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Engineering “Made in Germany”


Innovations “Circle of Success” fair preview: Autoconer 5 highlights DigiPiecing Modernisation highlight Cooling Kit Oerlikon Schlafhorst BD 416 Zinser 360

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Technology Zinser CompACT3 What all spinning mills want Corolab sensor system: powerful and accurate Preci FX winds dye packages faster

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Customers & markets K.P.R. Mill Limited (India) San Yang Textile Co., Ltd. (China) A global player thanks to quality

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Info Oerlikon Schlafhorst Customer Support

Dear Readers, Just like you, we too are coming under increased pressure from the market and competitors, and after years of willing investment we are currently seeing a stagnation in investment in many segments of the textile industry. But in order to be optimally prepared and keep the future in our sights, this is precisely the time to be developing solutions for more efficient process configuration, turning our thoughts to the development of more competitive products and bringing ideas for innovative and thoroughly visionary technologies to fruition. With its innovative strength, Oerlikon Schlafhorst is the partner for dynamic product and process development. Instead of following trends, we set them with our latest technologies. Staple fibre spinning at the highest levels of productivity and quality ensures long-term profitability, thanks to futuristic system and process design. Ask for our engineering “Made in Germany” for quality enhancement to satisfy the market trend and customerspecific application solutions. ITMA Asia will once again give you plenty to talk about when it comes to investment geared to the future.


Gerard Küsters Head of Oerlikon Schlafhorst


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express


Engineering “Made in Germany” Engineering services and cutting-edge technologies in demand worldwide For Oerlikon Schlafhorst, being the market leader and spearheading innovation in the field of staple fibre spinning means striving afresh every day to achieve the maximum: in development, in technology, in buying, in production, in quality management, distribution and service. This means always gearing structures and process sequences to the latest product and market requirements. The aim is to offer our customers the benefit to be derived from peak technical and technological performance along with commercial advice and service at the highest level, so that they can set the trends in their business.

“Made in Germany” – excellent reputation throughout the global textile industry The value attached globally to engineering achievements “Made in Germany” is reflected in the prime position that the German machinery manufacturing sector occupies. The sales and export figures of the last few years tell a clear story, with continuous growth rates being recorded. In 2007 alone, German manufacturers of textile machinery succeeded in boosting the impressive export figures of 2006 by a further 7.2% to 3.9 billion euros (source: VDMA, German Engineering Federation). The frontrunners were suppliers of spinning machines, and Oerlikon Schlafhorst attested to this positive trend too. However, this success does not come about by itself; it must be achieved by fresh effort day in, day out. This is because where success is to be found, the copycats are not far behind.

Germany as a fount of innovation – know-how and skills for global success The trump card that Oerlikon Schlafhorst can play as a German textile machinery manufacturer is its great innovative strength. The cornerstone and basis for its innovations are: • • •

the technical knowledge of its specialists the technological competence acquired in practice over decades knowledge of the market requirements.

Oerlikon Schlafhorst realises its unique innovative process and thus its market-leading position in the development of groundbreaking new products through: • • •

the ability of its staff to “think laterally” the creativity with which new and sometimes even outlandish ideas are turned into revolutionary new features a team-oriented way of working in which each member of the team can drive the development process forward and help to shape it through lively discussion.

Key components of the machines, such as the spinbox as well as the piecing and automation technologies of the Autocoro, the drums and the new Preci FX yarn laying system on the Autoconer or the CompACT3 element of the Zinser ring spinning machine, are manufactured using the latest production processes. The core technological and engineering expertise stems directly from Oerlikon Schlafhorst. Here everyone thinks in the first instance of a strong team of development engineers, whose innovative skills are manifested in several thousand active patent applications. But at Oerlikon Schlafhorst, this is just one element of a well-structured overall process. When developing new products, the teams from the R&D, purchasing, quality


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express

management, production and textile technology departments work hand in hand so as to focus from the outset on the high demands of the market in respect of customer benefit, quality, functionality, durability and process stability. The process as a whole is rounded off by the expert customer and product after-care provided locally by the customer support department. This complete package from Oerlikon Schlafhorst is the reason why “Made in Germany” is so highly valued, and no imitator can even begin to get close to it. Close to the market – a high-profile textile machinery business The globalisation of the world economy doesn’t stop even at the textile machinery business, however. International buying activity, parts logistics spanning the world and final assembly and picking at selected local production and manufacturing sites in Europe or Asia are a reality. But here too Oerlikon Schlafhorst takes the challenging standards of Germany as its basis and will not tolerate any loss of quality. Ultimately local production makes sense if country-specific factors such as customs duties and taxes make purchase difficult, because our customers want machines and technology “made in Germany”, but they don’t want complicated procurement formalities. This is why even production sites and original parts warehouses and service shops in direct proximity to the market have their advantages, enabling customers to obtain original technology in the minimum

