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Saurer Era − The ideal embroidery machine for your sampels and for small orders.

Saurer Era – quality and flexibility for your success.

Saurer Era – Top quality is reproducible on all Saurer embroidery machines.

The Saurer Era is eminently suitable for producing samples as well as the production of small orders. It fulfils all the machine-technological and embroidery-technological requirements for the production of high-quality embroidery. Even the smallest orders can be produced very efficiently on the Era. The result is in every way convincing. The Era has 60 embroidery positions, an embroidery length of 1.6 m, an embroidery height of 78 cm and achieves speeds of 500 rpm.

Particular features

Your benefits - great flexibility in sample production - maximum productivity for really small orders - perfect embroidery quality - rapid article changeover - efficient quality optimizing and design test run before production - perfect reproducibility of the design data - data transfer to all Saurer embroidery machines and products of the «EmFamily»

ActiFeed The positive thread feed system ActiFeed delivers the thread with the perfect stitch-dependent, length-dependent and yarn-dependent amount at the very right moment. With ActiFeed, quality features of your embroidery products, e.g. thread distribution, evenness etc. can be easily selected, optimized and saved with the embroidery design, via TipControl. So you are always able to reproduce every single article exactly like the original, independent of staff know-how. MemoSet The best quality and top productivity can be easily achieved when the machine parameters for the relevant design, plus the yarn and fabrics used, have been optimized. The following settings can be adjusted and saved with the design: - shuttle time (loop-formation) - yarn quantity according to stitch length, stitch direction, yarn characteristics and type of fabric - design-dependent speed optimizing - yarn amount according to types of stitch - yarn amount with creel movement (MOV) - thread cut Once set ideally, settings can be saved in MemoSet with the relevant design. The saved data are available to you at any time with every modern Saurer high performance embroidery machine. Pentacut (Automatic embroidery position switching with thread cut) The automatic embroidery position selection guarantees smooth repeat changes while the machine is running. The freely programmable, automatic thread cutting device has only very short machine downtimes (less than 10 seconds per thread cut). Even in punching, Pentacut ensures more flexibility and timesaving, thus giving you more scope for creativity coupled with higher cost-efficiency.

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Saurer Era

Saurer Era


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Saurer Era − The ideal embroidery machine for your sam- pels and for small orders. Your benefits - great flexibility in sample production -...