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Autoconer X5 – Ready, steady, flow! Higher productivity in the ring spinning mill

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Technology PreciFX becomes established with 3 winding technologies


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Info Oerlikon Schlafhorst Customer Support ITMA Asia retrospective

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For six months or more now, a marked recovery in the global textile machinery market has been noticeable. This is also reflected in the demand for spare parts. Our customers’ production capacity is once again being fully utilised and they now require the pertinent spares and wearing parts, such as spinning and winding components, to operate their Oerlikon Schlafhorst machines efficiently. Our parts business serves around 5,000 customers in over 110 countries. We have an inventory worldwide comprising approx. 56,000 active original parts to the value of around CHF 40 million, covering over 90% of the items requested. Nevertheless, we have to buy in a small percentage of the spare parts required relative to orders. This currently poses a considerable challenge, because the dynamics and intensity of demand are extremely high for our suppliers too. We are very well aware that speed is of the essence in the spares business. We are working hard, therefore, to ensure that the level of service and performance expected of us are delivered as fast as possible in the usual manner. Bert Schlömer

Vice President Parts Regional Sales and Service Director


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Autoconer X5 – Ready, steady, flow! Intelligent automation for profitable production With its performance features like PreciFX, the new X-Change doffer, a new, easily comprehensible design for reduced handling, energy-optimised cooling concept and increased flexibility in terms of equipment and application range, the Autoconer X5 has enjoyed a successful market launch. We have proof of this in the many enquiries and orders received.

Set the pace: New, efficient logistics concept with central machining centre

In this issue we focus on the machine variants with automated material flow, show the advantages of intelligent automation and present the special merits of the Autoconer X5 automation concept.

All bobbins, piece bobbins, and deformed bobbins are prepared here for the winding process; the yarn end is securely fixed on the tube tip as tip bunch until the winding process starts. Bobbins that are not readied are routed directly to the manual readying station and do not adversely affect the further flow of material. Following the winding process, the final process stages are executed in the monitoring centre. The tube inspector assumes responsibility for distribution: empty tubes are extracted and discharged, tubes with cut-off pieces of yarn are optionally fed to the tube cleaning unit, tubes with yarn remains that can be unwound are re-fed into the material flow.

The advantages of automation are obvious: • • • • •

• •

Clearly structured process sequences, a reduction in the outlay on logistics Less dependence on the availability of operators Potential for improved product quality, especially in linked installations Reduction in handling and process stages (smaller number of fault sources) Reduction in handling and material costs (smaller number of tubes in the spinning mill cycle, fewer transport containers,…) Reduction in logistics costs because less space required Employees are relieved of heavy physical work

Short distances and demand-responsive logistics are typical of the new material flow concept. The new, central machining centre is positioned at the beginning of the machine.

Flexible configuration The bobbin readying station of the Autoconer X5 D/V can be flexibly configured. Thus capacity and functionality are optimally adapted to your feed material and to the material throughput in your plant. The effect: you always produce at the cycle rate required for your process sequence.

Plus factors of Autoconer X5 automation

New transport system saves up to 5% power

Take advantage of the plus factors of the Autoconer X5 automation concept for economical, efficient automation of your production facilities.

The former belt system has been replaced by a non-positive, energysaving slider system in the area of the monitoring centre and within the winding units. Power is only used when required. You save up to 5% of power compared to the preceding Autoconer generation. The belt system, also in energy-saving design, exists only where long distances must be covered: when feeding the bobbins to the winding units and when returning the empty tubes from the machine.

• • • • • •

Sturdy Caddy system that is gentle on the yarn, with a large, fixed foot, tensioning elements for secure fixing, wear-resistant metal reinforcement Clear material flow with low complexity, lower maintenance, and lower spare parts requirements Central machining and readying centre for bobbins and tubes Flexible configuration of the central bobbin readying station for maximum cycle rate Up to 5% reduction in power consumption thanks to the new transport system compared with predecessors New, non-positive transport system for higher reliability and trouble-free transportation Online quality monitoring (SPID) for targeted preventive quality assurance in linked installations (optional)

Intelligent material flow control The material flow is demand-responsive, i.e. as soon as a winding unit signals demand, material is fed. Maximum security of supply for the winding units is guaranteed even when the bobbin unwinding times are short, as 3 reserve bobbins are waiting at each winding unit. The Caddy situated in the winding position is positioned safely under the winding unit by means of magnetic force. In addition, magnetic gates and sensors are used for process-oriented control in the material flow.


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Selecting the right level of automation Make a conscious decision in favour of the right level of automation on the basis of your requirements and we’ll supply the most suitable machine from the Autoconer X5 product family. Choose your individual equipment package from the winding technological performance features, and then you will be optimally equipped to determine the race for pole position in the market from the front. Some criteria that may help to decide which level of automation to choose are listed in the summary below.

