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Customer Support SUN – Service Unlimited

Your recipe for success Oerlikon Textile provides support for your business in every step of its development – serving every need that results from your changing or growing requirements. The only limitations our personnel accept are those defined by our customers. Choose the Original – Choose Success With its Pro Original Campaign, the VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinenund Anlagenbau – German Engineering Federation) emphasizes the Oerlikon Textile SUN – Service Unlimited initiative. Setting the main focus on quality, efficiency, innovation, experience and security, both initiatives aim at the same priority objective: helping the customer succeed in business.

Life-Cycle Partnership As a true companion, Oerlikon Textile cares about its partners throughout all the processes that lead to a successful investment. This means being on your side and at your side with: Consulting Installation Training Original Parts Software Maintenance and Repair Modernisation

SUN – SERVICE UNLIMITED Getting you to the top What are your expectations when you are deciding on new product ranges and equipment for your textile business? Do you really want to have several different providers manage the complex manufacturing processes you need to control? And can you risk facing the situation that your investment is virtually worthless a few years later? We at Oerlikon Textile are convinced you should not accept any such limitations. That is why we have devised “SUN – Service Unlimited“ – the new service initiative that Oerlikon Textile Customer Support offers with its brands Oerlikon Barmag, Oerlikon Neumag, Oerlikon Schlafhorst and Oerlikon Saurer to all its clients who require more than just service. SUN is a bundle of differentiated services that add real value to your Oerlikon Textile hardware and your daily business in a flexible way. Main Oerlikon Textile Service Network Stations plus more than 120 agencies worldwide

Kruishoutem, Belgium

Oerlikon Textile Switzerland: Arbon Winterthur

West Yorkshire, Great Britain

Oerlikon Textile France: Rixheim Villers Charlotte, USA

Oerlikon Textile Portugal: Porto Moreira de Conegos Barcelona, Spain

Mexico City, Mexico

Alexandria, Egypt

Bursa, Turkey

Lagos, Nigeria

Sao Leopoldo, Brazil Buenos Aires, Argentina

Going that little bit further Our expertise means we can offer valuable assistance on two levels: by taking an overview of all the essential parameters that define your business; and through a profound knowledge of both your specific needs and the technological options available. With this basic approach, Oerlikon can assure you of the best conditions for your economic success, backed by our commitment to total customer satisfaction. Enjoy your daily business with us – your reliable partner for success. Oerlikon Textile Creating Textile Values

Oerlikon Textile Germany: Neumünster Mönchengladbach Übach-Palenberg Krefeld Remscheid Chemnitz Ebersbach Kempten

Oerlikon Textile Czech Republic: Kostelec Liberec Oerlikon Textile Italy: Milano Jerago Istanbul, Biella Turkey

Beijing, China Kumi City, South Korea

Moscow, Russia

Tashkent, Usbekistan

Seoul, South Korea

Teheran, Iran

Karachi, Pakistan

Aleppo, Syria

Chandigarh, India Dhaka, Bangladesh

Kahramanmaras, Turkey Mumbai, India Baroda, India Coimbatore, India

Durban, South Africa

New Delhi, India Bangkok, Thailand Jakarta, Indonesia

Suzhou, China Shanghai, China Taipei, Taiwan Taenan, Taiwan Hongkong, China Bandung, Indonesia

CONSULTING Your benefit depends on a lot of elements Three of the most decisive factors for an excellent consulting are: Profound knowledge of market needs. Excellent know-how of the entire process that makes your product unique and efficient. The competence that leads your investment to a secure and rapid creation of value and a assures a short-term ROI (Return on Investment). Our Customer Support team can continuously manage these success factors and share them in a close and confidential relationship with our partners. Taking advantage of the benefits of our Consulting Service does not depend on the status that your company has achieved – our service consultants always endeavour to optimise your business, in every case. From before the project start-up to the maintenance and optimisation of the processes and through to subsequent expansion of productivity, we work alongside our partners with reliable and unwavering support.

Planning your success.

Your goals are our yardstick The most important aspect of consultancy is listening to the clients’ wishes. That is what our specialists do. And they do it well. Equipped with an excellent knowledge of mill practice as well as markets trends, they are often able to suggest more than one solution that fits your particular needs, right through to the finished textile product. Within the bounds of possibility, our experts consider not only the key competencies of Oerlikon Textile’s own Leading Equipment. They can also call on their detailed knowledge of equipment from third party suppliers.

INSTALLATION From stand-alone machines to complex turnkey plants If you have decided to invest in new technology and equipment, Oerlikon Textile engineers and technicians make sure that everything is in place and on time. Whether you need a simple machine installation customised to your individual needs or existing infrastructure or whether you want to build a complete new textile plant – for Oerlikon Textile there are no problems, there are only solutions. Knowing what to do – and doing it Machine and plant installations from Oerlikon Textile are based on applied know-how along the entire textile process. They are innovative thanks to state-of-the-art technology. They are economic because they are ergonomic. They are smart because they fit in with every aspect of the existing infrastructure.

Installing Leading Equipment.

