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Temco速 Belt Driven Hollow Spindles for the Covering Process

Hollow spindles US, USL and USC

High efficiencies with Temco hollow spindles. Fitting is simple, both for new machines and retrofits and for all machine types.

The single-handed adapter system ensures a secure package mount and ergonomic optimization.

Mobile spindle brake: Reduced wear and tear of The drive belt and longer bearing life.

Temco has developed hollow spindles for covering elastomer yarns (Lycra, Dorlastan) or rubber thread with synthetic yarns or natural fibres. These are suitable for both new machines and retrofits.

High production output, high reliability Hollow spindles, series USC/USL Temco’s further development of hollow spindles satisfies market demands for rotational speed increases and higher loads. The Temco spindles comprise integrated bearings and their raceways are integrated into the housing. The reinforced bearings, comprising a damping system that is optimized for the individual spindle type, have the following advantages:

Low maintenance or even maintenance-free – High machine utilization Sealing A double lip seal and rotating flinger ring protect the integrated bearing oft he USC and USL spindles. During the covering of rubber threads, a rotating plastic disc prevents talcum powder penetration. In addition, a wrap protection prevents penetration of broken filaments

Highest requirements are fulfilled The hollow spindles are pre-finished units, consisting of a hollow shaft, integrated bearing unit and a damping system that is optimised to suit the respective spindle types. The basic constructions are suitable for speeds of up to 28,000 rpm and for package weights of up to 2,500 g. Product characteristics - Increase in speed of revolution, up to 28,000 rpm - Longer life cycle - High package weights up to 2,500 g - Lower energy consumption - Noise reduction

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Increase in rotational speed Higher shaft rigidity / strength Higher dynamic load capacities Improved damping system Reduced spindle- and spindle bank vibrations Lower noise level, reduction in excess of 3 db(A) Exchangeable bearing unit with USC series Shaft bore with 3 mm possible

Lubrication The hollow spindles have lifetime lubrication. It is possible, however, to re-lubricate through two holes in the housing if required.

Economic, reliable, operator friendly

Safe resonance ranges Due to the further developed damping system oft he US spindle, the critical resonance range is safe at high revolution speeds and loads. There is no resonance range arising with the USL and USC spindle. With this damping system, vibration of the spindle and bearing forces are clearly reduced. As a result, the life cycle of the spindle is substantially increased. Vibrations of the spindle bank are reduced, which also leads to a substantial reduction in noise level. Moreover, the mechanical machine components are protected against damage from vibration. Simple handling, secure package mount Packages The quality and dimensions oft he packages determine the life cycle and energy consumption oft he spindles. Through in-house developments and in co-operation with reputable package manufacturers, Temco has made a substantial contribution towards lower energy costs. Simultaneously, the improved running properties increase life cycles. Package mount Temco hollow spindles are equipped with various mounting systems to accommodate packages: -


Adapters with bayonet catch Two adapters enable package synchronisation, whereby the lower adapter is aligned with the package via a spring pressure. By so doing, differences in length between packages is balanced out. The bayonet locking prevents axial movement of the package. Single-hand adapter with circular groove Operation is quick and secure. With this adapter system, a gate engages the shaft groove through centrifugal force, securing the package in an axial direction. The spring load of the pressure spring, which is integrated into the single-hand adapter, ensures package synchronization.

Drive designs:: (1) tangential belt – driven from above, (2) tangential belt – driven from below. Attachment systems: (3) blank shaft – with driving pins and O-rings, (4) single-hand operation – adapters with circular groove in the spindle shaft, (5) adapter – with bayonet connector.


Driving pins Pins, which are situated in the lower adapter and shaft O-ring, take along blank shaft packages and simultaneously secures these.

Spindle stoppage without wear and tear Spindle brake The mobile spindle brake ensures that the belts are lifted away from the drive wharve during spindle deceleration. As a result, drive belt wear is minimized. Moreover, it protects spindle bearing and lubricant from excessive temperatures. Economical alternative Conversion tot he new bearing- and damping system offers an economic alternative to users of hollow spindles with conventional grooved ball bearings (including Temco US series).

This upgrade introduces state-of-the-art technology, leading to increased productivity through higher revolution speeds. Energy conversation and noise reduction Energy consumption can e reduced by up to 25% and noise emission lowered by up to 6 dB(A) through the use of a spindle pot that can be opened. Hollow MSE spindles with single motor drive For new machine generations, the Temco range includes single motor driven hollow spindles oft he MSE series. The pre-finished units consist of an integrated roller bearing, motor, corresponding damping system and package holder.

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Hollow spindles US, USL and USC Design characteristics US series

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USL series

USC series

Economic, reliable, operator friendly

*) allow also to run other speeds depending on machine type and bobbin

**) for other bobbins please approach us for spindle type and operation speeds!.

1) 2)

Tangential-driven on top Tangential-driven below


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Temco ® Belt Driven Hollow Spindles for the Covering Process Low maintenance or even main- tenance-free – High machine utilization Sealing A...

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