Type D

Type V

Stand-alone machine

Direct link to ring spinning machine

+ Process sequence similar to type RM, with interim storage of the bobbin, i.e. “simple” step towards automation + Relatively small alteration in the process sequence, hence use of existing spinning machines and infrastructure possible with minor adaptations + High level of flexibility with regard to lot size, lot changes, yarn spectrum

+ Lowest staff requirement + Lowest logistics costs (accessories, tubes, boxes, carts,…), but new design of process sequences + Small space requirement + Maximum quality assurance + Preventive quality assurance at the ring spinning machine when utilising the optional spindle identification system SPID for online quality monitoring + Lowest fault quota with regard to handling, operation and process sequence + Optimum capacity coordination between ring spinning machine and Autoconer + Lower yarn break rates caused by the process, as bobbins are transported between ring spinning machine and Autoconer without contact


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Higher productivity in the ring spinning mill Zinser 351 Impact FX offers new opportunities The quality advantages of compact yarns are state of the art. As well as improved quality, however, compact spinning offers other advantages in the spinning mill. One essential aspect here is the productivity of the spinning machine. To increase machine productivity, the spindle speed is normally raised. This is automatically accompanied by an increase in energy consumption,

however. Increasing the speed also always means increased wear of spinning components, such as rings and travellers. Reducing the twist makes it possible to achieve higher production while maintaining the same spindle speed. Power consumption and spinning component wear remain the same. The extent to which reducing the twist affects the yarn values must be noted, however. The twist multipliers commonly

used today are based on extensive experience, but compact spinning offers an opportunity here to reassess the previous standards. In many cases, the twist is already being reduced for compact yarns. A 10% reduction in twist is an entirely acceptable value with the same raw materials. Some mills now produce weaving yarns with a metric twist factor of Îąm 110-115 instead of the customary Îąm 125. To test the boundaries


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express

further, we spun a CO yarn, Ne 80, in parallel as a classic ring yarn and as a compact yarn on a Zinser 351. The ring diameter was 36 mm for a tube length of 180 mm.

In addition to an improvement in quality, compact spinning thus offers the possibility of increased production without higher energy consumption or any increase in the wear on the spinning components. Further potential exists here for using the Zinser 351 Impact FX.

We were able to establish that, even when reducing the twist factor to αm = 99, the compact yarn is still serviceable. Another important factor is that all yarn values of the compact yarn are still better than the initial values of the classic ring yarn, even following the twist reduction.

Comparison of increased production and energy consumption when

Comparison of increased production and energy consumption when

changing the speed, Ne 80 – combed cotton

changing the twist, Ne 80 – combed cotton

Twist factor αm (αe)

Spindle speed rpm Energy consumption spindle drive in %

Production increase in %

Production increase in %

Energy consumption spindle drive in %

Maximum tensile strength at 21,000 rpm depending on twist

IPI values at 21,000 rpm depending on twist

Ne 80 - 100% combed cotton

Ne 80 - 100% combed cotton

Twist factor αm (αe)

Twist factor αm (αe) Zinser 351 Impact FX

Zinser 351


Zinser 351 Impact FX

Zinser 351

Drehungsbeiwert αm (αe) Zinser 351 Impact

Zinser 351


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PreciFX becomes established with 3 winding technologies Precision and staged precision winding for the Autoconer We’ve already reported on interesting applications for PreciFX packages with precise, pattern-free random winding. Now we are going to look more closely at the characteristics of precision and staged precision winding and their potential. Package characteristics typical features The basic characteristics of the various winding technologies and their typical distinguishing features can be defined in the appearance of the package structure with reference to a few parameters: • • • •

Angle of wind, winding ratio Yarn distance, position of threads in relation to one another Presence of pattern zones Package density

But what significance do these “theoretical physical laws” have in practice? Precise random wind PreciFX: With PreciFX, the package quality can be enhanced by the absolute absence of patterns with the proven package characteristic of random wind. It is easy to introduce drumless yarn displacement, as you are working with known winding parameters (e.g. number of groove per turn of the drum).

The application spectrum of random wind offers “virtually” unlimited flexibility, as another “drum” can be selected simply at the touch of a button in a range that is far more detailed (interim number of groove turns) and broadly based (expanded groove turn range) than the fixed groove geometry of drum displacement would ever permit. For this reason, this lends itself best to sales spinning mills with a broad profile of requirements, for example. Precision winding PreciFX: The characteristic grid structure is proof of the absolutely uniform yarn placing, with a constant distance between the individual threads. This results in a uniform package structure. The system causes the angle of wind to become smaller as the package diameter increases. This is accompanied by a uniform increase in package density outwards. With precision winding, a higher package density can be achieved compared with random winding due to the characteristic yarn placing and all yarn windings are well fixed. The degree to which the package density is increased can be adjusted with reference to selectable parameters such as yarn distance, starting angle of wind or yarn tension to suit the individual requirements. Secure fixing of the yarns prevents yarn movements and sliding of the yarns, resulting in very good unwinding properties.