Pure innovation – Preci FX


of time. On the ground, German specialists in key positions guarantee process know-how, both in production and in technology and service. Oerlikon Schlafhorst’s textile machinery business enhances its profile as an innovation and technology leader by virtue of this consistent market orientation and global presence. Consolidating its strengths through synergy It’s a fact: investment in original technology pays. This is because in textile production it can become really expensive if using seemingly cheaper, but copied, machines or components results in more frequent downtimes, lower output and a shorter service life. You’ll find more than enough reasons here for opting for the original item. A copy is never as good as the original, and you only ensure a crucial edge over the competition by innovation in your process design and in your own product development. The service initiative of Oerlikon Textile Customer Support, “SUN-Service Unlimited”, will focus more strongly on this topic in the future, with the support of the VDMA’s pro-original campaign “Choose the Original – Choose Success”.

Zinser RovingGuard roving stop

DigiPiecing with the Autocoro S 360


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express


“Circle of Success” High productivity without quality restrictions for the staple fibre spinning mill Show highlights of Oerlikon Schlafhorst At “ITMA Asia + CITME 2008” taking place from 27 to 31 July 2008 in Shanghai, Oerlikon Schlafhorst will once again be presenting innovative solutions for staple fibre spinning and thus underline its position as a market and innovation leader. With its new products Oerlikon Schlafhorst is part of the Oerlikon Textile “Circle of Success”, which you will find in hall W2, booth C02-D02. Autoconer 5 with its impressive application spectrum at the fair

Autoconer 5 – innovative winding technology to satisfy the highest demands

The Autoconer 5 is in top form for its presentation at ITMA Asia and its exceptional position in the market is demonstrated by its inclusion as an important element of Oerlikon Textile’s “Circle of Success”. At the fair, the machine will show its capacity for a wide range of applications. The high productivity and reproducible package quality, which is optimally adapted to the requirements of downstream processing, are outstanding features. The Autoconer 5 plays to its strengths as far as versatility and flexibility are concerned when processing CO standard ring yarns, elastic core yarns and compact yarns to produce dye packages (on spring wire tubes and plastic dye tubes), knitting packages and packages for warping/weaving. The flexsplicer (both in standard and compact format), injection splicer and elastosplicer all produce superior spliced joints matched to the yarn structure and material requirements. The optimum splicing parameter settings for these wide-ranging materials can be generated in a simple, reproducible manner for each winding unit by way of central adjustment in the Informator. The new waxing principle of the Autoconer 5 is already winning customers over in a wide range of practical applications thanks to its uniform, economical wax application and simple adaptation to the different yarn characteristics, thereby facilitating smooth and efficient processing of the packages in the knitting mill.

Convincing package quality

Individual package design, uncompromising flexibility with Preci FX

The trailblazing innovation in automatic package winding, however, is the new drumless yarn laying system Preci FX, a milestone in innovative package design. With this, Oerlikon Schlafhorst once again revolutionises the processes of winding technology. Individual package design, maximum flexibility and productivity are performance features of the system that are going to influence the dynamics of the textile market in the future. A pattern-free package build, composition of the package properties at the touch of a button on the Informator, flexible format configuration: package engineering as you and your customers want it. You can match the package quality individually and without compromise to the process requirements. The modular Oerlikon Schlafhorst winding machine concept permits spinning mills to choose precisely the right machine for their process structure. Thanks to state-of-the-art electronics, a CAN-Bus system with virtually unlimited capacity and the plug & wind technology, the performance spectrum of the Autoconer can be adjusted at any time. And no matter which displacement system is applied, customers can definitely trust in the core expertise of Oerlikon Schlafhorst: generation of excellent Autoconer package quality.


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express

DigiPiecing New routes to premium yarns with the Autocoro S 360

Piecing is the advanced art of rotor spinning. Apart from the yarn and package quality, it is the quality of the piecings that definitively distinguishes premium yarns from rotor spinning mills. However, of the 20 or so different manufacturers of rotor spinning machines worldwide, only very few succeed in producing premium yarns. The piecing technology constitutes a significant obstacle in the route to the top – and Oerlikon Schlafhorst overcomes it brilliantly. Piecing technology – a core skill of Oerlikon Schlafhorst Since the first rotor spinning machine was invented, piecing has been the stumbling block with regard to quality and productivity. Now Oerlikon Schlafhorst has succeeded with the Autocoro S 360 in producing piecings at rated speeds of 130,000 rpm – an immense engineering achievement.

