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Autoconer X5 – Ready, steady, go! Biconical packages with PreciFX Speedster FX – an attractive new module in the FX series

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Technology Autocoro Technology Kit Belcoro knitting yarns with a high noil content


Customers & markets Simply better: rotor spinning technology by Oerlikon Schlafhorst We are here for you Oerlikon Schlafhorst takes lead role on a major project in Ethiopia

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Info Process configuration with a positive result helps you find what you’re looking for

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in recent weeks we have seen the first signs of a recovery in the extremely difficult market situation that prevailed last year. The order situation appears more positive. Our partnerships with customers, our innovative products and our global presence have proved a sound platform in the critical economic conditions. Nonetheless, we have identified potential for furthering this close collaboration. To make the future more secure, we have implemented structural adjustments in all process areas in order to concentrate our know-how more effectively. Übach-Palenberg is being expanded as the central location for all high-end product lines to generate the maximum process advantages. The manufacture of mid-end products, such as the open-end BD line, has been consolidated in China. Thanks to strong support from Europe, we can manufacture products at the highest level at our Suzhou plant in the long term. The development of product innovations such as the new Autoconer X5, for example, emphatically underlines our claim to be a leader in innovation and technology. We will continue to be a reliable, competent and strong partner for the expected upturn in the market.

Gerard Küsters

Head of Oerlikon Schlafhorst


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express


Autoconer X5 – Ready, steady, go! How you can master all textile challenges The varied textile requirements and customer requests that crop up in day-to-day work in the spinning mill are the challenges you encounter when testing your strength against your competitors. With its new Autoconer X5, Oerlikon Schlafhorst will get you fit for the race for pole position in the textile market.

1. Groundbreaking high quality

Once again we have focused on the latest trends in the textile industry in the further development of our winding machine and have integrated solutions and performance features that enable you to face the many challenges successfully.

Quality, productivity and the consumption of resources are important cornerstones of every textile company. They are the parameters by which your customers judge your performance and the basis on which you yourself secure their efficiency and profitability. This is why we have made the Autoconer X5 even stronger in these areas.

PreciFX, the world’s only drumless yarn traversing system both for processing bobbins and rewinding packages, sets entirely new standards when it comes to package quality. With a pattern-free package structure, individual package design, package characteristics that can be ideally adapted to downstream processing and the freedom to choose between the winding technologies of random wind, precision winding and step precision winding, you can satisfy every whim of your demanding circle of customers. Speedster FX is a new system for influencing the yarn balloon when separating the yarn from the bobbin to reduce yarn tension peaks and to reduce the increase in yarn tension. As a result, your yarn is under less stress during the winding process. This is reflected in the excellent yarn quality.

When redesigning the Autoconer X5, we took special account of current challenges with regard to greater automation and extensive flexibility of the production programme. You are thus equipped for the contest. With the Autoconer X5, you are equal to all challenges and occupy the lead position at all events.

• •

PreciFX opens the door to new, superb, individual package qualities Speedster FX supports you in the production of excellent yarn quality Oerlikon Schlafhorst splicing technology guarantees the best splicing quality for every application You deliver optimum quality day in, day out – quality that is continuously reproducible


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express

2. Higher productivity wins you the race against time

3. Intelligent process automation means that your production is automatically more profitable.

• • • • •

Speedster FX creates the prerequisites for higher productivity X-Change doffer: new and with faster package doffing PreciFX generates process and productivity advantages Central settings ensure a rapid start-up Greater dynamism thanks to single motor drives

The cleverly conceived functionality of Speedster FX means that you can achieve a noticeable increase in productivity depending on a few influencing factors such as material, bobbin shape, and winding parameters. Speedster FX reduces the load on the yarn precisely in the important final third of the bobbin. Your Autoconer X5 produces for you, therefore, at the maximum speed depending on the yarn and so you utilize your production potential to the full. The new X-Change doffer has upped the tempo considerably both with regard to its travel speed and in the package doffing cycle. Smart functional details such as central setting of the doffing parameters, automatic lot changing without manual intervention, monitoring of the doffing process for success and changeovers to new type of packages in the minimum of time make this a valuable pacemaker on the Autoconer X5 in every respect. PreciFX offers productivity advantages during the winding process due to the extended scope when combining winding parameters. And you can pass on productivity advantages to your customers, because PreciFX packages feature convincing improvements in unwinding properties and offer opportunities for shortening process sequences.


