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The Saurer ring denim solution for an economic production of ring denim yarns in an optimum quality. The Saurer solution enables you to obtain a combination of utmost economic efficiency and optimum yarn quality at maximum flexibility in ring denim production which is unequalled on the market. By this unique combination of machines and components particularly developed for denim production, Saurer enables their customers to access a new potential of value added in ring denim production.

The original – made of ring denim.

The highlights at a glance:

The so-called ring denim is the former standard denim –

➔ Trützschler

the original blue jeans were made of this. For reasons of productivity, ring denim was replaced by OE denim at the beginning of the 1970s. In the course of the retro denim wave, ring denim was re-discovered. Today, the product ranges of the fashion-oriented jeans manufacturers cannot be imagined without this type of yarn. The yarn characteristics of ring yarn and the resulting surface of the fabric are in demand again. They are characterisJeans – the most popular garment ever.

tic for the traditional denim fabrics, which often form

Denim is the fabric for producing the best-selling piece

the basis for fashionable variations.

a symbol for an attitude towards life that is marked by

By different finishings, as i. e. the so-called “stone-

youthfulness, freedom and individualism. The vitality of

washed”, the retro look based upon the ring yarn can

jeans is based upon their ability to combine individuality

even be increased. However, the world of jeans and thus

with zeitgeist, yet to be unmistakable at the same time.

that of denim is not only focussed on retro. For quite some time now pairs of jeans made of stretch

individual taste – from unwashed, one-wash to stonewashed and through to bleached and sky-blue. As the

• Card TC 03 with integrated draw frame. • Draw frame TD 03 optionally with round or rectangular cans.

➔ Zinser • Coarse yarn roving frame Zinser 670 BigPac. • Bobbin transfer device, integrated tube cleaner. • Linkage of roving frame and ring spinning

of clothing in the world – the jeans. Jeans were and are

These days, there is the suitable pair of jeans for any

• Compact blowroom.

machine via a customerspecific roving bobbin transport system. • Ring spinning machine Zinser 351. • FancyDraft system for fancy yarns. • Linkage of ring spinning machine and cone winder.

➔ Schlafhorst

former trousers of freedom, jeans became the trousers

• Winder Autoconer 338

of free time, which are manufactured in mass produc-

in various automation

tion all over the world. Today, they are available even as an object of design, a status which this garment got during the last few years and which was created in the

types. • Spindle identification system for linked installations.

centres of fashion in Western Europe and in the United

• Flexible splice technology.

States. Nowadays, the product ranges of jeans manu-

• Intelligent control sys-

facturers comprise, apart from basic models, mainly variations in any conceivable execution. The appearances change from season to season; they are defined by different yarns, cuts, finishings and accessories. They ensure that the pair of jeans remains what it is already – the most popular garment ever.

tems like Autotense FX, Propack FX and Variopack FX.

denim have been available. Stretch denim is comfortable

The production costs are significantly reduced by the

when sitting or bending down due to its longitudinal

linkage of card and draw frame. The innovative

elasticity, it fits well due to its cross elasticity and thus

Trützschler draw frame TD03 can optionally be equipped

has got all the best features for modern times.

with round or rectangular cans. Rectangular cans are particularly efficient, above all for newly designed instal-

In addition to elastic denim, fancy yarns have found

lations – the number of can transports can be cut in

their way into jeans fashion. Today fancy yarns can be

half. After the draw frame passage the cans can be

produced on ring spinning machines, too, with utmost

automatically transported to the roving frame, which is very useful. Zinser – well-known specialist in denim ring spinning world-wide. As a specialist in ring spinning, Zinser for many years has been offering a multitude of interesting solutions also for the field of denim ring spinning. Hundreds of thousands of ring denim spindles installed world-wide prove the competence of Zinser also in this market segment. With new innovative solutions particularly developed for denim production Zinser offers spinning mills all over the world a new potential for cost reductions as well as for productivity increases in denim production and thus for acting successfully on the important denim market.

economic efficiency. In some cases, this made completely new appearances possible which mark today’s jeans fashion. The Saurer ring denim solution. Derived from the requirements of the present-day jeans market and thus denim market, Saurer offers the denim ring spinning mills a unique combination of machines and components particularly developed for modern denim production to obtain utmost economic efficiency and optimum yarn quality at maximum flexibility. Trützschler – strategic partner for solutions from bale to sliver.

Up to 100 % higher bobbin weights at the Zinser 670 BigPac

The Saurer ring denim solution already starts in the spinning mill’s blowroom. Trützschler, the strategic partner ring denim production from bale to sliver. The compact blowroom, which is ideal for ring denim applications, consists of only 4 machines, but also includes a foreign fibre separation unit. Up to 800 kg/hr can be produced with only one line – thus this line is the most efficient

Weight in [kg]

of Saurer, here offers highly innovative technology for

one on the market. Using the new Trützschler card TC 03 with integrated draw frame (IDF), a high-quality draw frame sliver is produced from the tufts with utmost economic efficiency.

