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Innovations for greater efficiency in spinning and winding Autocoro 8 – the high-tech revolution in rotor spinning BD 448 – Get even more Plant Operation Center (POC) PreciFX – setting the winding parameters at the Informator

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Technology Made-to-measure linked solutions with the Autoconer X5 type V Automation in the spinning mill (2) Customer Support at the ITMA in Barcelona

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Customers & Markets Ravali Spinners Pvt. Ltd. (India): Autocoro 8 in practical operation

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Info Welcome to Barcelona !

The moment has arrived at last: the final countdown has started to ITMA 2011, the key event for the entire textile industry, in the extremely attractive city of Barcelona. We are expecting hundreds of visitors to our stand. It is already clear that a large number of decision-makers and executives from across the globe will use this event to experience the latest innovations at first hand. We are especially excited about talking to you, the global experts of the textile industry, and discussing the indicators and trends of the future with you. You can be certain of finding the broadest product spectrum for yarn and package manufacture on our stand, packed with high-calibre innovations. In Barcelona, our highly motivated team will show you particularly intelligent concepts for automation and greater efficiency in the spinning mill among other things, both with regard to ring and rotor spinning.

20 I look forward to welcoming you to our booth in Barcelona!

Ralph Knecht Head of Sales & Marketing Oerlikon Schlafhorst


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express


Innovations for greater efficiency in spinning and winding Master the challenges of the textile business successfully Global market trends and factors in the textile business The demands of the global textile industry are strongly oriented to the trends that determine the market and success. If you ask managers in textile companies around the world what issues preoccupy them most at present, their replies are unequivocal: raw materials, staff, energy and efficiency. Oerlikon Schlafhorst has taken these issues up and focused its innovations on them. More profit thanks to innovative solutions for ring spinning, rotor spinning and winding machines When it comes to raw material utilization, the compact spinning process offers the possibility of improvement in the ring spinning mill. Zinser ring spinning machines with the ImpactFX compact technology offer a convincing level of raw material efficiency in particular as well as maximum process reliability. In rotor spinning, the focus in future will be on raw materials and blends that were previously unthinkable. Oerlikon Schlafhorst will overcome previous limits on productivity and also set new standards in terms of flexibility. Due to process sequences and units that reduce waste, short and intelligent piecing cycles and a clean separation of waste and yarn residues, Oerlikon Schlafhorst’s winding machines contribute to better raw material utilization.

When it comes to automation, spinning mills cannot ignore Oerlikon Schlafhorst technology with regard to rotor spinning machines. The Autocoro sets the benchmark for a fully automatic rotor spinning machine and demonstrates this with its market leadership and a market share of over 60%. Even Oerlikon Schlafhorst’s semi-automated rotor spinning machines include automated processes, such as the automatic mass piecing process Joint Spinning In on the BD Line, which is unique in this segment and guarantees complete machine start-up in just a few minutes. In ring spinning, the automatic doffing process on the Zinser roving frame and the ring spinning machine reduce the manual work required and thereby also the number of operators needed. Automatic transport systems for roving bobbins enable spinning mills to adapt their logistics solutions individually to suit their requirements. The Autoconer also offers various stages of automation. On the manual variant, the new X-Change package doffer is a significant step towards automation. The labour requirement of spinning mills is reduced even further with the machine types D and V with automatic material flow. On all Oerlikon Schlafhorst machines, automation goes hand in hand with an increase in quality, because manual operating errors are eliminated and both processes and quality are monitored by sensors and online. To optimize the energy requirement, Oerlikon Schlafhorst has


invested in energy-saving total concepts, single-motor drives for intelligent piecing cycles and sensor-monitored processes and control systems. These measures lessen the dependence of spinning mills on the availability of power and ensure a positive energy balance for every kilogram of yarn.

Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express

Further points with which we create a positive efficiency balance for your spinning mills are: • •

Combining all these measures results in greater economic efficiency of spinning mills. Many aspects can be subsumed under the heading of efficiency. Ultimately the things that count are revenue and profit.


