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Mastering Fibers

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Components that determine your Quality from One Source

With its well established product lines Accotex, Daytex, Enka Tecnica, Fibrevision, Heberlein, Temco and Texparts, Oerlikon Textile Components is one of the world’s leading suppliers of components that determine the quality for all textile spinning applications and nonwoven products. Highest quality and reliability are the common characteristics of all products. Continuous development ensures that Oerlikon Textile Components will always strengthen its leading position as the component supplier of choice for the spinning and nonwoven industries. Therefore, count on more We as specialists always search for new ways of optimizing the textile process for the benefit and advantage of our customers. Thanks to our wide understanding of textile processes and the needs of our customers, we are valuable and reliable partners for your business.

Product Lines

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Unity is Strength

Oerlikon Textile Components includes the product lines of Daytex®, Heberlein® and Temco - three leading producers of components for Filament. All research and development activities at our production sites in Münster, Wattwil and Hammelburg are aimed at the swift conversion of technological advances into ‘ready to launch’ products. Consequently, users benefit from a head start in their markets. Customer-related, marketorientated and user-friendly From development through to production and delivery, customers benefit from the efficiency at the core of our optimized processes. The location of the design, laboratory and production sites promotes a constant exchange between theory and application.

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Daytex® for Precision Engineered Polymeric Products All Daytex® products are made to meet highest quality and service demands by using latest polymer and ‘state of the art’ production technology which gives our customers a consistent product with every order. Daytex® texturing products, such as cots and aprons, are designed to meet the demands of all fibers under working conditions. All products have been developed in cooperation with leading texturing machinery manufacturers and give excellent tension control at the highest speeds. Heberlein® Key Components for Yarn Production The Heberlein® assortment of products, including world leaders such as air interlacing and air texturing jets as well as sensors for synthetic continuous filament and staple fiber yarns, covers

all filament spinning processes. Our aim is to make a major contribution to the success of your undertaking by using our competence in textile technology, technical experience and by offering a valuable partnership. Temco for High Performance Components Thanks to a deep knowledge of textile processes, Temco covers the market with a product line comprising high speed texturing units, interlacing jets for BCF yarns, hollow spindles, guide, separator and support rolls, twist stops, journal bearings and special bearing units for new equipment and for upgrading that of several textile machinery manufacturers.

Content Air Jets Aspirators, Cutters and Splicers Friction Units Friction and Yarn Guide Discs Accessories Kit: Bearing Elements LAG / ZL and Twist Stop DST Texturing Cots and Aprons On-line Quality Control System Yarn Break and Tension Sensors Spindles/Winding and Covering Separating and Supporting Bearing Assemblies Guiding and Leading Customer Support

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Air Components

Air Jets Types and their Areas of Application

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Air Migration Jets High yarn speed, close thread spacing and microfilament yarns in spinning require optimum lubrication and a good locking of the filaments. The MigraJet™ generates a uniform, sparse distribution of the spin finish. It produces an intermingling of the filaments without interlacing knots. By this means the processing of the yarns is improved (e.g. in texturing).

Air Interlacing Jets Heberlein® interlacing jets produce the required locking of filaments in an on-line process for the fault-free manufacture and processing of filament yarns (spinning, drawing, texturing, knitting, weaving). Interlacing enables higher processing speeds, improves the package build and prevents or reduces filament and yarn breaks.

Temco interlacing jets for BCF, high tenacity yarn, glass fiber and special applications with interlacing of yarn counts up to 10’000 dtex, provide at high knot uniformity as well as interlacing without open lengths at low air consumption.

Air Texturing Jets Heberlein® air texturing jets impart a texture and spun-like character to the filaments and are suitable for all types of filament yarn. Because of the high abrasion resistance of these yarns, they are ideal for high class clothing and for the automotive industry. The high productivity of these jets makes them interesting also for fine yarns.

Air Covering Stands for the cost effective combining of very different yarn types, mainly combinations of elastane with filament but also staple fiber yarns. These composite yarns are suitable for use in stretch ware such as hosiery, socks, underwear, sport, leisure and ladies outerwear.

Detorque Jets By means of the Heberlein® DetorqueJet the torque-liveliness of FT SET textured yarns is eliminated or reduced during the manufacturing process. In this way further processing is improved significantly.