Bobbin size

Zinser 670 BigPac – coarse yarn roving frame,

this, which is not guaranteed in case of a stand-alone

ideal for denim applications.


Using the roving frame Zinser 670 BigPac, which was specially developed for coarse yarn production, a roving

When processing different lots, the waste can be more

of optimum quality is produced with utmost economic

easily separated using an integrated tube cleaner. The

efficiency. The machine, using the bobbin size of

RoWeClean completely resolves the roving, the fibre

20  7, allows important productivity increases at the

material resulting from this can be directly re-used, i.e. it

roving frame itself as well as at the ring spinning

can be re-added to the production process in the blow-

machine. Due to the high winding length of the bobbins

room. This is a significant advantage if block changes

with a weight of up to 4 kg, operating and set-up times

are executed with automated creel rows at the ring

are drastically reduced.

spinning machine. Due to the procedure used, remaining material arises which can be re-used by using the

The longer running times at the roving frame and at the

RoWeClean. The integrated tube cleaner RoWeClean

ring spinning machine reduce the number of bobbin

offered by Zinser is more efficient than a solution with

changes. Longer changing intervals and transport

stand-alone tube cleaners, even for large installations.

automation components considerably improve the logistics in the spinning mill. When producing coarse yarns,

Zinser AutoFlow roving bobbin transport

particularly in the field of denim, these benefits have


clear effects. The roving frame Zinser 670 BigPac can

With the so-called AutoFlow systems, the Zinser roving

be equipped with the bobbin transfer station RoWeLift,

bobbin transport systems, Zinser provides automation

the tube storage RoWeStore as well as with a tube

solutions for any application. The standardized systems

cleaner integrated in the roving frame, the so-called

FixFlow and FlexFlow are offered. FixFlow is a fixed

RoWeClean, to ensure an optimum integration into a

linkage, i.e. a circular conveyor system, which is ideally

roving bobbin transport system.

used in spinning mills with a constant production and spinning programme. FlexFlow is a flexible linkage; the

Zinser RoWeClean – tube cleaner integrated

material flow system is ideally used in spinning mills

into the roving frame.

with frequently changing production and spinning

Due to the integrated tube cleaner RoWeClean, consid-

programmes. As a specialist for roving frames and ring

erably fewer transport movements of the bobbin trains

spinning machines, Zinser is capable of offering – apart

are required when a roving bobbin transport system is

from standardized solutions – the suitable individual

integrated into the installation. Apart from that, using a

transport system for any material flow requirement.

tube cleaner which is integrated into the roving frame allows to produce different lots using different tube colours. A clear assignment of the tube cleaner to the roving frame and to the tube storage is ensured by

Zinser CimTrack 4 – creel automation. With the CimTrack 4 creel automation system for ring spinning machines the roving bobbins are directly transported into the ring spinning machine creel. Manual creeling and manual changing between rows of the bobbins in the ring spinning machine creel is dropped. The operator only pieces up the roving ends. Thus the roving bobbins of the roving frame Zinser 670 BigPac with a weight of up to 4 kg must never be moved manually. By using the large bobbins of 20  7, the roving storage at the ring spinning machine is increased by up to 100 %. Zinser 351 – cotton ring spinning machine ideal for denim, too. The cotton ring spinning machine Zinser 351, which is ideal for denim applications, is part of the modular Zinser ring spinning machine concept comprising ring spinning machines for any important ring spinning procedure applied today. Innovative highlights such as ServoDraft (electronic drafting system drive), New CoWeMat (automatic doffer) and OptiSuction (elec-

yarns without costly and technically expensive additional

tronic suction low pressure regulation) are part of the


standard equipment of the machine. For an economic production of denim yarns the machine can be specified

The draft as well as the twist can be varied in a con-

so that cop weights of up to 200 grams are possible.

trolled manner with FancyDraft. Parameter inputs are made in a comfortable way via the new graphic machine

Zinser New CoWeMat 395 – automatic doffer

user interface EasySpin. Fancy effects with different

also available with intermediate step.

thickness, length and twist are incorporated in the yarn.