The distinctive quality of products from Oerlikon Schlafhorst machines Unparalleled yarn qualities that are established worldwide in the market through the Belcoro and ImpactFX brands Packages with unique differentiating features and special added value thanks to the drumless yarn displacement system PreciFX Flexible machine utilization combined with intelligent lot changing strategies for maximum flexibility and the ability to react fast to new customer requests Short set-up times for high productivity and long machine operating times

We will be happy to show you these innovations at first hand and advise you on your applications and requirements. Visit us at ITMA in Barcelona on the joint Oerlikon Textile booth (hall 2, booth D131).


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Autocoro 8 The high-tech revolution in rotor spinning

The new Autocoro 8, which is being premiered at the ITMA and can be seen live there, revolutionizes automatic rotor spinning technology and is the biggest innovation in rotor spinning in the last 30 years. It opens the door to an increase in production of up to 25% and even better yarns and packages. With the new Autocoro 8, spinning mills are more flexible than ever before and they can also cut spinning costs.The new Autocoro generation thus offers multifaceted potential, no matter whether yarns for mass products or yarns for special applications are being manufactured.

The new Autocoro 8 is based on an innovative machine concept using single-drive technology. Every spinning position is autonomous and individually automated. Single-drive technology in itself isn‘t new territory in the textile machinery industry, especially not for Oerlikon Schlafhorst. Single drives have been used on the Autocoro and in the BD Line for nearly 10 years, and have been an established feature of the Autoconer winding machine for over 20 years.

Autocoro 8 with single spinning positions and electromagnetic rotor drive.


The future of rotor spinning technology is clear from the rotor You’ll recognize the technological revolution that Oerlikon Schlafhorst has ushered in with the new Autocoro 8 from the new precision rotor. Instead of a belt drive, the rotor is driven singly and entirely electromagnetically. The rotor motor in the new SE 20 spinbox is rated for speeds of up to 180,000 rpm. You have the world’s fastest spinbox on the Autocoro 8. Increase your productivity by up to 25% On the Autocoro 8, each spinning position forms a self-contained production unit. The spinning and winding process of every unit is autonomous and piecing is fully integrated into the spinning positions. This means that every spinning position is automated – no more waiting times for central automated units. For your spinning mill this means ever higher efficiency ratings, even for raw materials that call for frequent piecing or particularly stringent settings for yarn quality monitoring. Even higher rotor speeds are no longer out of the question. Lot changing, the productivity killer on previous rotor spinning machines, can be carried out on the Autocoro 8 during full production. You simply change lots continuously; one lot follows on seamlessly from another, without any inconvenient and unproductive lot completion and start-up. The same goes for test packages. While some spinning positions with PilotSpin are simultaneously producing different test packages for your laboratory and your customers, the other spinning positions continue production in an entirely normal manner. Forget the limitations of long machines with regard to takeup speeds too: thanks to single-drive technology, you can achieve 300 m/min with any machine length on the Autocoro 8. And when you start up the new Autocoro, you wait minutes rather than hours

Autonomous spinning positions with integrated piecing.

Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express


for the machine to attain full production, because the Autocoro 8 takes just 20% of the time required by centrally driven rotor spinning machines to achieve start-up. Your yarns and packages are now even better The single drives and digital control on the Autocoro 8 offer you entirely new possibilities for coordinating the quality of yarns and packages precisely to your requirements and those of your customers. It goes without saying that the Autocoro 8 has DigiPiecing, the digitally controlled piecing technology that has been proven over many years on the Autocoro S 360. A high piecing quality, reproducibility and reliability of piecing are thus guaranteed. The package know-how with which Oerlikon Schlafhorst has spearheaded winding technology over five decades also characterizes the new Autocoro 8 - but the packages of the Autocoro 8 are even better. Package faults like bulging flanks, with steps and sloughing, which limit productivity in downstream processing, are as infrequent on the Autocoro 8 as traverse losses, which push costs upward both in the spinning mill and in knitting and weaving. Weaving mills already love the packages of the Autocoro 8, because they have up to 50% fewer yarn breaks.