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Air Interlacing Jets

PolyJet™-2 Migra The proven MigraJet™ in the new PolyJet™-2 design. The PolyJet™-2 Migra produces an uniform distribution of spin-finish in the yarn cross-section and along the yarn. For optimum yarn compaction and a stable running threadline at highest speeds. • For all spinning processes for making multi-filament yarns from PET, PA and PP • Increases machine utilization both in the spinning as well as in many following processes • Lower air consumption, since it works at low air pressures • Uncomplicated threading from the front • Protection of the high grade ceramic plates by means of a special jet housing • Simplified service and cleaning.

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PolyJet™ SP-2 Unique, flexible jet modules for air interlacing textile filament yarns in the spin-draw process.

SlideJet™-2 The unique SlideJet™-FT15-2 with new cutting edge jet plates for best interlacing at lowest air consumption.

The new PolyJet™-2 jet concept enables jets of various sizes and interlacing character to be exchanged on the same holder. This triggers a quick reaction to changing market trends.

A wide variety of different jet plates is available to meet the requirement of any interlacing task. Regular interlacing even at low air pressure that saves energy and protects the yarn.

• For all spinning processes for making textile multi-filament yarns • Very compact design for narrow threadline spacing • Uncomplicated threading from the front • Already prepared for machines with automatic threading • Protection of the high grade ceramic plates by means of a special jet housing • Free selection of colored jet holder for identification in the spinning line, which increases production security • Simplified service and cleaning • Available as single as well as multithread jets.

• Exchange of jet plates by the press of a button. The slider with jet plate is locked into the housing and unlocked without tools • Jet plates connected to the slider by bayonet locking and no screws • Simple jet plate identification using 7 freely selectable slider colors.

Air Interlacing Jets

PolyJet™-TG-2/ PolyJet™-BCF-2 Unique, flexible jet modules for air interlacing technical filament yarns in the spin-draw and BCF process.

LD 32, LD 5, LD 4 Interlacing jets for BCF, high tenacity yarn, glass fibre- and special applications.

The new PolyJet™-TG-2 and PolyJet™-BCF-2 includes the HN, HN-TopAir™ and PP jet types, thus providing solutions for the most demanding interlacing tasks.

Application area Interlacing of yarn counts up to 10’000 dtex.

• For all spinning processes for making technical multi-filament yarns from PET, PA and PP • Uncomplicated threading from the front • Already prepared for machines with automatic threading • Free selection of colored jet holder for identification in the spinning line, which increases production security • Simplified service and cleaning.

Yarn effects • Tangling (interlacing with knot formation) • Continuous interlacing (interlacing without knot formation) • BCF (interlacing of carpet yarns with knot formation).

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• High process stability • Low noise level • Wide range of application • Simple handling • Long life cycles. Product characteristics • Exchangeable jet inserts with different flow orifice geometries • Closed and open design • Automatic air supply shut-off • Single or more yarn positions • Adjustable yarn inlet and outlet angles • Integral machine mounting plate with jet locking device.

Advantages • High knot uniformity • Interlacing without open lengths • Low air consumption • Gentle yarn processing.

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Air Texturing Jets

HemaJet™-LB04 New plastic housing for both old and new jet cores of T-, S-, A-series and T-2-, S-2- and A-2 series with higher chemical resistance and longer life. Simple and secure handling and problem free threading by means of a pivoted deflection ball arm. New jet housing design made from robust, impact-resistant plastic with the following characteristics: • Easy threading by means of pivoting, ergonomic baffle ball arm • Rapid, precise setting of baffle ball • Simple exchange of jet cores • Very light weight with correspondingly low shipping costs • Can be fitted to all types of air texturing machines.


HemaJet™-LB24 New Jet Housing with integrated cleaning system for A, S, T and A-2, S-2, T-2 series jet cores. A new jet housing with rotating jet core extends cleaning cycles by a factor of 2 to 3. • Significant increase in efficiency of the ATY process • Central control unit • Especially homogeneous quality along the yarn and from position to position • Easy handling and problem-free threading due to the pivoting deflector ball arm • Industrially proven • Adds value to existing plants by means of conversions • Can be fitted to all types of air-jet texturing machine.

Jet Cores T-2-, S-2- and A-2-Series for HemaJet™-LB New, path finding jet core design with exceptionally advantageous price/ performance ratio. Protection of the ceramic member by a robust metal sleeve. Jet core identification by colored ring. Three different jet core series are offered corresponding to the market requirements: T-2 series Compact, uniform yarns. The yarn quality is compatible with that of the previous T-jet. S-2 series Higher texturing speed and a greater overfeed potential. This enables softer, textile yarns to be produced. A-2 series Sets new standards for texturing speed, compactness, stability and uniformity of the yarns. Especially suited for making microfilament yarns.

