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Oerlikon Schlafhorst and Birla Cellulose Spun-dyed viscose – the all-rounder among viscose fibres The international fibre manufacturer Birla Cellulose of India is the world’s biggest producer of viscose fibres for clothing textiles. Its production plants all over the world have a combined annual production capacity of more than 250 million tonnes. Among the particularly well-known products and brands of the company are Birla Viscose, Birla Ecocel, Birla Modal and Birla Excel. Birla also produces spun-dyed viscose fibres under the Birla Spunshades brand. Global market leaders like to pair up and partnerships in this regard are of great value to all those involved, especially for spinning and weaving mills. This is highlighted by the close and exclusive working relationship between Birla Cellulose and Oerlikon Schlafhorst in the field of textile product development using spun-dyed viscose fibres. In Kharach, India, Birla Cellulose has set up a dedicated Textile Research and Application Development Centre (TRADC) for this. In this technical centre, which contains a modern Autocoro rotor spinning machine and all the downstream textile processing machines, Birla Cellulose can simulate the practical textile process perfectly, thus offering superb opportunities for the development of marketable fibres, yarns and textiles. Spun-dyed viscose – good for the coffers and great for the environment Activities there in recent months have centred on the further development of spun-dyed viscose. These viscose fibres are proving to be ecological and economical all-rounders. They are the only viscose fibres that contain no heavy metals and are 100 percent biodegradable. Fibre production is thrifty in respect of all resources, both with regard to water and energy consumption and also time. The wastewater and steam balance is also extremely favourable. The thriftiness

Spun-dyed viscose fibres are ideal for the Autocoro spinning mill.

continues in the finishing process, because entire process stages such as dyeing are dispensed with completely. Another special feature is the fact that the frugal origins of textiles made from spun-dyed viscose are not discernible, as the final look and colour brilliance of the fabric are as excellent as its wash resistance and dimensional stability – particularly important service properties for the consumer.

Oerlikon Schlafhorst and Birla Cellulose – pioneers for successful spinning and weaving mills So that the many Autocoro spinning mills can derive maximum benefit from this versatile viscose fibre, Oerlikon Schlafhorst in conjunction with Birla Cellulose has developed optimum settings for a large number of weaving and knitting yarns. These are precisely coordinated to the requirements of spun-dyed viscose and link the aspects of yarn quality and productivity perfectly to one another. It proved possible, for example, to increase the rotor speed for a knit yarn to 115,000 rpm without giving rise to the dust generation that frequently occurs and is so feared when using viscose in knitting and weaving, along with the reduction in the strength of the yarn and of the woven or knitted fabric associated with this. Your Autocoro spinning mill can profit from the outstanding properties of spun-dyed viscose too. The textile technologists of Oerlikon Schlafhorst and Birla Cellulose will be happy to assist you further. Just speak to our specialists.

Spun-dyed viscose for draping fabrics with brilliant colours.


Vice President Research & Development Oerlikon Schlafhorst Issue No. 1/2009 e News Technology Contents Innovations Customers & marke...


Vice President Research & Development Oerlikon Schlafhorst Issue No. 1/2009 e News Technology Contents Innovations Customers & marke...