Packages with straight flanks weighing up to 10% more.

Package quality of conventional, centrally driven rotor spinning machines.

Package quality with the Autocoro 8.


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express


Continuation Autocoro 8

Take advantage of the most flexible rotor spinning machine in the world With the Autocoro 8 you combine the cost efficiency familiar to you from long machines with the flexibility that short machines offer you, because with the Autocoro 8 you produce up to 5 lots at the same time on one machine using MultiLot. Thanks to single-drive technology, you can freely select how many spinning positions you use for the individual lots and naturally also change these lots continuously, with full production in progress. Ultimately you can cut your storage costs and earn money even with smaller lots. Cut your spinning costs With the Autocoro 8 you save all the way down the line. In the case of raw materials that overtax the automated systems on rotor spinning machines with belt drives and force the efficiency rating downwards, the Autocoro 8 masters these easily with its individually automated spinning positions. The packages of the Autocoro 8 contain up to 10% more yarn with the proven package diameter. That reduces your logistics costs, ranging from your tube costs via the cost of packaging and transport to your vehicle fleet and staff costs. Your customers likewise benefit from the improved packages due to their longer running times and improved unwinding properties. You also save energy. On rotor spinning machines with belt drives, idle time, whether on machine start-up, lot changing or in the manufacture of sample packages, is a necessary evil that consumes energy without producing. This energy killer is a thing of the past with the Autocoro 8, because only the spinning positions that are producing are using power.

Produce up to 5 lots at the same time with MultiLot.

Production instead of cleaning Stopping the machine, changing belts, testing drives and bearings – now you no longer need to do any of these. With the Autocoro 8 you achieve cost-saving lean maintenance in your rotor spinning mill for the first time. While you are servicing individual spinning positions, your other spinning positions carry on working. And your general cleaning intervals are extended by at least 50%.

The Autocoro 8 is ideal for the production of yarns for jeans, T-shirts and other textiles that are produced and sold every year in their millions.


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express


BD 448 Get even more Over 3 million BD spinning positions sold – that speaks for itself. When we’re talking about economical semi-automatic rotor spinning machines, Oerlikon Schlafhorst has the edge. The new BD 448 proves this once again. The longest semi-automatic rotor spinning machine in the world Profit from up to 448 spinning positions and thus from the longest semi-automatic rotor spinning machine in the world, with maximum productivity. With the new BD 448 you reach take-up speeds of 165 m/min, even using the full length. There’s scarcely a better way of utilizing your spatial capacity. Joint Spinning In – maximum efficiency rating in 10 minutes at most No other rotor spinning machine in this class can start up faster than the BD 448, because it is the only machine with the synchronous piecing system Joint Spinning In. Your machine thus attains full productivity in a maximum of 10 minutes at the touch of a button.

Save energy

Produce everything on one machine

Up to 10% less energy is the proud result achieved by Oerlikon Schlafhorst engineers for the BD 448. To reach this ambitious target, numerous aspects have been optimized, from the rotor drive via the suction system to the spinbox NSB 38. This enables BD spinning mills to save many kilowatt hours every year.

You enjoy extensive flexibility with the BD 448, because you produce everything in the accustomed quality on the same machine. Even if you are spinning coarse yarns up to Ne 1 (Nm 1.7), you only need the relevant spinning components. You have a leading European yarn quality monitoring system on board in Corolab Q. The integrated Fancynation fancy yarn device produces slub yarns on up to 448 spinning positions. And so that you can even process difficult raw materials like wool and similar fibres with a high level of productivity, the spinbox has an optimized ceramic sliver feed The packages leave nothing to be desired, because the winding unit has been optimized on the one hand, and on the other, E-Cam ensures a reproducible setting. With E-Cam you simply set important winding parameters electronically and save the information in your BD 448 so that it can be retrieved at any time.