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Aspirators, Cutters and Splicers

Aspirators Lufan™ devices for aspirating and threading filament yarns in spinning, drawing and winding processes. The Heberlein® product line offers an optimum range of types for every kind of process. Higher performance at lower air pressure. • Reliable threading at highest speeds up to 8’000 m/min • Long life thanks to high value, wear resistant materials • Simple handling by means of ergonomically shaped unbreakable valve • Mouthpiece insensitive to impact • Plastic sleeve over suction tube to afford protection of valuable machine parts such as rolls, etc. Lufan™ HS/7-2 For textile FDY processes. Lufan™ HS/10-2 For BCF and technical yarns.

Static Aspirating/Cutting Units For aspiration and/or cutting technical filament yarns, staple fiber tows and carpet yarns of different fiber materials. Cutting heads are built into the thread path of spinning machines to simplify operation, reduce yarn waste and to increase productivity. Static aspirator and cutter units LufanStat-Cut stand for: • Reliability • Performance • Economy • Robustness • Compactness.


Splicers Components with improved splicing and cutting performance for the semiautomatic knot-free splicing of filament yarns, technical filament yarns and heavy technical yarns including aramid. Exceptionally user friendly universal units for counts from 20 to 17’000 dtex ensuring top splicing quality with clean bound-in yarn tails and highest strength. AirSplicer™ POY is the lightest automatic splicer for joining POY in false-twist texturing. The new compact splicer provides short, knot free joining without upstanding yarn ends. Integral automatic splicing guarantees highest reproducibility. • Weighs in at only 490 g! • Easy handling and ergonomically design, even for small hands • Reliable with low maintenance. No repairs or changes of knife required • Highest strength of splice • Improved machine utilization as a result of high transfer rate of 95 - 100 % depending on the yarn.

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Texturing Components (DTY)

Friction Units

FTS Friction Disc Texturing Units Operational Texturing units for new machines, as well as for upgrading of existing machines. Drive system Tangential belt, single motor. Product characteristics Available as single- or double units, in modular construction, fixed centre or open/close design.


Yarn count Polyamide PA, polyester PET, polypropylene PP, 11 dtex to 330 dtex, standard as well as micro filaments. Yarn speed Up to 1’500 m/min.

Friction Discs Friction disc material PUR, nickel diamond coating. Friction disc profile Asymmetrical profile, round or flat profile. Friction disc diameter 45 mm - 58 mm. Friction disc width 6 mm - 9 mm.

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Friction- and Yarn Guide Discs

PUR Texturing Discs PUR-texturing discs are distinguished from other discs on the market by their high quality and long life cycle. Our profound knowledge of the texturing process enables us to offer discs that meet the highest demands. Here our success results from continuous research and development together with our constant quest to find the best solutions for outstanding products. PUR-texturing discs incorporate stateof-the-art technology. As a result, they enable a stable process at high yarn speeds, resulting in outstanding yarn quality. Long life cycle Rigorous quality control of our products during all stages of the manufacturing process ensures that they exhibit the best and most uniform characteristics. We support our customers by using our knowledge and also by means of series of tests by which the compatibility of preferred spin finishes with our PUR-material is examined. As a result, Temco PUR-discs exhibit the longest possible life cycles with associated high efficiencies.

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NiDi Friction Discs The Product line Temco range of friction discs is complemented by nickel diamond coated discs. Hard disc surface technology is proven in friction texturing by working to precise tolerances in surface roughness parameters. It offers high resistance to wear. Such discs are used for special applications.


Yarn Guide Discs Special yarn guide discs with hard chromium coating ensure precise thread path geometry and tension stability when the yarn enters the friction disc assembly. The discs have been carefully designed to ensure consistency of yarn tension together with precise rates of twist insertion for PUR disc applications, in order to extend their service life. In many cases, it is advantageous for the texturing process to incorporate a multiple guide disc combination. We are in a position to supply yarn guide discs or special disc types such as knife discs in accordance with your requirements.

Accessories Kit: Bearing Elements LAG / ZL and Twist Stop DST

Bearing Elements LAG / ZL LAG and ZL series, also for units of other manufacturers. Application area • Bearing elements for FTS texturing units, but also for units of other manufacturers • Bearing assemblies for textile and non-textile applications. Product characteristics • Designed for high speeds • Low friction • Lifetime lubrication.