When using a gauge of 82.5 mm, a ring diameter of 58 mm and a tube length of 260 mm as well as the automatic doffer CoWeMat 395 with intermediate step it is possible to obtain higher cop running lengths. This results in higher yarn lengths without splices and thus without yarn faults, which means a better quality of the yarn produced. Apart from that, this specification results in fewer doffings at the ring spinning machine as well as in fewer cop changes at the winder and thus in a considerably increased productivity. Zinser FancyDraft – extending the product range. Apart from ring core yarns, ring fancy yarns can also be efficiently produced with optimum quality using the ring spinning machine Zinser 351. For this, Zinser offers the fancy yarn system FancyDraft as an option. With FancyDraft, ring yarn manufacturers are capable of accessing the world of fancy yarns in an economic, efficient and comfortable way. Precondition is the electronically controlled drafting system drive ServoDraft, which is part of the standard equipment of the Zinser 351. Combining ServoDraft and FancyDraft allows the simple production of ring fancy

Various standard functions are integrated in FancyDraft:

B1 frequency converter – middle & rear bottom rollers B2 frequency converter – front bottom rollers


front bottom rollers


middle and rear bottom rollers



B3 frequency converter – SynchroDrive (spindle drive) C


A1 middle and rear bottom roller drive


FancyDraft module

A2 front bottom roller drive

– Function MultiCount. Mass variations in the yarn by varying the drafts (main draft). The main draft is reduced to produce fancy effects in the yarn. For this, the speed of the middle and the rear bottom rollers is temporarily increased.


T/m X


T/m Y

– Function MultiTwist. Twist variations in the yarn by varying the delivery to the spinning speed. To obtain a twist variation in the

– MultiTwist and MultiCount in combination. Both functions can be combined to obtain fancy effects as well as twist variations in the yarn. With FancyDraft Zinser succeeded in bringing a customer-friendly and simple fancy yarn system for ring spinning machines on the market. Fancy yarns can be produced without costly and technically expensive additional equipment. What is convincing mainly is the

yarn, the ratio of the front bottom roller speed compared to the constant spinning speed (SynchroDrive) is varied. The draft remains constant.

comfortable operation via the EasySpin user interface.

Schlafhorst – specialist for automatic

Elastosplicer is particularly useful. All splicer variants

winding machines.

ensure highest process reliability and outstanding splice

For several years Schlafhorst is working, in close coop-


eration with Zinser, on the optimization and further development of the winding process, which is indispen-

Optimum package structure – the elements

sable also for denim ring spinning. The winding process,

of the FX-series.

the process step following the spinning, serves as a

The package is the hallmark of any winding machine.

“quality filter“ in the textile processing chain. It must

The Autoconer 338 with its intelligent control systems

correspond in its production processes to the character-

produces application-oriented quality packages also for

istic requirements of the yarn processed and produce

the denim processing chain. The yarn tension control

the optimum package for the trouble free, economic

Autotense FX ensures constant yarn tension for a uni-

continuation of the processing chain. The Autoconer 338

form package structure. A further optimization of the

offers with its various automation variants Type RM, D or

package structure is achieved by the electronic package-

V and the modular machine concept adapted winding

cradle anti-patterning system Propack FX which dis-

technology also for the denim yarn processing. High

bands critical pattern zones. When processing elastic

cycle frequencies of the processing units of the

denim yarns, the Variopack FX control system guaran-

automatic machine types guarantee a reliable and safe

tees a stabilization of the package shape and minimizes

material flow.

bulged-out package flanks. The Autoconer packages meet highest requirements for dyeing and unwinding in weaving. The quality packages with a large diameter and a uniform package structure guarantee undisturbed production processes for highest economic effectiveness in the downstream production processes. Ageless and enduring jeans – denim today and in future. Besides the ever up-to-date retro look based on ring denim, permanent further developments in fashion and technology will make sure, that jeans will stay up-todate in future, too. The Saurer Ring-Denim solution is convincing by the

Link ring spinning machine with winding

process-spanning know-how and the well coordinated

machine – perfection of the automation for

functions of the process steps. Together with our part-

denim applications.

ner Trützschler, we are offering a completely finished

As a final element of the automatic processing sequence

package for highest economic efficiency, quality and

in the production of ring denim yarns the link of ring

flexibility for producing various denim ring yarn struc-

spinning machine and winding machine is of particular

tures. You can use this complete technology competence

interest. By the automatic transport of the cops from the

to be successful in the denim market.

ring spinning machine to the winding machine optimum economy is achieved. The use of the Schlafhorst Spindle Identification System is a further argument for the link solution. This system ensures the online quality control of the yarns already during the winding process and shows quality deviations, which can thus be eliminated in the spinning section at an early stage. Modular splicing technology – the right choice for each denim yarn structure. The various denim yarn structures are no problem for the modular splicing technology of the Autoconer 338. For the finer yarns the Standardsplicer meets the requirements of further processing. Especially for the Contact:

coarser denim yarns the Injectionsplicer with the dosage

of the quantity of water ensures outstanding splice

quality. For winding elastic denim yarns, the special


• Coarse yarn roving frame Zinser 670 BigPac. • Bobbin transfer device, integrated tube cleaner. • Linkage of roving frame and ring spinning...

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