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Barmag Plant Design.


A standard industrial yarn project becomes easily a plant design project – Barmag faced this challenge in Indonesia. For small and medium-sized enterprises total solutions are advantageous – especially if unexpected situations occur during the project.

P.T. Arteria Daya Mulia Location: Cirebon - West Java, Indonesia Scope of supply: Basic and detailed design for ! building and plant layout. ! components for chip handling. !industrial yarn spinning plant, from extruder to take-up winder. ! auxiliary and utility plants.

P.T. Arteria Daya Mulia is the largest manufacturer of

6 and Polyethylene multifilament yarns too. Yarn prices

fishing net in Indonesia. With approx. 3.500 employees

depend on raw material and crude oil prices, so P.T.

the company is the largest employer in this region of

Arteria Daya Mulia had to cope with the risk of rising

Indonesia. P.T. Arteria Daya Mulia started with a couple

supply costs and stagnating or even declining product

of used netting machines from Japan then expanded

prices. Therefore in 2001 the Muljadi owner family

into the production of PA 6 monofilaments.

decided to integrate backwards into the multifilament industrial yarn business.

The next step was to strengthen the company’s product portfolio by producing fishing nets made of Polyamide

Project Description The plant, building and components, had to be designed with extensions of the spinning plant in mind. The site was being restricted in space by other existing buildings so the entire plant had to be very compact. The spinning line was designed in an extremely modular and compact way with enough space for easy handling and maintenance. The machine layout comprised - 3 machines with 4 positions 6-end industrial Nylon 6 yarn each - each machine with individual color metering system

Details of Piping System.

- reduced floor space requirements Production capacity is approx. 14.5 tons per day.

Barmag’s part consisted of designing, procuring and installing the air conditioning system, chip handling and cleaning equipment as well as the spinning plant. A year later the newly designed compact industrial yarn machine was installed for test at Barmag’s headquarter in Remscheid, Germany. The building was finished early 2003 and in October 2003 both the spinning plant and the auxiliary/ utility plants were completely installed.


Testing and production was delayed after it turned out that the client


had to supply own electrical energy to ensure 24-hour production. Important Mile Stones The project started at the end of 2001 with the contract on a Nylon 6 Industrial Yarn line from extruder to takeup. Soon it turned out that the owner family was heading for an entire plant too. Extensive discussions with Barmag Plant Design followed.

A Word on Communications Communications between all parties turned out to play a crucial role in plant design projects. Fortunately Barmag’s worldwide network of subsidiaries, service stations and representatives had a node in Indonesia too. Barmag’s office in Jakarta played a major role during the entire project. Having a counter part speaking the same language helped both the client and Barmag when dealing with new challenges.

Take-up Section. Diphyl System. For further information please contact:

It was decided that the client was responsible for erecting the building according to Barmag’s building and plant layout and for most of the utility plants (Water supply and treatment, steam supply, compressed air).

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6 and Polyethylene multifilament yarns too. Yarn prices depend on raw material and crude oil prices, so P.T. Arteria Daya Mulia had to cope...


6 and Polyethylene multifilament yarns too. Yarn prices depend on raw material and crude oil prices, so P.T. Arteria Daya Mulia had to cope...