Reduce your staff requirements The longer your machine, the more efficiently you can deploy your staff. From the length point of view alone, you cut staff costs by up to 7% with 448 spinning positions as compared with a machine with 416 spinning positions. You can also have a screen cleaned automatically on the BD 448, roughly halving your outlay on manual cleaning thereby. The new, operator-friendly design of the NSB 38 spinbox, the LEDs on each spinning position that are visible from a distance, and the new multicoloured signal lamps and additional information on the display that provide your operators with information on every single spinning position help to ensure time-saving, convenient operation of the BD 448.

The longest rotor spinning machine in its class.


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express


Plant Operation Center (POC) Plant overview and optimization in the staple fibre segment – simple, flexible, efficient In the age of the Internet and social media, Oerlikon Schlafhorst’s new Plant Operation Centre should find a place in every textile company worldwide. Innumerable manual, cost-intensive activities such as the collation and transfer of logged machine data to a higher-level external system are no longer suitable in a modern, cost-oriented company. Oerlikon Schlafhorst presents you with a versatile range of options for coordinating production processes easily, flexibly and efficiently and communicating meaningful quality and production results. This goes for single machines and machine combinations up to entire spinning mills. Shift and production reports take priority For all Oerlikon Schlafhorst plants, structured, user-friendly and configurable shift and production reports are a priority, with the focus on optimal staff deployment and economic efficiency. The Plant Operation Centre includes two standard reports based on empirical parameters. Shift, daily, weekly or monthly reports can be oriented to the user in their design and saved, and these complement the flow of information. A system printer, network printer or a defined e-mail address can be selected as the target destination for the reports. The high level of information transparency is supported by a web-based data transfer. We offer you the possibility globally of interrogating information on all networked machines in a wide variety of plants. Data security is always a priority.


Structured data management at the highest level Three standard levels form the basis of the Plant Operation Centre: •

POC User Management

POC Shift Management

• -

POC Reports & Statistics POC Shift Report POC Production Report

Thanks to its complete information transfer, Oerlikon Schlafhorst’s Plant Operation Centre offers optimal production planning, monitoring and control on the basis of: • • • •

A process control system for all Oerlikon Schlafhorst machines Customer-specific, configurable information displays Efficient machine/plant overviews Flexibility due to a wide range of machinery link-up options (single machines/systems/combinations) An online communication instrument spanning all plants

Have we aroused your interest? See for yourself the innovative performance features that the Plant Operation Centre offers. Our team of experts looks forward to your visit to our exhibition booth at the ITMA Barcelona in hall 2, booth D131.

Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express

POC User Management The User Management is the central administration tool for the assignment and management of the operational user rights of all production plant machines linked with the system.

POC Shift Management The Shift Management is the tool for the management of the internal shift calendar and of the corresponding shift times.

POC Shift Report The shift report is geared to machine-specific information per shift and gives evidence of the running behaviour of the machines connected, e.g. machine efficiency, number of stops.

POC Production Report The production report permits swift, optimal evaluation of the production data and contains information on production quantities as well as on the allocation of products to machines.



Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express


Know-how transfer makes operation easier PreciFX – setting the winding parameters at the Informator In PreciFX, the Autoconer X5 now has the most innovative digital displacement technology both for bobbin processing and for the rewinding process. Thanks to software-controlled, individually programmable yarn displacement, the system offers an unbelievable range of options for adapting the package format, package structure and package design precisely to the requirements of downstream processing in a completely individual and flexible way, without compromises. Compared with drum winding, this greater flexibility and individuality gives considerable scope for producing packages to suit the application. In drum winding, the basic package build structures are already predetermined to some extent with the selection of the drum type by the fixed groove geometry and the mechanically controlled yarn guiding. The package build can be adapted to the end application by changing the winding parameters and additional functions such as contact pressure, yarn tension, winding speed and use of lateral displacement within narrow limits. Individual package design In PreciFX, the individually adjustable, software-controlled yarn placing facilitates a specifically selected package build. A prerequisite for successful optimization is a fundamental technological knowledge of how the setting of individual parameters affects the package design. Know-how integration to simplify operation At the Informator, the central operating terminal of the Autoconer, the operator is guided step by step through the setting process. The accumulated experience and know-how of the Oerlikon Schlafhorst technology experts is at hand here. The clearly structured interface