X-Change doffer for clever package handling and swift processes New central settings: 1 x setting with multiple benefits

Targeted automation of process sequences is coming increasingly to the fore in the textile industry, even in countries where virtually all processing has been manual previously. The Autoconer offers various approaches to process automation. On type RM machines, the doffer plays a key role as an automation unit. In combination with the newly designed superstructure and optimized cycle sequences, the new X-Change doffer makes full use of its functionality with regard to automation. Manual intervention is no longer necessary when changing the package type, or when winding on a new lot including feed change. The tubes can operate entirely independently and can process different types of tube without any mechanical settings being required. If an empty tube is missing for the package doffing about to take place, the doffer procures one for itself from the neighbouring winding unit. If a bobbin doffing cycle takes place in parallel during package doffing, then the new yarn can be passed on to the doffer directly from underneath thanks to the new cycle. Red light events and waiting times during package doffing are dramatically reduced. The X-Change doffer is a reliable, independently operating assistant to your staff, automating your production sequences with a host of interesting details.


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express

4. Utilizing resources sensibly means working in a smart, economical way • • •

Piecing cycles controlled by sensor and single motors to minimize waste and energy and optimize piecing times Time- and labour-saving process sequences Energy-optimized cooling concept with a new design

No matter whether it’s time, staff, energy or raw materials, we know that all resources are only available to a finite extent. The focus has often been, and still is, on productivity-oriented value creation. But in the last few years of rising raw material and labour costs especially, there has been a change of course towards resource-conscious process configuration. The Autoconer 5 was already on the right track with its optimized piecing cycles, innovative design, sensormonitored process sequences and interactive user guidance. For the Autoconer X5, therefore, it was only necessary to work on the fine-tuning relative to resource utilization. The potential comprises several layers: further simplification of the operating procedure through central settings and a “learning mode” for the doffer; short, time-saving paths (central energy and operating unit, i.e. Informator operation and yarn chamber emptying all in one location); elimination of manual handling due to newly designed superstructure. One secondary effect of redesigning the central energy unit was to improve cooling of the electrical components, making them more reliable. Thanks to individual package design, PreciFX offers an opportunity to reduce transport and process costs and shorten process chains in a manner that makes economic sense. The sum total of many deliberately designed features provides the performance boost for the Autoconer X5.


5. Every day you overcome new challenges flexibly • • • • • •

You have the choice: drum or PreciFX X-Change doffer – the all-rounder Use Speedster FX according to your particular requirement – higher productivity or higher yarn quality Modern future-ready design Quick, reliable operation The latest electronics and CAN bus concept, Plug & Wind technology

In terms of concept the Autoconer X5 is designed for maximum flexibility. Exploit these performance reserves to the optimum extent for your varied requirements – drive it individually to maximum performance. If you’re winding using the traditional drum winding system or entering the world of drumless yarn traversing with PreciFX, use Speedster FX to increase your productivity and / or to improve your yarn quality. The X-Change doffer is a true all-rounder ready to tackle all applications. Confront fresh challenges over and over again: with Plug&Wind and an electronics and CAN bus concept with virtually limitless capacity, the performance spectrum can be expanded at any time. With the Autoconer X5 you set the tempo and provide the impetus in the textile sector. You dictate the pace, direction and rhythm and so you are always in pole position to secure the best market opportunities.

The new X-Change doffer operates

Process-optimized cycles are typical

Speedster FX – a new, attractive

quickly, flexibly and reliably.

and save resources.

module in the FX series.


