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compact spinning system


60 min*

plug profit and


20 min*

Flexible compact spinning line Quick color change

High throughput

Application of Barmag components

High quality

Quick color change

Downstream process

Gain extreme flexibility

• • • • •

Various yarn types

 rocessing of different ­ P polymers

 roduction of bi-component P and microfilament yarns

 road overall and B filament titer range

Simple conversion possibilities

* Depends on various factors. Please ask us and we will gladly explain to you, how you will achieve maximum efficiency of your VarioFil®.

• • • • • •

Cut operating costs in half

Simple 1-man operation

 igh production speed with H ­extended mechanical capability

Energy management

Lower maintance costs

C onsiderably lower energy costs

Waste management


compact spinning system

Consistent level of yarn tension

Receive firstclass quality

• • •

First-class yarn

 est fitting machine B configuration

E mployment of      components

Advantage through downstream ­processing

 arns spun on VarioFil ® Y can be further processed on any texturizing system

POY 50 – 600 den FDY 20 – 1,200 den MTY 50 – 2,400 den HTY 70 – 2,400 den Others on request For details see additional data sheet


compact spinning system

As flexible as your needs  arioFil ® is the ideal pro­duction V unit for manufacturers that have a wide range of products, small lot numbers or specialised products.  he VarioFil ® unit is not l­imited T to using only one material or a particular process. Customised conversion packages allow the unit to be adjusted to the ­market requirements quickly and at reason­able rates.

• • • •

C an be configured to different yarn types (POY, FDY, HTY, LSY, HMY)

S uitable for all customary ­spinning polymers (e.g. PET, PP, PA, amongst others)

 se of high-quality U components supplied by Oerlikon Barmag

 roduction capacity of up to P 170kg/h (for each extruder)

• •

Available with WINGS technology:

Ergonomic layout for fast string-up

 he parallel like yarnpath ensures T an even and consistent level of yarn tension

Textile Yarns





Technical Yarns

Home Textiles

Have a different idea? Challenge us!


compact spinning system





Need a hand? Our business is engineering, con­ struction, design and manufacturing of machine components as well as complete machines for the plastic and textile industry. The services offered range from the design and planning phases to the implementation of projects.

VarioFil ® – Worldwide ­ in operation.

Innovation, quality and trust are our greatest strengths from which you will benefit.

Call +49 (0) 2191 67 22 03

You’re in good hands BBEngineering GmbH – inno­vative services in the field of machines and plant construction for more than 15 years. Founded in 1997 as a joint ­venture between the Oerlikon Barmag ­branch of Oerlikon Textile GmbH & Co. KG and Brückner ­Technology ­­Holding GmbH. The company ­nowadays employs more than 120 members of staff at the ­ location Remscheid-Lennep.

BBEngineering GmbH Leverkuser Straße 65 42897 Remscheid Germany Fon +49 (0) 2191 67 22 03 Fax +49 (0) 2191 67 78 22 03


and 0 60 min* 0 20 min* Application of Barmag components High throughput Quick color change Flexible compact spinning line compact spinning...

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