TRAINING Forming a view of the whole Even the world’s best equipment is profitless if you cannot handle it correctly. With differentiated and individualised education and training, Oerlikon Textile helps you and your employees to profit in many ways. Keeping your staff well-trained avoids malfunction and waste. It motivates them because they feel much more tied to your enterprise, as important partners in its prosperity.

Sharing our expertise.

Comprehensive and specialised Participants in Oerlikon Textile training programs benefit from both specialised and wide-ranging knowledge. They become totally familiar with all the possibilities our equipment opens up for you, broadening the horizons for new techniques and advanced products. Well-trained staff maximise the value of your investment in new equipment – and make a real difference in the downstream performance of the products they help to create.


A class of its own Constantly targeting excellence in your products requires the best-equipped machines – and only by using genuine Original Parts, you can guarantee the high quality and productivity standards which are permanently delivered by Oerlikon Textile’s Leading Equipment. With Oerlikon Textile Original Parts, your advantages are clear: Stable productivity at a high level. High performance. Guaranteed maximum effective machine running time. Immediate availability of parts, worldwide and 24/7. Guaranteed component quality. Assurance of machine warranty.

It is worth the money You may find out that it is cheaper to purchase your spares and replacement parts from other suppliers. Before you do, we urge you to consider the real costs: more frequent downtimes; the loss of cost-free guarantee services; reduced machine output and a shorter life-cycle for your equipment. We are confident that you will conclude that the use of Oerlikon Textile Original Parts is the safest way to optimise your investment and your earnings from it. You will be sure that the quality of components supplied is at the highest level, while the availability of special ‘Smart Bundles‘ of both Original Parts and service options make it even more profitable for you. Be smart and benefit from Oerlikon Textile Original Parts. Turn this choice to your success. Choose the Original – Choose Success!

Nothing compares to you.

SOFTWARE Software... and hard facts Textile production processes and the machines that are used to create the miscellaneous wares that the global market is asking for depend more than ever not only on perfectly working hardware but on tailor-made software. In fact, it is the software that equips your machinery to be a reliable supplier of whatever your customers want. And it is the further development of software that keeps your Oerlikon Textile machinery competitive beyond generations of competitors’ equipment. Oerlikon Textile software enables and ensures: Economically-optimised use of your equipment. Enhanced variety of products from one machine. Future-proof hardware investments. Integration of single machines within cross-linked systems. Nearly all our software products have graphical user interfaces in our customers‘ languages. This makes the operator‘s task much easier, safer and more comfortable, even with complex installations.

Upgrade your profit Oerlikon Textile software can be upgraded depending on the market requirements and the latest advances in research and development to give our customers and their clients the best. But the benefits of our high-tech developments are available not only to those who already own software. In many cases it is possible to upgrade existing platforms with added value to satisfy our customers’ special needs.

Stepping up your satisfaction.

Keeping your business in great shape.

MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR 24 / 7 around the world Oerlikon Textile is committed to ongoing developing of Leading Equipment for continuous, high-level performance. To keep up the productivity standards you will come to expect from this equipment, it is sometimes necessary to check and replace, where necessary, machine parts that can influence the perfect performance. To ensure minimum disruption to your production processes, our technicians have the detailed knowledge and skills to fit out your equipment with the Original Parts needed for sustained operation, with reduced downtime and low maintenance requirements. And remember, you can reach us around the world – and around the clock. Health Check – Higher performance, extended lifetime, lower costs Individual analysis with detailed and documented analysis of the machine performance, machine condition and settings, tested implementation of the proposed measures and proved high performance services.

Get your individual health check certificate and save costs with reduced resources consumption, with an extended lifetime of Original Parts and optimised machine performance as well as adjusted quality level corresponding to your individual needs. When you need it most Problems always happen at the worst possible time. You have kept your machine in a good condition, you have taken advantage of regular ‘health checks‘ and maintenance service – but it is a fact of life that unexpected stops can still happen. And when they do, your customers wait for deliveries, while your employees still have to be paid without producing anything. At such times, you need a rapid response and that is precisely what we can provide: a resourceful, well-equipped and reliable expert from our team of technicians and engineers, who will solve your problem, instantly, without fuss. Oerlikon Textile Customer Support is where you need it – on your side and at your side.

MODERNISATION Staying competitive An investment made some years ago can often be overtaken, as the speed of technological development multiplies the benefits for competitors who made their machine purchases later or more frequently. Thanks to its systematic, modular engineering concept, Oerlikon Textile machinery can be re-equipped and upgraded in many ways – many times. We provide a full range of upgrade services to help those customers who may be using discontinued and earlier-generation models to remain competitive. This makes your decision to choose the Oerlikon Textile combination of Leading Equipment and top-value service a sensible investment – not only now but also for the future.

Refreshing your machinery.

Keep the best – improve the rest The enormous variety of equipment we supply means the spectrum of possibilities offered by Oerlikon Textile is virtually unlimited. But we are also committed to a policy of economic, ergonomic and ecological optimisation, so we will always strive to keep as much as possible of the existing and to replace as little as necessary to achieve this aim.


Customer Support SUN – Service Unlimited