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express


Biconical packages with PreciFX Package design for greater efficiency in downstream processing As already described in recent issues of the Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express, PreciFX, the unique drumless yarn traversing system of the Autoconer, offers entirely new possibilities for individual package design. Its software-controlled yarn traversing offers the maximum freedom to convert technological knowledge directly into package structures that meet the requirements, both in the package build and in process configuration. This time we want to highlight the production of biconical packages as a completely new application. Biconical packages in themselves are no technological novelty, but the possibility of producing such package formats of individual design directly during winding from the bobbin onto the package is entirely innovative and unique, thanks to PreciFX. Technological advantages resulting from the biconical package build The application utilizes the realization that the yarn break rates when smaller packages (traverse 3”, 4”) are lower than when unwinding 6” packages. It is also known that unwinding problems tend to occur in the larger diameter range, depending on e.g. fibre material or package build. On the basis of this knowledge it was an obvious idea to reduce the traverse in the larger package diameter in the build of hard packages, i.e. to design a biconical flank structure. The aim is to improve the unwinding properties for large package diameters and/or increase the running length per package. This can yield efficiency increases for warping and weaving in particular.

(3.5gg) in the basic build of the package and then even increasing the number of groove turns as the traversing became narrower. The result is that virtually the same package weight is achieved with the same diameter for the biconical packages. The second trend, towards enlarging the package diameter, is justified in that, thanks to the biconical format, no unwinding problems are to be expected in the larger diameter. These unwinding interruptions were previously the limiting factor on the maximum diameter. Very successful biconical packages were then produced, therefore, with a larger package diameter and greater package weight (e.g. 1.5 kg (biconical) compared to 1 kg (drum)) without having to make trade-offs with regard to the yarn break rate in the warping creel. On the contrary, the unwinding speed in the warping creel could even be increased. Economic advantage Thanks to the adaptation of the package format to the special conditions of package take-up, better unwinding behaviour could be observed in various warping creel tests. Higher efficiency ratings can thus be achieved in warping. If it is then possible to increase the package diameter of biconical packages, the potential for increasing economic efficiency is raised still further.

Package design – individual and intelligent The package is wound up to an selectable diameter with a 150 mm traverse (6” displacement), then the traverse is shortened linearly up to the final diameter. The final traverse – likewise freely selectable – lies in a range between e.g. 90 – 120 mm. Software-controlled yarn traversing with PreciFX permits individual configuration of the respective package format, such as e.g. settings of the diameter from which traverse shortening is to take place, how pronounced the traverse shortening is to be and in the case of tapered packages even different angle of the left and right flank. The final forming of the inner package structure of biconical packages and the final package format are then designed on the basis of downstream processing requirements. 2 trends are to be observed here. On the one hand, the desire was expressed in the practical trials to retain the previously wound package diameter even for the biconical packages, with virtually the same yarn running length. This problem was solved by winding with a very high number of groove turns

A wide variety of biconical packages.


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express


Speedster FX – an attractive new module in the FX series Opt for high productivity and yarn quality Take-off of the yarn from the bobbin, with its special physical and technological features, is of fundamental importance for the winding process. Oerlikon Schlafhorst has once again looked at this aspect in greater detail and has implemented the knowledge gained in this process in the functional design of a new technology module, the Speedster FX. The aim was to influence the yarn balloon on separation of the yarn in such a way that productivity and quality advantages are yielded. The challenge in this case is not only to reduce the yarn balloon but also to shape it in the optimum manner technologically. Speedster FX forms the balloon throughout the unwinding of the bobbin The special form and functionality of Speedster FX makes it possible to utilize the advantages of balloon formation for separating the yarn and at the same time to eliminate the development of negative centrifugal force that stresses the yarn and has an adverse effect on unwinding behaviour. With Speedster FX, the new system for influencing the balloon, you shape the yarn balloon actively throughout the unwinding of the bobbin. Sensor control ensures that Speedster FX is always in exactly the right place, so that the yarn is always removed from the bobbin at the perfect angle. The unwinding yarn swings off freely without coming into contact with the yarn layers on the bobbin or the tube surface. During the development of Speedster FX, particular attention was paid to the fact that the load on the yarn caused by unwinding increases sharply especially in the last third of yarn unwinding. Conventional rigid or mobile balloon control systems reach their limits here and arrest their functional effect prior to this. Not the Speedster FX: it’s in action from the first to the last centimetre of yarn. The result: it reduces the increase in tension precisely in the last third of bobbin unwinding in a particularly effective yet gentle manner, thereby considerably lessening the stress on the yarn.