Examples of input menus and tooltips for convenient operation of PreciFX.

supports operators with images, symbols and input templates. Tooltips provide explanatory assistance for the individual buttons that can be selected. To make the transition to drumless displacement technology easier for customers and users, sample recipes, suggestions and default settings for a wide variety of applications and package geometries are already entered in the system. We want to show some brief examples. You don’t need to make any complicated mathematical rounding calculations for dye packages with round flanks. You can choose the most suitable radius for your application from a selection of these. The system calculates the traverse control required for this itself and you get attractive, uniformly rounded package flanks. For many spinning mills, PreciFX offers the opportunity for the first time to produce packages using precision winding and step precision winding. Preprogrammed sequences are available to choose from for different yarn count ranges too. Package production can start after entering just a little basic data in respect of the required package characteristics. PreciFX places the yarns as requested. The package build can then be optimized at any time by fine-tuning individual parameters. Outlook As our know-how increases, our technologists will top up the Informator configuration. Further sample recipes are being added all the time. Control package formats and package attributes at the touch of a button to suit every requirement and level of knowledge – from convenient automation to individual selection.


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express

Maximum process automation is the current trend Made-to-measure linked solutions with the Autoconer X5 type V Oerlikon Schlafhorst supplies made-to-measure linked solutions that suit your plant organization perfectly. The type of ring spinning machine isn’t important – you can link your Autoconer X5 type V to any ring spinning machine. Whether as a direct link without a bobbin bridge or with bobbin bridge or alternatively also as an underfloor link, the Autoconer X5 machine concept satisfies every requirement. Every bobbin reaches the intended winding unit safely and completely intact. Your production runs at top level. Ring spinning machines and package winders are optimally coordinated to one another in the linked system for maximum profitability. If you desire a certain margin of flexibility with regard to the yarn spectrum you produce, you can also order the Autoconer X5 with empty winding positions and then fill these with winding units to meet a temporarily higher demand for winding capacity. Thus you always remain flexible with your linked system. You can increase efficiency and quality across all processes: a clear material flow concept, high cycle rates, an energy-saving transport system and energy-saving process sequences are characteristic of the Autoconer X5. Security and reliability are guaranteed. As a treat and bonus, you can keep an eye on the quality produced by your ring spinning machine continuously online using the optionally available SPID system, to maintain quality at the highest level. Talk to the responsible sales engineer about your requirements, no matter whether it is a brand new installation or you want to link the Autoconer X5 to existing ring spinning machines. Together we will find the best and most economically effective solution.



Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express


Automation in the spinning mill (2) Automated: roving bobbin transportation and doffing at the ring spinning machine Every spinning mill makes different demands on an automated roving bobbin transportation system. Oerlikon Schlafhorst’s CimTrack system offers the right solution for all situations.

FixFlow system for a constant production programme

• In installations with a relatively constant production programme, a fixed link between a group of ring spinning machines and one or more roving frames is a good idea. With the FixFlow system, the full bobbins and the empty tubes run in a continuous circuit between the machines.

• •

Automatic bobbin transfer to the rail system on the roving frame Exchange of empty bobbins from the ring spinning machine creel for full bobbins from the transport system FixFlow system offers a continuous material flow Ideal for consistent raw materials and yarn counts Reduction in work effort No bobbins forgotten

FlexFlow system for variable applications and flexibility in the production programme

With this it is possible to react easily and quickly to variations in the production programme, for variety and variability in the spinning mill. • • •

• If an installation has to be designed for strong variations and a high level of flexibility, a FlexFlow system is advisable.

Flexible allocation of roving frames and ring spinning machines The rail system links all machines to one another Any allocation is possible – thus easy adaptation to a change in production conditions The lines of bobbins can be transported between the machines manually or automatically An integratable bobbin store increases flexibility The FlexFlow system offers maximum flexibility

Group of ring spinning machines with a FixFlow system.

FlexFlow system with automatic creel on the ring spinning machine.