Staged precision winding PreciFX: Staged precision winding combines the advantages of the PreciFX random wind (uniform density due to the virtually constant angle of wind over all diameter ranges) and of precision winding (precise, grid-shaped yarn placing with a constant yarn distance). These “staged precision packages” are suited in consequence to high-grade, absolutely uniform dyeing, for hard packages with requirements in respect of maximum packing densities, such as in twisting, for example. Thanks to the free selection of winding parameters, the structure of the package can be designed specifically in a way that cannot be achieved with either of the other two winding technologies. Outlook Realising precision and staged precision winding, not just for rewinding but also for bobbin processing, is the next step. For the production of hard packages in particular, it opens up new potential and applications in the future that have hitherto been the sole preserve of rewinding machines. And only the Autoconer 5 and X5 can offer this with PreciFX for bobbin processing.

Staged precision winding PreciFX: Precise random wind PreciFX:

Precision winding PreciFX:

• No pattern zones

• No pattern zones

• No pattern zones

• Uniform “grid structure” with virtually

• Varying “hole structure”

• Uniform “grid structure” with diminishing angle

constant angle

Customers & markets

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Technology Center Oerlikon Schlafhorst in Suzhou Service centre for the Chinese textile industry Made-to-measure textile technology is the key to success In Oerlikon Schlafhorst’s global network of technology centres, the Chinese Technology Center in Suzhou plays a leading role. It shows the complete product spectrum of Oerlikon Schlafhorst, even the new Autoconer X5 and Zinser 351 Impact FX machines now exhibited for the first time at the ITMA Asia fair. Continuous education and further training of both the company’s own staff in service and textile technology and of the employees of its Chinese customers guarantee a high level of knowledge. This knowledge ensures customer success through direct implementation in efficient yarn manufacturing processes in ring and rotor spinning, and by the production of topquality packages that are optimised for the textile process chain.

A laboratory equipped with the latest instruments and uniform Oerlikon Schlafhorst testing standards guarantee that trials and results are comparable worldwide. An ongoing exchange of knowledge takes place between counterparts in Germany and China. Test results are swapped and findings discussed, so that everyone always has the same high level of knowledge. In this way, special requests from the markets are forwarded directly to Germany.

Diligent material testing in the modern textile laboratory.

Our local experts are pleased to take on your challenges. Our contacts on site are Liu Feng and Frank Pippig. If you seek training or need help in establishing the optimum spinning and winding parameters for your application, contact your local partner or responsible service manager.

Oerlikon Schlafhorst Technology Center in Suzhou.


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Customers & markets

Allmed in China The specialist for medical textiles relies on Autocoro In less than 20 years, the Chinese Allmed Medical Products Co. Ltd. has become the leading manufacturer of medical textiles. From the headquarters in Shenzhen, Director Cui Jinhai manages the several plants in different provinces with more than 4,000 employees. Allmed supplies clinics and doctors with almost everything made of textile fibres, from dressing material, compresses and bandages all the way to special clothing for clinic staff. Particularly in the health sector, quality is a must; and precisely this standard has been taken up by Allmed. The company’s formula for success includes high and consistent product quality in connection with tight cost management. The high quality standard of the company is confirmed by numerous ISO certifications, and production in compliance with the European Medical Device Directive is a matter of course for Allmed. This is just one of the reasons why Allmed products are used in operating theatres around the world.

Director Cui Jinhai consequently counts on quality and high-tech machines such as the Autocoro 480.

Allmed continuously invests in the expansion and modernisation of its machinery. The latest large-scale project is the installation of a fully automated rotor spinning facility at the Yichang plant in Hubei province, with more than 9,000 spinning units and an annual capacity of 12,000 tons of very fine yarns for special clothing. Cui Jinhai: "Thanks to the top quality of our products and our outstanding service, we are number one in the medical textile market in China. The tried and tested Autocoro technology from Oerlikon Schlafhorst is a perfect match to our corporate philosophy, since the Autocoro gives brilliant top performance as well. The productivity is excellent and the quality of yarns and packages clearly stands out from the other machines. We are convinced that the new Autocoro machines will provide an excellent foundation to further strengthen our performance in the long term."