Double security with DigiPiecing thanks to digital key components

Digital precision, the guarantee of quality on the Autocoro S 360 With DigiPiecing, all sequences for each individual spinning unit are controlled digitally and reproducibly and are executed by stepper motors. These sequences include the precisely metered fibre feed and the yarn re-entry time, which is accurate to the millisecond. Other factors that are decisive for the production of a top-quality piecing with precisely metered overlaps and dwell times of fibres and yarn in the rotor are the yarn re-entry, which is precise to the millimetre, and the digitally controlled acceleration times of the take-up cylinders for the yarn take-up. Even the lowering of the package onto the winding shaft is digitally controlled, so that it is driven at the right, precisely defined time for all diameters. Thus nothing is left to chance with DigiPiecing, neither in relation to quality nor to productivity.

Digitally controlled pneumatic yarn storage device

Digitally controlled package lowering

Digitally controlled stepper motor Single Drive Take Up

DigiPiecing is the world’s first piecing technology to make logical use of digital technologies and dispense with central shaft drives and mechanical switches. This reduces tolerances and rules out mechanical limitations right from the start. Together with the top-class Corobox SE 12 and a mode of construction of the Autocoro S 360 that reflects the quality and value standards of Oerlikon Schlafhorst in every detail, DigiPiecing offers outstanding piecing technology for Autocoro spinning mills that want to actively experience yarn and package quality and in doing so want to assume a top position in economic terms.

Digital quality monitoring of yarn and piecings

Digitally controlled sliver feed Single Drive Sliver Intake

DigiPiecing – digital piecing technology for top-quality piecings

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Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express


Digital quality assurance – reliable, intelligent and multifunctional Only perfect yarn is wound onto the package. This is guaranteed by Corolab XQ, the final inspection system for yarn and piecings. The extensive process integration of the Corolab sensor system into the Autocoro spinning process ensures that both count variations and the structure of a piecing are recognised. In addition, Corolab XQ ensures that slivers with a count deviating from the specifications are detected as an “incorrect sliver” and signalled as such.

Raw material

Yarn count Nm / Ne

100% viscose Birla plus

100% viscose Lenzing

100% cotton (Virgin Cotton)

100% cotton (Recycling)

40 / 24

30 / 18

40 / 24

13.5 / 8

Top in quality and productivity – cotton and viscose yarns with the Autocoro S 360 in practice DigiPiecing sets new quality and production milestones in practical operation: rotor speeds of 130,000

Rotor diameter mm / rotor speed rpm

33 / 120,000

31 / 130,000

28 / 130,000

40 / 95,000

Productivity m/min





Success rate on first piecing attempt %





rpm in spinning and piecing and take-up speeds of up to 230 m/min leave little to be desired.

Oerlikon Schlafhorst Customer Support Show preview: Modernisation highlight Cooling Kit – Keep your Autocoro machines cool for maximum productivity We are experts in modernisation. We also optimise older machines by integrating new ideas and new components into existing spinning and winding systems. Our latest offer for ITMA Asia is our new Cooling Kit. Improve the performance of your Autocoro machines: heat production is unavoidable, but controllable. For maximum productivity. In long-term operation motors and frequency inverters get hot – this is technically unavoidable. A continuously high temperature can result in increased wear and a shortening of the service life. The Cooling Kit from Oerlikon Schlafhorst has a targeted effect on motors, frequency inverters and electronic circuits to reduce the working temperature of these assemblies. Your advantages: • • • • •

optimum heat dissipation, resulting in significantly reduced temperatures, especially in high ambient temperatures increased running time longer service life of motors, frequency inverters and electronic circuits reduced outlay on maintenance higher productivity due to greater capacity reserve.

Do you have any questions? Just ask for our new Fact Sheet. E-mail:


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express


Oerlikon Schlafhorst BD 416 Get more The new BD 416 is a masterstroke of Oerlikon Schlafhorst’s engineers. Rotor spinning mills profit daily from an entire bundle of intelligent features through which improved yarn quality, increased productivity and greater process reliability are achieved. Optimum aerodynamics for the best yarn The BD 416 uses the power of the air to the maximum extent. The aerodynamically tuned spinbox NSB 38 ensures optimised yarn guidance and trash separation. The air concept of the BD 416 offers advantages for all yarn counts and raw materials. The Electronic Vacuum Adjustment EVA ensures that the negative spinning pressure is ideally adjusted to the respective yarn and that trash aspiration is always carried out with the correct negative pressure. Thanks to its elaborate control by means of frequency inverters, the BD 416 is the only machine of its category worldwide which ensures constant and reproducible pneumatic trash removal. Burmaster – precision in every detail The proven Burmaster technology with its Single Drive Sliver Intake SDSI for gentle fibre handling is experiencing extensive improvements with the new BD 416. For spinning, the Burmaster BM 2 plus means: very gentle handling of fibres, greater piecing reliability and a constant, reproducible piecing quality from the first to the 416th spinning unit, entirely without the use of compressed air.