Technological advantages thanks to Speedster FX The tension characteristics of the bobbins no longer play any real role. The yarn tension is reduced to a minimum and yarn tension peaks caused previously by varying balloon forms are evened out demonstrably during the entire yarn take-off. Tension breaks and problems with layers sloughing off are significantly minimised, resulting in a perceptible increase in process stability. Speedster FX and Autotense FX also complement one another perfectly on the Autoconer! The unique online yarn tension control system Autotense FX controls the yarn tension precisely in cN. The reduction in tension achieved by Speedster FX especially in the final third of the bobbin enables Autotense FX to operate even more effectively. Throttling of the speed using Autospeed is only necessary, if at all, at a much later point. This facilitates highly productive processing of bobbins of every type and characteristic. Your advantages with Speedster FX The unwinding behaviour of the yarn on the bobbin depends on many factors: • • •

the bobbin feed the yarn type the winding parameters, depending inter alia on downstream use of the packages

Due to this, the advantages generated by Speedster FX are very varied in nature. Positive effects can be achieved in practice both with regard to increased productivity and improved yarn quality.

Thanks to sensor control, Speedster FX acts in the right place throughout unwinding of the bobbin.


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express

Top speed over the entire line with Speedster FX

Guarantee or enhance yarn quality

The mode of operation of Speedster FX in maintaining an even yarn tension level and minimizing the yarn tensile strength – especially in the last third of bobbin unwinding – offers the opportunity to increase productivity markedly without negatively influencing the yarn quality. Opportunities arise thanks to: • • •

Winding at a yarn-dependent maximum speed, i.e. directly increasing the winding speed that can be set Increasing the average winding speed (reduction in the amount of Autospeed reduction) Reduction in yarn breaks caused by tension at high winding speeds (achieving a higher efficiency rating)

On the basis of our practical experience, productivity advantages are yielded especially in the manufacture of dye packages, when processing coarser yarns (balloon formation), in the case of bobbins with a greater tube length, and in applications where it was necessary previously to carry out winding at a lower yarn tension (steamed bobbins, soft-twist yarns).

Our findings show that when winding using Speedster FX at a comparable winding speed to the previous winding process, the yarn quality, in particular the total IPI values, are improved. This offers two options for your process configuration. You can achieve better yarn quality with the same productivity and pass this on to your customers. If your yarn quality is already adequate for your requirements, you can increase the winding speed and still attain the previous yarn quality level, i.e. you have enormous potential for productivity gains without sacrificing quality. Further quality advantages can be gained by using the optional bobbin dust removal feature, because this is directly linked to the Speedster FX. Thanks to the sensor control this too is always in exactly the place where the fibre fly arises during yarn unwinding (at the bobbin taper, taking-off the yarn from the yarn structure). Based on your requirements you can work out the balance between maximum productivity and high yarn quality using Speedster FX. Optimize your winding process to meet customer demands and their process prerequisites.

Practical examples: Production on a 60-spindle machine incl. productivity potential due to Speedster FX.

productivity increase with Speedster FX


100% CO, Ne 24

100% CO, Ne 50

100% CO, Ne 80

1,350 m/min 95.78 kg/h

1,350 m/min 47.66 kg/h

1,200 m/min 26.71 kg/h

+ 100 m/min

+ 100 m/min

+ 100 m/min

1,450 m/min 101.15 kg/h

1,450 m/min 50.49 kg/h

1,300 m/min 28.56 kg/h

+ 5,6 %

+ 5,9 %

+ 6,9 %

+ 200 m/min

+ 200 m/min

+ 200 m/min

1,550 m/min 53.2 kg/h

1,400 m/min 30.37 kg/h

+ 11,6 %

+ 13,7 %

+ 10,9 %



Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Customer Support Autocoro Technology Kit Belcoro knitting yarns with a high noil content Quality yarns – cleverly calculated



Up to 60 per cent of yarn manufacturing costs are expended on raw material procurement. You can now cut this cost factor substantially by adding secondary fibres.

