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„Quick-change“ Inserts for LD32 & LD4

Quick and simple exchangeable air jet inserts with the quick-change system for the air jets LD32 and LD4

Fig. 1: open working position

Fig. 2: closed inoperative position

Profile: quick-change system Oerlikon Heberlein Temco GmbH has developed a new automatic air stop system for its air jets LD32 and LD4 for an easy exchange of the air jet inserts without using tools. In future this quick-change system for the air jet inserts will be used for air jet series LD32 and LD4.

Adapter LE11.10

The quick-change system is designed in such a way that allmost every air jet of series LD32 and LD4 in the market can be retrofitted simple, quick and costeffective with the new system.

Adapter LE11.50

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Fig 3: exchange of air jet insert

The advantages of this system in opposition with comparable existing systems in the market are: – no wear parts – most simple and quick retrofitting into the new system – no leakage at the ceramic insert – jet inserts will remain in the correct position, no drift is possible – our job-proven jet inserts can be re-used – simple mechanism, no tools necessary for the change of the jet inserts – extensive saving of time when changing jet inserts – quick change of the air jet from tandem to single function with adapter LE11.50 resp. two or three ply yarn path to single ply yarn path with adapter LE11.10 and vice versa