Joint Spinning In even more efficient As regards the optimisation of the automatic mass piecing procedure Joint Spinning In, Oerlikon Schlafhorst’s engineers have also done an excellent job. Thanks to the new and particularly efficient control software and due to an optimised synchronisation of the processes, the BD 416 achieves excellent piecing reliability of 95%. The Corolab Q ensures that the quality of the piecings is also correct. The intelligent yarn sensor technology takes the special features of a piecing into account and gives the user the opportunity of controlling the intensity of the piecing test according to his requirements.

BD 416 with optimised spinbox NSB 38

Extensive process control and simple handling The transparent design of the machine provides quick access to all components. Thanks to a new mechanism, the spinboxes can be closed using just one hand. New diodes at each spinning unit signal the respective production status so that it can be seen from some way off without the operator having to walk long distances. The machine’s data handling is also impressive. The BD 416 is fitted with the electronic adjustment system IDS (intelligent drive system), which has already been tried and tested on the Autocoro. The time-consuming replacement of change gears is no longer required with IDS. The machine operator sets all production parameters, speeds and quality parameters with a maximum of three clicks at the machine’s display, even while the machine is in operation.

Single Drive Sliver Intake on the spinbox NSB 38

Digital yarn sensor system Corolab Q

New dimensions for productivity With up to 416 spinning units and take-up speeds of up to 200 m/min for all machine lengths, for all angles of wind, and for smooth as well as for fancy yarns, the BD 416 achieves a productivity which is 50% above that of conventional machines of this category. The machine is 30% narrower and also shorter than comparable machines.

BD 416 open design and operator-friendly handling


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express


Zinser 360 Zinser 360 completes the product portfolio of ring spinning machines from Oerlikon Schlafhorst The Zinser 360, which is being presented in Shanghai with the automatic CoWeMat doffer, is an innovative and highly productive technology platform for fine and medium ring yarns. The permanently reliable machine quality, with high-grade key components such as high-quality bottom rollers and spindles, centrable rings, high-performance drive technologies and optimised software and control technologies, reflects German quality standards through and through. Ring spinning mills benefit from this in the form of higher speeds, lower operating costs and a sustained high level of efficiency.

Spin premium ring yarn simply at the touch of a button

Maximum efficiency and profitability are guarantors of success

With the Zinser 360 and its automatic Zinser CoWeMat 396 doffer you are investing in the world’s most reliable and efficient doffing technology. You also reduce your staff outlay with CoWeFeed, the tube feed at random, which can only be obtained from Oerlikon Schlafhorst.

Produce more kilos of yarn, cut your operating costs and achieve maximum efficiency every day with the powerful, accurate SynchroDrive feature and easy machine operation with EasySpin. With the Zinser 360 you harness the power and technology of the longest ring spinning machines in the world. Spin over the entire bobbin build at top speed, thus closer to the technological spinning limit. Using precise German technology you ensure favourable operating costs per kilo of yarn produced, thanks to a low number of stoppages and fewer production downtimes as a result. A smaller outlay on consumables and spare parts and lower maintenance costs mean that the Zinser 360 achieves a permanently high efficiency rating.

Produce to suit the market trend with durable German technology

Always deliver the right, uniform yarn quality on time. The Zinser 360 is the simple, made-to-measure solution for higher quality in the mass market for fine and medium yarns. It is very easy to adjust and operate thanks to the EasySpin touchscreen. EasySpin guides the operator to the correct setting via pictures and symbols. Automatically more productive


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express


Zinser CompACT³ Economical production of fine compact yarns with excellent yarn values In the field of compact yarns as well as of short staple spinning of cotton and long staple spinning of wool, the technological details and advantages of the Zinser CompACT³ system stand out. The performance features, for example an adjustable yarn structure, a separate compact vacuum and the self-cleaning compact units have become established worldwide as key functions for quality-oriented wool processing. In spinning, only the Zinser CompACT³ system guarantees a constant, uniform yarn quality with universal compact characteristics. Only this system offers the opportunity to match the compact yarn structure exactly and reliably to the respective requirements of the end garment at the touch of a button and central setting via EasySpin. The Zinser CompACT³ system also scores in terms of economy thanks to a significantly reduced outlay on cleaning and maintenance, low operating costs and a high efficiency rating.

Increased production and yarn quality

The structure of the Zinser CompACT3 system ensures that no noncompacted yarn can be produced. In contrast to other systems, the Zinser apron system is self-cleaning. This results in permanently uniform, consistent yarn quality at the highest level. Staff- and timeintensive inspection rounds for quality assurance purposes are not necessary. Zinser CompACT3 is synonymous with constant, uniform yarn quality, from spindle to spindle and from machine to machine.

