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New spindle pot for motor- and belt-driven hollow spindles

Temco are presenting the innovation for the more effective Covering process: Pot solution for the Covering process

The new spindle pot for motor and belt-driven Covering spindles has been developed in order to have the single and double Covering of elasthan fibers withsynthetic yarns done and carried out in a consequently more economical way, and at the same time to improve this processwith regard to quality.

Influence of the spindle pot onto the energy consumption => energy saving of up to 30%!

Reduction of costs, improvement of quality

The essential advantages of the spindle pot are: – Less energy consumption per kg of yarn. According to the speed and the diameter of the bobbin, the consumption of energy can be reduced by up to 30%. – Noise emission reduction The spindle pot is reducing th noise level by up to 6 dB[A]. – Better quality of the yarn The diameter of the pot is controlling the extension of the balloon so that during the entire process there is a constant tension of the yarn. And due to this fact, yarn break is being reduced! By using polished, stainless steel inserts inside a plastic jacket, careful and gentle treatment of the yarn as well as a long service life will be guaranteed. Optimum handling characteristic-

For opening and closing, the handling of the pot has become perfected in an ergonomical way. When opening the pot, complete access towards the bobbinspossible so that yarn breaks, even in the bottom area of the bobbin, can be repaired very easily without having to take the bobbin out. So the handling of the bobbin is as easy as without pot.

Influence of the spindle pot onto the development of noise => noise reduction by up to 6 dB[A]!

Å with yarn, with spindle pot Ç with yarn, without spindle pot É without yarn, with spindle pot Ñ without yarn, without spindle pot

Can be used for all types of machines

For all the common and usual machine types, an adaptation of the pot is possible in the case of motor-driven as well as of belt-driven spindles. TEMCO offer solutions for machines with fix installed bobbins (e.g. in the case of Menegatto-, ICBT-, OMM machines) as well as in the case of so-called „swing arm machines“ (e.g. for RPR-, Ratti machines).

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The spindle pot has been made available for bobbin diameters of 65mm up to 78mm, and for bobbin lengths from 4.5“ (112mm) up to 6.5“ (165mm).