Please note: The quality of the noil is critical infinishing also. Immature fibres can contain a high number of neps and cause problems in dyeing. This would show up after dyeing in an uneven fabric appearance If the quality of the noil is right, finishers can optimize your processes and recipes to generate profit

High-grade knitting yarns with up to 70% noil content You yourself determine the noil content of your knitting yarns. Up to 70 per cent is possible – with our precisely coordinated Belcoro spinning components and process technologies. Cleverly calculated Noil is normally traded at 50 to 60% of the raw cotton price. Translated into your overall production costs, a potential saving of around 22 per cent or approx. 30 cents per kilogram of yarn results if the maximum amount of noil is added.

Any questions? Just ask for our new Fact Sheet. E-mail:

High-quality knitted garments from recycled fibres – everything

We offer:

is possible with Oerlikon Schlafhorst technology and precisely coordinated

• • •

Comprehensive, competent advice (incl. detailed documentation) Spinning component recommendation and integrative support A Belcoro spinning component package coordinated to your requirements

Your advantages: Raw materials purchasing •

You reduce your yarn manufacturing costs by around 0.30 euros per kilogram of yarn with a noil content of approx. 70%

Spinning •

High yarn quality: The mostly fine cotton noil guarantees a high number of fibres in the yarn cross-section. This leads to optimum running behaviour and good yarn uniformity The yarn structure obtained has a soft handle and ensures a fine lustre in knitted fabrics

Knitting • • •

Higher process security thanks to optimal package build Joint consultation with your downstream process stage customers Practical guide to the marketable finished product

Belcoro spinning components and process technologies.

Customers & markets

Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express

Simply better: rotor spinning technology by Oerlikon Schlafhorst Superior market and technology leaders: the Autocoro and BD line from Oerlikon Schlafhorst.

Quick and easy optimization “on the fly”: quality and productivity are always under control with the Intelligent Drive System IDS.

Piecing technology that’s always in a class of its own, whether it’s DigiPiecing, the Coromat, the Burmaster BM 2+ or Joint Spinning In.

Yarn ideas converted to kilos: the integrated fancy yarn system Fancynation is more productive than any other system.

The quality monitor: Corolab sensor technology guarantees continuous quality inspection of yarns and piecings.

Spinboxes from Oerlikon Schlafhorst: the precision is in the detail – for maximum productivity and quality.

Typical Oerlikon Schlafhorst: Innovative rotor bearing technologies such as the Magnetic Rotor Positioning System MRPS for the Autocoro.

Autocoro packages and Belcoro yarns: sought-after worldwide and a mark of premium quality.



Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express

Customers & markets

Oerlikon Schlafhorst Customer Support We are here for you 3 new repair shops in Germany, Pakistan and South Africa

We operate a global network of repair shops, with one close to you. To further optimize and accelerate our reaction times, we have combined all our repair work for central Europe and North Africa in Ăœbach-Palenberg, Germany. Thanks to our proximity to development, production and the central warehouse, we achieve a higher level of availability and our pool system means that we can guarantee a swift return with the majority of PCBs.

Other areas are also benefiting from our restructuring. Your new contact for southern Africa is our repair shop in Durban, South Africa. In Karachi, Pakistan, we have likewise been offering a new repair shop service since the beginning of the year. Our specialists on the spot carry out repairs of electronic components or replace electronic components for all our spinning and winding machines of all product lines and all machine generations. Our repair shops are also authorized workshops for Bonfiglioli Vectron and your contact for the repair of frequency inverters.