Spinning economically and at a high level of productivity also means production at higher speeds on a sustained basis, however. The Zinser 351 C3 compact spinning machine makes it possible to attain high production speeds with process reliability, especially in the finer compact yarn range. One practical example is a yarn of 100% combed cotton of a count of Ne 62, which is produced at top speeds of 22,000 rpm and ring traveller speeds of over 42 m/s. The yarn values achieved are superb, with CV% and IPI values lying below the 5% Uster line. Further examples from practical operation also show that even in extreme climatic conditions in the spinning mill, fine yarn can be spun reliably on Zinser 351 C3 compact spinning machines with very good quality values and at high spindle speeds. In this case, weaving yarns Ne 60 and Ne 80 are spun at a spindle speed of 21,000 rpm, achieving excellent yarn values and low yarn break rates at 36oC and with a relative air humidity level of 50%. The combination of the classic 3-cylinder drafting system with the Zinser CompACT3 unit ensures optimum operating reliability even at high speeds. The Zinser CompACT3 unit consisting of guide element, perforated apron, fibre support guiding bar, pressure roller and vacuum unit guarantees a top-quality compact yarn with excellent yarn values. Zinser CompACT3 and the advantages in the yarn Compared with classic ring spinning, compact spinning results in a genuine advance in yarn quality. Comparative spinning trials on the Zinser 351 for classic ring spinning and the Zinser 351 C3 for CompACT3 spinning reveal a marked reduction in hairiness above all in compact spinning. Grades of 100% combed cotton in the count range from Ne 50 to Ne 80 were compared in each case. Analysis led to the following findings in relation to the raw material grade used and the yarn count.

• •

UT4 hairiness can be significantly reduced in the compact spinning process. The series of trials produced values that were lower by 22% than in the classic ring spinning process. The S3 hairiness value as measured by Zweigle fell by up to 93% and on average by 85% Yarn irregularity according to Zellweger Uster yielded an improvement of 3% Significant improvements are also achieved with regard to the IPI values. The trials yielded 20% lower IPI values according to Zellweger Uster The strength values can be improved considerably in the compact spinning process. On average the series of trials produced values that were 10% higher than in classically spun yarns.

Comparison of classic ring spinning and CompACT3 Yarn values, combed cotton (Ne 50 – Ne 80) CompACT3

Classic 140 120



S3 hairiness value

Yarn irregularity

IPI values

Tenacity +10%

-3% 100
















Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express


What all spinning mills want Up to 20% lower raw material costs in the Autocoro spinning mill

Economising on yarn production costs without any loss of yarn quality is what all spinners want. Autocoro spinning mills can realise this dream quite simply in practice with the clever addition of secondary fibres. When it’s a question of saving resources, the raw materials offer the greatest potential, because on average they account for 70% of overall production costs. The addition of inexpensive comber noils and wastes is particularly suitable. If the proportionality is selected intelligently so that the yarn is also equal to the demands of downstream processing, the spinning mill makes a considerable gain.

High-quality T-shirts from low-cost raw materials – the Autocoro makes it possible.

If such an adjustment of raw material is available, there is a departure to some extent from the accustomed decision-making processes. Naturally, parameters such as fibre strength-count and – length are important, but slight weaknesses in this regard can be compensated for, for example by a cleaner sliver feed with fewer neps. The optimised preparatory plant capacity and an Autocoro setting that takes the special features of the blend into account ultimately pays off in downstream processing of the yarns. If the variation in yarn strength is slight and the yarn elongation is at least 4%, fine yarns (Ne 30, Nm 50) run smoothly through the knitting machines even if they only have a strength of 9 cN/tex. In the Autocoro spinning mill these yarns were anything but mediocre. They were produced at rotor speeds of 130,000 rpm and with notable machine efficiency ratings of 98%, a clear sign of a high level of spinning stability. If you would like to know more about this interesting project, the textile technologists at Oerlikon Schlafhorst will be happy to assist you further.


Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express

Corolab sensor system: powerful and accurate Detection and clearing of sliver defects and yarn count faults as well as incorrect sliver feed Sliver defects and yarn count faults, like incorrect sliver feeds, have devastating consequences for quality, production and ultimately for costs. To avoid this, Oerlikon Schlafhorst offers intelligent Corolab sensor technology. The yarn profile is checked with regard to the various sliver defects, which are then detected and cleared to the best possible extent.

Mean value monitoring of the spinning unit to the production group with mean value alarm

For this purpose, four ideal clearing alternatives exist:

Monitoring of the sliver feed after a can change, also called “incorrect sliver feed”

• • •

Matrix for sliver deviations which are too thick or too thin Matrix for yarn count deviations which are too thick or too thin Mean value monitoring of the spinning unit to the production group with mean value alarm Monitoring of the sliver feed following a can change, also termed “incorrect sliver feed”.