Automatic doffing of the ring spinning machine Automatic doffing is increasingly becoming a standard feature of the ring spinning mill. To guarantee a high efficiency rating of the ring spinning machine, the full bobbins must be taken off and the empty tubes creeled quickly and securely. The doffer on the ring spinning machine operates independently of staff and is thus much better placed to handle the work, which occurs in batches. In manual doffing, bottlenecks and the resulting efficiency losses cannot be avoided if the bobbins are fully spun on several machines at the same time. Waiting times inevitably occur, as it is extremely difficult to match staffing optimally to such fluctuations in peak capacity utilization. Fast bobbin changing by the CoWeMat ensures high efficiency ratings and optimum utilization of the production capacity.

Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express

The CoWeMat can be used as a standalone version or as a direct link with the winding machine. In the case of the standalone version in combination with the tube feeder CoWeFeed, the random tube feeding eliminates presorting of the tubes. This means a significant staff saving. Thanks to the direct link with the winding machines, all work on transporting bobbins and empty tubes is then eliminated, facilitating a further reduction in operating staff.

Automation from a single source – from roving frame to package Oerlikon Schlafhorst is the only supplier offering excellent opportunities for the highest possible degree of automation in the ring spinning mill, adapted to individual customer requirements. From the roving frame to the winding machine, a process flow without manual handling is possible.

Zinser has over 40 years of experience with the CoWeMat. It has been developed continuously and is now the most reliable doffer on the market.

Zinser CoWeFeed – Zinser CoWeMat – the best is its class.

the most efficient standalone doffer.


Zinser 351 linked to the winding machine.


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express


Customer Support at the ITMA in Barcelona What can you expect of us? Guarantee of lifelong partnership, innovative original parts and global service

ITMA highlight number 1: technological parts exclusively from the machine manufacturer

At the big shows such as the ITMA, our customers like to experience the innovative products in particular from Oerlikon Schlafhorst at close quarters. Even if the topic of service is not at the forefront of our show presentation, visitors to Barcelona have the opportunity to get to know our Customer Support. Basic aspects are incorporated from Customer Support early on in the development of new machines and technologies. A new product is no longer conceivable without consistent, effective customer support. Our customers demand this, and it will certainly be an element of individual discussions. Just let yourself be surprised for once.

The production of high-grade technological parts like Belcoro spinning components for Autocoro machines and Value Line BD spinning components for BD machines sets quality standards worldwide. We are especially proud of the new edition of our Belcoro spinning component brochure for Autocoro and of its counterpart, the BD spinning component brochure for Value Line BD spinning components and BD original parts. Both brochures are available on our exhibition booth. They provide clear and comprehensive information about our original parts product programme, along with clear technological spinning component recommendations for virtually every textile application field. For us, this is living the service in line with our motto: "Oerlikon Schlafhorst Customer Support – We keep you competitive".

Our new spinning component brochures: Belcoro spinning components and Autocoro original parts together with Value Line BD spinning components and BD original parts are available at the ITMA in Barcelona.


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express


Customer Support ITMA highlight number 2: SECOS and

Customer Support ITMA highlight number 3: Modernization packages for Autoconer, Zinser, BD and Autocoro

The online shop SECOS enables our customers to select and order original parts conveniently for all our product lines – 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Our declared aim is to convince all customers of the advantages of our service platform. On our exhibition booth, our staff will approach our exhibition visitors and present the functions of myOerlikon to them live on portable PCs. In the live system this shows how easy and intuitive working with can be in daily working life. Over 90% of customers surveyed agree that our digital information technology is trendsetting. In particular, the option of interrogating current information and the online ordering system SECOS for original parts integrated into are frontrunners on the popularity scale for our customers. Register and become part of the myOerlikon community.