Twist Stop DST Journal Bearing SL/ZL On all texturing machines twist stoppers are located before the first heater to stabilize the process. Twist stoppers are used to secure process stability at high yarn speeds. Advantages • Twist Stoppers prevents yarn slip page in the texturing zone and ensures highest process stability.


Product characteristics • Easily adaptable • Low friction forces • Low bearing clearance • Yarn friendly wear resistant ceramic roller • Simple and fast threading • Easy to maintain and to clean • Simple assembly and disassembly • Easy to repair due to modular design.

Spindle diameter 12 mm, 14.45 mm.

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Texturing Cots and Aprons

Advantages of Daytex® Texturing Cots and Aprons • The product line Daytex stands for high tear resistant products • Each delivery of consistent quality • Worldwide after sales service • Cot and apron compounds having outstanding chemical resistance • Constant tension even under high speed conditions • Preferred OEM supplier • Daytex is the world leader in texturing products by volume

Texturing Cots The product line Daytex® offers texturing cots for high speed texturing machines. All cots are certified for delivery speeds up to 1’500 m/min.

Texturing Aprons The Daytex® texturing aprons are designed for different applications such as general purpose and high speed machines from various manufacturers.

The outstanding chemical resistance of the compounds guarantees: • Abrasion resistance • Grindability • Compression Set • Tensile Strength • Tear Resistance • Roller Grip • Swell Resistance.

All Daytex® aprons run without vibration and exhibit excellent chemical resistance against fibre finishes resulting in a long life.

Pressfit™ Cots Are manufactured for all machine speeds. A virtually tension free rubber sleeve on an aluminum core gives consistent results during the life cycle of the cot. Springloc Cots Springloc texturing cots are for use on machines where roller diameter or equipment does not permit the use of Pressfit cots.

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Monitoring Systems

On-line Quality Control System for Yarn Tension Measurements

WinOLT The increased quality demanded for textured yarns, the use of new materials and of microfilaments, together with an increase in texturing speeds, require quality controls that are more and more extensive. The quality control procedures, which are sometimes very labor intensive, can be substantially reduced by using on-line process monitoring, for example by measuring yarn tension continuously. In the case of WinOLT, Temco has developed a yarn tension measuring system that continuously monitors yarn tension, records yarn breaks, calculates downtimes and provides machine efficiency and quality data. Substantial advantages are: • Waste reduction due to early detection • 100 % quality control during production • Cost effective quality assurance

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• Documented production process • Short pay back periods • Latest hardware and software • Multi-tasking, easy connection to networks for tele-service and control by internet or intranet • Wide range of facilities for fault detection by application of user defined parameters • User friendly computation by means of graphic data • Language options – including Chinese and Korean • Analysis of production data by the program • Recording of yarn tension at all positions enabling long term analysis • Optical indication of package quality by means of LED sensors • Integral doff timer • Optimized label printing options • Simple connection to existing yarn cutting systems


• Extendible software architecture for future additions, e.g. for measuring package density (PD). The WinOLT system consists of a sensor, microprocessor and a computer system, together with the appropriate software. The sensors and system are available for Temco texturing units and for those from other manufacturers. However texturing is not the only use for this system. It is also suitable for monitoring the yarn tension in other textile processes. Examples of this are spinning, winding, covering and draw twisting, among others. The product line Fibrevision (part of Oerlikon Textile Components) offers further monitoring systems.

Yarn Break and Tension Sensors

Yarn Break Sensors - Capacitive The Heberlein® product line includes yarn break capacitance sensors with extremely long working life for a wide range of applications. The assortment covers sensors which are suitable for very fine, fine, medium and coarse yarns as well as for nylon yarns and applications. The sensors can operate with or without an oscillating yarn path depending on the specification.

Yarn Break Sensors - Optical These yarn break infrared reflective sensors are suitable for applications where there is no contact with the yarn. They are also suitable for yarn break monitoring in warping creels or for detecting yarn presence before starting the machine. They are fitted with special highly sensitive sensors for colored yarns including black. The design is modular with an inbuilt sensitivity control and function display.


Yarn Tension Sensors Heberlein® is one of the few companies worldwide to offer a wide range of yarn tension sensors for on-line use. Such sensors range typically from 0 - 10 cN to 0 - 4‘000 cN with a wide choice. Yarns from elastane through POY, FDY and DTY up to cabled yarns or tire cord can be monitored. A special measuring system on the basis of a DMS using hybrid technology and a corresponding microprocessor in each individual sensor guarantees a highly precise and constant capture of yarn tension. Repeated zeroing of the sensor is thereby unnecessary, since the calibration is saved in the sensor. Sensors are available in various shapes and sizes. A choice of different ceramic yarn guides is available on request, for example made of aluminum oxide, titanium oxide, metal, sapphire, zirconium etc. The guides can also be supplied with different surface finishes, in order to cope with different yarns and processes.