Matrix for sliver deviations which are too thick or too thin Sliver defects which are identified with a yarn fault length of up to 10 m with a positive or negative yarn deviation are detected within the divided long fault matrix and classified in the "too thick" and "too thin" sliver areas. Matrix for yarn counts which are too thick or too thin Yarn count faults which are identified with a yarn fault length of up to 10 m with a positive or negative yarn deviation are detected within the divided long fault matrix and classified in the "too thick" and "too thin" yarn count areas.

Via the spinning unit’s normal mean value monitoring compared with the respective production group’s mean value, any deviations of the mean value are additionally identified on account of sliver fluctuations.

The sliver feed monitoring function identifies incorrect feeds (can change, start feed from a new can) immediately following the start of the new feed. Monitoring is based on the comparison of the spinning unit’s mean value of the yarn spun last prior to a yarn break with the newly spun yarn’s spinning unit mean value.

Corolab XQ

Divided long fault matrix for sliver and yarn count monitoring

In this process, individual yarn sections are monitored and compared. As soon as three interrelated, deviating sections are identified, the spinning unit is switched off immediately. In order to ensure that this really is an “incorrect sliver feed”, the spinning unit which has been switched off is pieced again and the comparison process is repeated. If the spinning unit is switched off again a second time on account of the criterion “incorrect sliver feed”, the spinning unit is switched off and blocked. The message “incorrect sliver feed” appears on the display unit.

Mean value and sliver feed monitoring



Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express


Preci FX winds dye packages faster New technique – new possibilities The rapture with which the specialists greeted the unveiling of Preci FX found expression in many forms and was summed up in a variety of phrases: • • •

or the comprehensive spectrum of different requirements of the downstream processes. Results so far from the test installations are convincing and show that the high expectations of the specialists with regard to the capability of Preci FX are not misplaced. The system has been activated and in future its capability will be shaped by characteristic advances. We will follow its success story in the Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express. Here we open the first chapter.

winding technology of the future revolution in the winding mill innovation and entry into a new dimension.

Much early praise has already been heaped on the new drumless yarn laying system. The market launch, which is being carefully overseen by the Oerlikon Schlafhorst experts, is being followed with great interest and anticipation.

Quality and productivity gains for dye packages

This leads to an increase in the effective winding speed. Another plus is the considerably more uniform package build, thanks to the more uniform density distribution from flank to flank and from inside to outside, because pattern zones with density fluctuations do not even arise with Preci FX. If Preci FX features in your thinking regarding investment, talk to your responsible sales engineer. He will check your profile of requirements with the technological experts so as to advise you on its use to optimise your application.

The influencing factors that determine the characteristics of dye packages were specifically “tweaked”. With its adjustment options Preci FX offers far more scope for achieving improvements in respect of quality and productivity. In these applications, productivity increases in the range of 15-20% could be achieved due to the higher effective winding speed. The combination that increased productivity while achieving an identical package density consisted in the selection of a lower number of groove turns, which can be set at Preci FX at the touch of a button, and the higher yarn tension thus to be set.

What performance potential does Preci FX offer? This is a question that will surely be asked frequently by the winding experts in the near future. Oerlikon Schlafhorst’s winding technologists can provide the initial answers. The performance potential of this system must be utilised to the fullest extent for the variety of textile applications, whether with regard to the wealth of material and yarn characteristics, the variety of package formats

Productivity gains in dye package production thanks to Preci FX Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

100% CO

100% CO

100% CO

Ne 30, Ring yarn

Ne 40, Ring yarn

Ne 50, Ring yarn




Material Count, yarn Package format Drum

Preci FX


Preci FX


Preci FX







Number of groove turns

2gg asy

1.5gg asy

2gg sym

1.5gg sym

2gg sym

1.5gg sym

Package density [g/cm³]







Winding speed (m/min)







Displacement system Yarn tension [cN]

Prod. gain with Preci FX

+ 12%

+ 20%

+ 17%

Customers & markets

Oerlikon Schlafhorst Express


K.P.R. Mill Limited (India) Autoconer 5 underpins dynamic corporate development

K.P.R. Mill Limited can look back on a relatively brief but extremely dynamic corporate history. The company was only founded in 1996, but thanks to the commitment shown by a determined management and a skilled workforce, it has succeeded in doubling its production capacity every two years since 2001. Today K.P.R. Mill Ltd with its 4 mills is one of the biggest manufacturers of knitting yarns and knit goods in India, boasting a capacity of 140 tonnes of yarn per day (100% CO, Ne 20 – 40). This yields annual production of 11.5 mio knitted garments in the company’s own fully integrated process chain. The increase currently being implemented in the number of ring spindles from 111,264 spindles to 200,000 underlines the sustained pace of development.

