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Saurer PitStop − A cost-cutting investment offering maximum payback.

Saurer PitStop – the fully automatic shuttle preparation station.

The PitStop work process Similar to a tyre change in Formula One racing, PitStop enables an empty shuttle to be prepared for use on the embroidery machine in a matter of a few seconds. The empty shuttles are moved to the PitStop in a container. After the shuttles have been positioned, they pass into the transportation channel and are conveyed to the turntable, the real heart of the PitStop. Turntable engineering allows the following process steps to be carried out in sequence:  Opening of the shuttle lid  Removal of thread residue from the previous bob bin and cleaning of the shuttle  Insertion of the new bobbin, threading and closing of the lid  Setting of thread tension and final check

High potential savings make PitStop a very attractive investment. When used optimally in three-shift operation, PitStop can carry out the work of 6 – 9 people. The actual savings are related to the shuttle yarn consumption. Plant size, embroidery machine power, efficiency, design repeat, average stitch length and yarn count determine the bobbin requirements and hence the PitStop utilisation. In regions with relatively high labour costs, PitStop is an attractive investment even when utilisation is relatively low. The potential savings in working hours illustrated in the diagram are based on the assumption that 160 bobbins can be replaced manually in one hour, whereas the PitStop will replace 450 bobbins. The calculation also assumes that 2 working hours per shift will be required for maintenance of the PitStop unit. The graph shows that even in a relatively small three-shift operation with a requirement of 90 bobbins per hour (20% PitStop utilisation), annual savings of 3000 working hours can be made.

Savings in terms of hours Labour with PitStop 25000

Savings in term of working hours

Saurer PitStop is a cost-cutting investment offering maximum payback. It is no secret that shuttle-related activities account for many hours labour in every embroidery factory. PitStop has eliminated the need for bobbin change and yarn tension regulation to be carried out manually. PitStop does the job for you. For the first time, the entire range of processes involved in shuttle preparation can be fully automated, thus allowing the machine operators to concentrate on running the embroidery machine. The resulting process optimisations considerably reduce embroidery costs.

20000 PitStop utilisation


100 % 80 % 60 %


40 % 20 %



6000 4000 8000 Production hours per year

Subject to alterations without prior notice!

(The yarn tension regulationing function can be engaged and disengaged as required.)

The impressive PitStop performance PiStop can accommodate up to 700 shuttles per hour, i.e. a shuttle can be emptied, cleaned and prepared for use every 5 seconds. If the yarn tension of the refilled shuttle has to be regulated, an output of 360 shuttles per hour may be expected. During this throughput time of 10 seconds, the shuttle is emptied, cleaned, filled, threaded and the yarn tension regulated again.


Saurer PitStop

Saurer PitStop


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Saurer PitStop − A cost-cutting investment offering maximum payback. Savings in terms of hours Labour with PitStop 100 % 80 % 60 % 40 % 20 %...