WarperTex-O™ is a user friendly yarn monitoring system for raising the quality and production in beaming and warping. It works with optical sensors and can be mounted on almost all existing creels.

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Spindles and Bearings

Spindles/ Winding and Covering


6 1/2" 5 1/2"






2 6

Hollow spindles for the covering process Spindles by the product line are designed with integral and conventional bearings with corresponding damping systems. The hollow spindles with mobile brakes have been developed for winding, covering and twisting machines with tangential belt or single motor drive. For speeds up to 30’000 min -1.

Temco premium hollow spindles are suitable for the latest machine generations as well as for upgrades and are available for bobbins from 3� to 6.5 “.

Drive designs 1) Tangential belt 2) Tangential belt without adapter. Attachment systems 3) Shaft - with driving pins and O-rings 4) Single-hand operation adapters 5) Adapter with bayonet connector 6) Motor driven hollow spindle MSE.

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Separating and Supporting

Separator Rollers VR Important criteria concerning separator rollers are the resistance to corrosion and wear. The separator rollers are available with different surface coatings according to the process (chrome or ceramic). Separator rollers by the Temco product line are made for yarn separation on cold or hot drawing processes on draw-twisting, texturing or winding machines.

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Product characteristics • For speeds up to 4’000 m/min • Low friction • Maintenance free • Steel or aluminum shell • Lubricated for life.


Supporting Rolls SW Are used on winding machines. Product characteristics • Low friction • Maintenance free • Steel or aluminum shell • Lubricated for life.

Bearing assemblies

Journal Bearing SL / ZL Temco journal bearings and rollers are compact units which are ready for immediate installation in textile machines and for general engineering applications. These bearings are equipped with a shell and are suitable for guiding and deflecting yarns.


Costum Engineered Solutions The Temco product line provides specially designed ball or roller bearings equipped with one or two races.

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Guiding and Leading

Yarn guide rollers FR The low friction and maintenance-free Temco yarn guide rollers are suitable for use as guide elements in all types of textile machinery. Yarn guide rollers with revolutions up to 60’000 min-1 are available as singleor multi-groove designs and with different coatings.

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Product characteristics • Low-friction • Maintenance free • Single- or multi-groove designs • Shells made from aluminum, steel or full ceramics • Lifetime lubrication.


Guide Pulleys ULR / Idler Rollers ULW The Temco product line offers a broad range off pulley and idler rolls for the production of hygiene articles (e.g. diapers) and for packing machines. Both types are available for a range of fabric weights and speeds. Product characteristics • Running smoothness • Maintenance free • Sealed bearing design • Lifetime lubrication • Very low vibration level • Aluminum or carbon shells • Specific surface design (e.g. non-adhesive coating).

Customer Support

Textile Centers Oerlikon Textile Components operate modern textile centers at locations in Hammelburg and Wattwil with state of the art filament processing machines, a textile laboratory for the testing of filament yarns and a customer service organization that is active worldwide. Our clients are supported by a team of experienced yarn technologists and process technicians.

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Current and future customers are given advice on matters concerning textile and process technology, economics as well as on the application and end-uses of filament yarns.

When arranging trials for customers, the use of various machine types is simulated for processing and testing specific yarns.

Trials are conducted with customer’s yarn in the areas of Taslan air jet texturing, false-twist texturing, air interlacing and covering and also air splicing.

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Asia Oerlikon Heberlein Temco Wattwil Inc. Shanghai Rep. Office Room 2306-2307, 23rd Floor, Gateway International Plaza No. 325, TianYaoQiao Road Shanghai 200030 P.R. China T +86 (0) 21 6422 0885 F +86 (0) 21 6422 0025 Europe Oerlikon Heberlein Temco Wattwil Inc. Bleikenstrasse 11 9630 Wattwil Switzerland T +41 (0) 71 987 44 44 F +41 (0) 71 987 44 45 Oerlikon Textile Components GmbH Branch Hammelburg Fuldaer Str. 19 97762 Hammelburg Germany T + 49 (0) 9732 87 0 F + 49 (0) 9732 87 310

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