Customers & markets

The decision in favour of Autocoro 480 was based on an extensive market analysis. Each rotor spinning machine currently on the market underwent intense scrutiny. In the process, the technical and technological aspects of each machine type were as important as the services provided by the manufacturer. Service is essential in maintaining a rotor spinning machine at top level for years. The new Autocoro will start production at Allmed after the summer. And to make sure that everything goes like clockwork, the leading engineers at Allmed have spent the last

Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express

few weeks preparing for the new machines. Hardly a day goes by that they are not at the Technology Center in Suzhou, working on the optimal machine settings with the Oerlikon Schlafhorst textile technologists, and laying the groundwork for the successful future of Allmed.

During the in-depth training in the Technology Center in Suzhou, the engineers are provided with valuable tips and tricks for the professional use of the new Autocoro 480 rotor spinning machines.



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Customers & markets

On the spot – customer days in India and Bangladesh A series of successful and interesting talks The choice of topic was spot on, as demonstrated by the close interest shown by customers in the customer days organised in India and Bangladesh in May. More than 1,500 visitors took part and listened with keen interest to the presentations by the speakers. Innovations and key technologies from the overall Oerlikon Schlafhorst product portfolio were presented: •

Autocoro 480, Autocoro S360 and BD 416 in rotor spinning

Zinser ring spinning technology including compact spinning and speed frames

Autoconer X5 and the drumless yarn displacement system PreciFX in the automated package winding mill

Impressions of a successful and interesting series of talks.

The events in Ludhiana, Kolhapur, Nagpur, Vijayawada, Madurai and Coimbatore (all in India) and in Dhaka (Bangladesh) were planned and executed professionally by Oerlikon Schlafhorst jointly with the regional sales and service organisations and representatives. The feedback from the customers in the discussion sessions and conversation following the talks was extremely positive. Customers took advantage of this opportunity for an informative, in-depth exchange of ideas with the experts from Germany. Direct questions were asked about the new products from a practical viewpoint, and both sides engaged in extensive and lively discussion of particular customer suggestions and requirements with regard to the performance criteria of Oerlikon Schlafhorst products. Overall, the summary was extremely positive on all sides. This in-depth exchange in the run-up to ITMA Asia also reflected the highly optimistic mood regarding an upturn in the textile market situation.


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Oerlikon Schlafhorst Customer Support A strong partner for you – now all services centralised in Übach-Palenberg

We made positive use of the global recession and the poor market situation in 2009 to take a critical look at our resources and processes, and to optimise them for your benefit. In the process of concentrating all high-end product lines in one central location in Übach-Palenberg, Germany, we have also reoriented our Customer Support facility. We can declare with pride that we have implemented all stages of the optimisation process according to plan in 2010: •

2009: Creation of a central warehouse in Übach-Palenberg for all Oerlikon Schlafhorst original parts for all Autocoro, BD, Autoconer and Zinser machines, for shorter routes and faster reaction times 31.12.2009: Standardisation of all EDP-aided sequences and processes for all product lines, so that we can show all our products in one document, from quotation to invoicing. A clear overview from one supplier

2010: Establishment of a repair shop in Übach-Palenberg for all customers in central Europe and North Africa.

April - June 2010: All Customer Support staff from Administration, Central Service Support and Parts Sales relocated to Übach-Palenberg.

We are thus optimally equipped for the global market revival, which has been noticeable since the beginning of the year. We hope all our customers will understand that we were not always able to meet the deadline for all orders during this process, and we thank you for your loyalty and for your acceptance of this situation. We are fully committed to working to improve our throughput and reaction times further - because we want you to be satisfied that you have a reliable, competent and strong partner in Oerlikon Schlafhorst. Oerlikon Schlafhorst Customer Support We keep you competitive

Our dedicated Customer Support team in the new offices in Übach-Palenberg is always on hand to offer help and advice.


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Oerlikon Schlafhorst Customer Support Customer portal: All information on machines and service under one umbrella on the web Would you like to be able to always access the latest information on all Oerlikon Schlafhorst products? Click to log into our web-based customer portal Here you’ll find the following online, password-protected and exclusively for our customers: • • • • •

All information on original parts, All information on modernisation, technology and service packages, All manuals for your machines All spare parts catalogues for your machines, SECOS, our online ordering system for original parts.

Welcome to the Oerlikon Textile Customer Portal Access and logon at: Any questions? Contact your myOerlikon team by e-mail:

All customers can find the manuals and spare parts catalogues for their machines at

Successful fair appearance ITMA Asia retrospective (22-26.6.2010, Shanghai)


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Vice President Parts Regional Sales and Service Director Issue No. 2/2010 e Technology Contents Innovations Customers & markets Dear Rea...


Vice President Parts Regional Sales and Service Director Issue No. 2/2010 e Technology Contents Innovations Customers & markets Dear Rea...