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Saurer has established a competence center for consulting and supporting customers with their equipment and project financing needs. This competence centre is an integral part of the international sales and service network of Saurer companies. It represents a state of the art information pool concerning national and international financing sources, reputable commercial banks as well as insurance facilities granted by the major Export Credit Agencies.

convertible currency is evaluated in order to optimise


the long-term financing cost. Depending on the feasi-

➔ Team approach with

bility of the project and available securities, down-payment financing and working-capital credits may also be considered.

customer. ➔ Efficiency in finance cost and arranging time. ➔ Global network with

Under the Total Solutions approach of Saurer for high volume projects and complex financing structures, Saurer is involved in the early stage of identifying the investment programs and supporting the customers. Sales Finance of Saurer – Strong Service as

Therefore loss of time can be avoided and start up

Part of the Total Solution Approach.

schedules can be optimised and secured.

banks and ECA's. ➔ Package financing tailormade. ➔ Complex cash-flow-based financing.

Saurer prides itself in reaching a full understanding of the financial requirements of the projects and the needs

Based on the Saurer five-step process:

of its customers, helping organize a custom tailored and

– Analysing the investment / project:

cost-effective financing package, based on the financial situation of the investor and the appropriate studies of the investment.

Feasibility- / business plan. – Assessment of financial credit of the investor / project: Corporate /

Beside of the usual financing and security instruments

country / commercial risk.

like Letters of Credit, bank-guarantees, forfeiting, etc.

– Structuring of financing:

the competence centre works with seller's credit, buy-

Concept and financing

er's credit, leasing and project financing on cash-flowbasis.

offers / cost optimisation. – Implementation of financing: Loan agreements /

Based on the long-lasting relationship with internation-

securities / ECA-insurance.

al commercial banks, particularly those active in the field

– Draw-down of financing:

of textile business, as well as with decision-makers at

Documents / local legal

the important Export Credit Agencies, corporate risks


may be accepted when arranging seller's and buyer's credits.

The competence centre presents the result of each step to the customer for decision, in order to guarantee a tai-

If appropriate, governmental programs as well as financing facilities granted by supra-national institutions like B-loans from IFC are taken into consideration. Any freely

lor-made financing. Contact:


ALLMA I BARMAG I NEUMAG I MELCO I SAURER I SCHLAFHORST I VOLKMANN I ZINSER Sales Finance of Saurer – Strong Service as Part of the Total Sol...

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