All addresses at

Customers & markets

Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express


Oerlikon Schlafhorst takes the lead in major project in Ethiopia Spinning and weaving project of Kombolcha Textile Share Company (Ethiopia) The know-how of Oerlikon Schlafhorst as a strong, reliable and experienced project management partner is in demand worldwide. The Kombolcha Textile Share Company (Ethiopia) has opted for Oerlikon Schlafhorst, therefore, as the lead partner in realising its modernisation project. The first request for planning a major spinning and weaving mill project was made in July 2008. After clarifying important details such as the required production capacity, the desired performance features and the necessary process modules, the project department of Oerlikon Schlafhorst, working with proven consortium partners LTG, Trützschler GmbH & Co. KG and Sohler-Neuenhauser GmbH & Co. KG, submitted a convincing overall package. The contract was signed in Addis Abeba in February 2009. All stages were discussed with the customer, from the concept to the turnkey solution. For Kombolcha Textile Share Company (Ethiopia), integrated project management of this kind means that "the whole is more than the sum of its parts”, because all partners together seek optimum coordination, synergies and overlapping concepts.

frames, 11 ring spinning machines and 2 rotor spinning machines by Oerlikon Schlafhorst (already prior to that, Oerlikon Schlafhorst supplied 6 machines Autoconer type RM of different generations and since that time the customer is completely satisfied with these machines). Added to these are optimally adapted climate control systems (LTG), cleaning systems (Sohler-Neuenhauser), transport systems and related equipment. The project is currently just at the delivery stage, with the customer preparing its building for the installation and assembly of the spinning lines. Up to handover of the keys and scheduled production start at the beginning of 2011, the project partners will press ahead jointly with the work, which naturally includes the provision of detailed documentation, training and service. Once this project is executed, Kombolcha Textile Share Company (Ethiopia) will increase its productivity enormously and consolidate its market position further. Since it was founded in 1986 the company has established itself at home and abroad as a supplier of a wide variety of CO yarns and woven fabrics. By investing in these ultra-modern technologies and machines, Kombolcha Textile Share Company aims to add steadily to its existing customer base in the long term through improved quality, shorter delivery times and new product offerings.

The overall spinning mill project comprises both the delivery of preparatory machines from Trützschler and the supply of 3 roving

Successful contract signing by (left to right): Ato Yimer Yiman / Deputy G/Manager (Kombolcha Textile), R. Fassbender / Sales Manager (Oerlikon Schlafhorst), Ato Mengistu Gesses / Commercial Manager (Kombolcha Textile), Fred Ghaemi / Intermatex Agency, Approach to the Kombolcha Textile Share Company.

M. Nierhaus / Senior Manager Projects (Oerlikon Schlafhorst).


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express


Process configuration with a positive result Ökoprofit award

Ring spinning technology established

Oerlikon Schlafhorst not only produces machines of maximum efficiency with functions that conserve resources, it also invests itself in sustainable environmental relief through efficient production technologies and methods. The Übach-Palenberg plant has received the ÖKOPROFIT Award for its air conditioning systems on the basis of environmental and climate protection. This involves e.g. annual savings of approx. 220 t of CO2, 650,000 kWh of energy and approx. 3,500 m3 of water.

The production of Zinser ring spinning machines and roving frames has become established at the Übach-Palenberg plant. Following the rather special delivery of the first ring spinning machine (report in last Express), the process sequences have now been automated, production know-how built up and delivery handling optimized. The staff is working under pressure to process the high order intake and many machines have already been delivered to customers worldwide.

Oerlikon Schlafhorst Customer Support helps you to find what you’re looking for Looking for a current brochure in your language, for a particular type of machine or a particular subject? Click to log into our web-based customer portal. Access and logon at: There you can use a simple filter function to select the desired document from a summary of all the available Customer Support brochures and fact sheets, or search for a specific keyword. Easy, clear, quick and always up to date. Any questions? Contact your myOerlikon team by e-mail: Just one click away: attractive modernization, technology and service packages can be sorted to give a clear overview with the filter function.


Publisher: Oerlikon Schlafhorst / A subsidiary of Oerlikon Textile GmbH & Co. KG / Blumenbergerstrasse 143-145 / D - 41061

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