process was to invest in 43 new Autoconer 5 machines. Higher productivity, much simpler operation and the future-oriented electronics concept were regarded by the management as the most persuasive arguments for the new product. For the huge K.P.R. Mill Ltd installation in particular, transparent central setting and data preparation at the redesigned Informator play a key role along with the considerably simplified fault analysis, as these increase the efficiency of the winding mill and operator convenience enormously. Highly positive experience of uniform waxing has been gained with the new waxing unit, and this is reflected in the interruption-free knitting process with high efficiency ratings. Although having 40 wind generators of its own gives the company independence from the national power grid, the thrifty energy consumption of the Autoconer 5 is appreciated as an important, resource-conserving advantage.

From the preparatory stage via spinning (including Zinser speed frames) and winding to knitting and making-up, the company uses ultra-modern machines and the latest technologies. Continuous monitoring ensures that the highest quality is maintained in every stage of the production process. Creative ideas, attractive product design and just-in-time delivery are all part of the service K.P.R. Mill Ltd offers its customers within and outside India. The company attaches considerable value to the training and continuous development of its employees, because in-depth staff development guarantees optimum production results in the future.

In common with his brothers Mr KPD Sigamani and Mr P. Nataraj, founder and chairman Mr K. P. Ramasamy was entirely certain with regard to the decision in favour of the Autoconer 5: “In the last 10 years we have ordered more than 85 Autoconer machines from Oerlikon Schlafhorst. Having this innovative and reliable winding technology has given and still gives us an assurance for the future of achieving the best possible yarn and package quality. Our excellent close working relationship with such a capable partner offers us superb support in our rapid development.”

The next step into the future with the Autoconer 5 The productive efficiency and forward-looking winding technology of the Autoconer 5 fits perfectly into the dynamic development of the company. K.P.R. Mill Ltd is well acquainted with the winding technology of the Autoconer – after all, 37 Autoconer 338 machines are operating in the 4 spinning mills. The logical next step in the modernisation Chairman Mr. K. P. Ramasamy and Mr KPD Sigamani and Mr P. Nataraj, The impressive Autoconer 5 installation at K.P.R. Mill Ltd.

managing directors, are proud of the development of their company


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San Yang Textile Co., Ltd. (China) Striving continuously for the optimum yarn quality Yarns and fabrics from San Yang Textile Co., Ltd. in Shandong attract customers from all over the world. “We are committed to every yarn package and every single metre of fabric we produce and thus give our customers the necessary confidence and satisfaction to do business with us,” the management explains. San Yang Textile Co., Ltd. has secured a leading market position in a relatively short time. Managing director Xu Jian Min explains: “We tailor our products to the market requirements. We have more potential orders for high-grade products than we are capable of producing.” The spinning and weaving systems at San Yang Textile Co., Ltd. produce 30,000 tonnes of unbleached cotton yarns in a count range from Ne 50 to Ne 160 and 40 million metres of cotton loomstate fabric for its customers worldwide. Quality is monitored continuously in each production stage. For San Yang Textile Co., Ltd., the best yarn quality is based on two basic prerequisites – the selection of the finest raw materials and the use of state-of-the-art production facilities incorporating the latest machines.

Last year San Yang Textile Co., Ltd. equipped its spinning installation 4 with more than 160,000 spindles (Zinser 360 ring spinning machines) and 32 Autoconer 338 machines. These Oerlikon Schlafhorst products are tailored to the requirements of the customer. Nothing is left to chance where yarn and package quality is concerned.

The excellent package quality is safeguarded by the subsequent winding process on the Autoconer 338 thanks to innovative winding and splicing technology. The high productivity of the machine and the reproducible package quality, which is always optimally adapted to specific requirements, are outstanding features.

Higly advanced machines with a high level of efficiency and output

The management says: “Our concentrated efforts to offer consistent quality, a fast response and the shortest throughput times are the sole reasons why we have attained a leading position in the market within a few years.”

With its yarn production on the Zinser 360, San Yang Textile Co., Ltd. is superbly positioned for successful business in the ring spinning segment. Business in the mass markets of fine and medium yarns is becoming increasingly hard. The customers demand ever better quality at ever lower prices. Successful spinning mills therefore concentrate on efficient, reliable technologies and secure their market advantage in this way. Ring spinning on a Zinser 360 means producing more kilos of high-quality yarn every day, along with lower operating costs and maximum efficiency. San Yang Textile Co., Ltd. currently produces fine combed cotton yarns Ne 80-160 on the Zinser 360 at spinning speeds of approx. 18,000 rpm, attaining yarn qualities in the Uster 5% range.

