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Barmag Plant Design.


This POY/FDY plant in Egypt was Barmag’s first plant design project. Despite a moderate complexity Barmag faced several challenges. Logistics was one of them: the Egyptian architect and some 50 other subcontracting companies had to be coordinated. The interaction of all components and parts was first tested when commissioning the plant – it turned out finally that the close co-operation between client, Barmag’s staff, Barmag’s Egyptian representative and all major subcontractors was a great success.

Gayedtex Company for the Spinning Industry Location: Cairo - El Obour, Egypt Scope of supply: Basic and detailed design for ! building and plant layout. ! components for chip handling. ! POY/FDY spinning plant, from extruder to take-up winder. ! auxiliary and utility plants.

Gayedtex was founded as a yarn trading company by

knitters. The majority of orders lead to small production

the two brothers Nessim and Samy Gayed in 1988. In a

batches – too small for overseas suppliers. A local

first step the business was enlarged by a Barmag-

production unit is an ideal solution for serving the local

supplied texturing plant in 1992. Soon the step into the

market in a fast and flexible manner.

Acrylic yarn business followed. Currently, the company employs a staff of 300. Gayedtex concentrates on supplying non-commodity yarns to local Egyptian and Mediterranean weavers and

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>> 1 Storage Bin for Chips.

Project description The project comprises a complete engineering package. Barmag Plant Design provided the customer with drawings for the building layout, in order to create the best possible conditions for the installation of the spinning equipment. With this project, Barmag takes on the role of system provider. The scope of delivery comprises components

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>> 2 Zyclone / Drying System.

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>> 3 Spinning Line: Spin Pump Drives.

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>> 4 Spinning Line: Rearview of Quenching System.

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>> 5 Take-up Section of Spinning Line.

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>> 6 Yarn Bobbins ready for Delivery.

for chip handling, the complete spinning plant including auxiliary, power and support systems as well as a superordinate power supply system. Being a grassroots plant, there were no restrictions concerning the building. Gayedtex decided in favour of a vertical plant layout rather than a more horizontal approach. The machine layout for the first phase comprised: - 3 machines each with 4 positions POY / FDY - every machine with individual color metering system - standard and microfiber 0,5 - 0,8 dpf, 150den In a second phase, the number of spinning lines will be quadrupled to 48 spinning positions. The building and plant layout was planned accordingly. Important Mile Stones The contract was signed in March 2001 as Barmag’s first complete plant design project - Gayedtex was only responsible for erection of the building according to Barmag’s layout. The building including the spinning equipment as well as the auxiliary and utility plants was erected during 2002. The site was finished early 2003 and start-up was scheduled then for September. The plant went into production soon after, so the first products could already be sold in October 2003.

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!!!!! components for chip handling. !!!!! building and plant layout. Gayedtex Company for the Spinning Industry !!!!! auxiliary and utility...