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Drafting Systems Texparts® PK 2000 Plus Series The standard drafting system with the PLUS more

The weighting arms incorporate the experience of many decades of market leadership in the development of drafting systems. The Plus more for the individual market requirements of the Asian market: • New lever construction • Indestructible surface due to special powder coating • More load steps to support compact systems The Texparts development department very much focused on the ergonomic adaptation of the handle. The operator needs lower effort to open and close the weighting arm. The indestructible surface of the fully enclosed metal core of the arm is resistant against blows, dirt and sweat. A specially developed new powder coating guarantees a surface which is absolutely shock-proof and scratchresistant. Apart from the resilience of the surface, the latter also prevents static charges. The soiling behaviour of this arm is strikingly low compared to other arms available on the market. You will positively notice this directly in your cleaning expenditure. The design principle and manufacturing precision of the Texparts® PK 2000 Plus series benefit spinners in a number of ways: Top apron cradle concept with individual tensioning system • Gentle fibre guidance and timesaving apron changing.

Individual load adjustment • Five load steps (13/15/17/19/21 daN) at the front roller and two load steps at the middle roller (10/14 daN) and back roller (12/16 daN). • This load step combination supports the compact systems in an ideal way. • The back roller provides the preconditions for problem-free spinning of even critical fibres, rovings with a high degree of twist or man-made fibres.

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The possibility of load adjustment at the front, middle and back element of the drafting system provides the spinner with the required flexibility to meet the demands of a rapidly changing market.

Load indication via colour scheme • Simple and efficient: the colour indication for viewing the set load step at the front roller.

Texparts® OH 2000 Series

Texparts® Top Apron Cradle Concept Top apron cradles Texparts® OH 2022 and Texparts® OH 2042 are characterized by an individual tensioning system offering the following advantages for an optimized spinning process: • Low-friction, gentle apron running thanks to the special surface structure and an ideal combination of materials. This provides a low drive torque for the apron unit and ensures a long working life of the aprons. • Ideal parallel positioning of top apron cradle and top roller. • Individual tensioning of aprons per spinning point. • Savings in time of up to 40 % due to simple apron exchange without the need to remove the apron unit. • Finely adjusted fibre control with standard series of clips. • Lowest possible stress on fibres during drafting plus gentle fibre guidance.

Texparts® OH 2022 short stapel cradle for fibre length max. 45 mm

Texparts® OH 2042 medium stapel cradle for fibre length max. 54 mm

Texparts® PK 2000 Plus Load Adjustment

Individual load step adjustment Each load element can be adjusted individually. The load pressure on the front element is directly adjusted from the front with a few simple steps. A colour code directly indicates the selected load pressure to the operator.

Thus full flexibility is ensured to react quickly both to market requirements and to spinning adjustments.

Front (daN)

Middle (daN)

Back (daN)







17 15 13

Compact Spinning Support Because of the manifold designs of compact devices available on the market, the pendulum arm must be very flexible in terms of load setting. The front element has to deliver a higher load compared to the standard design in order to still have sufficient load on the compact device.

Drafting System Texparts® PK 2025

Drafting System Texparts® PK 2065

Then only the compact system can work in an optimal way. Because of the Plus in flexibility of load settings the Texparts® PK 2000 Plus supports the available compact systems in an ideal way.

Drafting System Texparts® PK 2035

Drafting System Texparts® PK 2055

Texparts® Top Roller 1000 Series

Texparts® Top Roller LP 1000 Series The Texparts® PK 2000 Plus Series is equipped with the Top Roller 1000 Series as standard. This proven standard stands for the following properties: • Long service life • Reduced maintenance • Silent and smooth running performance • Unique production know-how and precision

The Texparts® PK 2000 Plus Series comprises 4 different weighting arm types: • PK 2025 Plus , 3 roller standard, LP cot dia 28 mm • PK 2035 Plus, 3 roller standard, LP cot dia 35 mm • PK 2055 Plus, 3 roller V-draft, LP cot dia 28 mm • PK 2065 Plus, 3 roller V-draft, LP cot dia 35 mm

For spinning particularly fine yarns, materials that are difficult to draft and for spinning with high total drafts weighting arms PK 2055 Plus and PK 2065 Plus are recommended. They are designed for this purpose using back and front top roller cots with a diameter of 35 mm.

Thus the product range of Texparts weighting arms for short-staple spinning is completed and adapted to today‘s market requirements.

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The Plus more for the individual mar- ket requirements of the Asian market: • New lever construction • Indestructible surface due to spe- ci...