Maximum efficiency, profitability and yarn quality guarantee success

The declared aim of San Yang Textile Co., Ltd. is to continue improving its yarn quality and consolidate its leading position in the high-quality segment of the textile market.

Customers & markets

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A global player thanks to quality Thanh Cong in Vietnam Vietnam is booming, with annual growth rates of at least 8%. One important motor driving this growth is foreign trade, in which textiles play a leading role, occupying second place in the export statistics. One of the biggest and most successful textile producers and textile trading companies in Vietnam is Thanh Cong Textile, based in Ho Chi Minh City. The company is a vertically integrated group employing over 5,000 people in spinning mills, knitting mills, weaving mills and making-up plants. It has been in the textile business for over 30 years. Thanh Cong Textiles produces more than 12,000 tonnes of yarn per year from cotton, polyester, viscose and blends. 13,000 tonnes of knitted garments, more than 8 million metres of fabric and over 20 million items of leisure clothing make the company a textile heavyweight. Thanh Cong has been a global player for a long time and counts famous brands all over the world, such as Adidas, Otto and Dunlop, among its customers. A clutch of awards General Director Din Cong Hung says: “Quality is our most important asset and our recipe for success. Quality links our entire company together and is extremely dynamic. And since the consumer specifies the finishing line in this regard, we have only reached our goal if the consumer is satisfied with our products.” The fully integrated firm

owes its leading position in the Vietnamese economy to this ambitious quality orientation. Various awards testify to this leading position year after year; only a few months ago, the performance of Thanh Cong Textile was recognised by the Ministry of Trade and Industry and it also managed to carry off the coveted title of “Best Export Company in Vietnam”, which is awarded annually by the Saigon Times. Foreign awards also crown the company’s history. Thus the renowned American retail group JC Penney recognised the successful company for its outstanding reliability, both with regard to quality and delivery deadlines. It goes without saying that Thanh Cong Textile has ISO certification. The out-and-out favourite: spinning technology from Oerlikon Schlafhorst Enterprises that concentrate so closely on quality leave nothing to chance when it comes to selecting their machinery either. For its rotor spinning units, numbering nearly 2,500, Thanh Cong relies on European technology from Oerlikon Schlafhorst. The seven BD machines produce 6,000 tonnes of medium-count yarns per annum, thus 50% of the overall volume of production of the spinning mill. Le Thi Tuyet Hoa, Spinning Director, says: “The quality-oriented spinbox technology of the new BD generation has won us over, as has the reliable air system and transparent data network of the machine. Intelligent digital yarn quality monitoring using Corolab is also a ‘must have’ for us. This German yarn quality technology guarantees that every metre of yarn and every piecing is checked according to our specifications and that all quality parameters are also documented continuously.”

Thanh Cong markets casual children’s wear under its own TCM label


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Original technology and service pay Oerlikon Textile supports its service initiative “SUN – Service Unlimited” with the VDMA’s “Pro-Original” campaign Oerlikon Textile is redoubling its efforts to counter the increasing spread of product piracy. The “SUN – Service Unlimited” service initiative of Oerlikon Textile Customer Support is receiving support through the “Pro-Original” campaign of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA). The Federation is making a joint appeal with its members to potential customers and acting against the burgeoning global copying industry and the infringement of intellectual property rights. There are various common areas of overlap with SUN, for the five key arguments of the campaign for original machines – quality, innovation, efficiency, experience and safety – also have a permanent place in the service initiative.

Oerlikon Schlafhorst Customer Support – original parts made in Germany Investment in original technology pays. This is because in textile production it can become really expensive if using seemingly cheaper, but entirely copied, machines or spare parts results in more frequent downtimes, lower output and a shorter service life. Original parts - original is better The original parts of Oerlikon Schlafhorst embody the know-how of the machinery manufacturer, which exploits the potential of the machines to the full. They are tested extensively under tough conditions and prove their worth in thousands of installations worldwide. The large number of patents for original parts demonstrates the innovativeness

of Oerlikon Schlafhorst, e.g. with regard to the coating of Belcoro spinning components for Autocoro or the BD spinning component value line. A long life, set warranty terms and detailed recommendations for use are the trademark of original parts - for the highest quality and optimum results. Only Oerlikon Schlafhorst offers you all • Autoconer original parts • Autocoro original parts • BD original parts • Zinser original parts for all machine generations from a single supplier – exclusively from the machine manufacturer. Leading the way in the supply of technology kits, modernisation kits and service kits Under the motto “We keep you competitive” Oerlikon Schlafhorst Customer Support offers technological advice and attractive modernisation and service packages for all machine generations and product ranges, from Autoconer to Zinser, from BD to Autocoro E-Mail:


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