Our customers will find our latest offers regarding innovative modernization, service and technology packages in With our Longlife Rotor Brake Package for retrofitting the patented MRPS e-cartridge instead of an existing hybrid or MRPS magnetic bearing, Autocoro customers save up to or even more than 22W/spinning position/hour. This equates to an amortization time of less than 1 year. Our service managers will be happy to calculate the maximum possible energy saving on our exhibition booth. In the ring spinning sector, we offer our customers the new Compact Technology modernization package. The market share of compact yarns is constantly growing. Retrofitting Zinser ring spinning machines with the world’s most efficient compact technology secures the competitiveness of our customers, because only Zinser compact technology is automatically self-cleaning, equipped with its own controlled vacuum unit and features variable setting of the compact characteristics. We offer current modernization packages for Autoconer and BD too, for example the optimized suction system as an energy saver for Autoconer 338 with an energy saving potential of up to 15%, or the electrobox with new SP frequency inverters for third-generation BD machines for an even better piecing quality with reduced ongoing operating costs.

Any questions? Contact your myOerlikon team by e-mail:

Visit us on the Oerlikon Schlafhorst exhibition booth in hall 2, booth D131. Our Customer Support team looks forward to your visit!

Welcome to the Oerlikon Textile Customer Portal access and log-in at:


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express

Customers & Markets

Ravali Spinners Pvt. Ltd. (India): Investment in full automation – quality yarns and packages from the Autoconer X5 Type V In terms of the management of spinning mills the most important drivers for plant automation are reduction in personnel costs, improvement of quality and efficiency and simplification of process logistics structures. Ravali Spinners Pvt. Ltd. (Tanuku, Andhra Pradesh, India) is systematically investing in automation technology. After having successfully built up a company in the hair industry since 1989, M. D. Ravindranath Vanka began manufacturing high-quality cotton yarns in 2006 with a production capacity of 16,800 spindles. An ample supply of high-quality raw cotton was, and still is, available locally and the spinning mill capacity was quickly expanded. The sales spinning mill now produces with 65,280 spindles 1100 tons annually of combed and compacted yarns from 100% cotton in the Ne30-Ne50 count range. Further expansion of the capacity by additional 35,000 spindles is already planned. Altogether 30% of the yarns are exported to knitting and weaving mills around the world, including Peru, Morocco, Egypt, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Switzerland, China, Vietnam and Bangladesh. The 1000-strong workforce is committed to ensuring the highest quality standards in the manufactured yarn – and maximum customer satisfaction. Continuous process monitoring and quality control are therefore vital components of the processes at Ravali Spinners Pvt. Ltd. In addition to investment in the latest spinning and winding technologies, the company's management team also recognise the importance of the selection and availability of a well-trained workforce and therefore place great emphasis on the training and professional development of employees.

Use of Oerlikon Schlafhorst winding machines from the outset Since starting their spinning activities, Ravali Spinners Pvt. Ltd. has used Oerlikon Schlafhorst Autoconers. M. D. Ravindranath Vanka explains why: "The quality and innovative technology of the Autoconer is recognised worldwide. It has an outstanding reputation and I have had complete confidence from the outset, which has been fully justified. My winding personnel are very happy to work with these user-friendly machines, which is extremely important. Plus, so far we have no complaints from our customers." The possibility of choosing anything other than the Autoconer has therefore never arisen in subsequent investment decisions. Following several years of virtually problemfree operation of 10 manual versions type RM of the Autoconer 338 Gold and Autoconer 5 at Ravalii Spinners, the company then started to consider whether to invest in further automation. Autoconer X5 Type V – a step towards full automation General Manager D. Srinivasa Rao gives the following key reasons for deciding on automation: "Reduction in personnel requirements and reduction in actual physical interventions. Clearly structured processes and their easier monitoring as well as the improvement in yarn and package quality." In 2010 the company expanded its capacity with 22 Autoconer X5 Type V machines to realise a linked installation of spinning and winding machines. The main reason for this choice of machine was the simple and clearly structured material flow that makes it easy for personnel to learn, master and monitor the new fully automatic process. The CTS sets the bobbins reliably and quickly on the Autoconer Caddies. Clamped

