochure: Research and development never come to a halt. This may mean that some statements may be rendered obsolete by technical progress. The illustrations are selected for informative content only. They may contain special equipment which is not included in the standard scope of supply.

Zinser RovingGuard * Ring spinning machines with more than 1200 spindles: 500 mm

Zinser Modular Concept 351 23


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Acting flexibly in the market – CompACT 3 and classic EN ring spinning Perfectly suited for today and tomorrow You can use all options in the...


Acting flexibly in the market – CompACT 3 and classic EN ring spinning Perfectly suited for today and tomorrow You can use all options in the...