securely to the Caddy base, the bobbins are then transported without damaging the yarn to the central bobbin readying station where they are automatically prepared. After the bobbins are unwound and this has been checked by the tube inspector, the empty tubes are positioned by the CTS on the pegtrays of the ring spinning machine and returned to the material flow of the spinning machine. Manual interventions are limited to just a few tasks, e.g. filling the tube magazine, replacing the wax rolls when signalled by the sensor and removal of complete crosswound packages from the machine. A further key operational advantage of automation is the new rapid X-Change package doffer in combination with the new design of the superstructure / tube magazine. This does away with the need for any manual adjustments when changing the package format as all 6" tubes – both conical and cylindrical – can be inserted in the magazines. The intelligent functional processes of the X-Change package doffer also reduces the amount of workforce input thanks to automatic winding-on after lot change on the empty tube, doffing of conical and cylindrical packages, central adjustment of package doffer parameters on the Informator and independent empty tube handling without the winding unit having to wait on the red light. The operatiers can focus almost completely on monitoring and quality assurance functions with maximum concentration. The positioning of the Informator directly at the central processing centre near the CTS and ring spinning machine, the clear fault and alarm notifications at the winding unit and doffer display may only seem like minor details but they are of considerable significance in terms of easing the workflow. M. D. Ravindranath Vanka is extremely positive: "Automation is a complete success with

Customers & Markets

Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express


consistently high yarn and package quality, simplified work flows, higher efficiency and reliable processes. We are very happy with the step we have made towards automation and with this modern plant we are certainly one of the leading suppliers of yarn in India. We have also received excellent support from the Oerlikon Schlafhorst service staff."

Highly modern and efficient – the new combined plant at Ravali Spinners Pvt. Ltd..

M. D. Ravindranath Vanka is convinced the company has taken the right path with automation.

General Manager D. Srinivasa Rao sees for himself the problem-free workflow in the new plant.


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express

Customers & Markets

Autocoro 8 in practical operation Convincing in all applications

The Hindoostan Spinning & Weaving Mills, India BST Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd., India

“The Autocoro 8 offers impressive support for our

“With the Autocoro 8 we can deliver precisely

ambitious efficiency targets, both in our spinning

the quality that our customers – market-leading

and weaving mill.“

weaving mills all over the world – need. On their Textile des Dunes, France

high-performance weaving machines the yarns

“We can improve our already high level of flexibility

achieve peak productivity.“

still further with the new Autocoro 8. The machine is also much more productive than other rotor spinning machines.“

Customers & Markets

Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express


Sudiva Spinners Pvt. Ltd., India Nahar Industrial Enterprises Ltd, Oswal Denims, India

“With the new Autocoro 8 we were able to cut

“The intelligent lot management of the Autocoro 8

our production costs significantly and increase our

means that productivity is considerably higher than

adherence to deadlines at the same time.“

on belt-drive machines.“

The Ruby Mills Ltd., India “My machine of the future is the Autocoro 8.“


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Welcome to Barcelona! ITMA 2011 – 22-29 September 2011 We bid you a warm welcome to our exhibition booth for the ITMA in Barcelona! You’ll find us on Oerlikon Textile’s joint booth in hall 2, booth D131.

With its new features relating to automation of the material flow and for rewinding packages, the Autoconer X5 is being presented to the large exhibition audience. We are exhibiting innovative and individual package design with the unique PreciFX displacement system.

Anticipation is huge regarding the exhibition. You are sure to be awaiting our innovations with curiosity and excitement and we are awaiting you with great pleasure as visitors to our exhibition booth. Our team of experts will be on hand at all times to answer questions and for conversation and discussions. We will be happy to demonstrate our show machines in full production. The most spectacular innovation will surely be the brand-new Autocoro 8 rotor spinning machine. It will beat your previous limitations in the production of rotor yarns.

In the ring spinning sector, we present you with our wide-ranging application spectrum and the advantages of our compact spinning process Impact FX on various models. Via Livecam we can directly demonstrate the processes of a fully automated ring spinning mill to you, from the roving to the finished package, including automatic transport system. We wish you a pleasant stay in Barcelona for your visit to the exhibition!

Exhibition booth D131, hall 2.













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